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How to meet new guys

Not crazy about the crop of cuties at your school? Here's how to find love elsewhere...
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am i the only one who finds that joining a sport or activity just to find a guy a little obsessive?

by paxetcaritas101 on 1/28/2012 6:54:57 PM


Hey chicken2, you guys could go bowling, to an arcade, have movie night at your house or go skating. Hope these helps! xoxo

i am perfect for my bf. we totally like each other, and we are about to go on our first real date!! but i don't know where to go or what to do!! we are both crazy, funny, nice, talk all the time, and have sooooooooo much in common!! i spend every five seconds thinking about him. really. but my date ideas are really really stupid. help!!!!! thanks! Laughing Lynae P.

by chicken2 on 1/28/2012 6:44:50 PM


Hey clubgirlygirl, sometimes guys don't realize when we're mad at them, so you might have to say something. Ask him what's up between you two and why you haven't dated yet. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Please respond ASAP! So I have this guy friend, and I've liked him for about 4 years now. We've almost dated a few times, but for some reason, nothing happened. He always had feelings for this other girl, who he dates on and off. Well it's kinda ruined our friendship. I still really like him. So I told him this awhile ago and we started texting a lot more and he was always flirting and being super sweet. Then I asked him who he thinks likes him in our grade, and he brought up me, and another girl. He told me he likes this other girl now, so I'm super mad and I haven't texted him since. It's been like 20 days and he hasn't texted me asking what's wrong or anything, and I want HIM to be the one to text me first. What can I do and what SHOULD i do? Please help! Lynae P.

by club_girly_girl on 1/28/2012 6:37:43 PM


Hey arg5890, maybe make a joke out of your BFF never introducing you two. You could say "hi, i'm (your name), I had to introduce myself since (bff's name) was never going to. Shes so rude." It's an easy way to break the ice. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Hi mod, There's this guy who I think is gorgeous, but I've never talked to him. He used to hang out with my bff and she would mention hanging out with me, somehow he knew who i was and told he he thought I was cute. My bff is kinda flaky so when I tell her the next time we're near each other to introduce us, but she's always a little distracted and doesn't. How can I casually introduce myself, without being too obvious? Lynae P.

by arg5890 on 1/28/2012 6:13:25 PM


Hey abbygirl12, you coud hint to him that you want to be his valentine. You could ask him if he had any plans for valentines day, and then tell him that you don't and that you're still looking for a valentine. Hopefully he'll get the message and ask you. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Mod Mod
Sorry but another question. If i like this guy, and he likes me. Is there anything that i can do, so he'll ask me to be his valentine? Lynae P.

by abbygirl12 on 1/28/2012 5:05:44 PM


Hey aeh16, I think you should move on girl. You asked him if he wanted to talk and he said no, so I don't think he's interested. But he isn't the only guy in the world. There are so many cuties who would jump at the opportunity to talk to you. So ditch him and find someone else. You defintely deserve better chica! Xoxo

Ok so over the summer I went to a camp. I met this really cute guy there. We talk every once in a while but it's always by text. Yesterday I called him and it went straight to voice mail. Then I texted him and asked him if I could call him and he said he didn't want to talk. I haven't done anything and I don't know what his deal is! Also, he lives 3 hours away so I don't even know if I should like him anymore. What should i do?!? Lynae P.

by aeh16 on 1/28/2012 4:43:55 PM


Hey LuvYaBunches, get your girls together and head to the movies, mall, bowling alley, skating rink and arcade. You will find at least one cutie at one of these places. Hope this helps! Xoxo

I have a similar problem to this...
I go to a private school and theres only 65 people in my grade so only like 30 guys. theres no one new! Also there isnt a community center anywhere where i live...and my church is so small theres only one guy kinda my age and hes obnoxious and mean (one time he literally just said to me: Your not pretty, ya know). so idk where to meet new guys...thanks mod! Lynae P.

by LuvYaBunches on 1/28/2012 4:28:05 PM


Hey girls! If you need advice on just about anything, ask me on my advice queens page. You can ask me anything on just about any topic. I'm like a teenage girl genie!

by Fly1213 on 1/28/2012 4:27:50 PM


I want a Boyfriend soooo BAD! I am LITERALLY the only girl in my school who hasn't had one, And I'm only 13 younger people than me have had them! It's just cuz I'm all Fat and Ugly Lol.
Hey Girls! Join my club, WRITING, My Love <3. This club is for those girls who have a deep passion for the art of Writing. <3

by krazykotabug on 1/28/2012 3:50:39 PM


I'm in the class planning our school's Sadie Hawkins dance. Every girls is asking a guy because it's good advertisement for the dance. There's this guy P who likes me and is a complete nerd and knows my parents yada yada. My mom was fine with me asking him but i don't want to. SO i asked my crush E instead. IDK how to tell my mom! I told her i might ask E and she was all like 'well maybe' but i went ahead and did it anyway. how do i tell her? and she's going to tell my dad who will FLIP OUT (i'm not allowed to date but i'm allowed to have guy friends) and I'm only going with E as a friend. I'm so nervous to tell my parents. ANy tips?


Hey girl, well honestly the dance is for YOU so it should be your choice on who to invite. I would just break it to your parents gently. Politely explain to them how you wanted to ask your friend because you're really excited for the dance and want to become closer friends to this guy. Make sure you explain that in your life you'll only have a few dances and you want to make them best out of them, but you appreciate her thought of suggesting "E." I'm sure your mom will remember when she had her school dances and will completely understand. 

lauren r.

by ivorykey96 on 1/28/2012 3:25:05 PM

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