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February / March 2012

Go inside our V-Day issue, covered by Frenemies stars Bella and Zendaya...
64 Comments | Add Yours

I never got the issueFrown For Xmas my 'rents got me a subscription to the mag then I waited a loooong time sometime in Febuary I got my mag, the December/January issue Frown then about 3 days ago I got my issue but it was the April/May issue. UGH!

by just_me12 on 3/18/2012 12:04:41 AM


I still haven't gotten this issue (feb/mar 2012)! I recently changed my address, if that helps. What do I do?

Hey girl,

You definitely should've gotten that issue by the end of January. First off, have you set up mail forwarding so any mail delivered to your old address would be forwarded to your new one? If so, I'd have your parents call your post office to see if they are processing any mail for you. If not, click here for instructions on reporting your missing issue to GL Smile
Lauren C.

by michaelasttrfld on 3/8/2012 4:11:25 PM


I still haven't gotten the February/March 2012 issue of Girl's Life! I recently changed my address, if that helps, but I'm not sure what to do!


Hey girl, send an e-mail over to GL and they'll work it out for you. No worries! 

lauren r.

by michaelasttrfld on 3/7/2012 7:06:47 PM


I was wondering when the April/May issue will be coming out for subscribers? Thanks~ Laughing


Hey girl! It should be coming soon! Keep checking your mailbox! Smile 

Colleen K.

by bluecatcrazy on 3/7/2012 1:06:27 PM


MOD! Hey, I love GL and I really want to be a model for it! Any tips?

Click here for all the deets! Smile 
Lauren C.

by halleballe00 on 3/3/2012 4:12:24 PM


i have been woken up at least 5 times from around midnight till right now witch is 8:10a.m.!!!! What should i say because when we go to dances he doesn't really hang out with me but at school and at home he bothers me so much!!! I need help!!! If anyone has advice post it here!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by lailae on 3/3/2012 9:11:21 AM


MOD MOD MOD ok well i need advise on how to be more confident because i was to be FAMOUS i want to be a singer but im to scared to shine please help!


Hey angelst.marie, check out this article for ten easy tips on gaining self confidence.

I think it will really help ya! Good luck with your career girly!! Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by angelst.marie on 2/22/2012 5:03:42 PM


ok i have a big crush on one of my friends who goes to an all boys school. his school has the military ball and i was kinda hoping he would hint hint to me. and one of my bff's know i like him and now she's going to the ball with him! i'm so mad at her that i hate everything she does and to be honest, i kinda been giving her the silent treatment.. xP what do i do?!

 Wow! That was really mean of your friend. I think it is probably best to just avoid her until she comes to you to apologize.
Amanda P.

by islandgirl23 on 2/22/2012 3:57:38 AM


lalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalala hi....... so bored... im sorry i wasted your time. but it was my time well spent, haha idk watever. BYE!! <3

by DesSD3 on 2/21/2012 8:53:49 PM


I didn't get this issue yet! I got last months issue 2 weeks ago though. My dad just hasnt paid the subscription yet, is that the problem

Hi Girl,

Yea, that's probably why! If you're still not receiving them after your dad paid the subscription, give us a call! 
alicia m.

by penguins773 on 2/21/2012 9:17:52 AM


HMMMM im thinkin about signin up for this magazine Tong

by LilxChina6 on 2/20/2012 6:35:32 PM


Ya so my guy friend asked me the other day if i like this guy whos in one of my classes cause he wants to ask me out cause he cause he thinks im pretty and stuff. and i was like ohh well i dont know cause i dont really talk to him and then i just walked away. like ive only talked to this kid like 3 times in my life. ya so i think he got pissed cause in the class we have together it was really awkward like he wouldnt even look at me. and he seems nice and stuff but he just doesnt talk to me. what should i do? how can i get him to talk to me or what should i say to him. another problem is hes dated my friend befor so i dont know how she would take it if we went out.


Hey girl, I think you should just start a casual conversation with him. Or ask about something dealing with the class, so its not too obvious or awkward. But first things first, just try and say hi and talk to him! 

lauren r.

by lululemon31 on 2/11/2012 4:21:08 PM


Mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod mod When does the next issue of girlslife supposed to come out? Plz. Answer!


