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10 no-fail prom convo starters

Things can quickly get awkward at the prom when the conversation runs dry between you and your date. To avoid the uncomfortable silence, here are a few...
36 Comments | Add Yours

Okay so i invited this guy to my debs(prom) he is really hot, and i knew him through my extra classes i took on a saturday but unfortunately im not going to them anymore and i wont be able to see himFrown i found out he live about a half an hour away from me but with school and finals because we are in our final year of high school, i know we wont probably see each other until the end of june(thats when our finals are finished over here in Ireland) I do text him but im always the one texting him first and the last time i texted him he wasnt too into our conversation aka(one wird replys) What should i do like because i am bringing him to my debs in August and i know its a long time but like i dont want it to be awkward between us and i dont want him to forget about me! Please help! Smile x


Hey DashDoll, mhmm let's see. Well it is a good idea to keep the communication going between you guys in between now and August. You guys don't have to talk everyday, just once in a while. Maybe twice every month. If you guys have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram maybe leave a comment on his page. If he doesn't want to talk to you, then I wouldn't force anything. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile  

Lynae P.

by DashDoll on 3/29/2013 5:56:24 PM


please answer my previous wuestion asap! i need to get off the computer soon and need to know tonigght

by Bootsie753 on 3/21/2013 8:20:43 PM


okay, so there is this guy who i originally know from cross country, but we never talked during the season. then recently we ended up going to the same sfter school drivers ed classes and he started complimenting me and talking to me in class. As class went on we talked more and started texting. now drivers ed is over so i we basically dont see each other now. still he will text me and tell me i look nice. Now he wants me to go to his house this weekend and meet his family. the thing is, my mom and i arent very close so i dont know how to talk to her about all of this???

Hey babe,

Wouldn't this be the perfect way to try and rekindle some of your relationship with your mom?  Boys can be such a simple thing to talk about with mothers sometimes.  Even when my mom and I weren't all that close, I went to her about a boy and it helped so much!
Jordan S.

by Bootsie753 on 3/21/2013 8:01:19 PM


My crush and I do a winter activity and it's going to end soon. I'll barely see him after it ends, so I want to at least keep in touch. I have his phone number, but I haven't texted him before. I can text other guys just fine, but with my crush, I'm so anxious on what to text him! How can I keep a texting conversation from getting awkward, but also make myself less nervous while texting him?


Hey bratz911, respond to his questions and ask him some. When you're texting, he can't see you or how nervous you are so remember that. Two, he's just a boy, a human like you and me so no need to get anxious. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile  

Lynae P.

by bratz911 on 3/19/2013 7:07:23 PM


MOD MOD MOD! My prom is coming up and people are starting to get asked to the dance. I have never been asked to a dance and I am really scared I wont be asked. I have a crush on this guy who is a sophomore (im a junior and the dance is juniors and seniors) so he couldn't take me to the dance and we don't talk that much either. What should I do??

Hey girl, subtly talk to him about it! Ask if he's going and if he'd be interested in going. No one says a girl can't ask a boy! 
lauren r.

by olympians on 3/17/2013 11:44:07 AM


But our next school dane isn't till October! And I don't have many chances to talk to him but we have a class together, me, J and W.

Hey girlie,

If you don't have a dance coming up, you could just talk to him when you have class or at lunch and get to know each other more. Check out this article for ways to figure out if he likes you! Smile

Meghan D.

by Teampeetapercy on 3/15/2013 9:57:18 PM


The guys at my school completely ignore me but today at Bandfest my friends H and K said a to. Of guys were checking me out! I noticed some guys that noticed me too! How come all these guys from other schools noticed me but none at my school do?

Hey girlie,

Maybe the guys at your school are intimidated by you! If you want to talk to guys from other schools, you could go over with your friends and introduce yourselves. There's nothing wrong with having options at other schools, too! Smile

Meghan D.

by Teampeetapercy on 3/15/2013 9:53:05 PM


There's a guy I liked and he denied he liked me to me and my friends but he always flirted with me and knew I liked him. I eventually told him I didn't like him like that, but I do. Recently My friend W said his best friend L said the guy I Like, J, likes W. but my friend B said whenever her or W would bring me up in conversation he'd stop and one time he even dropped all his books! B also said he stopped and watched me a lot when we crossed paths in the hall. I'm really confused!

Hey girlie,

Maybe he's not sure who he likes or isn't ready for a commitment. You could keep hanging out with him and see how he acts around you instead of relying on other people's opinions of who he likes--get to know him as friends and see if he is flirty with you and interested in what you have to say. You could also ask him to dance with you at your next dance. Good luck chica!

