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5 must-pack spring break pieces -- no matter where you're headed!

Stash these fashion faves in your suitcase for your jetsetting vaycay.
34 Comments | Add Yours

I really love colored denim but I haven't found colored jeans that aren't the stretchy material. I do have athletic legs and the way the material in these kinds of pants clings to me is just unflattering!! Where can I find colored jeans that are the true denim material???

Hey girlie,

Try the Gap! There are these pink boot cut jeans and these blue boyfriend jeans that could be super cute! It's tough because the colored denim trend normally matches up to the skinny jean/jegging trend, but you can still find the perf cut if you keep an open mind and shop around! 
Lauren C.

by LOVE 0123 on 6/24/2012 12:30:02 PM


Hi! I am going to Florida for spring break ( like universal and Disney world), I cant figure out what to pack!! Like I know the basics, t-shirts, shorts, and stuff, but I dont want to get cold or hot, so I think I want to bring layers. The thing is, I don't want to take my jacket off and have to lug it around the park all day. I also don't want to tie anything around my waist unless I absolutely have to (I don't know what it is, but have this thing about having stuff around my waist). do you have any suggestions for what I could do about this?? Thank you so much!!!!

Why not pack the layers just to be safe!

You might not have to wear them, but just in case, you'll have them handy.

Then when you're there, you can just check the weather in the morning and dress for the day!
Jordan S.

by Ej410 on 3/10/2012 3:47:10 PM


I'm graduating from elementary this year and i need a dress under $40!!! Everything is really high-priced or inappropriate. My mom also wont let me wear small heels like all the other girls are. What are some shoes I could wear instead??? I can't have a long dress either, do you know any good dress stores online?

Hey girl,

Most mall retailers have online shopping options, so check out your favorites! For affordable dresses, Forever21 and any department store would be a good place to start. Here are some posts on cute and affordable dresses to get you started! For shoes, flats are a dressy and cute alternative to heels. Here's a post on some of our favorite shoes, including flats!

Meghan D.

by Smiley Satouri on 3/3/2012 12:08:42 PM


I need to find a floor leangth dress under $40 any stores you recogmend?

Hey Fish_Lover28, check out Dillards, the slaes rack at David's Bridal, Sears, JCPenny, Macys and Nordstrom. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by Fish_Lover28 on 2/29/2012 6:30:50 PM


First, thanks for reading. I have an issue.
I took the SAT and scored high enough out of 7th graders that I get to go to a camp focused on academics. Issue: it's co-Ed and guys and girls are on the same floor with communal bathrooms. Question: Where are some places I could get appropriates PJs because the ones I have right now are a little revealing/short.? It's really hot here too.
Thanks a TON!!!!!!


I suggest you just wear boxers and a tshirt. I bought a bunch of mens boxers and theyre veryyy comfy pjs. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by rebberduck on 2/26/2012 6:44:35 PM


ok so I have this really long brown skirt that goes down to like above my ankels and I wanted to wear it for a long time but I could never do it because I have never worn a skirt in public before and I was afraid that I would look weird but I think i could do it with the right shirt and acssesorys so what do you think would look good with a flowy kinda gypsy skirt? thanks and sorry for the lo-o-ong post

Hey girlie,

You can totally pull this off, if you wear it with confidence! All you have to do is choose the right top/accessories to wear so the skirt doesn't look like too much fabric. Personally, I love wearing maxi skirts (aka skirts that go to your ankle) with flip flops or other thin, strappy sandals. On top, I wear something simple like a solid, sleeveless body suit like this one or tank top tucked in. Keep accessories simple so they don't compete with the skirt - a few thin bangles, short earrings, or a delicate necklace will top it off! Smile
Lauren C.

by raven.y on 2/25/2012 10:11:43 PM


i absoulutly love the tribal pattern cutoff shorts there so so so so cute i wish i had them they are absoulutly adorable i need them

by JoJo1299 on 2/21/2012 8:39:41 PM


MOD MOD MOD my parents just told me and my brother that were going on a cruise for spring break!!! Laughing obviously ill need swimsuits and shorts and tanks but what are some other things that would be good to pack just to hang out on the ship or also i think you have to dress a little bit nice for dinner so what would be good to wear for that?? Thx!

You will need flip flops, a couple nice evening dresses and shoes to match. I think a nice sundress will probably do the job. You will definitely need a sweater. You would never believe how windy a cruise ship can get when it approached the shore.  
Amanda P.

by omgitsjess:) on 2/20/2012 4:15:14 PM


hi! i have a really cute crop top that i bought for summer, and it doesn't look good when i wear a tank under it. do you think it would be okay if i wear high waisted shorts with it? im 13 so i dont want to look inappropriate!

