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5 first date dos

The gotta-know tips for your V-Day outing.
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MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD my bff and i just got out of a fight and its pretty serious....i feel longely without her and ive tried other friends but they already have beast friends and i just wanna be like exclusive with one person....i have tried asking my ex bff if she wants to get backtogether but she said no because she thought it wouldnt work out....what should i do?

Hey girl, I'd try building friendships with other people. They may not be your best friend right now, but they could grow to be. As for your BFF, give her some space and let her recover a bit. She may change her mind with a bit of time. Don't give up but build your other options.

Alyssa B.

by hawii12328 on 10/22/2012 6:46:38 PM


I want a boy that likes me but no one does. All my BFFs have boyfriends. And I told alot of boys that I like them but they dont like me back.

by ldwatkins1 on 9/10/2012 9:13:10 PM


Plans to get a BF
Make sure u do a different hair style.
want to have sex

by Selassie on 7/28/2012 10:15:43 PM


1. Say your name 10 times.
2. Say your mom's name 5 times.
3. Say your crush's name 3 times.
4. Paste this to 4 other quizzes. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday, but if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck! SEND THIS TO 5 QUIZZES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ON THE SCREEN. THIS IS SO FREAKY BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS

by jessann on 2/20/2012 10:35:28 AM


mod mod mod mod mod Okay i have 2 questions 1)First I have this HUGE zit on my nose. Its so big that my dad asked me if I got punched in the's so embarrassing! How do I get rid of it really fast?! 2) Also, tomorrow I'm meeting all of my boyfriends friends for the first time. I'm really nervous because all of them are older than me (some of them are sophmores in college and I'm a freshman in high school) and I really want them to like me. I know I should just be myself but I'm extremely nervous!


Hey swazyelover2497, you can try putting toothpaste on it before you go to sleep and wiping it off in the morning. My friend does this and it always works for her. It dries the bump up, so try that. I know you'll be nervous but just be yourself. That's exactly why your boyfriend like you and why all his friends will too. So have fun and get to know them girl. Hope this helps!! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by swazyelover2497 on 2/17/2012 8:57:29 PM


i am dating and he is my first boyfiend...He told me that we were going to kiss are you supposed to kiss? I dont know

by kellbell94301 on 2/9/2012 3:02:26 PM


MOD MOD MOD im so happy my crush asked me out to be his girlfriend.. but i don't know how to be a girlfriend i know what they do but how do i act around him without being stupid or anything and hes sorta shorter then me lol so if he went to kiss me how do we do it Smile


Hey girl, you just gotta be yourself! Nothing you do will be stupid. He likes you for YOU! Keep calm, laugh, make jokes, have fun! 

lauren r.

by mozilla10 on 2/4/2012 2:14:09 PM


hey chicas! ok, so, i hav this new club, and its called HIYA, ASK ME! im totally up for answering ANY of ur Q's and im on a lot! U can expect quick answers! Im 13, so im not like a lot older or a lot younger than anyone..(i hope.) So, check it out when u get the chance! Smile

by Queenbook on 2/1/2012 7:23:59 PM


Hey littlemissawesomeness, talk to him and drop some hints that you want to go with him. You could by asking if he's going and if he has a date. You could then tell him you'd like to go but don't have anyone to go with. He should get the clue and ask you. Hope this helps! Xoxo

i have a BIG crush on this guy. i have two classes with him. i know that he likes me but i know that he just likes me a little. he also likes my friend alot, but she has a boyfriend. there is a valentines day dance and i want him to go with me. what should i do? thanks! Lynae P.

by littlemissawesomness on 2/1/2012 6:36:48 PM


okay, so my boyfriend and I just started dating like two weeks ago, and i dont know what I should do for Valentine's day. I wanted to get him or make him (i prefer the latter) something sweet, but not too like, "over the top." My boyfriend's kind of shy, so he doesn't really talk about himself much... all i know is that he's obsessed with the Ravens... yeah so what should I do??

