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April / May 2012

Leap into spring (and the biggest movie of the season) with GL's April/May issue...
79 Comments | Add Yours

Urgent!!!!!! I can't get my tampon out. It's been in there for 6 hours so it has to be full. I'm pulling as hard as I can but it won't come out. It hurts so much. What's wrong!??!


You gotta keep pulling hon! Try to relax your muscles - if you clench its gonna be hard to get out. But if you relax and keep pulling you'll get it out. I promise! Don't worry hon! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by Swift_lover123 on 12/4/2012 11:16:44 PM


Hey, look its the best band on he face of te earth!! One Direction, which is why that was my favorite issue of GL! :p haha

by onedirection85 on 7/13/2012 3:43:35 PM


my friends keep ditching me! they would go to the library after lunch and i wouldn't be able to go because i'm eating, unlike them. then today at my school's pep rally, my BFF and i planned to sit next to each other and we did (yay). then she ditched me AGAIN just to hang out with her other friends, even though she hangs out with them everyday! i had to sit next to one of her friends and friend's ex and she's really rude (she kept bumping into me hard and on purpose) and the ex kept cussing. i don't really like her group of friends. i'm really shy*
i can't hang out with anyone because my parents don't like it when i'm alone with my friends and they're overprotective. gawww, i hate my life!!!!!! what do i doFrown(
P.S. i'm leaving for a trip next week and my BFF asked me to get her something. i don't know if i should after what happened... wht do i do??


hey! friends can be fickle, I know when I was younger I didn't always get along with my friends, but what I learned is that it's better to resolve your differences because people in middle and high school haven't really decided who they're going to be yet, there are a lot of annoying phases, but once you get past that you can build really great friendships. I say tell her how you feel but get her something anyway to make amends.   

Helen S.

by islandgirl23 on 5/4/2012 1:46:19 AM



by luvbeingurl on 5/1/2012 12:30:37 AM


Can some one ple friend me!!!I'm loneley..Frown

by laylycrazyhumor on 4/29/2012 11:58:35 AM


Hey everyone! I recently made a new club called "Quote of the Day". If you like reading quotes daily from inspirational to funny, this is the perfect club for you! Please join!! Thanks, have an awesome day Laughing

by paxetcaritas101 on 4/27/2012 7:18:36 PM


what stores can I get This issue from? I suscribed from my school'S magazine drive.... but never got this issue.... where can I get it?


Hey girl! Sometimes it takes a few weeks for your subscription to be processed, but if you want the current issue, you can get it from Barnes and Noble. You can also check local bookstores or download it on your Nook! 

Colleen K.

by happyone123 on 4/23/2012 2:28:48 PM


Why did I only get the one with Jackie Emmerson?!?! I wouldve really liked to have gotten each of them and read what each of them said!!

Hey girl,

Every subscriber only gets one of these covers delivered to their door! If you want to see the others, you have to check out the newsstands Smile 
Lauren C.

by cinnamontwist25 on 4/19/2012 8:12:27 PM


Okay, so I'm really interested in activism, and I've narrowed it down to two causes that I'd really like to help, homeless youth and poverty in third world countries. I feel more passionate about the poverty in third world countries, but I'm not sure at all how to go about helping that! I can't exactly be like, "Hey mom! Let's go to africa and build some houses, ooh and a school! Oh, and let's bring all the food we can!" Know what I mean? What can I do to help?! I really want to spend my summer, and hopefully the rest of my life helping people who really need it!

Hey girlie,

Try talking to a teacher or guidance counselor at your school! They might know of different organizations at school or in your community where you can go to help! No one expects you to go to Africa to build houses - but there are tons of things you can do right here at home to help them. If they can't help, try searching online for organizations. You could raise money to donate to them, participate in food drives or other fundraising efforts, or any number of other tasks. The most important thing is that you work hard and seek these places out - don't let that spirit and compassion go to waste! Smile Great job, babe! 
Lauren C.

by selgomez1997 on 4/14/2012 10:48:31 PM


Very very good issue. It seems like everyone our age should be reading GL. I know I am doing my part.

