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Can I speed up my period?

I was just wondering if there was any way I could make Aunt Flo pack her bags a li’l more quickly…
180 Comments | Add Yours

I just moved and really still want to get GL... How do I switch the addresses over?

Hey girl! Check out the subscriptions section of the website! xxoo 
Maggie P.

by beautybaby7000 on 8/2/2012 2:37:16 PM


So I got my period on May 17, then June 13 then June 30 and now August 2... I know periods are supposed to be irregular but this irregular?

Hey girl! Your period will probably be irregular for a year or two.  If you're concerned, try talking to a parent or a doctor. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by beautybaby7000 on 8/2/2012 2:35:45 PM


I'm 12 started my period 4 months ago and every day from then until now I've only had whitish yellow discharge and am really itchy. What's up?

by Leopardbeat on 7/29/2012 6:34:14 PM


I'm 13, 90 pounds. I do light exercise every day. My mom got her first period when she was 15. I have LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE SIGN YOU ARE GETTING YOUR FIRST PERIOD. I have so many symptoms it's not even funny. 1)Is it possible for me to get my period before my mom did? I think my Dad's side was 13/14 ish. Also, my mom thinks I have no chance of getting it so she won't buy me backup pads or panty liners just in case! 2) Should I buy my own? Hers are too big for me and she doesn't even have panty liners! I get discharge everyday and it's so uncomfortable!

Hey girl!

The age at which your mom got her first period can be a good indicator for when you might get yours, but it's not so precise down to the exact day! It's completely possible for you to get your period earlier OR later than your mom did. If she still refuses to buy you panty liners, buy your own. If your mom won't help you do whatever it takes to make your period a little more bearable, then take it upon yourself to buy your own. Good luck! 

Rachael A.

by outsidethebawks on 7/27/2012 1:22:31 PM


I'm 13, and haven't had my period yet..
Not yesterday but the day before that I found brown discharge in my underwear, and I wiped and found red stuff.
Then Yesterday I didn't get any brown discharge or red stuff. Today I didn't get anything yet. So what is this? Am i going to start my period soon? I had cravings, a break out, and cramps.


hey! Those are all signs that you are about to get your period, but there's no way to know for sure because everyone's different. If you have a doctor's appointment coming up you can always check in and ask about it. That might put your mind more at ease. good luck! 

Helen S.

by LoveHappens on 7/23/2012 8:05:37 PM


What does it mean when your BGF is really interested in your period and wants to know what happens, and how a tampon works, and what the best thing for cramps is???? i'm really confused on why he wants to know this stuff but i tell him anyways.
-thx in advance!!!

Hey girlie,

Hmm... usually we get this question the other way around! (Usually the BGF is sooo anti-period, he doesn't even want to hear the word.) It could be he's just curious about it because it's unfamiliar for him. It's not like he's going to get a period - so, if he has a lot of female friends, believe it or not he might feel a little left out! As long as he's asking, feel free to answer his questions. No need to be graphic, but he wants to know. He's supporting you and trying to get a better idea of what it means to be a girl. And we think that's pretty cool Smile
Lauren C.

by HaloAngel99 on 7/23/2012 12:40:24 AM


Yesterday i started my period but when i woke up this morning i found nothing in my pad.. i have swim practice in a little while so what am i supposed to do? Should i wear a tampon?
Is it possible for periods to last one or two days?


Hey girl,

Your period might just be super light. No need to worry, but you should always have back up. This means that no matter what your period seems to be doing, wear a pad or tampon in case (because it is your time of the month). You don't want to bleed through. As for swimming, definitely wear a tampon if you're comfortable with them. Your period might come back tomorrow or in the next few days (it may be extremely light), but if not don't get too worried. Sometimes they can be irregular, just talk to a parent if you're worried. 

Catherine C.

by justkeepswimmin98 on 7/20/2012 9:13:56 AM


mod mod i have all the symptoms for my peroid but it wont come plus i am only 10


Hey girl,

If you have the symptoms, you could be getting your period in the near future. If it doesn't come, this might just be your body preparing itself for your period (in the coming years). Don't worry too much and if you start, talk to your mom or someone about dealing with it! 

Catherine C.

by iluvkp on 7/20/2012 2:22:05 AM


I am 12 and i still havent had my period... I have had all of the symptoms except cramps. I know that some girls dont have some of the symptoms... Right? Thats what i was told.. Do you have to have spotting before your period starts? Plz answer ASAP!!

by LikeWhoa124 on 7/19/2012 10:56:27 PM


mod mod mod!I got discharge about a year ago and my breasts are 3 inches outward. but I still haven't had my period. I am almost 13. my friend said that if u are thin you will get your period sooner. if you are full figured you get it later. I am thin. I know bodies are all different and everything, but when will I get it? also about last year I was bleeding, so I told my mom and I thought I had my period... but I didn't and she still thinks I already had it. help!

Hey girlie,

That's actually not true - being drastically skinny or drastically overweight could make your period come later, but normal weight differences have nothing to do with your period. There's really no way to guarantee when you'll get your period! If you have specific questions (like about the bleeding that happened last year but never again), talk to your doctor. Even the professionals can't tell you when you'll get your first period, but they can talk with you about your concerns and make sure you're growing/maturing in a healthy way Smile That's what counts right now - not how old you are when you get it <3
Lauren C.

by noosyy on 7/19/2012 5:59:26 PM

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