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5 risks worth taking

Are you ready to take a chance? These ideas are sure to pay off!
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Arg!!! My mom is being so mean right now! She told me to pick up my clothes and I didn't, so she threw them away! They are all gross and stained and so I told her she was the worst mom ever. We have been avoiding each other for a couple of weeks now...what to do, what to do!?

by jojocotto19 on 3/10/2012 11:44:49 PM


Everytime I have my period it gets on my pants. I where tampons and pads both at the same time.It feels very uncomfortable . What should I do?

by Cartoon Kit-Kat on 3/10/2012 1:07:50 PM


i was wondering if when I used a tampon yesterday am I still virgin??? thank you I'm kinda worried

Hey girl,

Yes, you are still a virgin! Tampons are completely different from sexual intercourse, so don't worry.

Meghan D.

by paris_mi4 on 3/10/2012 4:15:09 AM


Next weekend I'm going to my brother's band concert and then from there, directly to a professional men's lacrosse game. I want to look casual enough for the game but still look presentable at the concert. I also want to support my own lacrosse team because we are going on the field at half time.


Hey girl, depending on what genre the concert is, i would just wear jeans, flats, and then a cute top. You don't have to look sporty at a sporting event, just be comfortable, because you'll be sitting for a while! Bring some school spirit with you. If you have a jacket for your school team or the professional team, wear that too! 

lauren r.

by starrider28 on 3/7/2012 5:43:11 PM


Ok so kinda in a sticky situation. The guy I liked forever is great and my friends and family love him. Sometimes he flirts with me and that's makes me happy but he also has a huge ego that can't be changed. Also he flirts with a bunch of the fake girls and I feel left out. Although, I think theres a small chance that he liked me! But lately I think I'm falling for another guy. The other guy is sorta the bad boy type. He doesn't do well in school and has done a lot of bad things. I know that my friends and family probably wouldn't like him and I care about their opinions. But this new guy makes me feel good about myself and he's real. He doesn't flirt with every other girl, but he especially flirts with me. I think that he might even like me! I don't know who I should choose. Please help!!!

You have to keep in mind that you only feel this way about this boy because it's what you wish you had with the other boy.  As long as you know that's the case, then you can ask yourself: Do I still genuinely like him for himself? Jordan S.

by soccerdiva722 on 3/5/2012 5:24:11 PM


I've had my period for 2 years.I have been wearing pads but I want to try tampons, because of sports. How do I ask her?

Ask your mom?  Say the same thing you're saying to met.  Let her know that you want to try a different method because pads would be uncomfortable during sports.  She'll understand right away! Jordan S.

by Lalainya on 3/5/2012 1:28:39 PM



Hey please check out my older bro's music on He's a REALLY talented rapper and I'm not saying that cuz he's my brother. Please check him out its really good!
Hey everyone,please join The Walking Dead Fan Club,WWE Divas Only,The Gym Class heroes Fan Club,Adele's #1 Fans and my new club The Official HCR Fan Club!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE join those clubs or at least one of them lol thank you

by Princess Keziyah on 3/5/2012 10:43:46 AM


*Sigh* We wanted to see Hunger Games at midnight too and our mom was all for it. . .until we realized it was on a Thursday. Frown

by blueberry muffin on 3/4/2012 8:14:25 PM


MODMODMOD So i just turned 12 a little over a week ago. I've never really had any problems with acne but I did have these bumpy things on my cheeks. Anyway, Yesturday I woke up & had 2 pimples on my left cheek!! There not that big. One isn't huge but its not tiny. And the other 1 is halve the size(right next to the first one). So I was wondering what products I should use. I have normal skin. I have NO IDEA which cleanser to get(from the drugstore). I already use an olay one but I dont like it & its running out. Thanks in advance!

Hey girlie,

I know it's super annoying but, when we go through puberty, the hormone levels in our body go up and down - so for example, your skin could be super oily one week, then be super dry the next. It's all normal...and all sooo unpredictable! That's why you get these random breakouts sometimes. Personally, I wash every day with a gentle cleanser - my favorite is Clean & Clear's Morning Burst. It's orange and has little beads in it that can help exfoliate your skin. It keeps my skin clean! But also remember to keep your hands away from your face (don't rest on them at your desk during class), because your fingers can transfer oils to your face. And those oils clog pores! Since you're new to the pimple party, check out this article for tips on zapping zits fast - and keeping them gone. Hang in there!! <333
Lauren C.

by pandax3 on 3/4/2012 12:33:10 PM


Here's another risk: wear something totally expecting that you normally don't wear. I did that once and felt super confident!

by chocolateworld12 on 3/4/2012 12:11:53 PM

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