by luckykel on 4/13/2012 3:27:40 PM


Hey girl! I am so sorry that your friends are treating you that way, that is not fair to you at all. If they are being so mean and ignoring you then truly they are not your friends. As hard as it is, making new friends is the best way to be happy again and the summer is the best time to do that. If you are still having some problems and these thoughts, check out the to talk to some people who can help you more.  
Ana D.

by selgomez1997 on 4/13/2012 7:55:32 AM


I loved the April/May issue. Big FAN of THE HUNGER GAMES.
Can't wait till the next issue

by bekah78 on 4/11/2012 1:44:04 PM


Taylor swift should be your june/july cover girl! Love her! Smile

by just_me12 on 4/10/2012 11:17:27 AM


MOD MOD. So earlier this month I posted a question asking why I didnt get this issue yet and u said to wait till the 31st of the month. It's passed the 31st and I still have not gotten this issue. My subscription hasnt ended or anything. Plz help! Thanks.


hey! Here's where you go to ask about missing subscriptions, good luck! 

Helen S.

by nintendogrl926 on 4/6/2012 6:47:14 PM



by L0v3 on 4/6/2012 3:46:53 PM


People make fun of how thin I am, they call me anorexic, I'm not at all, and they make stupid remarks about my thin arms and legs! My doc says I'm at a healthy weight, and I have a high metabolism, I can't help that I'm tall and thin! It's really starting to bug me when people say I'm anorexic, because I think they actually think I am, but I'm not, it's just my metabolism and my hyperness don't really allow for me to gain weight! What should I do?


Hey! Just ignore these comments, they're made out of jealousy. It's really great that you're healthy, you shouldn't have to apologize for that. 

Helen S.

by selgomez1997 on 4/6/2012 1:13:04 PM


hey i loooooooooove and i wanna subsribe but i think u should do like they do 4 bop and tigerbeat magazine they give u a quick preview so u no what ur gettin

by codyvictoriamiranda on 4/5/2012 7:24:21 PM


MODMODMOD I just renewed my sub so i don't think that i'm gonna get this issue so what stores can i buy it in? Smile 
Lauren C.

by hotchocolate808 on 4/5/2012 11:59:47 AM


The Hunger Games are amazing

by Daddy'sGrl12 on 4/4/2012 8:03:24 AM


i didnt get this issue in the mail!! is there any way i can check my subscription?

Go here:
Jordan S.

by paigebunny on 4/2/2012 7:02:35 PM


Hey selenaFan97, yes you should get the next issue. You should also send in another email with your new address to GL, explaining your situation again so you can get the last two issues. Hope this helps! Xoxo

MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, I haven't recieved 2 GL issues in a row, including this one, and I asked a MOD what to do about it last time and she said report it so I did, but I figured out that GL had my wrong address. I changed it now so they have the right address, so do you think I will get this issue? Thank you Smile Lynae P.

by selenaFan97 on 3/31/2012 4:43:18 PM


MODMODMODMOD!!!!!!! I just renewed my girls life subscription this month will i still get this issue?????


This is something you will need to call and ask the subscriptions office.

Amanda P.

by hotchocolate808 on 3/28/2012 4:23:09 PM


I have the one with Isabelle Fuhrman on it. She did a great job as Clove!

by strawberries101 on 3/27/2012 10:32:49 AM


do they all have the same thing inside of the them but just a different color or do they all have something different

by GOALIEROCK1301 on 3/24/2012 10:23:51 PM


MOD MOD MOD!! will all 4 of them be in stores or will just one?

All 4 will be on newsstands, though there's no guarantee that ONE store will have all four. Take a look around and see what you find! Smile 
Lauren C.

by GOALIEROCK1301 on 3/24/2012 10:21:04 PM


MOD! so do u get them all at once in the mail?

Each subscriber will only get ONE of these covers in the mail Smile The rest, you'll have to track them down on newsstands! 
Lauren C.

by GOALIEROCK1301 on 3/24/2012 10:18:18 PM


I didn't get my first issue of GL, the February/march issue. since it was my first one, I'm not sure exactly how my adress was put so I can't enter it in customer service. what can I do? I'm probably missing something right user my nose...


hey girl! contact g.l with the info on this link! 

