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Wearable LOVE for V-Day

For you girlies who wear your hearts on your sleeve, wear your love on a shirt!
30 Comments | Add Yours

I don't have a boyfriend for Valentines Day! I wish i did! I have a super cute outfit planned to totally get attention but i don't have that special guy if you know what i mean. I think that this one guy is SOOOOOO cute and i have seen him checking me out. What should i do? Should i just not worry about having a beau for valentines day? THANKS!


If i were you I wouldnt worry about having a guy. However some shameless flirting never hurt anyone! So I say flirt it up with the cute boy and have fun. There is nothing more fun than being a completely single and confident girl. Good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by LAS625 on 2/12/2012 7:45:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD I need ideas of what to wear on valentines day. I am thinking about wearing this red sweater dress (its casual) that looks slightly knitted and a brown (string braided) belt so the dress isnt too baggy. Is it good? Any other ideas on what to wear? What shoes should i wear? (I cant wear heels)


Thats sounds perfect! have any boots? thats what i would suggest for shoes. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by ssblue on 2/12/2012 6:33:21 PM


This week one of my friends told her parents she wanted to die. She has had 'mild' depression (which is obviously not mild) and has been cutting for over a year, it started in sixth grade, and we're in 8th now. She is finally getting the help she needs at a specialized psychiatric hospital. I want to visit her at some point and at least write her a letter now. But, one of my closer friends thinks that our hospitalized friend is like her best friend or something just because she texted her asking for help the night she was admitted. I realize that is significant, but my second friend is annoying me sooo much. She's acting like this doesn't matter to me, and even told me it probably wouldn't be a good idea for ME to visit our hospitalized friend. So. 1) How do I stop crying at random moments? I know this is good for my friend, I'm just so sad about what she had to go through. 2) What should I write in the letter? 3) What do I do about my other friend?

Hey girlie,

This is a super emotional time for ALL of you. Obviously your friend is the one getting help, but that doesn't mean it won't make you feel scared, sad, confused, frustrated... it's ok to cry and it's ok to not feel happy all the time. Try to depend on your family and friends for support. Write in a journal about what you're feeling so you don't keep it bottled up. And remind yourself she's finally getting help, which is amazing! It's not going to be easy for her to overcome this, but she's with professionals who do this every day. She's in good hands - that should make you feel better <3 That way, when you visit her, you can be strong for her and your good old "happy" self Smile In your letter, write from your heart - tell her you're thinking about her, you're always there if she wants to talk, you'll visit soon and you can't wait to see her again. Fill her in on some fun and gossipy school things so she doesn't feel like she's missing too much. Tell her you love her and you admire her so much for being strong and getting help. Be honest!

As for your other friend... this whole situation should show you there are more important things in life than petty fighting. Sure, your friend texted her on the night she was admitted. She probably had a lot of other things on her mind and texted one friend so she could spread the news. It's not a big deal - and nothing you should worry about. If she keeps bringing it up, ask her calmly to stop because that's not the most important thing here. The important thing is that your friend gets better and that you ALL support her through this. It's not worth fighting about who is her BFF. 
Lauren C.

by actress456 on 2/12/2012 11:16:42 AM


Two things.
1.My friend wants to figure out what to get a guy if you wanted it to be something he could keep forever so he can remember you as his first valentine.
2.I want to get a guys attention on Tuesday and we kinda flirt(i'm not suree what flirting is anymore XD) and we always bump hands and stuff when we sit next to eachother, but idk if that means he likes me or not. ANYWAYS...basically I want him to be my valentine, but I don't know if he's into me or not. I'm not that pretty compared to other girls at my school, and he 'flirts' with my friend, and we both like him, so if he's my valentine I don't want to hurt my friends feelings. That was probably confusing, but if you could get back to me soon it would be a lifesaver!

Hey Cam!

