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Can I speed up my period?

I was just wondering if there was any way I could make Aunt Flo pack her bags a li’l more quickly…
180 Comments | Add Yours

My mom says only non virgins can use tampons.. And since I'm a virgin she won't let me use them.. Is it true that if you're a virgin you can't wear tampons?????? If not, can you tell me some ways that I can convinceher so I can wear them?? THANKS Smile

Hey Girl!

All types of girls can use tampons. It might be an old urban legend that you can only use one if you are not a virgin. Do some research to show your mom you can wear tampons, too.  If she is still uncomfortable with the idea, make an appointment with your doc. He/She will be able to answer all your mom's questions. 

Marisa D.

by Tayincali on 5/21/2012 8:11:04 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok im planning on asking my mom if i can use tampons today but just for swimming. but i need some tips on easy ways to bring up tampons and using them! also im plannig on asking my mom in the car. please help!

Hey girl,

I know it can be awkward to talk to your mom, but she's been there before and will know what to say! Just say you'd like to keep swimming and don't want your period to get in the way of having fun, and you'd like her to show you how to use tampons. Here's an article on talking to your mom that will give you some more advice!

Meghan D.

by tayincali on 5/19/2012 8:48:03 AM


So when I ask my mom for tampons again, how should I bring it up??? Because I want it to be as non awkward as ever. Beccause she is my mom. And she uses them too!! So how should I bring this topic up??

Hey again,

There's no easy way to do it, so the best way is to just take a deep breath and start off with "Hey mom, can I ask you something?" and just go for it! Like you said, she's your mom and she's been there too - she's used a tampon for the first time and probably felt awkward about her period before too, so don't feel bad Smile
Lauren C.

by Tayincali on 5/17/2012 8:36:33 PM


MOD MOD MODMOD!!!!! Hi okay, so first off I have had my period for like 9 months or so.. About 3 months ago. I asked my mom if I could try tampms and she said no, and that she would why later in the day because we were texting. But then she never told me why.l.. But I really wanna try them and plus I'm supposed to get my period on Saturday and we were gonna go swimming. So I wanna ask her in person this time.. But idk what to say, I reaLy want to try them because pads are so disgusting.. And I really wanna go swimming with myfriend. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Smile

Hey girlie,

You have the perfect reason to bring up the topic again with her, since you'll be swimming in a few days with your period! Go up to her when she has a free minute and she's relaxed, happy, calm, aka not stressing out. Tell her you're going to be swimming this weekend and you're also supposed to have your period, so you wanted to talk to her again about possibly starting to use tampons. Stay calm and listen to her - ask her questions and try to put yourself in her shoes, so you can understand why she feels uncomfy or why she says no. But she might surprise you and say yes! See what happens and try to compromise the best you can <3  
Lauren C.

by Tayincali on 5/17/2012 8:16:36 PM


I'm going swimming on school field trip next week and I'm going to be on me period. I want to wear a tampon but I have a really light period. Are there any good low absorbency tampons out there for a light flow, or should I just not wear a tampon? Please help!!!

Hey girlie,

You should definitely wear some protection, because you never know how your flow will change or if it'll surprise you! All brands of tampons have "Light" varieties, so give them a try if your flow is really light. Even better for you, the Light sizes are the smallest, so they're the easiest to practice with and use for the first time Smile I love Tampax Pearl Lights because they go in super easy - give them a try! 
Lauren C.

by iluvflowers on 5/17/2012 7:53:22 PM


I started my period about 3 months ago but stopped after my first time! is that normal? I read that you have to be around 100 pounds and I have been going from about104 and down to 90 for some reason. Could that be it? HELP!

Hey girlie,

It could have something to do with your weight, but it's TOTALLY normal for your period to be irregular, especially since it just started. Try to stay calm and make sure you're being healthy (eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest, etc.) - that's the best thing to do! And if you have any questions/concerns about your period or bod, don't be scared to ask a doctor. They've heard it all and they're the most reliable people to ask! Smile 
Lauren C.

by ssblue on 5/17/2012 6:06:51 PM


I have been going through puberty for a year now. I have all the signs(discharge,boobs,hair,etc). I really want my period for some reason.. But it took my sister about almost 3 years after she started puberty to get her period. Also, I am a gymnast so I have to use tampons when i do get it. and i have a question. i have yellowish discharge and i pee myself when i laugh too much with friends. usually because i hold in my pee a lot... but even at any time of the day when i dont really have to pee.. i will go in my pants. its so embarrassing. and i dont have a mom so i dont know what to do.. please help thanks

by gymnastjill on 5/8/2012 5:12:37 PM


sorry I have a few questions
1. When u have your period is it actually blood coming out or something else.
2. What is a safe age to wear a tampon
3. What is TSS
4. When you wear a pad does it feel like your vagina is soaked
5. How would you keep track of your period

Hey girlie,

1. Yes, it is blood coming out. If you want to know exactly what it is (or why it happens), try asking your doctor all your questions at your next check up. It's nature in action, which is pretty cool - but you can always get more info on exactly what your bod is doing when it is going through a period!

2. It's different for every girl. The best age will be the age when you feel mature enough to change your tampon every 4-6 hours (or no more than 8 hours) and will stick with it until you get the hang of it. I use tampons and love them, so I recommend it!


4. No way! You might feel a tiny bit wet at times because your flow comes out onto the pad, but the pad absorbs the liquid and makes you feel dry pretty quickly.

5. I usually put a small red dot in my day planner (like the book you use to keep track of homework, etc.) on the day I got my period. That way, I can count about 28 days from then and can expect to get my next period around that time! 
Lauren C.

by CottonCandyCutie on 5/5/2012 11:41:44 PM


I am 12 and I have had my period since I was 11. And I have ALWAYS been dealing with one problem ..... How to change pads with out everybody notesing I have my period. I have a bag as a backpack and it only has one bag and I am trying to get a new one soon !!! Any ideas in how to change with out my Friends, Classmates notesing ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!

hey! you could get a opaque zip pouch to keep them in Smile
Helen S.

by Crazy4U. on 5/4/2012 5:49:33 PM


Hi, I really need to start using a tampon before the summer and i have no idea how! I asked my mom last month and then she totally forgot about it! how do i bring it up again without it being to uncomfortable?? Thanks!

Hey girlie,

It's not a big deal to start using tampons, and it especially won't be super awkward if you stay calm and ask in a confident way. Go up to mom when she has a free minute and say something like, "Hey mom, I'm probably gonna get my period next week and I just wanted to remind you about me learning how to use tampons so I can be ready for summer." Be chill about it and be straight with her - that's the best way to handle it! Smile
Lauren C.

by rockstar58 on 5/3/2012 8:05:31 PM

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