Good luck! xo, erin m. 

erin m.

by kitkat16392 on 3/23/2012 12:34:14 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I haven't gotten my issue yet, and it's almost the end of march. Basically is... Do you know why? Thanks in advance.

Hey girl,

Give it til the end of the month prior to the issue (so since it's April/May, that'd be March 31) to get this issue. If you don't get it by then, click here for instructions on reporting your missing issue  Smile
Lauren C.

by nintendogrl926 on 3/22/2012 6:23:51 PM


OMG. I love Josh Hutcherson.

by TheaSoukup on 3/22/2012 5:11:49 PM


Okay, so I wanna dress more like the music genres I like, but I'm not sure how! I like a lot of underground, indie, folky, bluesy music! For example Marcus Foster, Dave Mathews, Dry the River, Mumford and Sons, and of course Phillip Phillips ;P It's hard to find clothing insperation from these male artists, so I came here! So something that'll fit those genres, and still laidback and comfy! Thanks so much! <3


I suggest you try muted colors like grey and olive green. That could mean grey jeans with a faded but girly floral top with a cream cardigan and a skinny brown belt around your waist. Try outfits that are laid back and simple but have touches of girl elements. Like a long necklace or a belt to show off your waist. I often dress a lot like this and my favorite thing to do is keep the outfit simple with muted colors, but i add a pop of color or pattern somewhere to add interest. Good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by selgomez1997 on 3/21/2012 10:28:27 PM


mod! mod! mod! mod! mod!
The link for the prima bar method didnt show up for me. Can you give it to me again in your reply.THANKS

by love2party on 3/21/2012 12:46:58 AM


I don't really get the idea of getting four of the same magazine. don't get me wrong i love the hunger games and girls life, but i think its a waste of money.

by volleynasticsgirl on 3/20/2012 5:53:52 PM


Ok, so do you know of any good APPROPRIATE skateboarding or bmx movies?! I love the sports, but I can't find any movies without a bunch of sexual stuff or about 50 f bombs in them! Tong

Hey babe!

Off the top of my head, there's Lords of Dogtown which is one of my absolute favorite movies.  I can't promise that it will be entirely profanity free though.
Jordan S.

by selgomez1997 on 3/19/2012 7:31:44 PM


I am 12-almost 13- and I don't know how to ask my mom to shave! I AM SO NERVOUS! I am embarrassed to go outside (the weather is very hot here)and every girl is shaving except me but I am afraid! I am so nervous to ask my mom. Are there any other ways to make my mom know that I NEED to shave?

Take a look here, babe!

Jordan S.

by maniii111 on 3/19/2012 5:43:31 PM


I wish they could send you all 4 covers! I have the one with Clove on it. Luvin it!

by taylornation13 on 3/18/2012 12:58:45 PM


I have 2 of them!!

by Sara713s on 3/16/2012 11:37:20 AM


There's this tiny evil girl Kiss in my grade. My group of friends and I hate her sooo much but i see her EVERYDAY! I can't switch classes because it's almost the end of the school year. K is so loud, obnoxious, doesn't respect anyone except her friends, mean (except to her friends), and flirts with my crush (J) soo much!!! J and i are in the same homeroom class but K's coming in there everyday just to see her friend (T). (The friend is just a nice classmate but secretly, she's annoying and she flirts with J a lot! Frenemy.) I Hate K SO MUCH!!!!! i literally have to calm myself down whenever i see her. is there any way that i can avoid her?!

Hey girl,

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to deal with people we don't like being in our classes or groups. It's kinda a life lesson, learning how to calm down, not stressing out (or worse, lashing out), and focusing on more than just people who frustrate you. Whenever she does something that bothers you, remind yourself that she isn't your friend - you don't have to hang out with her on the weekends, talk to her about boys, or even really listen to what she has to say. If she is mean to you, shrug and walk away or turn your back on her. If she flirts with your crush, let her... and then talk to him/flirt later yourself! There are mean girls out there in the world, but we don't have to let them get us down Smile You have awesome friends and you're great yourself - that's what matters!
Lauren C.

by islandgirl23 on 3/15/2012 8:18:38 PM


i kinda want all four of them lol. i love the hunger games!

by j4zm09 on 3/15/2012 4:41:45 PM


If you read the letters on the front covers, they are all the same sub-headings. They are just different models.

by SportyChick6 on 3/15/2012 12:10:09 AM


how do i get all four cover i only get one. I love the hunger games and i want all four.