Hey Fashion designer, there should be a new issue next month. Hope you enjoy it! Xoxo  

Lynae P.

by Fashion designer on 2/10/2012 3:36:43 PM


one of my closest/bestest friends is having a birthday party and i got invited. awesome right? the bad thing is...i basically hate everyone else she invited. she's really close friends with them but i super hate them.. what do i do?!

Hey Girl,

If you go to the party with a positive attitude, you're more likely to have a positive experience. Don't assume that you'll hate everyone, instead, try to talk to the other people there and have a good time. Just be a positive, upbeat person and you might be surprised to have a good time! 
Rachel N.

by islandgirl23 on 2/10/2012 2:06:41 AM


MOD MOD MOD: I really like a guy but...idk how to approach him. 1st of all, he dated my friend b4, and his signals 2ward her r really wierd. sometimes he acts like he still likes her, sometimes he barely looks at her. either way, he hardly pays attetnion to him. i would say we r kind of friends. so, anyway, i was thinking of leaving him a secret admirer-valentine in his locker on v-day.what do u think chicas? should i do it?

Hey girlie,

That's so cute! Give it a try... it's Valentine's Day so this would totally be the right time to make your move! And what's the worst that could happen? He might not be crushing on you, but if you go ahead with it, you'll never have to wonder "What if...?" or regret not trying Smile In the meantime, make sure you talk to him a lot, get to know him even better, flirt a little and compliment him, and see what kinds of signals he gives off!
Lauren C.

by DivaForeva on 2/4/2012 9:20:21 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
was i suppose to get get the February/March issue? I still haven't gotten it yet :/

Hey girlie,

Yep, you should receive your issues by the end of the previous month (aka the end of January, in this case). Click here for our contact info and how to report a missing issue Smile
Lauren C.

by Icecreamluver on 2/4/2012 12:48:24 AM


I loved !!!!!!! I mean loved the article about them they seem like such good friends. They remind me of my BFF and I. Peace love gwensnow1426 Smile

by Gwensnow1426 on 2/3/2012 5:35:21 PM


i never really cared about zendaya and bella, but now that i have read this issue i see that they have an amazing friendship! i still havent found a very good friend like that but this issue really touched me and made me want a friendship like theres.

by becca<3's you on 1/31/2012 5:09:16 PM



by monkeylover24 on 1/28/2012 10:10:26 AM


Heyy my name is Tasia Todd in I'm a advice queen so if you have any question or need advice on any subject literly all u have to ask in my people and I will get back to u asap...... we r also having appication sent in if u would like to become one of the leaders so start sending them!!!) First come first servedSmile

by toddtas0 on 1/26/2012 11:09:20 PM


I have this Relationship that i don't want b.ut each time i try to avoid he just don't want to accept my opinion, Do you think he likes me or he just want to be the one to say am

by Precious Jackollie on 1/26/2012 5:41:51 AM


Thank you Amanda P

by islandgirl23 on 1/25/2012 6:29:05 PM


i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate shake it up so much! it so inappropriate for kids and most teenagers dont watch disney channel all that much. i like good luck charlie but thats a family show that i watch with my family. i actually (unofficially) banned my 10 year old sister from watching shake it up because it has such inapporpriate referneces and its not even a good show and rocky and cece are the most conceited and annoying people on the planet.

by paxetcaritas101 on 1/25/2012 5:19:07 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!
recently i kind of made a new 'friend'. she's kinda a loner so i was just friendly to her for a few hours. she's nice but she drives me crazy!!! she's taking the "friendship" way too fast.. she jumps on me from behind and i get freaked out (becuz i'm like that) and cuss out loud then i get embarrassed; she comes up to me when i'm talking to someone else and i have to talk to her or else she'll get mad at me for ignoring her and then the first person i was talking to walks away and i just lost the convo!; she hugs me way to much and she likes to hold/cradle/touch my hands and arms... it's super creepy!!!! what the heck do i do?!