1. Your friend should try a mixed CD full of songs you both like, a shirt or jersey for his favorite sports team, or something he'll use every day, like a new phone case. But guys also looooove sweets - don't underestimate the power of a great cookie or brownie!

2. Instead of putting a label on it (asking him to be your valentine and all), use the day to get to know him better and flirt even more than usual! Try slipping him a tiny box of chocolate and smiling a flirty smile when you give it to him. Wish him a Happy Valentine's Day and then spend the rest of the time talking about other stuff. That way, it's not too sappy but it's also a day that brings you together Smile
Lauren C.

by coolgirl345 on 2/11/2012 12:05:53 AM


Hey girlies♥! Do you LOVE ABC's Jane By Desigh?? Then join my club,Jane By Desigh Fan Club! We'll discuss new episodes and EVERY MONTH I'll have a sewing project or snag-the-look! JOIN NOW♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by iluvmusic♥ on 2/10/2012 10:34:21 PM


So i have this really cute outfit im saving to wear for a special occasion(;.. anyways its a AE ruffled purpley-brown floral-ish print with light grey, peachy, and dark blue tiny flowers on it (trust me its actually really pretty) and a thin grey V-neck tee with a brown patterned belt. its really cute but i dont think it looks good with flats. i have brown wedges, and they look super cute with it but im already tall, so what kind of shoe would you suggest for this outfit? preferably something i could wear with other things too(: thanks

Hey girlie,

I'd try a thin pair of flip flops, which are casual and great with ANY outfit. You could also try a shorter heeled espadrille or a mid heel sandal Smile Sounds super pretty!!!!
Lauren C.

by baileybluu on 2/10/2012 9:25:41 PM


I like the delias one!

by katgrace11 on 2/10/2012 9:01:34 PM


I love the AE one! And it's the perfect opportunity to wear a bright tank!

by crush2010 on 2/10/2012 6:24:39 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! i really want to make a statement. v-day is on p.e day this year, this makes me sad but i want to dress to impress with my girly-sporty flair. Something simple, (something i may have in my closet!!!!)i have a hersheys kiss t-shirt, pale pink t-shirt, TONS of pinks/red nailpolish, jeans, cute yoga pants.... also do you know any makeup options for a girl whose mother doesn't really let her wear makeup yet. (lipgloss, eye culer, etc???) thx! Smile


Hey amileofroses, you could wear your yoga pants with the hershey kiss t-shirt, throw your hair into a cute side braid and paint your nails red. Since you can't wear a lot of makeup, little stuff like lipgloss and maybe mascara will work for you. Hope this helps!! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by amileofroses on 2/10/2012 6:06:42 PM


Hey everyone,please join The Walking Dead Fan Club,WWE Divas Only,The Gym Class heroes Fan Club,Adele's #1 Fans and my new club The Official HCR Fan Club!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE join those clubs or at least one of them lol thank you

by Princess Keziyah on 2/10/2012 12:50:50 PM



by iluvmusic♥ on 2/10/2012 11:07:59 AM


I really like this guy in my PE class. We were on the same flag football team once, but we never talked, and we still don't after we changed teams. I want to get his attention, but not in a way when I cane like flip my hair or wink at him. Something simple and not overboard. Please help!

Hey Doll,

Check out these cute things to say to guys (there's 100 of 'em!), and pick which one you think would be best for your sitch! Since your in PE class, think about asking him for tips on how to do something, like shoot a basketball or perfect your flag football skills.  
Rachel N.

by alya0413 on 2/10/2012 10:51:45 AM


I don't know about these... not really my style.