Hey girlie,

Try making him cupcakes with football wrappers, cream cheese brownies with purple sprinkles on top, purple and yellow/gold iced sugar cookies, etc. (Those are the Ravens colors, obviously!) Those are definitely some sweet treats that he'll love...and the extra touch will make him happy that you were thinking of him! 
Lauren C.

by otter727 on 1/29/2012 8:25:35 AM


mod mod mod mod
Okay well I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 15 and we were talking about valentines day. He hinted to me that he's getting me a necklace and I was not expecting that at all and now I have no idea what to get him! Do you have any ideas? He's way into theater and also loves the Mets...

Hey girlie,

That's so sweet! Try buying him a Mets baseball cap or tee shirt, then baking him some sweets (brownies? cookies?) and making a cute card. You could also snag a DVD of a production of his fave play/theater production and watch it with him, if that would make him happy! Smile Think about the things he loves and go from there!
Lauren C.

by swazyelover2497 on 1/28/2012 12:13:15 AM


MOD! What do i talk about with my crush on chat? There are always these super awkward silences where neither of us knows what to say,


Hey chica!

You could ask him what he likes to do in his spare time, what his favorite place to go on a weekend is, what you're into, musically, on tv, online or hobby-wise. If you'd like to hang out with him then when a thing both of you like doing comes up, such as go bowling or cook something, you could suggest doing that thing together sometime. 

Krupali D.

by coccinelle4 on 1/26/2012 1:12:03 PM


Hey fedorachick189, no I don't think it's too early to hold hands. He's your boyfriend so why not. And maybe if you show more signs of affection, e will. Hope this helps! Xoxo

hey, so my "boyfriend" and I havn't quite declared our "thing" as an official relationship yet, but we've talked about PDA (lmao)and spending more time with each other instead of being awkward about everything...he's kinda nervous around me sometimes, so he's not too good at showing affection; do you think it would be a bit too pushy at this point if I tried to hold his hand? We're 14, still newbies at this, lol neither of us have been in a relationship or kissed before Lynae P.

by fedorachick189 on 1/25/2012 7:35:56 PM


Come to be bffs fashion blog for all things fashion!!!!

by hermione&ron on 1/25/2012 7:31:40 PM


so i kinda luv my neighbor, weve been nest friends 4ever. but he is like, 15 months younger than me. im 13 btw. his b-day is 2 days after valentines day. wat can i do that is sweet but not obviously flrity? pleeeez help i have no ideas.

Hey girlie,

Personally, I'd bake him something super sweet for a present! You've heard the phrase, "The way to a guy's heart is through his stomach." Well... it's kinda true! Bake up some tasty brownies, cupcakes, or whatever his fave sweet is. Give it to him with a fun birthday playlist or a birthday card Smile It'll be sweet and could be seen as a "friend" move, but will also hint at the crush you have on him Smile
Lauren C.

by k8luvscake on 1/21/2012 10:53:28 PM


So, I asked my parents about public school and they said YES! Qs
1) High scary is it?
2) Have most high schoolers dated or had their first kiss? I want to be my bf's first everything.
3) Are all girls flirts or drama queens?
4)Do I have to wear new clothes everyday?

Hey girlie,

I went to public high school all four years! And trust me girl, it's not scary at all! It's can get a little stressful because the work can be hard and sometimes people start drama, but overall I had a blast. It's all what you make of it! Get involved in clubs, work hard in your classes, talk to your teachers and, most importantly, always talk to your classmates. Be social before class, in the cafeteria, during gym, etc. You'll make friends, get more comfy with being out-going, and will feel more confident! There will be SOME sassy girls that you wanna stay away from, but you will definitely find the girls who are meant to be your friends. You'll click with a group (you just gotta find them) and it'll be smooth sailin Smile The level of "experience" each boy has during high school will be different for each guy. Chances are, by 15 years old or so, a guy will have had his first kiss. But you never know! You could be his first GF, first kiss, etc. But it's not about that - it's about connecting with a guy, opening up and getting to know another person really well. And of course, having fun with him! Try not to focus on the numbers - instead, focus on trying new things, enjoying your dates, and being laid-back about it all. As for clothes.. DON'T WORRY about it! No one is keeping track of exactly what you're wearing. Personally, I didn't wear the same outfit in one week (5 days). But next week? I'd totally reuse my fave skirts, shirts, or dresses if I felt like it! Dress how you want Smile
Lauren C.

by ButterflyGirl18 on 1/21/2012 10:20:26 PM


I always get nervous when I meet new guys and I try to see if I like them as a friend or something more. After getting to know the guy and seeing were I like him as a just friend I want to be able to hang out with him and invite him over, but I always feel weird asking a guy to my house even if more guys would be coming. How can I get over this fear? I am a freshman and it's even harder if the guy is older than me. I don't know why it just is. HELP!!!!!!!!

