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3 healthy on-the-go eats

Hungry for Hunger Games? Yeah, we thought so!
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by ostar21 on 4/11/2012 7:30:57 PM


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by rolex datejust mens watch on 3/23/2012 4:07:03 AM


okay; you guys that are sick of everything being THG; not 2 b mean, but get over it. it was like this with twilight; and harry potter. plus; THG is gonna b bigger then twilight and it's the week of the movie release. OF COURSE there will be a ton of articles!!!!!

natalie :<)

by soccerlover99 on 3/20/2012 7:37:19 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD how much water should I have???
I want to be really hydrated, but how much is too much????
please help!!!!

Hey girl,

It really depends on your body weight/height and how active you are! Bu there's a general rule that says you should drink (at least) half of your body weight in ounces! So let's say you weigh 160 pounds, try to drink at least 80 ounces of water (or other fluids) per day.

alicia m. alicia m.

by rockchik333 on 3/20/2012 7:29:26 AM


@topchef88 You are so right! I love the books and i'm phyched for the movie,but EVERYTHING is now THG!

by FrenchRose on 3/19/2012 8:57:44 PM


Yah, I agree with you topchef88. I like the hunger games, but with their being SO MANY articles on it I am getting a lil tired of it. But just a lil! Smile

by smiles48 on 3/19/2012 5:13:20 PM


I am getting sick of almost everything being Hunger Games, it was cool after the first 10 articles. I just can't wait till it is over.

by topchef88 on 3/19/2012 4:23:04 PM


im just wondering... how much calories does yoga burn per hour, cause i took a pretty intense yoga class a couple days and im just curious. THANKS!!!

Since yoga is not very strenuous it does not burn tons of calories but you can burn anywhere between 100 and 150 calories during a yoga workout depending on how tough the workout is. 
Amanda P.

by abcgirl790 on 3/19/2012 1:58:08 PM

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