I think it is great that you want to look age appropriate. I think that high waisted shorts are a great idea. Also crop tops look super cute as a cover up for your bathing suit. 
Amanda P.

by guitargirl7321 on 2/20/2012 1:49:55 PM


Talk about Whatever you want. Just need to vent? Need advice? Just want to laugh? We're here. No one will judge you or what you say. Anybody who wants to give advice can. Just come and Talk girls!
Go to club "Whatever" on my profile!♥

by swimmerchic96 on 2/20/2012 11:47:04 AM


Hey girls,

Trying to think about cute spring clothes combos is sooo hard. My wardrobe is like all about summer! I need help!!!


by JellyBeanChick on 2/20/2012 10:33:54 AM


My family and I are going to New York for spring break (my aunt and uncle live there) and will be doing a lot of tourist-y things. We are going to go to a museum, a Broadway show, and do a lot of shopping. What should I pack to wear? We are flying, so I have to pack small amounts of clothes. I don't really like any of the clothes above. Thanks MOD! You guys are the best!
PS: Could you see if Girl's Life could feature longer shorts? My parents won't let me wear short-shorts, and it makes me (and I'm sure a lot of other girls) feel left out.


Hey girl! When is your spring break? If it's at the end of March, you'll likely need a variety of clothes because the weather in NYC can be a bit unpredictable. Check the weather a few days before you leave so that you can get an idea of the temperatures. Your best bet is to pack clothing that can be layered. Take a few pairs of your favorite jeans, a few cute tops, and several sweaters/cardigans. Don't forget comfortable shoes!! You'll be walking a lot, so you'll want shoes that won't cause you pain. If you have TOMS, they are perfect for NYC. Wear a light jacket on the plane so that it doesn't take up room in your suitcase.


Thanks for your suggestion--we'll definitely try to use longer shorts! Remember, our outfits are just guides, so you can always change them to make them suit you. We love bermuda shorts because they're super cute and parent-approved! 

Colleen K. Colleen K.

by mollyra on 2/20/2012 9:50:24 AM


Mod Mod Mod, How can I make my profile visible?


Hey girl! To make your profile visible, all you need to do is uncheck the box that says "Keep My Profile Private." If you need more help, this page should help you!

Colleen K.

by doglover463 on 2/20/2012 9:05:12 AM


Hey girlies♥! Do you LOVE ABC's Jane By Desigh?? Then join my club,Jane By Desigh Fan Club! We'll discuss new episodes and EVERY MONTH I'll have a sewing project or snag-the-look! JOIN NOW♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by iluvmusic♥ on 2/18/2012 11:42:17 PM


What is a good natural makeup look for a beginner and a person thT doesn't wanna make Ppl be like Omg ur wearing makeup?? Thanks so muchh!!!

Hey girlie,

Instead of going for full-on foundation, powder, blush/bronzer, and all that cakey stuff, try going with a simple concealer. Just use a few dots to cover up under-eye circles, pimples and blemishes, and other discoloration. Blend well with a makeup sponge or your fingers so it looks even less noticeable. That way, you'll get coverage where you need it, but you won't overwhelm your face with tons of makeup Smile
Lauren C.

by Deedles1621 on 2/18/2012 11:29:44 PM


I have some acne and I want it gone or a lot less noticeable by Tuesday. Any idea what I should do?

Hey girl,

Check out this article about having a zit at the worst time. I think those tips could really help clear up your blemishes soon Smile 
Lauren C.

by MadMaddie911 on 2/18/2012 9:37:57 PM


GL shouldn't be saying that girls should wear really short shorts!

by Ballet13 on 2/18/2012 9:03:27 PM


love the dress Smile

by girlygirl22werock on 2/18/2012 7:46:18 PM


Most of the shorts in the Shopstyle scroll bar are way too short. I wish GL would support more modest clothing.

by zwinky on 2/18/2012 6:59:05 PM


mod mod mod In about 2 weeks my dad is taking me to chicago for the weekend. we are gonna leave really early that saturday and drive for 5 hours (comfort). then were gonna like sight see and do same fun stuff that day. then that night we are going to an art gallery opening( he has art in it) and i have to lie dress nice. and then were leaving the next morning. so wat should i wear and pack. it will be cold. thank you! Smile


Hey isyrocks, you could wear a nice dress with tights, a sweater and heels or a nice skirt with a cute shirt, blazer, tights and heels. Be sure you pack underwear, outfits, pajamas, socks, shoes, accessories, makeup, face, skin, and hair products, ipod and ipod charger, laptop and lapotop charger, camera, and any other things you might need. Pack some snacks for the road too. Have fun and hope this helps. Xoxo

Lynae P.

by isyrocks on 2/18/2012 6:22:58 PM


MOD MOD MODSmile So I'm having a HUGE move this summer! I live in the Midwest- Great Plains and I'm moving to Miami! I'm not really psyched but I figure I'll try to survive. But I could use some help. I'm sure the culture's a bit different ( or a lot...?) and I was wondering if you had some tips on what makes up fashion, etc. in places like this... Thanx! Smile