Hey girlie,

You're probably feeling nervous because you don't know him that well yet! Inviting him over to your house is kinda a big step, so give it some time and get to know him by talking in school, chatting online/through text, talking on the phone, and hanging out outside of school (movies, mall, bowling with a group of friends). Once you settle into a friendship, it'll be a lot easier to invite him over to your house - because it won't seem so weird or out of the blue! Smile 
Lauren C.

by Pugglegirl1008 on 1/21/2012 9:49:05 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like I will never find love. I know I'm young and have plenty of time to find him, but if everyone has a perfect match somewhere out there then what do people do when their perfect match doesn't want someone? I just can't believe that there is a guy out there for me. I'm not that picky I just want a nice, loving, caring, proper guy.

Hey girlie,

Personally, I don't believe we only have ONE perfect match out there. I've dated a few different guys and they all made me happy - really genuinely happy - in different ways! Sure we didn't work out, but the fact that I was able to find someone after I broke up with my "first love" gave me faith that there are guys out there. But they're not gonna line up at your front door - some girls get luckier than others because they run into those guys faster/without trying as hard. You just gotta stick with it...and stop searching for it. If you try too hard to look for a crush, you'll constantly be disappointed. But if you just relax, go on with your life, take risks and try new things, then for some reason it seems like the guy always comes around Smile
Lauren C.

by Pugglegirl1008 on 1/21/2012 9:40:25 PM


I luv Valentine's Day......but I lost my valentine a long time ago....the pain is too much, I might not celebrate Valentine's Day this year...... :'(

by clem10 on 1/21/2012 9:02:03 PM


Hey coldplay12, no there isn't a specific weight. You're perfectly fine girl. Xoxo

MOD MOD MOD! hey, how much should you weigh when you get your period because i am only 93 pounds and i already got my period. So, is there a specific weight or not?
<3 Lynae P.

by coldplay12 on 1/21/2012 8:36:46 PM


Hey Lindsey Frinzy, since your friend won't talk to you confront the boy who who told her you called her names. Get him to tell her the truth, and hopefully she'll talk to you again. If not girl, it may be time to get your mom involved and to make some new friends. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Mod Mod Mod
So I'm in 7th grade and recently my beastie from last year has not been herself. everyone sees her as the queen bee, and she's been acting like one too. She searches for attention and pushes people down to get what she wants. This has made me really sad, and I told her she wasn't the same and I ask her if everything was going ok. She told me no because I wasn't the same either. She told me she didn't like the names I called her. Then I said I didn't call her any names, I would never do that. Turns out a boy that really likes her said that to her. So now she told everyone I needed space. Aka, ignore her. So the whole school is ignoring me, giving me the silent treatment. I come home crying everyday, and sick to my stomach everyday, sometimes I have to throwup. My momwants to get the printable involved because its bullying. But I don't cause she'll mention the names I never called her then who's in trouble. What should I do? Lynae P.

by LindseyFrinzy on 1/21/2012 8:22:09 PM


-_-' I've been taking medicine for my ADHD since I was 5 years old. It helps but only fir hyperactivity. I still talk constentally and still feel insecure. T-T Nothing seems to work.

by Smartpaws on 1/21/2012 8:19:02 PM


Hey smart paws, have you ever considered taking medicine for your ADHD? It would probably help you become less insecure and nervous. It would help in giving you the confidence to talk to people. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Well I don't think THIS would help me cause i probably will NEVER go on a date. |Frown Why? I have ADHD and very insecure. I don't like making eye contact with a person I don't know too well or even be able to walk up to a guy and chat even. Talking constantly is part of ADHD too which tourments me as well. What's odd is is that I can stand in front of my class mates in theater and perform a monolog but can't talk to people. I also get nervous when people look at me. DX Wha! Please help. Lynae P.