Meghan D.

by Teampeetapercy on 3/15/2013 9:50:32 PM


Hey GL chicas! Check out my club, It's all about Fashion and Beauty!!! We have advice for any fashion/beauty sitch. Please check it out girlies! <3 Fashion and Beauty Crew

by nazirah817 on 3/15/2013 4:29:25 PM


I don't have prom because I'm homeschooled Frown

by pinklol56 on 3/15/2013 8:49:40 AM


Mod Mod Mod Mod MOd
Hey so i have a crush on my bgf and i'm not sure how to flirt with him? i smile and he smiles back. We talk everyday for a little while. I don't think i know exactly what flirting is? What are some flirting techniques?

Hey girlie,

Take a look at this article:

Jordan S.

by daisie5 on 5/21/2012 8:25:44 PM


Okay so i have this crush on a guy and hes like one of my good friends. We text all the time like literally everyday for who knows how long and we have 3 classes together (2 of which we sit next to each other). All of my friends say he likes me but i think he still likes this girl who he asked out in December. What should I do?


Hey harley6671, I think you should keep talking to him. It sounds like he likes you since you two are always texting and talking all the time. Flirt a little and see how he responds. Hope this helps! Xoxo


Lynae P.

by harley6671 on 4/28/2012 3:21:52 PM


This senior asked me to prom yesterday. I've had him in my french class ever since i started hs (I'm a junior now), but we've only recently started to talk and really bond. The thing is I really like him as a friend and would love to go to prom w/him, but I don't know if I should. 1)My parents would be very hesitant however if I really wanted to, I could get them to let me go (power of the only child;), but 2) I've had a huge crush on this guy (also a senior) since the start of my sophomore yr. My crush used to like me before I like him. I'm not sure how he feels about me anymore, but I know I need to move on (He's leaving in 2 months!). I'm afraid that if I go to prom it might be awkward... and that it's really not fair to my date that I'm his date, but really liking someone else. Do you think I should go?

Hey stargirlcandy3, yeah I think you should go. It’s just prom, not marriage. No one is saying that you have to be in love with him, you’re just going to a dance. And who knows you might end up having a lot of fun.

Lynae P.

by Stargirlcandy3 on 4/28/2012 3:01:16 PM


Hey everyone! I recently made a new club called "Quote of the Day". If you like reading quotes daily from inspirational to funny, this is the perfect club for you! Please join!! Thanks, have an awesome day Laughing

by paxetcaritas101 on 4/27/2012 7:17:37 PM


So my highschool has an Military ball for rotc every year. I asked my crush to be my date and he said yes. But what do I do now when I see him at school ? Also what do I do the day of the ball , like how do I get him to dance or something? Please answer! Thanks


Hey! just act casually the way you did before you asked him out. at the dance ask him if he'd like to dance and I be he'll want to. He said yes after all Smile 

Helen S.

by garciagirl78 on 4/13/2012 8:37:11 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
So in about 3 months my grade is having a semi and recently everyone is asking people even though its a while away. Ive heard rumors that one of my guy friends who i have every class with is going to ask me. my younger sister found this out from his younger sister. i really want him to ask me cause he is really nice and hes such a good friend of mine. How do i get him to ask me soon, but in a not obvious way because im not even supposed to knoww!


hey Girl!  If he's going to ask you, let him do it at his own pace.  But just to give him a shove, flirt a little bit-- don't go over the top.  Just have a cutesy convo with him and maybe he'll get the hint.  Good Luck!


Channa R.

by gigglesxo198 on 3/29/2012 3:37:39 PM it is:

by MusikRox1999 on 3/28/2012 9:55:43 PM


HEY GIRLS!!!!! Here's a link that might help you talk to your crush! Smile

by MusikRox1999 on 3/28/2012 9:55:21 PM


I've used almost all of these but they last for 3 seconds and the Ackward silence resumes. My fail proof questions are Whats your favorite type of music? Who knows you might have mor in common than you thought. Back and forth Would you rather has never yet steered me wrong. I wouldn't reccomend truth or dare because that lead to someones feelings getting hurt.

by rainyseattlegirl on 3/28/2012 5:14:47 PM


so i'm trying to ask my bgf to prom but i'm not sure how.i tried to slip a note with a poem asking him into his violin case but someone stole it before he could read it.we found the envelope in his music locker but no note. i want to try to ask him again in a cute way because there is this how did you ask contest at my school where the prize is a pair of tickets. any suggestions?