By the way, if you play the trumpet, join my new club for trumpet players!!!! Find the link on my profile. Thanks!!!

by christineah111 on 2/10/2012 1:11:54 AM


I like wearing just pink or red, not actually things that have love on it.

by topchef88 on 2/9/2012 11:21:04 PM


I really like my best guy friend. Over the past few months we have become super great friends.He is one of my best friends, and we connect really well. We have had similar experiences and are quite alike, my one friend says I'm the girl version of him and he is the guy version of me. A lot of people, except my best friend, think he likes me. I kinda think that too, but he is such a flirt and a touchy person. Although anytime we hangout, and even after school sometimes, he will just pick me up. Also on sunday I had some friends over for the superbowl and we were joking around so he covers my mouth with his hand, then kissed his hand. We also "fight" like i will "hit" him and he will "hit" me. The only thing is that, he is isn't very open about his feelings, even though people think he likes me. I was wondering if from it seems like he likes me, and if so, how do i get him to act on his feelings???

Hey girlie,

He's giving off some serious crush vibes! The touching, flirting, joking, etc.... they're all some signs that he could like you! Keep it up and try to hang out even more outside of school. Preferably one-on-one! That way, you get to be really close friends. Then if the time feels right, you can let him know how you feel. Sometimes it's easy to slip it in after he's made a joke or complimented you - "See, this is why I like you" followed with a smile and eye contact to let him know you mean likelike him. It's a subtle way to get your point across and see how he's feeling too! Smile
Lauren C.

by LuluGirl24 on 2/9/2012 11:19:33 PM


ok im in love with this amazing comletely awesome guy he was my first kiss two weeks ago on friday so i like hugged him around the waist while he was playing a game at a a arcade n he held my hand at the same time n so we kissed n it was incredile but its two weeeks later 2 morrow n we havent kissed again were doing a school thing saturday and i want him o kiss me again so bad Smile or should i kiss him ? i need help! so please btw im new to this site i saw other people doing this mod thing what does mad stand for? i hope my question gets answered

Hey girlie,

Definitely give him the hint you'd like another kiss! Try being touchy-feely again the next time you see him: say "I love your shirt!" and put your hand on his sleeve, laugh at his joke and swat him lightly on the arm, or just go for it and slip your hand into his. You've already kissed once so you know he's digging you... take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the night!

P.S. "MOD" means "moderator" - that's me! Me and a whole team of older girls are here to approve all your comments before they go public, screen them for offensive language/topics, and answer your advice questions. Putting "MOD" at the beginning of your question lets us know you want our advice Smile 
Lauren C.

by beautiful nerd! on 2/9/2012 10:31:25 PM


I am soo gonna go to the mall and get that shirt from delia's!! <333

by katv2114 on 2/9/2012 8:39:35 PM


I have the first shirt. Smile

by IThinkILoveYou... on 2/9/2012 8:10:33 PM



by oreolover123 on 2/9/2012 7:39:34 PM


i like the last one the best but i love all of them!!!

by hockeygirl1999 on 2/9/2012 7:12:54 PM


Hey Everyone!(: Come Join my club 'Girls Rule'! It's a great club for all different girls to hang out and have an amazing time!(: We Discuss fun topics such as music, guys, beauty, fashion, makeup, middle school, celebs, and more! Hope U join!

by *MusicGirl16* on 2/9/2012 6:49:37 PM


MOD mod mod
I noticed this thing about myself, whenever I am pmsing I get really mad at my bf and I always want to break up with him, but then I stop pmsing and it goes away. do you think this means I actually want to break up with him or is it just hormones? thxs!

Hey girlie,

It's probably just hormones! Always make sure you're considering breaking up for the right reasons - if you're just annoyed at something small and it hasn't been making you unhappy for a long time, try to take a deep breath and overlook it. If you're happy the rest of the time, don't sweat it! <3 But you might wanna give him some space during those few days so you don't make any mistakes you can't take back, you know?
Lauren C.

by chicky97 on 2/9/2012 6:32:48 PM


My mom and dad won’t let me go to the midnight showing of the hunger games the night it comes out. When they said I couldn’t, I started crying, literally, and I’ve tried everything to get them to let me go. All of my friends are going, and I’ve tried persuading my parents with that aspect. A few of my friends looked like they were going to cry too after I told them. My parents say that since it’s a school night it would be too late and that I wouldn’t be able to get up for school early enough. I’ve never gotten anything under a 4.0, and my parents are being unfair. I know I would be able to get up for school in the morning. This is the only movie I have ever wanted to see so much! And I’ve never been to a midnight showing before. I’ve also tried promising them that I would do all of the chores they want me too! Please Help!! Thanks in advance!

