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No-fail makeup secrets to play up your eye color

The windows to your soul just got a whole lot brighter.
79 Comments | Add Yours

Mod Mod Mod!!
what colors are good for gray eyes?? they're just straight gray, and all the colors i try look really weird with them! thx in advance Smile

Hey girl,

Love gray eyes! I would try a dark pink (like burgundy) for dramatic eyes, and light purple or pink shades for daytime. Navy blue, "cool" green like emerald, and neutral dark gray or brown can also work!
Lauren C.

by crazycatlady66 on 3/15/2012 4:49:38 PM


I have a grayish faded blue color eyes and I usually wear black eyeliner. If I were to wear eyeshadow instead one day, which color would be better: purple or black? I really like the smoky look and it looks much better than brighter colors.

Hey girl,

Both would look awesome with gray eyes, so you have to go with two things: 1) how you're feeling that day, and 2) if your eyes look more gray or more blue that day. If they're more blue and you're feeling dramatic, black would be so chic. But if you're feeling a little funky or fun and your eyes are more gray, go with the purple! Smile 
Lauren C.

by armychic97 on 3/15/2012 4:37:15 PM


these are so pretty! i have brownish hazel eyes!

by j4zm09 on 3/15/2012 4:24:09 PM


i told this guy in my school i like him over facebook . he's in grade 8 and we don't talk that often but he is sooo sweet . once i told him he said "awwe , really?" and asked me to tell him in person . what does this mean ?! i dont wanna make a fool of myself in front of him !

Hey girl,

Well, he didn't have to say "aww" or anything! If he felt awkward or uncomfy with it, he probably wouldn't have answered at all. So this might be a good thing - and at least a sign that he's a nice guy! Try talking to him more in person. You don't have to start by telling him you like him again (it could make you feel super nervous), so instead just focus on developing your friendship in person for now. That's already a subtle hint that you're crushing on him, and he'll love it if you ask him questions about himself, his interests, etc. As you get to know him even better and get more comfy talking in person, you can flirt and tell him how you feel Smile
Lauren C.

by ihaveguyproblems on 3/15/2012 4:23:37 PM


Gahhh my eyes are amber! sort of a goldish color... especially when hit by the sun.
What should I do?

by DaniHoltz on 3/15/2012 4:07:40 PM


My mom doesn't let me wear makeup and i really want to how do i make her see that i am old enough HELP there is a dance next friday and i really want to wear makeup


 Hey girl! Your mom prob thinks you're too young to wear makeup on the reg. Show her that you're mature enough to wear it..for at least this special occasion! Go out of your way to not show her sass or attitude this week and be extra respectful. Approach in a calm mature way and ask her about the makeup sitch. If she still says no, its just bc she sees your natural beauty(and so does everyone else!!). Good luck! xo, Erin M.

erin m. erin m.

by juliacar on 3/15/2012 3:41:54 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
Okay so I wear cover up, because I have dark circles under my eyes and they don't look pretty and sometimes my skin will look a lil red and blotchy. People are always asking me if I wear makeup, and I don't want them to know that i wear cover up. I rub it in good too! So how can I get rid of the dark circles and the red blotchyness on my skin? And how can I make my cover up look more natural? Thanks!


 Hey girl! Go to the mall to one of the stores or stands where they will show you how to apply face makeup properly to make it look natural. If ya like what they show ya, then buy the makeup. Good luck! xo, Erin M.

erin m.

by smiles48 on 3/15/2012 3:27:36 PM


I have extremely pale skin, just so you know how pale I'm albino but I have a dirty blond hair color. Anyways my eyes change colors everyday from green,hazel,gold, and light brown. What would work with my skin and eyes?


Hey girl! Opt for pretty neutrals that look fab on any skin tone and will look especially amazing on you! Latte colored eyeshadow, brown liner, and brown mascara will do the trick! Good luck! xo, Erin M.

erin m.

by Lalainya on 3/15/2012 2:54:41 PM


I have pretty light skin and I'm cool toned if that makes a difference. My eyes don't really fit in any of these colors! They are like this creepy but cool startling blue green color. Imagine the inside of a lime mixed with the ocean in the Caribbean, a bright aquamarine. That's most of my eye, but then I have an inner middle circle of yellow.
What colors?
I love this article, which would look best on me?
thank you!


Hey girl! First of all, your eyes sound gorgeous! Highlight them lining your bottom water line with a light turquoise liner and your top lid with black liner, then wear mascara only on the top! good luck! xo, Erin M. 

erin m.

by flamboyazence on 3/15/2012 2:38:54 PM


i luv the look but can't do it no matter how hard i try help!!! i have brown eyes and i love bronze and gold on my lids but can't make it shadow-e looking


Hey girl! No sweat, it just takes a little practice. Go on youtube and watch some makeup tutorials on how to get the exact look you want! Those seriously help me out and I know they will help ya too! Good luck! xo, Erin M. 

erin m.

by 26768cats on 3/15/2012 11:10:40 AM

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