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Banish PMS forever! Say see-ya to mood swings

Do ya get majorly moody when Aunt Flo comes to call? We feel ya. Luckily, there’s a cure for what ails ya…
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i do all of that but still get major mood swings! oh well..

by SuperSquirrel on 2/19/2012 12:51:26 PM


mod mod mod mod!
ok so im having guy probs! i think im starting to fall for my bgf and he called me beautiful! is that a good sign? hes also like i think ur sexy, but not in a weird way Smile i really am having trouble with my feelings! help!!!!

Hey girlie,

That's definitely a good sign! It means he's attracted to you and flirty enough that he wanted to compliment you for it. It might feel confusing to like your BGF "like that," since you're so close to him as friends, but it's totally normal! I promise, it happens a lot. Try to see where your chemistry takes you and it'll all work out the way it's meant to be. <3
Lauren C.

by dojhallow97 on 2/19/2012 12:32:51 PM


what is a good beginners tampon? something that doesn't hurt and is easy to put in and take out. also, how long are you supposed to keep it in for, like can you keep it in for a full 8 hours, or is it better to only keep it in for 4-6 hours?

Hey babe,

I used Tampax Pearl light tampons as my first ones. Their applicator is really smooth (plastic not cardboard) so it glides in easier. And since they're light, they're smaller so you can get the hang of it! You can totally keep the tampon in for the full 8 hours (like if you're sleeping), but I usually change mine every 6 because of my flow. You kinda have to pay attention to your body and keep in mind how heavy your period gets, what day you're on, what size tampon you're using (Light, Regular, Super), or if the tampon's string is starting to get a little red/brown, which means the tampon is full. There's no real science to it - you just sorta have to use them and figure out what schedule works for you Smile P.S. It might be helpful to also wear a pantyliner for your first few times, just in case your timing is off. That way, if the tampon leaks because you've left it in too long, you don't have to worry about getting your underwear dirty!
Lauren C.

by guitargirl7321 on 2/19/2012 12:13:14 PM


I just inserted my first lite tampon, and when it took it out, it was kinda full but it HURT SO BAD! Is it supposed to be like that? So i put in a new one and i can feel it now when i sit. I was afraid to push it in any father cuz i thought the applicator would get stuck...can it? HELP!

Hey girl,

It's TOTALLY normal to feel sore or even a little bit of pain when you take your tampon out for the first few times. Your bod has to adjust to letting something pass through there - like you said, a used tampon is bigger than a new one so your muscles just have to get used to it! But they will and before long, you won't feel any pain at all Smile And you'll be able to work up to Regular and Super tampons too, as time passes. PROMISE! Keep trying!

And no, the applicator can't get stuck! You need to push the tube in as far as you can (basically so it goes all the way into the applicator), then use the grips to pull the whole thing out. The tampon knows to stay inside - be firm and go for it! You'll get the hang of it. And when the tampon is inserted correctly, you won't even be able to feel it <3 
Lauren C.

by futurewriter16 on 2/19/2012 11:42:53 AM



I'm going to the mall. What should I wear? And how should I do my hair? My hair is just past my shoulders. Smile thanks!

by txtingirl on 2/19/2012 10:02:25 AM


OMG I hate PMS! Nuff'. Said. :-P

by katgrace11 on 2/19/2012 9:43:07 AM


i dont drink a lot of caffine and i do drink a lot of milk. so ill just keep that up then and i will be less moody. i have a friend that is verrrryyyy moody and she has caffine all the time!

by esk8 on 2/19/2012 8:56:33 AM


That works!!! I always run or play some sport when I'm on Aunt Flo ...

by hockeygirl1999 on 2/19/2012 8:42:35 AM


So tru toatly wrkz!

by Gymnast#1 on 2/19/2012 1:05:44 AM


i havent started....

by oreolover123 on 2/19/2012 12:54:13 AM

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