by Smartpaws on 1/21/2012 8:07:42 PM


Hey Girlies!(: Come join my club Sassy Songwriters! This is a great club for all those girlies who LUV writing songs! Join for tips, ideas, or just to have a good time with other songwriters! We discuss all sorts of topics & Ask random questions for all of the members to answer! I would LUV for U to join! Thx!(:

by *MusicGirl16* on 1/21/2012 7:56:12 PM


lol i know this is off topic but in the photo for this article I have the exact same jacket that girl has xD

by agentcheese on 1/21/2012 7:52:06 PM


Hey ecolife, you have to do what's right for you not anyone else. So if you want to go out with this guy, do it. You are your own person free to make your own decisions. Hope this helps! Xoxo

hey, ok so this guy started texting me and in the begining i thought that i would never like him .. but after i got to know him he was really sweet and cool. but the problem is that he has a not so good reputation with girls, he has been known for dumping girls then quickly getting a new one. and all the girls at my school think he is like bad for dumping all these girls .. but he told me that im different && that he wants to change. he told me all about his family and how he really likes me .. and i really like him back. so today i was texting him he asked me out , and i said yes but if i tell my friends im afraid that they will freak out on me .. i need help FAST , please! Lynae P.

by ecolife on 1/21/2012 7:48:18 PM


Hey Alley-oop, talk about anything girl. Movies, music, tv, videotapes, school, friends, etc. Talk to him about the same things you do with your friends. After all a boyfriend is your friend. Hope this helps! Xoxo

My boyfriend and I have been going out for a couple of weeks now, and whenever we are alone I don't know what to talk to him about. Do you have any good topics?
thnx Lynae P.

by Alley-oop on 1/21/2012 7:42:59 PM


Hey sarah4eva, yeah I think so. Have you made it clear to him that you're still interested? Maybe he hasnt made a move because he doesn't know how you feel. S flirt a little and chat with him at the next party. Hope this helps! Xoxo

mod mod mod
ok so i like this guy in the grade above me. A week ago we both went to a party and we talked most of the night and were partners in waterpong. When it was time to leave he walked me home and we hooked up (kissing).(: But then the next night we hung out again and nothing happened. We havent really talked since, and he doesnt seem like a big texter. Do you think that theres a shot of it happening again? or should i just move on? thankss Lynae P.

by sarah4eva on 1/21/2012 7:18:57 PM


Hey Girls! Join my club, WRITING, My Love <3. This club is for those girls who have a deep passion for the art of Writing. <3

by krazykotabug on 1/21/2012 6:58:16 PM


Hey yorkielover88, mod is short for moderators. Moderators are girls like me who help you chicas with any questions or concerns you might have. So let me know if you need help! Xoxo

this isn't like super I NEED ANSWERS PRONTO type of mod but what does "mod" mean?? Lynae P.

by yorkielover88 on 1/21/2012 6:56:06 PM


Hey jennntheswimmer, bringing up the fact that you have a boyfriend will let him know. Whatever you guys are talking about you can say "yeah my boyfriend really likes that too" that way he'll know you guys are just friends. Hope this helps! Xoxo

My boyfriend goes to a different school than me, so a lot of people at my school that i dont know super well dont know im dating someone. Sometimes random guys flirt with me but i just ignore it, and they usually get the clue that im not interested.
Anyways, me and the guy i sit next to in biology started talking, since we have to work together on projects and stuff. Its always been obvious that he likes me, but now that we are becoming friends i think he is getting the wrong idea and thinks that im interested.
How can i gently let him know that i just want to be friends and that i have a boyfriend without embarrassing him or making him think that i led him on?
Thanks!! Lynae P.

by jennntheswimmer on 1/21/2012 6:44:42 PM


Hey LizZy11, you just have to force yourself to stop crushing on him. He's defintely off limits since he's your friends bf. Once you stop focusing on him so much, you might find a guy for yourself. Hope this helps! Xoxo

My crush is really cute but he also happens to be one of my best friends boyfriend. I've liked him for a really long time and have tried to get over him, but I can't. What do I do? Lynae P.