I think you should tell her that you want to be friends but there are certain things she does that make you uncomfortable. Make it very clear you are not trying to friend-break up with her. You just want to clearify a few things so that your friendship can be better. 
Amanda P.

by islandgirl23 on 1/25/2012 4:51:45 AM


Jamie Grace was featured in this issue, and she is one of my favorite singers. I got to see her at the Winter Jam concert and it was awesome!

by rollerskate27 on 1/24/2012 6:07:43 PM


I've been a GL subscriber for a while now and for some reason, I haven't gotten this issue or the one before this! I called and also sent an email, but I haven't heard back or gotten the issues. What should I do? ThanksSmile

Hey girlie,

Please keep contacting us so we can figure out this problem! We've had crazy schedules because of the holidays but you should keep trying - I'm sure you'll get through soon <3 Wish I could help ya more but I'm not involved in subscription stuff! 
Lauren C.

by born2perform26 on 1/21/2012 10:08:00 PM


I read the Rocked article in this, Jamie Grace is now one of my favorite artist! Shes such an inspiration!

by Jalana-Joy12 on 1/21/2012 9:51:48 AM


Hey I am new. How do I add friends or something like that?

by jrprodigy12 on 1/20/2012 8:50:39 PM


Hey girls,
Need advice on anything? Visit my club, kkgirl4life, and I'll answer you as fast as I can Smile

by kkgirl4life on 1/16/2012 3:05:36 PM


where is the win today box?i dont see it!!

by ihatemycousinashley on 1/16/2012 1:09:09 PM


I love this issue!!! Smile

by meglinda on 1/15/2012 7:11:27 PM


Hi i live in michigan and my parents got me this magazine for a present because my two friends have it. i havent gotten in touch with them latley, so do you know if i will get this issue? i read the 8 to 10 weeks thing but they registered for it like a month ago.
Just Wondering

by jillybean1998 on 1/15/2012 5:08:33 PM


My dad just subscribed to me last week. Will I get this issue? I really want it! Thanks in advance! <3

Hey girlie,

Yay, congrats on becoming a subscriber! Here is a snippet from our FAQ page about new subscriptions:
Lauren C.

by EliseLovesMagazines on 1/15/2012 10:17:27 AM


Hey fashionista5974, I wish I knew what her sizes were. It sounds as if you should fit her size though. Good luck, hope ya win. Xoxo

I want to enter the Zendaya Frenimies outfit contest but I know that it comes in Zendaya's size. What size is she? I wear a small/medium in tops and size 5 in bottoms. Will I be able to fit her clothes? I really want to win this outfit because it is so cute and colorful and me! Thanks! Lynae P.

by fashionista5974 on 1/14/2012 4:44:44 PM


I love this issue! I love the article all about guys and I love the fiction story and I love pretty much everything! These are the only things I didn't like:

1. The article with the colorful clothing. I love GL magazine because I can get realistic clothing I ideas from it-not like some other teen magazines I know (cough cough teen vogue)

2. The outfit on the curvy girl in the clothing ideas article. It made her look bigger than she really was!

by toadie101 on 1/14/2012 4:38:44 PM


Do they update the site every week or ever day? Cuz I just signed up last night. I have this on my mobile so I go on this site every five seconds. Smile lol

by hugs4free33 on 1/14/2012 3:18:45 PM


I really want to enter on the give ways. where are they????

Hey girl,

Here's today's giveaway,, and the rest are available in our Contests section!

Meghan D.

by xxdeannaxx on 1/14/2012 10:18:48 AM


i want to participate in the february giveaways but how do i? i looked at the top and i see nothing... please help cause i really want the red dress on the 16th!

Hey girl,

You'll be able to participate in the February giveaways in February!

Meghan D.

by animegirl881 on 1/14/2012 1:46:03 AM


OMIGOSH!!! I just got the magazine yesterday, and just notice that something I said was in it! I can't believe you talked to Miranda Cosgrove for me!!!! Thanks so much!!

