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Can I speed up my period?

I was just wondering if there was any way I could make Aunt Flo pack her bags a li’l more quickly…
180 Comments | Add Yours

My period normally lasts about 3 to 5 days, but this time around it only lasted 1 night and 1 day!! Is this normal? I only got my period last august, so I don't know if it's ok for it to be a little irregular like this.

Hey chica, it's totally normal for your period to be a bit irregular for the first one or two years after ya get it. No worries. Smile 
Carrie R.

by Phoenix In Flight on 6/13/2012 1:28:48 PM


I can get tampons with plastic applicators in no big deal, but I can't get cardboard ones in for the life of me! The ones I have tried are tampax cardboard regular absorbency, so it's not like I tried a super plus one right away. I can get it in just a little bit, but then it starts to hurt really bad, especially when I pull it out even though it is just a little. Right after this happens I can always get in a tampax pearl regular absorbency. I want to use cardboard because they are more environmentally friendly and you can flush them. Why can't I get the cardboard one in even though it is the same brand and absorbency as the plastic one? Any tips?

Hey gal, if the cardboard tampons are hurting you, don't use 'em. They're just not as stream-lined as plastic ones, so use what works for you. You can save the environment in other ways. Smile 
Carrie R.

by mainbunny1 on 6/12/2012 2:55:13 PM


Ok so i'm 11 and I don't have my period but I just want to clear some things up. One- do tampons suck up discharge too? Two- I swim like everyday in the summer so is their a perfect age to use tampons? Three- What is the diff between a panty-liner? Four- Whats the diff between spotting and an actual like, flow? Five- (LOL sorry 4 so many questions) I don't wanna have to bring my back-pack into the bathroom when I start (I'm still in grade school so we don't switch classes) but I don't usually wear pants with pockets.

Hi Girl,

1. Tampons should only be used during your period. If you'd like, you can use panty liners during the rest of the month

2. Tampons are great for swimming and can be used at any age you feel comfortable using them 

3. A panty liner is a thin pad placed in your undies 

4. Spotting is very light bleeding

5. you can keep tampons or pads in a small bag and bring that with you instead 

good luck!

SImone s.  
simone s.

by ArizonaChica on 6/12/2012 1:09:41 AM


So im in flag line for my school and we have to go through a summer camp in the basically 100 degrees summer and we'll be doing some pretty hard stuff outside
Anyways my mom told me I should try tampons for the camp if it falls on 'my week' so I tried one and it hurt really bad when I started to put it in so I took it out but it hurt for a little bit
I don't want things to be even more awkward than it already is with talking to my my mom about this and in a while she's going to take me to the store to buy some easier tampons since the one I tried was a bargain brand
So 1. What should I look for while shopping
2. How do I make things less awkward
And 3. What can I refer to when trying a tampon?

Hey girl!

Don't worry, it's totally normal to have trouble putting in a tampon your first few times. Tampons are tampons, but try buying ones with plastic applicators, that can help you put them in easier. Your mom won't care if it's awkward, she's your mom! She's there for you no matter what the issue is, so just don't feel awkward. In every box of tampons there are directions on how to put one in, so check that out. Also, your mom could help by standing outside the bathroom to give you tips on how to put a tampon in. Good luck! 
Rachael A.

by Makeup artist #1 on 6/11/2012 3:24:19 PM


Mod mod mod
So whenever I use tampons, they always a leak, even when the string isnt saturated.... so I have to wear a panty liner... Is the leaking because I'm not putting it in all the way, or what? Also, now that it's summer, Im going to the pool and I CAN'T wear a panty liner, but I don't want to leak into my swim suit :/ my friend says my period will stop in the water, is this true? I'd really appreciate it if u answer my two quesions! Thanks!

Hey girl!

Check out our page on periods to answer some of your questions!

You can always talk to your mom, a trusted adult, or a doctor about your tampon situation. And no, your period does NOT stop in the water, so you still need to use a tampon. You can even try out a "super" tampon which are a bit larger and can absorb more, so you'll feel less nervous in the water.  
Rachael A.

by Awesomegrl on 6/11/2012 9:44:42 AM


I'm going to be in high school next year and I still don't have my period! Should I have my period by now? I'm slightly underweight, 5'5" and 96 lbs., but it is natural and I eat healthily. Will it ever come?