by LiZzY1171 on 1/21/2012 6:14:03 PM


Hey baileybluu, of course a gf can get her bf something for valentines day. Think about what he would like. Is he a chocolate type of person? Does he like stuffed animals? Make a list of things he'd like, and once you've narrowed it down select what you think he'll like best. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Hey, so guys know flowers, teddy bear, whatever. but is a girlfriend supposed to get her bf for valentines day? my bf said well when i get you something for valentines day.. but idk what to get him!thanksSmile Lynae P.

by baileybluu on 1/21/2012 5:52:32 PM


Hey SuperrGirliie, when they tease you about liking him act like it doesn't bother you. They probably only make fun of you for liking him because they know it embarrasses you, so the more you act like you don't care they'll stop. Hope this helps! Xoxo

i used to like this guy a lot but because me and my friends and his friends always hung out and so one of my friends started liking him. and once she likes someone, they start liking her back and they end up dating. but he is still my best guy friend that i just like as a friend and i hang out with him and his friends sometimes at festivals when my friends run off somewhere. we used to text a lot until something happened so here goes...
i oh like this guy as a good friend because we are truly very close almost like me and my friends. but since i text him "that much" they say that they don't believe me saying that i don't like him. they say my name in class and say "DON'T DENY IT, YOU DO!", they tell me at lunch and recess, and just all the time. i feel like i can't trust them that much anymore because of this too. them saying all this stuff is also the reason why i stopped texting him. what can i do so they believe me that i truly don't like him? thanks (: Lynae P.

by SuperrGirliie on 1/21/2012 4:55:03 PM


Hey caseysister2001, since he just broke up with his girlfriend I would give him some time to get over her. Once it seems like hes ready to move on, then ask him. Hope this helps! Xoxo

I just moved halfway across the country. I got an email from my BGF and crush (same person) that his GF just broke up with him. His old GF used to be one of my BFFs. I've been dreaming since 1st grade about him. Should I ask him out via email or just let him go? As I said, I've wanted to be his GF since 1st grade. Thanks. :S Lynae P.

by caseysister2001 on 1/21/2012 4:53:32 PM


Hey stary20008, try talking to A more. When you have convos with him flirt a little. Joke around, compliment him, and ask questions about his interests. Whenever you're talking to B make an effort to join A in on the conversation. Try to sit next to him too. Hope this helps! Xoxo

So there's this dude I like (let's call him Innocent) and I'm always mistaken for liking his friend (let's call him (B)). Is there anyway that I could make it seem like I like Innocent, not (B)? I'm won't ask Innocent out or anything like that. But when we are all sitting there having a conversation I don't want Innocent to think I like (B). Because I've had someone say that before and it was just AWKWARD. I talk to (B) a LOT more than I talk to Innocent so I have issues balancing out the fact that I like Innocent, not his friend (B). Any help would be great, thanks. Smile Lynae P.

by stary20008 on 1/21/2012 4:43:35 PM


Hey mckey10, I don't think this guy likes you girl. If he did he would respond to your texts, call you and not be so mean. I think you can do so much better than this guy. He doesn't know what he's missing out on. Hope this helps! Xoxo

this guys mean to me but he always laughs in a friendly way when i jokingly call him a bully or something. He always laughs at my jokes and i catch him looking at me a lot but he didnt save my number in his phone and doesnt answer when i text him... do you think he likes me? Thanks!
-mckayla Lynae P.

by mckey101 on 1/21/2012 4:23:51 PM


Hey PuppyCT, I think it's better to have a crush on a guy from your school because you actually have a chance at dating them. Celebrities are always traveling and have hundreds of girls chasing after them. Hope this helps! Xoxo

MOD MOD MOD is it safer to have a crush on a celebrity or a guy from school? i've been weighing pros and cons but i suddenly get caught up on one or the other. which one is better, celebrity crushes, or crushing on guys from school? Lynae P.

by PuppyCT on 1/21/2012 4:10:20 PM


Hey Mary_16, I think you should give this guy a chance. Anyone can change, and it sounds like he has. Instead of dating him, just get to know him since you can't have a boyfriend right now. Become his friend and get close to him so when you are old enough to be in a relationship, you'll be ready. Hope this helps! Xoxo