Each subscriber will get ONE issue, cover chosen at random. (It'll be one of the four.) If you want to collect all of them, you'll have to hit up your local newsstand and purchase them! 
Lauren C.

by Titans#4 on 3/13/2012 4:19:06 PM


I'm still deciding wich one I want first there all so cool!!!!!!!!!

by livluv on 3/13/2012 2:53:06 PM


I got Isabelle's She's Clove(:

by Smile1 on 3/12/2012 6:47:36 PM


I got Jackie Emerson's cover the other day! I'm thinking about making the Chocolate Whoopies!

by Dee_Has_Cookiez on 3/12/2012 5:53:39 PM


Which cover girl is Amandla Stenberg?
Thanks for answering

Amandla is wearing the teal and pink striped dress 
Amanda P.

by Girlygirl0906 on 3/12/2012 4:55:23 PM


How many weeks does it usually take for the first magazine to come after it's first ordered? And do the weeks start when you first ordered it, or when you sent in the money?


Hey girl, it usually doesn't take that long for your first mag to come--we work as hard as we can to get them to you ASAP! I don't know the specifics of your order, so just keep checking your mailbox!

Colleen K.

by spencer9800 on 3/12/2012 9:32:26 AM


These girls...who cares about fashion? There are more important things in life.

Honestly, I thought Willow Shields was different, but apparently she's vying for fame like everyone else -.-

by chloe617 on 3/12/2012 1:24:38 AM


OH MY GOSH I cant't WAIT until HUnger Games comes out, I'll probably go see it, BEST B-DAY PRESENT EVR! Comes out on my b-day!!! LOL

by TacoLoco1234 on 3/11/2012 8:55:50 PM


Ariana Grande should be the June/July cover girl .

by Cartoon Kit-Kat on 3/11/2012 6:55:48 PM


OMG! I totally NEEED this issue;) And I love What MAkes u beautiful!

by taylorswiftfan1233 on 3/11/2012 2:03:20 PM


The may giveaways look awesome i want that satchel so bad i love nautical style!

by oreolover123 on 3/11/2012 12:25:36 PM


Cool!(: I got Jacqueline Emerson!Laughing Yay!

by *MusicGirl16* on 3/10/2012 8:08:58 PM


Mod mod mod mod!!!!!
I don't get GL in the mail I buy it in the store do you think they will have all four??

They should! Jordan S.

by Cupcake_queen_101_ on 3/10/2012 8:02:53 PM


I got Amandla on the cover! So happy! ALl of them look nice, though! Smile

by sweetooth on 3/10/2012 6:38:26 PM


I got mine with Isabelle on the cover two days ago! Smile

by karenbug88 on 3/10/2012 5:04:58 PM


Why do my magazines come at different times every issue? I got my Bella Thorne and Zendaya one at the END of February. I got this one yesterday (4 days earlier than this article says I should) Sometimes I get them two days before the next issue starts. Like I would get a December/January one on January 30!

It's really all up to the postal service babe! Jordan S.

by rissa99 on 3/10/2012 4:42:04 PM


I got Willow's cover... she's making the weirdest pucker face , lol! I'm totally going to get the rest of them!!! Hunger Games rocks!!

by breakingdawnprincess on 3/10/2012 3:11:10 PM


i got my collector cover like a couple days ago... i got prim!! She's AWESOME!! can't wait for the movie!

by stylecrazy503 on 3/10/2012 2:50:29 PM


Sorry GL, but Willow Shields looks ridiculus. She's such a pretty girl, I wish you would have featured her in a more flattering pose. Love all of the other covers though!

by strawberries101 on 3/10/2012 2:36:22 PM


mod mod mod
Will all four covers be availible in bookstores?

