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Let's make like a tree and leave

My friend and I were at camp and we went to the lounge where there was loud music and talking. I wanted to leave, so I...
9 Comments | Add Yours

OMG! I wonder what he was thinking!

by hockeygirl1999 on 2/27/2012 8:07:49 PM


Hey girls! This is Kayla9, and I wanted to let you know that I give advice on:
-Making money
-Books and writing
-Feeling good
-Baking and cooking
And anything you can possibly think of!!! Just comment on my profile and I will get back to you ASAP.
XOXO, Kayla

by kayla9 on 2/25/2012 11:29:25 PM


Hey everybody! Please join my new club, artists of the world!
Feel free to join whether YOUR art is;

-or any other ape of art

We will discuss popular subjects, interests and other things. No judging will be done! Feel free to vent, hang out and have a good time!

by fire_of_hope on 2/25/2012 9:25:37 PM


I just made a new club, "Shopping Addict!" for girls who are addicted to shopping! Post on my board what position you want to be 1. Vice President 2. Treasurer 3. Secretary ! You will have to post which job you want, why you want it, and how much you can get on the computer to do your part in the club. So post away on my board! I will pick who gets what job this afternoon!

by New_York_City on 2/25/2012 12:03:53 PM


Lol I'm sure you got the title wrong and that's pretty embarassing!

Hey everyone,please join The Walking Dead Fan Club,WWE Divas Only,The Gym Class heroes Fan Club,Adele's #1 Fans and my new club The Official HCR Fan Club!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE join those clubs or at least one of them lol thank you

by Princess Keziyah on 2/25/2012 11:56:03 AM


Actually it is "Make Like a Tree and Leave". It means be like a tree and leave. It makes sense because trees have leaves and if you are like a tree then you will leave. It is using leave to make a connection since it has two different meanings. "Make life a tree and leave" doesn't make any sense.

by emonkey4 on 2/25/2012 11:16:37 AM


I think that it is "Let's make LIFE a tree and leave" not "Let's make like I tree and leave". I could be wrong, but GL has made a lot of spelling mistakes lately (Boronzer, Like instead of Life...)

by New_York_City on 2/25/2012 10:43:57 AM


lol whoops my face wud b on fire

by swimminchica on 2/25/2012 9:04:47 AM


don't you mean "Let's make life a tree and leave"? anyway thats pretty embarrassing Smile

by BBMarie on 2/25/2012 8:05:58 AM

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