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5 ways to reenergize this winter

Read on for tips even the Energizer Bunny would swear by.
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lol some of these r funny. such as the 2nd one. Anyway good tips GL!

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 2/25/2012 12:29:59 AM


Mod Mod Mod! How do i make a comment or ask a question in a club that i'm in?

Hey girlie,

Underneath the president's "main" posts, you should see a link that says "Comment." Try adding your comments that way Smile 
Lauren C.

by girlzrock6207 on 2/16/2012 10:35:16 PM


k so last month my period was late 6 days, and then this month, today marks that im late 2 weeks!! im really worried and ive only been having my period for a bit more than a year!! Is this normal!?!?!?!?!?!

Hey girlie,

It's totally normal! Especially since your period is still new. Periods are known to be irregular - whether that means coming early, coming late, lasting a long time, lasting only a day, etc. They can be affected by all sorts of things, like changes in stress, sleep patterns, diet, etc. Try not to panic! Smile Just be patient and it'll all be fine.
Lauren C.

by Classy_Cassy on 2/16/2012 8:19:49 PM


This may sound a lil embarrassing but i cant seem to insert a tampon in right unless im on my back with my leg spread up in the air and i move apart the flaps down there. I need to have my legs spread to do it. Im worried that when I get my period this month, i wont be able to put one in at school. Ive tried many times with my foot up on the toilet and standing up, but i cant get it right! What do I do? And is it okay if I'm a lil tender down there when I insert a tampon? Like sore?

Hey girlie,

That's not embarrassing at all Smile It's totally normal to have some trouble inserting tampons at first! (And yes, it's normal for it to feel a little "weird" when you first insert it - it's kinda a weird sensation "down there"! But that's just at first. If you've inserted it correctly, you won't feel it much at all once you stand up and carry on with your day.) Now that you've gotten inserting a tampon down, you can challenge yourself to insert it while seated or standing, instead of laying down. It all just takes time and practice! If you're not ready to put it in at school, bring pads and practice in the morning/at night while you're home. Keep trying - you'll get it soon! You've already gotten past the hardest part (inserting them and getting comfy with it), so this will be easy-peasy Smile
Lauren C.

by futurewriter16 on 2/16/2012 7:11:12 PM


Really needed these!!! I will definatly be doing these in the mornings! Thank you! Smile

by love2live2laugh on 2/16/2012 6:44:48 PM


I havent gotten my period yet this month, but i feel it coming i u know wat a mean. i kinda have tummy cramps....but last month i got it on the 12th and the month before i got it on the 6th. Ive had my period for 5 yrs, and have always gotten my period each month. Will I get it? I practiced using a tampon the other day, could that have affected it? Im soooo scared! HELP! Im also a lil wet down there but its not blood. What is it? HELP~

Hey girl,

Don't worry, using that tampon wouldn't have caused it to come late. Periods can be affected by all sorts of things, like changes in sleep, stress, diet, etc. It's ok if it's a few days (or even a week) late! Just hang in there and be ready when it comes. If you skip a whole month or two, I'd call my doc just to make sure everything is ok. But it's nothing to panic about - periods are known to be irregular sometimes! <3 
Lauren C.

by futurewriter16 on 2/16/2012 3:18:27 PM


Def needed these. Soooooo helpful!

by fallsb-ball on 2/16/2012 2:07:29 PM


Sweet!!! Thanks GL! Smile

Hey everyone,please join The Walking Dead Fan Club,WWE Divas Only,The Gym Class heroes Fan Club,Adele's #1 Fans and my new club The Official HCR Fan Club!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE join those clubs or at least one of them lol thank you

by Princess Keziyah on 2/16/2012 10:49:53 AM


Hey Everyone!(: Come Join my club 'Girls Rule'! It's a great club for all different girls to hang out and have an amazing time!(: We Discuss fun topics such as music, guys, beauty, fashion, makeup, school, celebs, and more! Hope U join!

by *MusicGirl16* on 2/15/2012 8:37:43 PM


great ideas soooooooo helpful!!!!!!!!!!

by PolkaDots1999 on 2/15/2012 6:54:52 PM

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