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4 ways to prevent stretch marks

Banish those silver blemishes before bikini season—really!
38 Comments | Add Yours

MOd Mod Mod
so i have tons of stretch mark cream with the shea butter is it better if it has shea butter in it. also i have had stretch marks for a while like almost 2 years and they are still not gone. they kinda go away but then they come back.i try different lotions but nothing seems to be working. what should i do? thanks


Hey girlie, lotion with shea butter seems to be best for stretch marks. Make sure you're using it daily to help fade your stretch marks. You can also try vitamin E or see a dermatologist to talk about some prescription options. 

Lauren T.

by kay333 on 2/13/2013 6:31:52 PM


ok so i have really bad stretch marks. i've has them for a year and a half and there a really bright purplely red.ok so here's the problem - i've done all of these things for weeks and they didn't even slightly go away and my mom won't buy me any stretch mark remover cream,but i really want them to go away so if you guys have any suggesting on how to get rid of them could u pretty please tell me.also can you please awnser this question i really really really really really really want to know.

I'm sorry girl! We don't have a remedy to stretch marks, but you can still hide them! Read the link below for more information!
mailyse f.

by cgirl109 on 10/1/2012 4:26:43 PM


Mod Mod Mod
I have never had any acne or "blemish" problems but lately my face has been really oily, any advice? Plus I have stretch marks or my thighs/hips from muscle growth too fast and on my chest, I've tried everything but nothing helps, any ideas?

Hey girl,

Oil is totally normal--you can use blotting papers to wipe grease away, and try using a face wash with salicylic acid to stop excess oil production! Also stretch marks are normal during puberty! Check out this post about hiding stretch marks!

Meghan D.

by Klbugg97 on 9/22/2012 10:35:33 PM


So, they are saying stretch marks are silver but mine are a purpley red? Is this normal? Ate there any other easy tips on getting rid of them? THANKYOU! Smile


Hey girly! At first, stretch marks are purple/red and then they fade, so you are completely normal! If they are really bad, try getting a stretch mark cream to help fade them.  They won't go away completely, but it will help! xoxo   

Kate G.

by Catyperry12 on 7/18/2012 12:28:03 PM


what if you already have stretch marks? im so sad i have them!! im not even "fat"!! what can i do!! it makes me sooo self conscious!!!! is there a way to lighten them or get rid of them? ive had them for like 3 years. please and thank you. xxx

Stretch marks are not something you have to be sad about as they there are ways to get rid of them! There are plenty of safe oils and lotions that help reduce the appearance of stretch marks - Bio Oil is amazing for doing this. Also, if you use body lotion regularly this will help prevent stretch marks appearing in the futre! Good luck! xoxo Kerra 
Kerra S.

by iglooooooos on 5/23/2012 9:09:50 PM


IPL Newmarket
these 4 steaps are very usful for skin everyone should have to follo that to make their skin smooth

by rickyponting128 on 4/20/2012 2:37:47 AM


hi, im a dancer and i have really bad weight problems. its not that im over weight, its just that im a lot larger than the other girls in my class. its kinda embarrassing when your extra curvy in a class of girls that are stick thin. i only have two years left till i start collage auditions for dance. is there a quick way for me to loose weight and to boost my confidence as a larger dancer?

by smileandsparkle on 4/16/2012 4:48:14 PM


so i have eczema on my and ankles and my legs are dry up to my knee. i really would like it if you could give me some tips on how to help prevent eczema and if you know of any good moisturizers for it and how to keep my skin less dry. i would really appreatiate you help please, because i realy want to wear flip flops without my ankles and legs looking bad. thanks!

Hey girl,

Here's a quick tip: Sweat can make eczema worse, so make sure you're sleeping in a cool environment and using light layers/blankets so you can easily adjust throughout the night! During the day, wear breathable clothes (stick to cotton fabrics). Also, check out this article with tips on how to live with eczema! Smile

Lauren C.

by iheartsmiles on 4/14/2012 10:37:10 PM


MOD MODMOD MOD!!!!!!! Okay, is it true that you can get more infections by shaving all of your pubic hair???? And I think I'm gonna shave about 90% of my hair down there. Like all of the top, only the bikini lines or edges in the side. Is this okay or will I get an infection?? Also can I use a hydrocortisone cream to stop the itch after I shave or should I use like vagsil, because I dont have any bikini cream stuff?!?!?!?!?!?!? THANKS SO MUCH Smile


hey! these are all great questions, but i feel like, just to be safe, you better ask a doctor. I wouldn't want to steer you wrong. good luck!

