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Oscar beauty roundup: Our 6 fave looks

Starlet-worthy style is yours with these easy steps...
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what does MoD MEAN?

by cocosarit15 on 5/9/2012 11:17:03 AM


hey so like what does " MOD" mean?

by kaymalu on 3/6/2012 9:16:17 AM


i don't like miley cyrus that much, but she looks stunning!!

by iloveballet&singing on 3/5/2012 12:44:26 PM


I am not a big fan of Miley Cyrus, but her look was amazing. I love retro looks and the classy chic look was perfect.

by nycdreamer12 on 3/3/2012 5:55:11 PM


There's this boy I kinda like.. But he seems so shy to express his feelings. How can I show him that I like him, obvious enough so he will be willing to reciprocate?


Hey girl,

There's a pretty simple recipe to show your crush you're into him: First, try to make lots of eye contact and smile at him. Second, strike up a convo and give him that extra attention. Third, be super nice and make occasional (but sincere) compliments. So next time when you see him, smile and ask something like "how was your weekend." Then make a compliment about his shirt or something he did in class... Just be fun, friendly and yourself and he'll totally get it!

alicia m. alicia m.

by Rellim on 3/1/2012 4:53:49 AM


Omgee, super cuteee looks!!! Two problems, though. One, I'm not allowed to wear makeup. Two,my hair is layered so when I do a simple hairstyle like a bun, pieces go flying everywhere!!!

by stylecrazy503 on 2/29/2012 11:52:22 PM


We all have those certain things that we wanna fix, but either try and can never get it, or are just too plain lazy. On my new club, BeTheBestYou!! we motivate each other, create, goals, have fun, and support each other so all of us can be the best we can!! Please join!! Thanks chicas!Smile

by laxchickie19 on 2/29/2012 11:09:30 PM


I loved Miley's look!! She looked beautiful!!! <3

by shae6364 on 2/29/2012 8:30:49 PM


Miley was my favorite!! Laughing

by Kalulah on 2/29/2012 8:21:27 PM


Please help, my mod comments never go through!
so my best friend likes my cousin.thats not a problem though because i dont care. i think he might like her back because he texts her all the time and he slowdanced with her at the dance! but we have this "friend" that likes him too and shes extremely jealous. ever since my bff and cousin danced (a week and a half ago maybe?) this "friend" has been texting my bff constantly asking about what her and my cousin are talking about and trying to make my bff feel sorry for her. today, she was texting her saying of course he likes you im an ugly, stupid, tall, fat italian with bad skin and you're a perfect little clear skinned italian. and she keeps asking if she should text him, but she doesnt know my bff likes her. i dont know what advice to give her anymore! we both think our "friend" is bullying my bff because shes making her feel really pressured and stressedd...sorry so long and thanks in advance! <3

 Hey aleesha7, I think she should just stop texting her. Let her know she can't help her anymore and that she should talk to your cousin. This girl is just trying to get your friend and cousin to stop talking. It's best to not talk with her anymore.

Lynae P.

by aleesha7 on 2/29/2012 8:09:17 PM

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