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9 ways to warm up right now

Get cozy in seconds with a few of our favorite warm-up-right-now ideas...
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I wish it was cold here!!! I live in Minnesota and normally by now we have 40 inches of snow and like -10 degress outside! Nope not this year! No snow and today it was 50 degress! Somethings messed up! Haha

by danceforever58 on 1/10/2012 5:43:02 PM


Awesome! I luv it!

by physicschick on 1/10/2012 5:22:40 PM


MOD MOD MOD! ok so this weekend im going to see my friends from camp that i havent seen in like 6months!!!!! Smile ive mainly kept in touch w/ 2 of them: this girl who was like my bff at camp (lets call her M) and this one guy who i kinda have a crush on and hes one of my best guy friends now (lets call him R) im sure R likes me but we both wanna stay single for now. Im stayin w/ M and i dont think she knows how much ive kept in touch w/ R or that i wanna hang out w/ R as much as he wants to hang out w/ me. I dont want to ditch either for the other one so how can i split my time (i dont think M and R hang out much so yaa jw) thx sry its so long


Just go out to get lunch or coffee with R. Especially if youre staying with M. Youll have to spend a good amount of time with her to be fair. So a lunch or 2 with R is your best bet. xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by omgitsjess:) on 1/10/2012 5:18:01 PM


This is super dumb....but for my underwear and socks, wrap them in a paper towel, I pop them in the microwave for a few secs right before I put them on to to to the bus stop. Silly...but works.

by Echosong on 1/10/2012 5:07:40 PM


I keep an extra heater in my room, it didnt cost much and they have some for 25 dollars.it helps a lot and in the morning i heat my clothes from it so its warmer to wear Tong

by Smasheroo on 1/10/2012 4:26:39 PM


I want to get my ears pierced but I'm scared.
I'm scared that it will hurt, the piercing equipment wont be sterile, the piercing will get infected afterwards, and they wont be even.
how can I get over these fears?
thank you Smile


Well the best way to not worry as much is to go to a really clean place that will make sure of all those things. Also a piercing place wouldnt be in business if their equipment isnt sterile. Also you clean your ears yourself to keep it from becoming infected. Youll do great! Dont fret. xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by moosezoo13 on 1/10/2012 4:06:34 PM


ok so i told my mom that i have trouble breathing when i run, like my lungs just shut down. im not in AMAZING shape but ive been playing sprots for years now. my mom said that i dont have asthma because i saw a doctor 2 years ago and said i didnt have it, well that was TWO years ago!!! i went through a lot of changes this summer including period. could that make my lungs change and should i see a doctor agin?
thanks xoxo


I would go see your doctor again just to be sure. However it may just be that you arnt completely in shape. Your lungs are a muscle you need to exercise as well. Good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by t-dog123 on 1/10/2012 3:50:39 PM


Lol, love it! Laughing

Hey girls! This is Kayla9, and I wanted to let you know that I give advice on:
-Making money
-Books and writing
-Feeling good
-Baking and cooking
And anything you can possibly think of!!! Just comment on my profile and I will get back to you ASAP.
XOXO, Kayla

by kayla9 on 1/10/2012 3:33:39 PM


Luv it!!!! And theey are all easy & cheap!!! Good job.

by cul_4_you on 1/10/2012 2:31:25 PM

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