Helen S.

by Tayincali on 4/13/2012 7:51:55 PM


MOD MOD MOD what is the best way to shave all of your pubic hair off without being irratated, I have a pool party tomorrow and I don't want any embracing hair.. I already shave my vagina but not all. Do you think should shave it all or just My bikini line?!?!?!?!?! Please help I'm torn Idk what to do..thank u Smile


Helen S.

by Tayincali on 4/13/2012 6:51:01 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!(Lauren C.) okay thanks!!! Also how do you get rid of ingrown hairs down there because I have 3 and they are really bothering me??? How often should I shave my vagina?
And should I tell my mom I shave my vagina?? Thanks so much for all your help Smile

Check out these articles, which could really help with the ingrown hair prob!

How often you shave is totally up to you... I usually do it every other shower just so it's not a huge project each time, but do what works best with your bod! Same with telling your mom - that's a personal decision. If you feel like telling her and keeping her in the loop, go for it. But you don't need to feel pressure one way or another Smile
Lauren C.

by Tayincali on 4/12/2012 9:52:33 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!! so I shave my vagina but not all of it, I leave the sides and the top of my labia, I shaved it all once even the sides but I didn't like it, so I'm gonna shave all of the top and not the sides but leave a tiny tiny bit above my labia. What is the best way to do this?????? Amd is this safe??????

Hey girlie,

It's totally safe! Smile It's a personal decision when you choose how much you want to shave, or trim, or leave natural. And whatever you decide is fine! The best way is, first, to trim the parts you want to shave as short as possible. Then, lather up and shave carefully from the outside, going in. If you want to check your progress, rinse off the shave gel and check how much you've shaved. Remember you can always shave more off, but you can't put the hair back on - so go slow and make sure you don't shave anything you wanted to keep! 
Lauren C.

by Tayincali on 4/12/2012 6:20:14 PM


Weight not wait, GL!

by rafidoggie on 4/12/2012 4:11:24 PM


sorry i have 2 post this again i forgot to say mod...Hey im turning twelve in a week and i want to know if im near my period. i am 4'6" and i am 94 lbs. ive had discharge for a yearish and my chest is a size 32a. i aint gonna talk to my doc cuz hes a guy but since ive had him 4ever my mom wont let me change. and!! i havve my phisical soon and i hate getting naked in front of my mom and doc. i am not exactly model thin here. please help! sorry if this is long..


Colleen K.

by unicornsister on 4/9/2012 11:15:25 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD I need to loose about 30 pounds. My doctor hasn't reccomended anything, so I'm going to dry the 1000 calorie diet and excersize an hour a day. Will this work? How fast will I loose weight?



Hey girly! First of all, 1,000 calories a day isn't very much. And if you're burning all of that off through exercise, than it's likely that you'll malnourish yourself. It's a common myth that to lose weight, you have to really decrease your calorie count. However, eating too few calories can actually have the opposite effect! Your metabolism will stop because it's starved, and your weight loss will stall. So, it's important to eat enough. I'd talk to a school nurse, or maybe a nutritionalist, if you can't talk to your doc. They can give you a plan to follow so that you lose the weight that you want to lose in a healthy way.

Becca G.

by txtingirl on 4/8/2012 9:18:07 PM


Hey im turning twelve in a week and i want to know if im near my period. i am 4'6" and i am 94 lbs. ive had discharge for a yearish and my chest is a size 32a. i aint gonna talk to my doc cuz hes a guy but since ive had him 4ever my mom wont let me change. and!! i havve my phisical soon and i hate getting naked in front of my mom and doc. i am not exactly model thin here. please help! sorry if this is long..

by unicornsister on 4/8/2012 9:13:32 PM


Thanks! And I accidentally reported my own comment while I was trying to copy the link sorry!