Hey girlie,

If you've tried to compromise and they're just not budging, unfortunately you might have to sit this one out. Are there any other things you could suggest? Maybe if a parent comes too? If you make sure all your homework is done before leaving for the movie? If you come STRAIGHT home after the movie and hop right into bed - no computer, no TV, etc.? If they keep saying no, ask your friends if they'll go see it again with you on the weekend so you don't totally miss out on the experience. Sometimes we can't do the things we want to do because they aren't convenient, allowed, or come at the right time. But try to work with your parents and don't hold a grudge - the most important thing is that you get to see The Hunger Games. In the long run, it doesn't matter when Smile
Lauren C.

by appaloosa711 on 2/9/2012 5:58:40 PM


I've got a Valentine's day question. So just in the past, like, week, my boyfriend and I started dating. I don't know if I should get him anything or not, since we just started dating and all. I was thinking about maybe giving all of my friends little valentines, something cute like a box of candy or something, but is that enough? Thanks for the help!

Hey girlie,

That sounds like a great plan! Since you just started dating, you don't wanna go overboard. But Valentine's is a fun holiday, so it wouldn't hurt to get him something little! A small box of candy or some baked goods (cookies, brownies, etc.) should do the trick and make him smile Smile 
Lauren C.

by caseyf13 on 2/9/2012 5:15:01 PM


i need help w/ 2 things (both involving valentines day):
1) in my class we need to make a valentine for someone we pick out of a hat. i got one of the guys in my class, who i use to have a huge crush on. what do i do for his card? i DONT want it to be all icky and lovey w/ hearts and stuff, cuz well u know, it would be awks (btw, we're in our second year of high school).
2)i think my crush knows i like him...i kinda said it to his face, by accident, but im not sure if he picked it up. what do i do?! cuz honestly im freaking out... it weirds me out, and it doesnt help v-days next week...any advice? thnxx <3

Hey girl,

Try pairing a simple gift tag with a box of chocolate, a small plate of homemade brownies/cookies, or a valentine that is a collage of all the stuff he loves. You don't have to get all lovey-dovey with it - just make it special and about him so it looks like you took some time to make it Smile As for your crush, stay calm! He might know and he might not. The most important thing is you take deep breaths, play it cool, and be YOURSELF no matter what. You could try talking to him and acting normal to make sure there isn't any awkwardness there - but try not to freak out! <333
Lauren C.

by iheartu? on 2/9/2012 3:19:49 PM


Me and my friend boycotted Valentine's day last year so she has a shirt that say v-day in a circle with a line through it and I have one that says I <3 me. haha ;)

XOXO~Courtney <333333

by cmn5297 on 2/9/2012 1:47:20 PM


I like the Delias one the best!

by 12allie on 2/9/2012 11:50:04 AM


Those are REALLY cute... I love them!

Hey everyone,please join The Walking Dead Fan Club,WWE Divas Only,The Gym Class heroes Fan Club,Adele's #1 Fans and my new club The Official HCR Fan Club!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE join those clubs or at least one of them lol thank you

by Princess Keziyah on 2/9/2012 10:46:24 AM


Girlslife! Thanks for these ideas! Now i gotta tell my mom to go shopping! lol!
Love fashion? then you should join my club! its called fashion advice 101! i hope to cya there!
~Fashion designer

by Fashion designer on 2/9/2012 6:57:43 AM


Cool! Maybe I'll buy one

by bubblerain on 2/9/2012 1:05:30 AM

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