I just found out that this guy likes me... a lot. My BFF told me. She also told me that he his too embarrassed to ask me out. So, he told her to do it for him. I like him too, but I found out earlier this year that he did some bad things and now I heard that he quit doing them. I said yes to him, but I'm not sure I did the right thing.
On the other hand, My parents don't allow me to have a boyfriend. I think that that is CRAZY!!!! I'm almost thirteen(I'm going to turn thirteen in May) and I can't have a boyfriend. Do you think I should reject the uy and do what my parents think I should do, or just go out with the guy behind my parents back.
PLEASE help me!!! I'm really confused on which decision I should make.Smile Thanks!!! Lynae P.

by mary_16 on 1/21/2012 3:32:24 PM


Hey Varchang, well first you need to look at the awkward moments or things in your relationship. What are those? I'll be glad to help you with them. Write me back. Xoxo

I really like this guy but he's a Freshman and I'm in 8th grade. But we are only 3 months apart age wise. Anyways, I had a bf and we texted like all day and saw each other but I broke it off cuz it just got way too awkward. Now I feel like I'm doing the same thing with this new guy! I dont want to ruin another relationship and make it all awkward. What should I do? Thanks! <3 Lynae P.

by Varchang on 1/21/2012 3:24:42 PM



(in case u cant tell im a HUGE fan)

by soccerlover99 on 1/21/2012 3:18:54 PM


Hey liddywitty, for conversation starters bring up things you talk to your other friends about. Movies, music, tv, video games, school, embarrassing moments anything. Ask him about things he's interested in, his goals and other things about his personal life. As long as you approach him calmly and simply ask him to the dance he'll know you want to go just as friends. You could try saying " Hey are you going to the dance with anyone?" or "Wanna go to the dance with me? I really want to go but I don't have anyone to take yet." Hope this helps! Xoxo

Hey! so i was thinking of asking this guy to sadies, we are sorta friends but not that close and i just wanted to go as friends, what is a creative way to ask him, and to make sure he knows that i just want to go as friends and also how can i make it not awk and stuff like some good convo starters! thanks so much!!!!! Smile Lynae P.

by liddywitty on 1/21/2012 3:06:30 PM


Hey singergirl56, I hink you should ask him what's up. The next time you two text ask him why he won't message you for weeks. Maybe he's used to talking to girls like this, so just let him know you're not okay with it. Hope this helps! Xoxo

MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!
Ok I have a dilemma
I like this guy named Nolan. He will txt me and we will talk for a while then he won't text me for a week and won't answer my texts. All my friends say he likes me, but why won't he answer me? I don't know what to do?? Thanks in advance!!! Lynae P.

by singergirl56 on 1/21/2012 3:04:13 PM


Hey gym brat, yep sounds like he likes you to me. Why else would he have asked you out? And you know someone's really crushing on you when other people mention it to you. Hope this helps! Xoxo

mod mod mod mod
so the other day i was on facebook and and one my guy friends asked me if i wanted to go to the movies with him and a couple other friends. so i said yes. then one of my friends messaged me and told me she thought he likes me but she wasnt sure. she said he always looks at me we we are together or when im far away. does he like me?? idk if we are going to the movies though cuz of my parents.. Lynae P.

by gymbrat on 1/21/2012 2:21:52 PM


Hey wxyz22, I've actually never heard of babysitting classes. Search google to see if there are offered near your city. Hope this helps! Xoxo

do you know where I could take babysitting classes? Lynae P.

by wxyz22 on 1/21/2012 2:18:30 PM


Hey natbe19, check out the links below to read articles on flirting. Hopefully these will help you and your friend out girl!

i have 2 questions
1. so my friend has no idea how to flirt and hte guy she likes doesnt have a gf anymore so she really needs help cuz a lot of other girls like him too,
and 2.i have the same problem as her(different guy) and i want to talk to him more but i have no idea what to talk about!please help Lynae P.

by natbe99 on 1/21/2012 2:14:30 PM


ok so theres this boy that i like and he likes me back he gave a note to one of his friends to give to me but he dropped it so i picked it up my friend was there with me so we both read it. After school i texted him asking who the note was for he said it was for me. But now he wont ask me out again what should i do?