They should be! Jordan S.

by strawberries101 on 3/10/2012 2:34:56 PM


mod mod mod
is this issue out right now??????????? i really want 2 know

It sure is, babe! Jordan S.

by soulgymnast on 3/10/2012 2:28:02 PM


Omg!I am reading the hunger games right now! I cant wait for the movie! I got the issue with the girl with the red hair. So are all the issues the same. Just not the cover? And why does everyone say MOD MOD MOD???????

by livy4257 on 3/10/2012 1:39:23 PM


So last issue my subscription expired, so I just got it in stores. I was wondering when I should renew it so that the Hunger Games issue is the first one i get. Thanks!

Hey girl,

It might be too late to get the Hunger Games issue if you renew now since it's the current issue, so you might have to pick that one up in stores. You can contact the subscription office here and ask them for sure!

Meghan D.

by horsie9000 on 3/10/2012 12:55:35 PM


mod mod mod
is the only thing different the covers and do we all still get the same exclusive interviews inside? thanks! Smile

Hey girl,

The covers are different but the content is the same!

Meghan D.

by musicalmaya12 on 3/10/2012 12:39:36 PM


I got Jacqueline Emerson last Wednesday. i wanted amandla stenberg. jackie's cool though

by soccerlover99 on 3/10/2012 12:39:32 PM


can we get all the covers or just one? 

Hey girl,

Each subscriber will get one of the limited edition covers, but you can purchase all of them at the store if you'd like!

Meghan D.

by Emilicious on 3/10/2012 1:57:20 AM


Hi, I never got GL's last issue (the one with Bella Thorne and Zendaya on the cover). This has happened to me a couple times before. I had to go out and buy the issue since I never got it. I know my subscription hasn't ended though because it ends in June this year. I'm also afraid I won't get this month's issue Frown
What should I do? Thanks.



Helen S.

by selenaFan97 on 3/9/2012 8:13:49 PM


Mod mod mod so wait... everybody gets one magazine? Or willlwe each be sent all 4 covers?


Hey!  I think everyone gets one magazine

Helen S.

by christineah111 on 3/9/2012 8:07:49 PM


I got the one with foxface on it!!! <3 Can't wait for the movie!

by LittleMissKitKat on 3/9/2012 7:29:51 PM


I got this article and I love it! I have the cover with Amandla Smile

Join my club, 'Orchestra Nerds and Band Geeks.' it's a loose and fun club where we talk about anything and everything- But especially music Smile Go to my profile to join!!

by svds on 3/9/2012 6:47:14 PM


YESS!!! I GOT MINE!!!! Laughing

mine has Amandla Stenberg on the cover! Smile

by cupcakesrkewl123 on 3/9/2012 6:46:00 PM


cant wait for it to come in >_<

by gogreensoul21 on 3/9/2012 5:37:57 PM


cant wait 4 it!
** hey everyone! join my club, funky hats club, if u hav a cool hat or like hats!!! we discuss fashion and beauty, hair, and did i mention hats? awesome! join pls! Smile**

by beaglegal on 3/9/2012 5:34:23 PM


Got mine

by bananas81 on 3/9/2012 5:11:39 PM


OMG sooo cool can't wait for it to come out!!! I love the hunger games and can't wait to see the movie!!!!

by future_artist on 3/9/2012 4:52:11 PM


excited for the giveaways! and
Do the magazine still comes to Puerto Rico? The last time, also first time, I saw a Girl's Life magazine in a store was like mooooonths ago Frown


Hey! this is the link to the subscriptions page. let me know if you can't find your answer there: 

Helen S.

by kraCy 4 TaylorLautner xD on 3/9/2012 3:52:45 PM


MOD! Which one comes in the mail?

It could be any of them!
Lauren C.

by briannam911 on 3/9/2012 3:16:56 PM


I already got it. It's awesome!

by Charlotte12sky4 on 3/9/2012 3:15:38 PM


im sorry, but the blonde girl in the red/pink shirt looks insane

by guitargirl7321 on 3/9/2012 1:40:42 PM


1st Comment! Yay!
I think you should make Debby Ryan your June/July Cover girl!! She is amazing!!

by FrenchRose on 3/9/2012 11:19:46 AM

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