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We're lovin' Quinn popcorn: Big on taste, low on icky chemicals!

Big on taste, low on icky chemicals...
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So i recently changed my avatar picture, and sometimes it shows up as my new one, and sometimes my old one. Why does it keep doing this? Thanks Smile -KKgirl4life

Hey girlie,

It's probably in your internet settings. Try clearing your cache (you can find that option in your Internet Options), which will get rid of old versions of webpages stored on your computer. That way, the new one will come up all the time Smile
Lauren C.

by kkgirl4life on 1/15/2012 11:54:20 AM


please answer this please!
I really like this guy, lets call him jack, but he is kind of awkward and quiet.
we talk everyday, and I didn't know how to get him to think of me as more than a friend.
so yesterday i had one of my guy friends who is also friends withjack tell jack that he thinks I like him. Apprently jack doesnt say anything at first, and then goes "yeah, im not stupid." and turns super red. what do you think that means? is that good or bad? The rest of my classes with him that day werent awkward at all, he just acted normal...what should i do?

Hey babe,

It sounds like Jack already knew you liked him...but as for his reaction being "good or bad," it's hard to tell based on this. He sounds embarrassed about it (as most young guys are when it comes to crushes), but there's no real clues that he might like you back or not. He's naturally a shy guy though, so he probably wouldn't wear his feelings on his sleeve. Do you think you could get that same friend to talk to him again about it after some time passes? Maybe not about you, but he could ask Jack who he likes or something. Otherwise, I'd just try to keep things normal and maybe even ask him to hang out outside of school. That way, you take things "to the next level" and you can see how he responds to that <3
Lauren C.

by livelaughlove888 on 1/14/2012 10:31:07 PM



Hey girls!
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All you have to do, is go to my profile, find a club called “CLUB MIDDLE SCHOOL”, and J-O-I-N! I love it and you will too ^.^ ♥ ♪♫

by cutiecayley333 on 1/14/2012 6:29:13 PM


Oooh! The lemon sea salt sounds Yummy

Hey Girls! Join my club, WRITING, My Love <3. This club is for those girls who have a deep passion for the art of Writing. <3

by krazykotabug on 1/14/2012 1:23:46 PM


Hey Terra Rose, no I dont think you have cancer. Since you can't get them removed you can try lessening the appearance of them with foundation. But I think you should embrace your moles. They're so unique and a sign of beauty! Hope this helps! Xoxo

Sorry this doesn't relate to this but here's my story...A few years ago I scratched my mole and then after a few months there was another mole next to it. And then after a few years past I started getting moles all over my face (lips, ears, cheeks, etc) I asked my mom that I wanted to get them removed, but she said to leave them alone. What should I do about my moles some of them are oddly shaped, Does that mean I'm going to have cancer? Thanks in advance! Lynae P.

by Terra Rose♥ on 1/13/2012 4:43:24 PM


Hey bubbles3956, yup I've only heard great things about the Zummba game. People say it's really fun and gets you burning calories. So try it out girly and see if it works for you! Xoxo

I really want a good workout so i can wear a bikini with confidence so i need to lose a couple pounds (like 12). i want to try the wii game "Zumba" and i have heard good things about it so i was wondering if you think i could lose some weight with this game? do you think its effective? the commercial claims you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour and the reviews online look good too. do you think this another fad workout or a real effective one? thanks a bunch!
-Natalie xoxoxo Lynae P.

by bubbles3956 on 1/13/2012 4:21:01 PM


Where would you get these? They sound really good, and I'm super picky about my popcorn! but i doubt my brothers would eat it.

by HelenaPS on 1/12/2012 11:30:03 PM


So cool(and SUPER YUMMY)!!!!

by lavlo on 1/12/2012 10:30:04 PM


All the flavors sound really yummy and interesting!!

by fallsb-ball on 1/12/2012 10:03:45 PM


Hi! Remember how I asked about discharge and if it will lead to my period and you said it's normal and it's a sign my period is on it's way? Anyways, I have another question. I've had dishcharge since around August I think, and I'll be 13 at the end of this month. Will I have my period within' the next 2 months do you think?? Thnx so much again! You're so helpful! Smile

Hey girlie,

I wish we could pin-point when you're gonna get it, but there's no way for any of us to guarantee when you'll get your period. Even your doctor can't tell for sure! You're progressing through puberty normally and it's totally possible that you could get your first period in the next 2 months, but it's not 100% sure. You could get it next month, 6 months from now, a year from now, or any time from now til you turn 16. Sorry we can be more accurate! Just read up on your period and be as prepared as possible for the big day Smile 
Lauren C.

by Sheyenne on 1/12/2012 8:42:12 PM

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