by GLrockz on 1/21/2012 1:03:23 PM


Okay so Valentine's Day is coming up as we all know. I have a boyfriend that I've had for about 4 months who is also my best friend, but I have no idea what to get him for Valentine's Day!! I dont think I should get him any of the items GL listed for "Your Guy" Valentine's Day Edition. So can you give me some ideas? Thanks Smile

Hey girl,

Meghan D.

by iAwesome! on 1/21/2012 12:58:20 PM


So I have a bit of a guy fix, my bgf (and ex) is contantly acting weird around me. He always hugs me and kisses me on the cheek, i tell him not to, b/c it confuses me. I think i still like him, but idk. we had talked about getting back together a few months ago, but decided against it. he also has a gf, so it confuses me even more, since he always acts really flirty around me. we're super close, we're like bff's... so idk what to think. I found out a month ago that the reason he broke up with me was for another girl, which is sorta hurtful. im trying to get over him, but every time i see him he always acts flirty which confuses me, and keeps me liking him still. or at least i think i like him... i really don't know how to feel right now. help?!

Hey girl,

If he has a girlfriend, he shouldn't be flirting with you -- and it's okay to tell him that! You can't do anything if he's in a relationship, and if he's making you uncomfortable you should say something now before things get worse.

Meghan D.

by stormysea on 1/21/2012 12:35:41 PM


I got asked out at the dance and i said yes...he is my first boyfriend...What do you normally do? i dont really know

Hey girl,

He's probably just as nervous as you are, so just go and have fun!

Meghan D.

by kellbell94301 on 1/21/2012 12:32:18 PM


i really like this guy, his name is Joey.
He just got out of a relationship, and we've been getting closer recently(before they broke up, but not flirting) Like he pokes me in science and takes my jewlery to wear for a few hours, etc. I like him alot, and his friend, my kinda guy friend, keeps asking if i like him.
I want to tell him i like him, is that okay? they broke up 5 days ago, but shes already trying to ask another guy out and according to Joey's friend Joey doesnt miss his ex or anything.
Is it okay to tell him i like him? and i'm afraid to go out with him, i'm always so worried a guy will hurt me.

Hey girl,

There's no set amount of time to wait between relationships, so if he asks you out, go for it! You may get hurt, but you'll have to decide whether that chance is worth not entering what could be an awesome relationship. It may end badly, but it also might be amazing, so it's worth a try!

Meghan D.

by kelkellkelly on 1/21/2012 12:05:16 PM


Okay, there's this boy, we both like watching adventure time, we LOVE SCIENCE, he's in almost all of my classes, and I kind of like him. He's two days older than me but he's shorter. Everyone thinks would be a good couple, but he doesn't want to go out. What should I do? He's always flirting and I flirt back. The signals are getting confusing, I really need advice for this. I think he likes me.
<3 Thanks a bunches!

Hey girl,

If you like this guy, don't let height be a factor -- he can't help how tall he is, and it won't affect a relationship! If you think he likes you but you're not sure if he's ready for a relationship, just keep hanging out with him and see what happens!

Meghan D.

by cleopatra300 on 1/21/2012 11:47:57 AM


So I have a career project coming up, and we have to do a speech, and Im doing author. We have to have a quote to begin our speech; to be our attention getter. Do you think that this is an OK quote, or does it sound too tacky? Im onyl in 8th grade, so at of ppl are immature.
It’s a job. It’s not a hobby. You don’t write the way you build a model airplane. You have to sit down and work,
to schedule your time and stick to it. Even if it’s just for an hour or so each day, you have to get a moderater
and make the time. If you’re going to make writing succeed you have to approach it as a job."

Hey girl,

I think this is a great quote, it's not tacky at all. Good luck on your project!

Meghan D.

by uni301 on 1/21/2012 11:44:28 AM


I have a boyfriend and the dance was just last night. Of course I met up with him there and we danced together and had a really good time. Valentines day is coming up and I wanted to get him something really nice. He's so special to me and I feel like I need to show him how much he means to me. Any ideas on what i should get him? Also, how do I convince my parents to let us go out on a date even if it was with a group of people?

