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Do I have what guys want?

I feel invisible sometimes...
74 Comments | Add Yours

Hey softball6, I'm a tall girl too so I can understand where you're coming from. As you get older, boys will start to grow and get taller, so a few will probably be your height or taller. But if you really like someone don't let something as small as height stop you from dating them. The only reason people get embarassed about things like this is because they are worried about what other people are thinking of them. People will always have something to say about you no matter what you do, so you can't focus on them. And think about all the gorgeous women whose boyfriends and husbands are shorter than them. Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio's husband is smaller than her. Top fashion model Coco Rocha, has a short husband too. Katie Holmes towers slightly over Tom Cruise and Usher has dated a few tall women. So just own that height and guys will like you. Hope this helps! xoxo

by Lynae P. on 1/20/2012 7:00:02 PM


In health class we talked about what guys look for in a girl and this is what the textbook said: they have to be physically appealing, they have to have mothering characteristics ie; cooking, cleaning.. And finally they have to be nice. If you have none of theses characteristics then scientifically you have no chance. Frown good luck to everyone!

by lovinglife51 on 1/20/2012 5:20:00 PM


Mod Mod!
So i'm 13 and i'm very tall for my age. i'm like 5'7 and all the boys @ my school are so short! sometimes i like a boy that's a lot shorter than me... it feels awkward! What do i do?! Thanks!!

Lynae P.

by softball6 on 1/20/2012 4:53:15 PM


I asked you on this very article something yesterday. Now I need to know... I'm a pretty good singer so is that okay to sing when he's around me. BTW I sit next to him in Social Studies, Spanish, and very rarely in English. I can't text him cause' we don't talk so much and its very akward between us plus he doesn't have a phone (I think).Is this confusing?

by SweetLori12 on 1/20/2012 2:59:02 PM


Hey!Smile So I took your advice that you gave me before and went to this boy I like's basketball game. He did very well and I'd love to tell him that I think he's a really good player. Problem is, I have his number but he doesnt have mine. Would it be weird if I randomly texted him without him knowing that I have his number? Would that make me come across as kinda creepy? Or should I go ahead and make the first move? Thanks so much!!

Hey girlie,

Not creepy at all! Just be sure you text him ONCE, not a bunch of times. Start off with something like, "Hey, it's _(your name)_!" Then tell him you were at the basketball game the other day and he played amazing, you were so impressed, etc. Whatever you like Smile  
Lauren C.

by 2sprinkles2 on 1/19/2012 9:30:56 PM


"Joe7197" i have a boyfriend we have been going out for 4 months i started dating at 11 and ijusttold my mom "Mom i have a botfriend"

by IlovemyBF on 1/19/2012 8:49:30 PM


What do I talk about with guys. I mean I take forever to strike up a conovo. Like I really don't know what to say. ahg!!!

Hey girlie,

You can talk about all kinds of things! Sometimes it helps to jump in with a question first - homework and his hobbies are great go-to subjects. Ask him questions about himself and you'll get him talking! Keep your ears open for ways to further the convo by adding your own opinions/experiences, asking more questions, swapping stories, etc. And this article has some GREAT flirting tips to keep in mind while you're chatting it up! Smile 
Lauren C.

by sabrita on 1/19/2012 8:47:14 PM


MOD~MOD~MOD~ I don't have a BGF, but I'm trying to catch his attention. Everytime I'm around him I talk loudly, I stick to my crew like glue, and I'm plus-sized. I'm uncomfortable in my skin and I'm on a diet. Please don't tell me to be confident 'cause it's physically impossible for me (literally). i also like the stuff my 20 year old sister likes like PG-13 movies, adult TV shows, and stuff like that. What should I do?

Hey girlie,

It's NOT physically impossible for you to be confident. You'll never impress a guy or attract him if you're thinking bad about yourself! Instead of beating yourself up, be proud that you're on a diet and taking steps to getting healthier. Try adding exercise into your routine for another ego boost - it's scientifically proven that people feel more energized, happier, and better about themselves when they work out! And you need to embrace your talents, your hobbies, and your passions. These are the things that will catch a guy's attention...especially if they jive with his own interests. You gotta have stuff in common in order to have a BGF, after all Smile So see if you can bond with him over the hobbies/likes/dislikes you share!
Lauren C.

by SweetLori12 on 1/19/2012 7:27:30 PM


So there's this guy i like and i think he likes me too...... So i had my friend tell him i like him, and so today in science they were talking and i guess he kinda likes me too! But anyways,She's trying to get him to "talk to me (to ask me out)" I hope it works.... Smile

by mypeeps112 on 1/19/2012 5:23:35 PM


I know I haven't posted a question for a long long time!! Smile Well I'm back and I have a new question for ya'll!!
Do you have a boyfriend? If so, how long have you been going out? What age do you think people should start dating? And how should you tell your parents your dating?
If you want to answer be sure to answer on my profile!

by Joe7197 on 1/19/2012 4:52:48 PM

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