Laughing So glad you loved the issue, babe!! We totally heart Miranda... she's such a great cover girl!
Lauren C.

by fasion-queen52 on 1/13/2012 10:05:31 PM


This issue was good in some ways and disappointing in others. The bright fashion are hideous, and the cover sucks, but other than that it was pretty good.

by -gogreengal- on 1/13/2012 8:16:31 PM


Yay! This is my first ever issue and I <3 it!

I'm thinking about getting one of the Febys and SweetDreamGirlz Products!

by Dee_Has_Cookiez on 1/13/2012 3:40:59 PM


mod mod mod
hey so my bf and i have been going out for nearly 4 months and he asked me if we could "go a little farther in the near future" (we've only held hands/hugged/kissed (no tongue)) and i said i guess i'd be ok with that but i was wondering, how far do -you- think is appropriate to go at almost 15 
im 14 (freshmen in hs and get mostly b's and some a's) and he's 15 (sophomore)
i mean im definately waiting to go "all the way" for a long time but i wanna know what you think is appropriate (not "am i comfortable with it")

Hey girlie,

I know you don't want to hear this, but the "appropriate" way to go is honestly what YOU feel comfortable with. Seriously consider how ready you feel. Do you want to French kiss? Do you want to go further than that? Are you mature enough to tell him to stop if he goes too far? Are you mature and comfortable enough with yourself to not regret it, if you end up breaking up? Will you be responsible no matter how far you take it? All these are questions to ask yourself. No one can make the decision but you - so be honest with yourself and you'll get your answer <3
Lauren C.

by XD003AMO on 1/12/2012 6:37:03 PM


Man!! I didn't renew in time for this edition!!

Join my club, 'Orchestra Nerd and Band Geeks.' It's a loose and fun club where we talk about anything and everything- But especially music Smile Go to my profile to join!! svds

by svds on 1/12/2012 9:44:30 AM


I just renewed my subsription last week and I hadn't gotten the December/January issue yet. Will I still get that issue along with the February and march issue?


Hey girly,


You will probs get both issues soon.

Catie C.

by Emilicious on 1/12/2012 1:25:11 AM


Hey amyrose99, I'm not exactly sure. Our mags are taking a little longer to ship out than usual.

OK, I ask Mods a lotta Q's, so please forgive me! Anyways, how come that, even though I subscribe, store's get them before I do? Lynae P.

by amyrose99 on 1/11/2012 7:10:53 PM


I love Zendaya she is my fav actor I hope I win Zendaya outfit.It will be the the first time I ever win something that Zendaya wore and ever winning something out of luck!Gl makes me feel more beutiful than ever.L love GL!!

by Jaylori96 on 1/11/2012 5:27:42 PM


I totally love Bella and Zendaya! Cant wait to read itSmile

by drummergirl133 on 1/11/2012 10:13:33 AM


i LOVE Bella and Zendaya! i am sooo gona get this one!!

by susper on 1/8/2012 1:53:43 PM


then join the club POPULAR BOOKS! we discuss the movies, the series, actors, characters, and other kewl things! :o)

by briana13 on 1/8/2012 1:08:41 AM


When Bella said blonde hair I thought of Cody Simpson!
So I know you already have the Jan.,Feb.,and March giveaways, but I have the iPod touch 1st generation and do you think sometime you could get really cute girly cases for it? Every time I see a cute case in a store, I get sad because its for the ones with camera, and mine doesnt have a camera. If you can't control the giveaways, do you think you could ask whoever does? Thanks! Smile <3

Hey girl,

Thanks for the suggestion! We can't make any promises that we'll definitely be able to offer them as a prize, but you should totally do a search for "iPod touch 1st generation cases" on Amazon. They have tons of options!!
Lauren C.

by EliseLovesMagazines on 1/7/2012 9:06:48 PM


Hey 3foxyloxy, Just type in "giveaway" in the search bar and a list of them should pop up. There should also be some mentioned in the mag. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Mod! How do I find non-daily giveaways? Such as the giveaway in teh being fit section or Miranda's makeup bag? Lynae P.

by 3foxyloxy on 1/7/2012 2:17:41 PM


I love Zendaya and Bella! <3 Smile I'm totally going to try and get this one! Laughing

by taylorswiftfan1233 on 1/7/2012 8:54:39 AM


Hi! I'm in Qld Australia, I was just wandering when this fab new issue will arrive in Aussie newsagents (preferably Qld, if there's any difference) ? Thanks so much, the issue looks great!