Hey girl,

Check out our February / March issue for tons of great Valentine's Day gift ideas. Here are two posts with super-cute gift ideas for your crush on Valentine's Day, too! As for your mom, try to win her trust by giving her specific places you'll be, who you'll be with and when you'll be home, and tell her you'll have your phone on at all times.
Meghan D.

by horse2468 on 1/21/2012 11:17:58 AM


How can I be nice to this guy that I want as a friend, without flirting with him?

Hey girl,

Treat him like you would treat any other friend, and if it seems like he likes you after you start hanging out, make sure he knows you only want to be friends.

Meghan D.

by uni301 on 1/21/2012 10:59:41 AM


Ok so this is kinda complicated and a long story so sorry. My BGF and i used to sorta date over the summer, but than we broke up to spare our mutual friend's feelings. Since than we've been talking lots and flirting to. I dropped hints awhile back that i still liked him, but he told me he only liked me as a friend. Then just recently he's been wanting to hang out more and uping the flirting level. We were texting a couple of nights ago and i said "lol true ur like the nicest guy i know ;) but were just friends uve made that clear multiple times" He replyed saying "ya idk if there's any girl that i would want to date it would be you.. But i dont want a gf.. Idk u could change my mind ;D" What does he mean by that??? Does he want to go out with me or is he confused?? What do i do from here?? Should i hang out with him to see what happens???? Help!!

Hey girl,

It sounds like he likes you but isn't sure if he wants a relationship. There's no harm in hanging out with him -- if he says you could change his mind, maybe you will!

Meghan D.

by pati5dance on 1/21/2012 10:56:54 AM


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by artistchic99 on 1/21/2012 10:53:32 AM


Great ideas!

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by svds on 1/21/2012 10:24:09 AM


When I talk to a guy, what's the line between just being really friendly (and I don't like him), and flirting with him. Because I see this guy as a friend, but apparently, to other people, I act as if I like him, which I DONT. I don't even know what Im doing to make it look this way. I'm just acting normal.

Hey girl,

It doesn't matter what other people think, as long as you're not leading him on, so if he knows you're only friends and you're not being flirty, there's no reason you and him can't be pals!

Meghan D.

by uni301 on 1/21/2012 10:17:35 AM


I wish me and my BF weren't so shy when it came to this stuff. Sigh. Whatever!

Hey girls! Are you looking for serious advice from someone who truly understands you? check out my advice queen page! For help on anything you need! Really! I'm on GL a lot, so expect your answers coming in in less than 24 hours!

Have a fun day!


by *a_good_life* on 1/21/2012 9:33:11 AM


I love vday but i got no one to share it with.

by meganbenedict on 1/21/2012 9:30:50 AM


Hey, So Yesterday i was talking to my boyfriend and then he started telling me that we need some change . Like he always calls me baby, sweetheart, my love and things like that and i don't ALWAYS say the same things, but maybe thats cuz i get shy, and i've never had a steady boyfriend before, and he said that a guy likes to feel loved by his girlfriend and likes to hear sweet words from her. But I Am stupid sometimes >_< and don't have the courage and he says u don't tell me any secrets or things like that, although i do ! But I really dont have much going on in my life, So What could i do to spice things up a bit , what should i tell him ? Even if its a made up secret ! And how could i become less shy and say more sweet things Plzz I really need tips ! Frown and i don't want him to get bored from me, and thxx <3

Hey girl,

Plenty of couples don't use pet names, and it's normal to feel weird about them! You can show your bf you care without calling him things that seem silly to you, so tell him you're into him by saying "I like you" more often, or congratulate him when he does well on a test or at a sports game. And if you trust him, you'll want to tell him more things as your relationship develops.

Meghan D.

by rolapa on 1/21/2012 7:40:28 AM


I Love Valentine's Day!!!! But if u r like me and don't have a boyfriend.....not so much!!!

by singergirl56 on 1/21/2012 7:38:08 AM


This is great, GL! 🌺 I just hope I can find a guy in time. I never really seem to have much luck with boys these days.

by thumperella14 on 1/21/2012 12:38:57 AM

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