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Cute 'n' cozy heart-shaped pillows

Cuddle up to a li'l dose of love this Valentine's Day...
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is it normal for a period to start out brown and then turn red? i am on a birth control that is supposed to stop my period for thee months would that cause it to be brown?
thanks for your help.


Hey girl, the brown color is just spotting before your period comes. Some people just spot when on BC and don't get their period at all! 


lauren r.

by britt_97 on 3/7/2012 7:46:17 PM


Come join my club, DIY Queens! The more members we have, the more fun it is!

by Tinyfire14 on 2/17/2012 2:22:43 AM


Mod mod mod!!!!!!!
Soo idk wat 2get my bf 4 vday, we hav been together for a few days.....nd I don't wanna splurge either any I deas ....he likes sports

Hey girl,

Here are two posts with Valentine's Day gift ideas. If you don't want to spend much, why not make something yourself? Homemade prezzies are super affordable, and he'll love the time you put into it! http://www.girlslife.com/post/2011/02/09/V-Day-gifts-for-your-guy.aspx http://www.girlslife.com/post/2011/02/10/Cheap-V-Day-prezzies-for-the-dude-of-your-dreams.aspx

Meghan D.

by allys_pig on 1/28/2012 12:39:43 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I don't have a needle or thread, and i was wondering, could you use something else? Like string and a toothpick? Thanks in advance! P.S If it was a toothpick, how would i loop the thing on? And tie it off? Thanks!

I am not sure a toothpick would work. Needles are very very inexpensive. Maybe you could buy a set at a local craft store. 
Amanda P.

by audz1199 on 1/23/2012 4:01:42 PM


My bf already has a watch but maybe i could make him this pillow with his initials on itSmile yay go v-day!

by Knerdalicious on 1/21/2012 8:09:22 PM


Hey Girlies!(: Come join my club Sassy Songwriters! This is a great club for all those girlies who LUV writing songs! Join for tips, ideas, or just to have a good time with other songwriters! We discuss all sorts of topics & Ask random questions for all of the members to answer! I would LUV for U to join! Thx!(:

by *MusicGirl16* on 1/21/2012 7:52:58 PM


Hey Girls! Join my club, WRITING, My Love <3. This club is for those girls who have a deep passion for the art of Writing. <3

by krazykotabug on 1/21/2012 7:00:22 PM


Hey isyrocks, satin would be nice! Xoxo

mod mod mod mod mod
What do you think is the best material to make accent pillows for my bed? thx so much! Lynae P.

by isyrocks on 1/21/2012 6:01:19 PM


Hey sgn_dancer, ask for their numbers and give them yours at the same time. You could try saying something like "I don't think I have your number. Here put it in my phone." Hope this helps! Xoxo

I recently got a cell phone. How do I give people my number. I am not really close with anybody, but I hope to get close now that I can text them. How do give them my number? thanks so much. Lynae P.

by sgn_dancer on 1/21/2012 5:37:03 PM


Hey mrsrova, you that sounds like a good idea to me. Everyone can use a watch. It might be good to buy it in his fave color. Hope this helps! Xoxo

i was thinking about buying a watch for my bf on valentine's. so i wanna know is it a good idea ? and should i buy it original?? Lynae P.

by mrsrova on 1/21/2012 3:47:43 PM

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