Hey girl,

We're sending the issue out over mail and in stores 1/17 here in America, so yours should be sometime around or after that, so look for it in the next few weeks!

Meghan D.

by chonnie on 1/7/2012 4:14:55 AM


My bgf used to like me. He told me last spring. I suddenly fell head over heels for him in October, and I guess he still liked me because he asked me to the dance! I'm not allowed to date, but we were kind of unofficially dating. I loved it! But around Christmas time, he started showing signs of not liking me anymore. I thought he liked one of my bffs, because he spent a lot of time with her. But a few weeks ago, told me that she was just his other bgf (best gal friend, not guy friend!). She also told me that he liked a girl who was super popular and didn't have a very good past with me. I was trying so hard to become her friend, but it's really hard now because I can't get over him. To top it off, I found out that she likes him but doesn't know that he likes her! Btw, he doesn't know that I still have strong feelings for him and thinks I'm over him. What can I do to get back together or get over him and how do I keep my almost friendship with her?

Hey girl,

Wow, sounds like you have a lot of relationship twists going on! You'll have to think about what relationship is most important to you -- the one with your crush or your friend. It's not her fault that he likes her, so if you want to be friends with her, don't let his behavior affect that. And if you want to get over him, check out this post for some tips!

Meghan D.

by sweetpea185 on 1/7/2012 1:58:21 AM


We LOVE Hotties!!!

I hope the 14 hotties are really hot and worthy to drool over. For some reason sometimes they guys arent all that hot. And please, when it comes to the spring issue show the guys in just their swim trunks and nothing else.

by luckykel on 1/6/2012 11:16:11 PM


I won a giveaway January 5th. 2 questions. When will i get it and when can i win another contest?

Hey chickie,

CONGRATS!! Please allow 4-6 weeks for us to process and ship your prize. You can't win another another prize until the start of the next giveaway, aka February 1st Smile So sit tight til then! <3 
Lauren C.

by 4202_luver on 1/6/2012 9:44:42 PM


Hey orange24601, I think you would be winning the actual outfit she wore. Good luck! Xoxo

MOd Mod mod
So, is the "Win Zendaya's outfit" thing her actual outfit, or you get the clothes she wore in your size? Thanks Smile Lynae P.

by orange24601 on 1/6/2012 7:03:11 PM


OMGOSH! I am the biggest Shake it up fan EVER!

by awesomegirl4everandalways on 1/6/2012 6:08:38 PM


Hey SophAlexan, you should be getting it between this and next week. Hope this helps!! Xoxo

When will I get this issue in my mailbox? I live in VA... Lynae P.

by SophAlexan on 1/6/2012 5:34:24 PM


Yay! New GL! The only thing is the cover... they have an awful show. In my opinion! Smile

by jmtkwalshgirl on 1/6/2012 5:20:37 PM


Hey izzytheswiftie, think of a color scheme for your room. Maybe go with your fave color or just one you think will look good. Think about different patterns and textures. There's cheetah and polka dots and lace and velvet. Type in google pics with the name of themes you like. For example, Victorian, girly, or pink. Hope this helps!! Xoxo

Can someone help me? I need the deats on how to decorate my room? No refurnishing or painting. I looked thought the GL decor your room section and nothing! OH please help! And who's excited for the last episode of WOWP tonight? Lynae P.

by izzytheswiftie on 1/6/2012 3:46:20 PM


OMG I am definitely getting GL's Feb/Mar Issue!
Looks fab, girlies. BTW: luhove the vid Smile

by Malgal22 on 1/6/2012 3:39:29 PM


when is the issue coming to my house?

Hey girl,

According to this post, the article is in stores and mailboxes 1/17, so look for yours in the next few weeks!

Meghan D.

by girl1580 on 1/6/2012 11:44:39 AM


omg im so getting this! i love bella and zendaya! there style is just really cool!

by j4zm09 on 1/6/2012 10:43:24 AM

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