Hey girl,

Some girls get their periods later than others, but it doesn't hurt to talk to a doctor to be safe!

Meghan D.

by -gogreengal- on 6/8/2012 10:21:28 PM


So I think I started my period, but I'm not entirely sure D: I've had regular light yellow discharge for about two years and have been growing pubic hair, armpit hair and boobs. Monday I went swimming, I took off my bathing suit and noticed in my bottoms some brown stuff that almost looked like poop but I know it wasn't, so then I looked in my underwear that I had worn before I went swimming and it was even worse in there. I had some pads that my mom gave me in a drawer so I put one on and when I checked it next there was more brown stuff. I got this all the way through Wednesday and then on Thursday there was barely any so I put in a pantyliner, then today I went to the bathroom and the pantyliner had a thick line of brown gunk. I haven't told my mom about it because I want to be sure and I don't know how to tell her. So is this my period? Also I'm going to the lake all day tomorrow and I really don't want to sit out. What do I do? Thanks Smile

Hey babe,

I'm not sure if it's definitely your period or just spotting. If it's been a somewhat heavy amount, it's probably your period! If you've had it since Monday, you might be at the end stages of it, so if you have it at all tomorrow it'll probably be pretty light. Talk to your mom about it, and don't worry. She's been there before! Just bring it up by saying, "Hey, Mom. Can we talk? I think I might have gotten my period." Tomorrow, take some pads or tampons with you and change frequently. You should be fine, though. Smile
Kelly G.

by sarahbear798 on 6/8/2012 2:31:07 PM


mod mod mod
Hi, so I was wondering if there was anything I could do to keep my period from coming, and like, keep it away for a couple more years or something. I've haven't had it yet, and I really don't want to. I'm just so worried abut it. It seems like such a pain. Thanks.

Hey Chica!

Sorry-no medical inventions yet that prevent our period from coming (though we totally wish there were). Periods can be annoying, but all your girl friends will be dealing with them, too. The best way to handle them is to be prepared. Have tampons and panty liners in your bathroom and some Midol for the cramps.

Marisa D.

by phoebeanne on 6/5/2012 4:56:20 PM


I HAVENT HAD MY PERIOD IN 4 MONTHS PLEASE HELP im 14 and a virgin and i dont do anything with my body but sometimes i sleep with nothing on except a long shirt(summer time) and sometimes my cousins come over and jump on my bed

Hey girlie,

None of those things will have anything to do with your period! Periods can be affected by some things though, like changes in stress, diet, exercise, sleep, etc. But periods - especially when it's new - are almost always irregular! Try to relax and stay patient. Your bod will make your period come when it's ready! If you're worried about it or have questions about your lifestyle (and whether certain things could affect your period), ask your doctor <3
Lauren C.

by happylife123 on 6/3/2012 1:29:12 AM


(sorry for all the mods im just kinda surprised) so uh I got my period for the first time today. I turned 12 in feb, but I never thought I would get my period NOW! I feel too young for it, like I should be 13 or something instead. I am freaked out about going to skool now! Our uniforms have pockets to carry pads, but not our gym uniforms! I have gym on wdnesdays. If I need to change a pad, how do I get it to the bathroom?! I CANT carry a bag, that'll be WAY too obvious and the teacher (a girl) will ask y. Maybe she will. Anyway I need help! Should I put it in my shoe?? In my underwear? I need help! And maybe some helpful period tips too! Thanks a TON!


Well oyou only have gym for a short time on wednesday right? Just change right beforehand every time and youll be perfectly fine. I promise. Pads can normally last for a bit before needing to be changed again. Trust me, all the girls who have their period as well completely understand what youre going through. No one is going to judge you. More often than not i just yell out in the middle of class asking for a tampon when I'm missing one. It's not something to be ashamed of. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by Lilmissamazing on 6/2/2012 11:17:46 PM

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