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Strangers make fun of my brother

My bro is being bullied. How can I help?
24 Comments | Add Yours

I'm so sorry for your brother

by Vfghwe on 2/8/2013 10:16:26 PM


some people are just soooooo mean yesterday i was playing a game with a toy and this guy tried to rip my hand apart just to get the dumb toy i told him that my hand hurt from him trying to take the toy and then he said that was a baby and that i was bossy some people should really learn some manners

by chocolatehorse on 7/24/2012 11:03:51 PM


Dont get to mean but go tell the strangers that that they need to watch their mouths and tell you bro that they are stupid and are just jelous of how awsome he is and give him a little sissy love or a playful nudge.

by cookiebk on 6/1/2012 12:40:45 AM


People today don't know how to act in public! Don't let them get them down it's NOT his fault. These other people are right they're just jealous that he's special. Don't let them get you or him down! Smile

by 512kca on 5/30/2012 9:19:40 PM


Wow, I can't believe people would do that! You should say to them, "what if that was you? What if evryone picked on you just because you learn slow?? I'm serious!" I do that a lot when I'm about to be mean and it makes me not be mean Smile

by lilmissamazing on 4/15/2012 10:30:20 PM


Just tell him that "Look bro, those idiots are jealous that they're not as special as you" ....!! Smile
I bet you, that will make him smile... Smile

by Jensenacklecraze on 4/12/2012 3:26:57 AM


ithink you are great you should just tell them to mind their own bussiness and if they do not get it just tell them they are not 100% perfect so they should back off and concentrate on things that are better then wasting their time on nothing that will benefit them in their future.

by tushi on 4/2/2012 3:49:52 AM


Same thing happens to my brother. I'm in 6th grade.He's in 4th grade.When he sometimes comes home really sad, and he tells me why,i just wanna go to his school and confront those people.So it's like,he has good friends,and a really nice girl,named Gabby,who is my bff's little sister,but all of the others just tease him.

by Anniexgirl on 3/9/2012 7:59:54 PM


When ever someone says something mean to your brother, you should totally go up to them and say something like "you know what, I think you are the slowest person in the room if you think making fun of MY brother is a good idea. So go apologize to him RIGHT NOW or you are no better or nicer than a piece of poop." By the way, I hate it when people make fun of other people. I always stand up for someone who is getting picked on, even if they are not that nice of a person to me. But, that just makes me mad that people are saying that to your brother!! Give him a hug from me! Let him know that "people that mind don't matter and people that matter don't mind." Smile I hope he gets treated better!

by JessiJo77 on 3/8/2012 8:55:17 PM


Ok so my sis is in 3rd grade and at recess she is forced 2 play with these 2 kids that are very mean and annoying 2 her. She goes 2 lunch group with the school counseler and even SHE says that my sis has 2 play with them. My sis literally cries herself 2 sleep and never gets up in the morning because all the adults and kids are forcing her 2 do things. Even my mom says she has 2 play with them! I a the only person she can turn 2 and it's a ton of trouble. I need a lot of help NOW! I feel sooooo bad 4 her and she has 2 survive each day with bullying. Whe I wuz in 5th grade I wuz a "peer leader" and I helped kids with probs. I really don't no wat 2 do.


Hey Girl,

I'm so sorry to hear that your sis has to go through this. Just be there for her, you're a great big sister! Give it another try and talk to your parents; explain to them how unhappy your sis is and that she's being bullied! Maybe they'll change their minds! Good luck!

alicia m.

by jmtkwalshgirl on 3/1/2012 10:19:21 AM

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