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How do I ask my mom about s-e-x?

I’m kind of curious, but it’s sooo awkward!
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I told my mom that I now about sex. need advise how to tell you'r mom just teal me by Sandra2 11:57a.m

by sandra 2 on 3/3/2012 12:58:14 PM


My mom doesn't talk about this at all... I don't think she even knows I what it is.

by music191 on 2/23/2012 5:47:04 PM


MOD MOD MOD have you ever heard of tads?(screws that go in your jaw) I have to get them and I am scared!please help!!!!

Hey girlie,

I don't know a whole lot about it, but from what I know you shouldn't worry one bit! It sounds weird and painful, but they will use a gel and a needle to numb the area and you won't feel ANYTHING. And I've heard it only takes a few seconds to do! You may feel a little pressure during/after the procedure, but taking a Tylenol or Advil should knock that right out. I know it sounds a lil creepy (for them to put something into the bone under your teeth), but it's totally temporary and it'll help them fix your teeth. And it won't hurt a bit! So try taking deep breaths, ask your orthodontist any questions you have before you go for it, and try to relax. <3333
Lauren C.

by sgirl26 on 2/16/2012 9:51:35 PM


MODMODMODMOD I just started using tampons after having it for 5 yrs (i didnt get it yet this month and my mom bought me a box i almost used up to practice) my parents r divorced and i c my mom every other weekend so i cant ask her to get me another box cuz im due for it soon. im afraid itll be awkward wen i ask my dad for them (i already have a full box of pads at home). should i just put them in the cart next time we go to the store? n say somethin like o i use these now? or maybe next month when i restock should i mention it to him when i buy em? wat do i do? tell him next time we go to the store? or next month? i still have a box of pads home so it may be awk when he knows i already have stuff at home..........HELP!


Hey futurewriter16, I would just drop them in the cart the next time you guys go shopping and if he asks you about them, just let him know you use them now. I'm sure your dad won't think of it as akward, he's probably more concerned that you are comfortable and prepared for your period. No worries. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by futurewriter16 on 2/15/2012 4:36:12 PM


HI, I have a friend who uses ALOT o' bad language around me, and I start using it too.... How do I tell her to stop... nicely?

by maceyvm on 2/11/2012 6:45:22 PM


Can you post something like how to tell my mom about me having a boyfriend or that I like someone or asking if I'm allowed to date and about my first kiss and stuff.....thanks

Hey girlie,

Thanks for the suggestion! In the meantime, read this article about deciding whether to tell your's really true, your mom would probably be happy you trusted her enough to be open, ask questions, and confide in her!
Lauren C.

by N1icole98 on 2/9/2012 3:04:55 PM


i posted a comment but it didnt appear on the wall !!

by mrsrova on 2/8/2012 2:20:17 PM


MOD MOD MOD ! i need help please ..
my mum doesnt allow me to date anyone .. so i started to date a boy in secret . one day, she saw me wiz him and from this moment , she started to drive me to skool, courses, everything .. she doesnt trust me anymore.. i started hating her , i have the right to have some privacy wiz friends or even go to lessons myself .. im really sick of this. it's not happening to a 17 years old girl :// at least she should talk to me about that.. what can i do ? need help and sorry 4 my english language .

I hate to tell you but until you are 18 years old your parents are going to have the ultimate say of whether you can have a boyfriend or not. It is going to suck a lot and you are going to be mad at your parents quite a bit but there isn't much you can do. Perhaps if you show that you are excelling at every task you are given they will see you have your life under control and are ready for a bf in your life. 
Amanda P.

by mrsrova on 2/8/2012 2:03:39 PM


MODMODMOD! I have a problem. There's this really sweet guy that I like. Whenever I'm around him I start to get sexual tension because I had the talk with my mom already and me and the boy have kissed. It wasn't just any kiss,it was A KISS! What do I do to wipe away this awkward and sexual feeling?


Just relax! be yourself. Talk to him and just bond by sharing things about yourself. That will help you feel more comfortable. xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by emmadi136 on 2/7/2012 12:50:07 PM


Ughhhh Im so scared to ask uhh....yeah.

by audz1199 on 2/6/2012 6:09:38 PM

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