No prob! Smile We review every reported comment to see if it's actually offensive and if it actually needs to be deleted. If there's nothing wrong with your comment, you won't get in any trouble! 
Lauren C.

by Jnndrt on 4/8/2012 12:00:52 PM


Okay so, I wax my armpits because the hair doesn't grow as fast as shaving and I have really fine hair but u can still see them! But sometimes when my mom pulls of the wax strip (not hard by the way) some of my skin pulls off too! So now I have like scars and they're not too dark but I can still see them! My mom got me some papaya soaps, but I have a lot of spring clothes that are sleeveless and I really want to wear them! Does papaya actually make skin lighter though? And are there any other things I can do to get rid of the scars? I also go to a dermatologist but my appt isn't until May! And I live in California so I already have a lot of sun here so I really don't want to wait to wear my blouses! I'm sorry I may sound a little whiny right now but I have had these scars for quite sometime now and I really don't want to live with them! Thanks! Smile

Hey girlie,

Nah you don't sound whiny - it's a real concern so we understand! Check out this article about scars. Unfortunately, the news isn't great: you pretty much need to be patient and let time fade them. Doctors are split on the Vitamin E issue (some say it helps speed up the healing process, while others say it does nothing), so I think meeting with your dermatologist and hearing what they have to say will REALLY help! Smile They're professionals, after all! Otherwise, I'd probably try not to wax anymore because your skin isn't handling it well. Just shave instead!
Lauren C.

by Jnndrt on 4/8/2012 12:26:22 AM


So I get that these tips help prevent them, but what about making them go away? I've had mine for quite a long time, and I'll occasionally go into a store and look at some things that are supposed to get rid of them, but i can never bring myself to try them. I'm just not sure if they're safe or if they'll actually work. Advice?

Hey girl,

If you're at a reliable beauty store like Sephora, the products are probably safe. But if you're unsure, ask your mom or a trusted older family member to go to the store with you and help pick out a product! Since you're still young, you can still prevent stretch marks, so worry more about that than about covering them up!

Meghan D.

by macca21 on 4/6/2012 11:12:46 PM


Hey MOD,
I have noticed a few stretch marks, will these tips make them go away?


hey! Yes, I've heard cocoa butter works well Smile 

Helen S.

by SLH115 on 4/6/2012 12:30:50 PM


SO, i'm not sure if i have an olive skin tone...I'm arabian, my skin isn't rlly dark but i'm defintly tan...i have like a Kim Kardashien skin tone...would that be considred Olive?
Thanks =)

Hey girlie,

Definitely! I think I would look to her and Jessica Alba, who both have warm olive skin. If your skin kinda matches with theirs, you're probably olive too! Smile 
Lauren C.

by JudiCutie on 4/5/2012 11:54:44 PM


*mod* *mod*
I don't have stretch marks but can these tips make them not happen???

Hey Chica,

Yes definitely! These tips show you how to prevent stretch marks!
alicia m.

by gbunny on 4/5/2012 10:58:35 AM


I Have some-strech marks-and they are really annoying! They make me feel fat! But I will definately try these tricks! Thanks GL!

by mnc333 on 3/31/2012 7:26:17 PM


Nice tips! I have some really annoying ones on the top of my upper thighs and front of my tummyFrown I'm already trying to eat better, exercise and moisturize! (BTW, when you say "maintain a healthy wait" 'Wait' is spelled 'Weight') Smile

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 3/30/2012 12:37:04 PM


Btw, do not wash your face a lot as that will over dry your skin also and make any acne or oiliness worse

by Smileybai13 on 3/29/2012 5:57:49 PM


xTayTayTallx, your oily skin, believe it or not, will get better with moisturizing! I didn't believe it until I tried it, but it's true. Use a facial moisturizer (one with SPF after u wag in the morning, one without at night after washing). It works because when your skin is dry, your body tries to make up for it by producing more oil. When u moisturize, it has no need to. It really works!

by Smileybai13 on 3/29/2012 5:57:00 PM


*Mod* *Mod*
I have been having really bad suicidal thoughts and have been cutting again recently. I think I need help but I don't know what to do. I can;t trust my parents. and I have no older siblings. Please help me.


I think you need someone who will listen to you. I suggest the counselor at school. Theyll listen to your problems and give you advice. Or theyll just let you vent. You need someone to support you hon. Please go talk to a counselor. They wont make you feel bad! Theyll make you get better. Trust me hon youre amazing and deserve to get the help you need. xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by Sunshine_425 on 3/28/2012 11:51:42 PM


i just posted a comment about my skin and u answered pretty good and said to use concealer, but is there any creams or anything that can make my skin look normally colored always?????


 I think you would need to visit a dermatologist in order to get a better idea of why your skin is discolored and what cream would be best for your skin.

Amanda P.

by hermionelover on 3/26/2012 3:22:34 PM


i was wondering, i have pretty nice skin (as in i dont get to many pimples). but my skin color is really unevenly colored and super sensitive! what can i do to make my skin more of the same color but thats made for sensitive skin?


 Try using a green based concealer on the discolored areas and make sure its oil free.