Hey bright_lights111, miami is really warm so they're probably channeling summer trends. Go for crop tops, bright mini skirts and skinny jeans, gladiator sandals, and denim shorts. Have a safe trip moving and enjoy miami. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by bright_lights111 on 2/18/2012 6:19:42 PM


I kinda like the last outfit Smile... I just hate super short shorts, skinny jeans and shirt-dresses though Frown

by bright_lights111 on 2/18/2012 6:16:07 PM


I just got some really cute shorts at Kohls last week for my band trip to Orlando in April, one pair is a faded orange and the other is a faded teal!! They are soooo cute!

by fallsb-ball on 2/18/2012 3:18:39 PM


I like it! I don't think I'll be wearing this yet, It still cold here! Smile

Hey Girls! Like to be RANDOM? Join my club Mr. UNOpiggy! Fun is waiting... Tong From, Anonomous.

by Terra Rose♥ on 2/18/2012 2:58:12 PM


What color should I paint my nails that would be 'seasonal" and/or what are some fun nail art ideas? Thanks soo much!!


Hey girl, i would say a blue/gray is a nice. That's what I had on last week. I've seen a lot of people do french tips but with different colors. One of my friends did royal blue french tips. Also crackle nail polish is always fun! 

lauren r.

by soccer_rox8 on 2/18/2012 2:18:29 PM


Ok so there is this cute guy in my class and he asked me for my number yesterday. I gave it to him and he said "Thanks! Can't wait to talk 2 u!" He had a gf then broke up with her 3 weeks after he dated her. He only dates girls for like 2 weeks 3 top. I don't want it to become weird between us and I DEF don't want to date only for a little. I want a serious relationship, I even told him that! Help!!!


Hey girl, well just take it slow. You should definitely talk to him about how you feel. That you're worth more than just a 2 week relationship. And if he is only going to stay your bf for a few weeks, you'd rather just be friends.  

lauren r.

by dancer8608 on 2/18/2012 1:42:22 PM


MOD! for English class I have to read Pride and Prejudice, but I don't understand it very much. My friend told me that if I read a chapter, then read it on Spark Notes, I'll understand it better. But, I'm not sure if reading Spark Notes would count as cheating. (We're eventually doing a huge project and a test based on the book) Do you think Spark Notes would help?

Hey girl,

I don't think it's cheating if you read the actual book and then read the notes, because you're still reading the actual text. Just don't use SparkNotes as a crutch!

Meghan D.

by rocketqueenxo on 2/18/2012 12:30:01 PM


OMG those shorts are all so cute!

Hey everyone,please join The Walking Dead Fan Club,WWE Divas Only,The Gym Class heroes Fan Club,Adele's #1 Fans and my new club The Official HCR Fan Club!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE join those clubs or at least one of them lol thank you

by Princess Keziyah on 2/18/2012 12:25:17 PM


Hey um I know it's not summer yet but What would be a good beach bag must have packing list?

Hey girl,

I think sunscreen, sunglasses, oil blotting strips, a coverup, flip flops and swimming goggles are a good start!

Meghan D.

by ashsgame on 2/18/2012 11:58:15 AM


wow. for the first time in reading these articles that i didnt really like anything. huh. but i like the neon jeans

by esk8 on 2/18/2012 10:50:42 AM


Hey Mod , would you have to know of any good volumizing sprays for curly hair? I have curly hair but I want to get it but it's not as voluminous as it once was. Also, do you have any suggestions on what I can do over February break? I want to do something really fun with my friends <3

Hey girl,

Here's a post on some great curly hair products! As for what to do over your break, check out this post for some fun ideas!

Meghan D.

by michipie205 on 2/18/2012 9:39:45 AM


The sailor stripe dress is cool, but it was in, in winter. I like the shorts too. Smile

I LOVE the neon jeans! Wink

by katgrace11 on 2/18/2012 9:06:32 AM


Wanna slip into a bikini this summer or have healthy tips how to? Well join this club! You could become an officer or just participate. Even meal plans! Join this club today!
- Rachel (President)

by *GingerForev* on 2/18/2012 8:36:08 AM


Two of my friend's birthdays are coming up and I was wondering if you could help me pick what to wear Smile :
1- For the first one, the theme is candyland so we have to come dressed as a candy. Which candy should I be, what should I wear while looking cute?
2- The second one is at the beach and the theme is superheroes.
Help? Thanks! Laughing

Hey girlie,

1. What a cute and unique theme! I love it. I'd probably go as a Peppermint Patty (you get to wear silver and dark blue and white, do your makeup all sparkly, etc.) or a Candy Cane, which would be layering white and red. Or a lollipop - wear white tights and white shoes, then a brightly colored tutu and a top to match the tutu. Smile

2. As for superheroes, I'd keep it standard so people know who you are - Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman!
Lauren C.

by kayla9 on 2/18/2012 1:03:18 AM

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