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My ex has a new GF! Am I still smitten--or just jealous?

I broke up with him, but now I'm regretting it. What should I do?
21 Comments | Add Yours

Mod Mod Mod
i broke up with my ex 7 months ago and we talk to each other but when he told me that he has a new girlfriend. i dont know if am jealous or i still like him what should i do?

Hey girlie,

Try to remind yourself of the reasons you broke up. The relationship wasn't working so breaking up was the right thing for both of you! It's hard being friends with an ex for this very reason - it doesn't mean you want to get back with the person, but it's completely natural to feel jealous if they move on and get a new GF. (Duh, it's always ok to move on when YOU'RE ready but it's crazy-shocking when THEY move on. It happens to all of us and we can't explain why we feel this way - but we do!) Try to take deep breaths and focus on other things. Hang out with your gals and do something that you love. Talk to a potential crush. Pick up a new hobby. Get your mind off your ex and let it sink in that he's moved on, you can move on, and it will all be ok. You weren't meant to be together - you broke up for a reason! <3
Lauren C.

by enstana on 8/16/2012 10:10:11 PM


plaese go to my clue: Boys being mean get back at they get fit.
i miss spelled the name of my clue soooo the name i was going for is: Boys being mean get back at them get fit.
Luv. Schoneboom<3

by schoneboom on 2/28/2012 3:11:39 AM


MOD MOD!! There's a group of guys and a few of them want to ask me and my friends to banquet and one of the guys in that group is taking one of the popular girls. Do you think that all the other guys will suddenly not want to go with us since one of their friends is going with the popular girl? That one guy is the only guy in that group who talks to the populars. But I don't know what I should do because I want to go to banquet with this guy and I don't want the popular girls and the one guy to change the other guys minds!! Please help!!

Hey girl,

Hopefully your guy isn't superficial enough to be influenced by someone else's decision -- what the other guy does shouldn't affect your night! If he changes his plans because of someone else, he's probably not worth your time anyway! But if he hasn't said anything now, then he's probably still planning on going with you, so relax and have fun!

Meghan D.

by SnowBoarder88 on 2/25/2012 11:16:48 AM


i cant get over my ex. right when he broke up with me he asked out my bff on facebook i really love him, and i cant stop thinking about him. i know i should stay away from him... but i cant let go

Hey girl,

Sorry to hear things didn't work out with your bf  -- it hurts when the person you like asks out someone else. But if he's moved on, then you should too -- are there any other cuties in your class or clubs that might be interested? Try focusing your efforts on a new guy, and soon enough you'll forget about your ex! Check out this post for more tips.

Meghan D.

by biebersnumber1 on 2/25/2012 1:22:49 AM


Theres this guy that i dated, and he cheated on me! But he still likes me, and wants to get back together. should i trust him???

by jojo542000 on 2/23/2012 5:35:55 PM


mod mod mod mod mod mod
Okay so this is sort of a weird and maybe stupid question, but how do you know if you're in love with someone or if you just really like them?

Hey girlie,

I've never had the experience myself, but from being around many people who have, I've come to notice that when you really are in love, you don't have to ask this question.  You just know.
Jordan S.

by swazyelover2497 on 2/23/2012 2:22:14 PM


Hey I accidentally hurt the guy that really likes me feelings. What do I do?! I want to go up to him and say sorry but I'm way to shy and I don't want other people to hear me

by napstarr on 2/21/2012 4:36:17 PM


if you like a guy how do you tell him?

by artsy gal on 2/20/2012 4:43:37 PM


MOD MOD MOD! hi moderator Colleen K. thank you so much for the advice on my BGF. Theres another thing everyone is like Katie do you like Z? i say i don't know. because i dont, know! And they all say its either a yes or a no. I don't know what to do! <3 Katie


No problem! I'm guessing you probably don't know how you feel about him because you feel conflicted--you don't know how he feels about you and his responses are confusing. The next time someone asks you if you like him, simply say that you just think of him as a good friend. Once all of your friends stop focusing on you and Z, you'll be able to sort out your feelings. Wait a few weeks and see if you find yourself actually liking him, or just enjoying his company. Sometimes guys are just fun to be around because they're funny and goofy--it doesn't always mean that you like the guy.

Colleen K.

by coldplay12 on 2/20/2012 2:02:27 PM


this is really confusing......
my BGF (lets call him Z) had a crush on me. well, i don't know if he does or not now because a few weeks ago two of my best friends Heidi and Olivia told me he didn't like me anymore just because i liked him a little bit more then a friend. and so then on friday Z was with one of my friend, Dylan and Dylan said Z claims he never liked me and he likes someone else. Could Dylan be lying or telling the truth? I don't know who to trust telling me all this. Also, Z was with one of my other friends Connor and I was texting connor so i told connor to tell Z i said hi and Connor said Z said I love you and i didn't believe him so Z called me from connors phone and said "well, I love you Katie" and in music class on friday (Z sits next to me) he was flirting with me and then at lunch he was sort of avoiding me. I don't know what this means. What does all this mean? Thank you soooooo much! <3 Katie


Hey girl! It sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. It definitely seems like he is crushing on you, but might be embarrassed to admit it. Sometimes, guys get too macho and don't want to admit to their friends that they actually like someone. Do you like him? I would maybe ease off of things for a bit so that you don't end up getting hurt. Stay friends with him, but don't bother asking your other guy friends if he likes you or not because it doesn't seem like you'll get the truth. Maybe wait a few weeks then talk to him yourself.

Colleen K.

by coldplay12 on 2/20/2012 12:49:10 PM

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