Amanda P.

by hermionelover on 3/26/2012 2:57:41 PM


All right, so my friends say they would kill for my body, but me? i hate it! rite now, my main concern is my acne. i have mild/moderate acne on my nose and forehead, and its killing me! i have tried a clear gel thing (dk which brand), and am trying Nature's Cure rite now, but its not working. i want 2 try AcneFree next, but dont know if it will help. I also dont want to spend lots of money over stuf like Proactiv, etc., or go to the extreme of Accutane. Any advice? i feel soooo self conscious!=(

by WhoAmI? on 3/23/2012 7:15:10 PM


i have oily skin and for most of the year i just use those Clean & Clear oil remover wips(or whatever) and they kinda work...ive just learned to deal with it. But with summer coming my face is getting more oily and i really just want to find a way to help control it or stop it all together. could you recommend some products for me that you think would help? Oh! and side note, i dont get a lot of acne...just sometimes i get it(figured i would include that cause from what ive read acne prone skin and oily skin go together...but thats not the case for me). thanks!


I suggest you get some face powder. This will give you some coverage as far as make up goes but the powder will also get rid of some oil. Theres not a whole lot you can do to get rid of the oil except wash your face a lot but the powder will help. xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by xTayTayTallx on 3/21/2012 9:45:21 PM


I need help with this so badly! It annoys me so much! Okay, so I have (this is gross so brace yourself) a really lumpy butt! I'm not fat at all! My doctor says I weigh average for my height, but my butt just annoys me so badly! Its not extremely lumpy but mostly on the part where it meets my thighs. theres a huge line and some lumps i guess of fat? im not sure. How can I get rid of these?
thanks! luv, claud

Hey babe,

That's not gross at all! It sounds like cellulite, and it's suuuuper common! In fact, even the skinniest girls probably have a bit of cellulite that makes them feel self-conscious. Check out this article all about it - and what you can do to make it seem less dramatic! Smile 
Lauren C.

by claudsoda on 3/18/2012 12:47:17 AM


over the winter i got these really weird, red, blotchy, itchy, and anything in between all over my stomach and upper arms and shoulders. Its almost bikini season! what are these things and how do i get rid of them?!? I've tried moisturizing but that didn't work...HELP!

Hey babe,

Ouch! That sounds like dry skin, which is super common in the cold, dry winter months. But it could be something more severe like winter eczema, an inflammation and irritation of the skin. Either way, the best thing to do is go to your doctor so he/she can take a look at it. That way, he can help you get the best lotion/medicine to clear it up Smile
Lauren C.

by dana3477 on 3/18/2012 12:12:49 AM


I have these weird lines where my butt meets the backs of my thighs? How do I get rid of these ?

Try cocoa butter, babe! Jordan S.

by volleyball4lifee on 3/17/2012 6:24:35 PM


before I open my pool for the summer, I want to get a bikini, but I'll be honest, I gained a few pounds. How can I loose the belly fat in time enough?



Hey girl!  That's nothing a little exercising and healthy eating can't fix!  Here's an article that may help you get fit!


Check out our Health & Fitness section for more tips on eating right and working out.



Channa R.

channa r.

by singstarsammy on 3/16/2012 9:21:19 AM


I hear these over and over, yet sometimes it's hard to remember!

Join my club, 'Orchestra Nerds and Band Geeks.' It's a loose and fun club where we talk about anything and everything- But especially music Smile Go to my profile to join!!

by svds on 3/15/2012 5:30:30 PM


will the palmers cocoa butter lotion work if you already have stretch marks? and if i start using it now will the marks be gone by summer? i workout and eat mostly healthy foods so i have noo idea why i even have stretch marks...

Hey girl! I am in the same boat as you. One day stretch marks just showed up on my hips out of nowhere and I hadn't gone through any body changes. I think the cocoa butter should help to lighten them a bit but you might need a stronger product to make them vanish completely.  
Amanda P.

by guitargirl7321 on 3/14/2012 11:53:40 AM


Ok, so spring is here, and that means bikini shopping time! The only problem? I have a lot of hair around my bikini line... and if I shave, I get really itchy bumps & it hurts and shows. So I'm thinking of getting bikini area removal cream. Do you think it will work? Plus, I bought some pool side shorts that I can wear over my bathing suit... is it weird? I just don't like my "bottom half" and would feel more confortable with shorts that I can swim in, over top.

Wearing shorts is not weird at all. Also I think a cream should work. 
Amanda P.

by Blushing-Beauty on 3/14/2012 11:44:32 AM

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