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So, what's the fuss about The Hunger Games?

For those of you who thought it was a food-eating competition gone wrong, read the deets to get in the know...
53 Comments | Add Yours

ughhhh... no thank you. Hunger Games is waayyyyy too overrated and mainstream.

by spazzygirI on 2/23/2012 6:35:01 PM


OMG I LOVE The Hunger Games! I read the first chapter on a site and it is so good! But I can't find a place that has the book! So I'm going to try to get it before the movie comes out!!! Almost everyone at my school loves it too! There are even posters at my school!!! Anyway a few days before the movie comes out I'm going to paint my nails, hunger game themed from a video I saw!!! I will also buy jewelry which I saw on this site! I'm SO excited!!!

by ChicGeek on 2/23/2012 6:07:27 PM


I am so pumped for The Hunger Games to come out in theaters!

by supersingershannon on 2/23/2012 6:06:38 PM


HELP! I checked my current grade in Math and it's a C!!! I have never gotten a C before and I'm in advanced math(Pre Algebra)! We started the semester like a few weeks ago(maybe 3) and next week we get progress reports! I don't want to bring home a C(and I'm doing great in my other classes- both high As)!!! How can I bring up my grades before next week!!!! I have a quiz tomorrow and I have this extra credit paper(10 points) that will be due in three weeks. Please help!
Thanks! Smile

Hey girlie,

A progress report isn't a report card - it's not your final grade, so try to calm down! This is just a warning sign. Before you give the progress report to your parents, make a plan. Ask your teacher if you could meet after school to ask questions, work through the homework, and get back on track. Go to study sessions. Try making a study group with a few classmates so you can all share ideas and help each other. All of these things can help you figure out the material and get the grade up! So when you actually show your parents the progress report, you can tell them - "I know the C isn't a great grade, but I've already done these things to get the grade up - I'm going to work hard, ask for help, and I think I can definitely do better." And when you say that, MEAN IT. Work hard on the quiz, papers, projects, and any other grades you have coming up. Don't slack off! Now you know how rough it feels to have lower grades and you know you don't want to get them anymore. So keep working hard and you'll be fine Smile
Lauren C.

by ChicGeek on 2/23/2012 6:03:40 PM


I am OBSESSED with the hunger games books and now I CANNOT wait for the movie!! I have it on my calendar in big capital letters and I have watched all the trailers I am sooooooooo pumped for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by honeycakes on 2/23/2012 5:13:19 PM


The Hunger Games are the best books ever. I've read the whole series 3 times and am starting again. can't wait for the movie to come out!!

by 1corinthiansgurl on 2/23/2012 5:05:53 PM


I love Hunger Games soo much!! I got my tickets yesterday and all of the tickets for the premier and the show the day after are already sold out!!

by caseydemers4 on 2/23/2012 4:58:22 PM


I love the hunger games

by sparklysharpie on 2/23/2012 4:46:56 PM


I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE I AM SO EXCITED !!! but i'm going to utah the day it comes out, but I'm watching it with a friend 2 weeks after

by bunniac13 on 2/23/2012 4:44:47 PM


I'm reading Catching Fire right now! Can't wait for the movie Smile

by Lioncub190 on 2/23/2012 4:31:30 PM

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