Hey girl! Winning the contest sounds awesome, but do you think he might take it the wrong way and think that you like him as more than a friend? If you're not concerned about that, then you should definitely try to win the contest--just do it quickly before someone else asks him! Here are some cute ideas:


1. Buy a fishbowl (and a real fish!) and write a note on it saying: "Out of all the fishes in the sea, I want you to go to prom with me!"

2. Make a puzzle using construction paper and write a message on it asking if he will go to prom with you. Then put the puzzle pieces in different balloons and blow them up and give them to him. He will then have to pop the balloons and figure out the puzzle!

3. If you're able to get your teacher in on it, create a fake pop quiz. Have your teacher hand it out to students (it can have really easy and silly questions on it), but give a different copy to your BGF. Give him really hard questions and have the last question ask if he will go to prom with you. 


Hope these ideas help!

Colleen K.

by music girl on 3/26/2012 12:06:34 PM


I really suck at making conversation and I clam up easily around people I don't know well. I just never seem to know what to say...
Anyway there's this guy who I don't have a crush on who asked for my number on Facebook when we were chatting and he has texted me a few times at night in the two days since he's had my number. He is really friendly and he gives good advice as well. But I don't know if I should text him first or if that would make me seem too clingy (I'm not good with phone etiquette)?? I want to be his friend and not be so closed off but I don't know how. HELP!!


Hey girl! It sounds like you are off to a good start so far. The best way to get more comfortable around someone is to continually talk to them and get to know them better. You can definitely text him without seeming too clingy--just text him with a purpose! Instead of just saying "Hey, what's up?" every day, ask him a more specific question. Do you go to school together? Maybe say something about a homework assignment or make a funny joke about something that happened during lunch. Keep the conversation casual and you'll be friends in no time! And remember, if he asked for your number, then chances are that he wants to talk to you!

Colleen K.

by WOWcow on 3/26/2012 4:48:58 AM


Luckily I'm going with my boyfriend so I don't have to worry about this

by nicegurl on 3/25/2012 6:58:52 PM


My favorite conversation starter:
"Are you ever worried that your white blood cell count is lower than your friends? I mean, sure, your immune system is fine, but is it the best?"
Works every time.

by 1984 on 3/25/2012 11:43:20 AM


My boyfriend and I rarely see each other outside of school. I'm 14, and he's 15, so neither of us can drive. He has a really strict mother (Who also works a lot so she can't take us places)which also causes problems. I do see him a lot, though, having a lot of classes with him. But that's not quite the same. My mom said she would take us places, but since I'm shy (and kind of afraid of asking him to do something and him thinking it's dumb or him not being allowed to go) it's hard for me to just come out and ask him on a date... Do you have any advice?!?!? I would REALLY appreciate it!

Hey girlie,

You gotta ask him out! He's your BF, so don't feel afraid. You might be a little nervous, but the more you ask, the easier it'll be. You don't have any excuses since your mom has offered to take you places, so just take a deep breath and go for it! <3 
Lauren C.

by caseyf13 on 3/24/2012 10:48:39 PM


I'm looking for things to do this summer. I'd like a job, but since I am a young teenager, it is unlikely that I would get hired at most places. Volunteer jobs would be fine too. But I've searched a lot online and I haven't found very much. Do you have any tips on searching or ideas of things I could do? I'd love to be a camp counselor, but I'm not old enough because most places require you to be a college student. I'd also love to be a waitress. And I'd also love a job related to books or writing, but I can't find any of those either. Any ideas? Thanks.

At most places, you can't get a job at this age.  Your best bet is to try typical teenage summer jobs like working a poolstand, a snowball stand, dogwalking, babysitting, plant care, etc. Jordan S.

by crazyshortie13 on 3/24/2012 8:16:18 PM


Ok only the last 3 sound like prom related stuff I think the others would be good into getting to know ur BF

by TeamAlice33 on 3/24/2012 6:07:49 PM


her dress in the pic is sooo cool. i am like, drooling.

by bunnehz on 3/24/2012 4:56:28 PM


so i have a crush on this kid in my spanish class. The thing is, he is a grade younger than me, and I only see him in that one class period and occasionally in the halls. But he is like, a foot taller than me and really cute, is always really sweet and I can always talk to him about whats bugging me and he talks to me about that too. His girlfriend was mad at him once and asked me what to do and i sorta saved his relationship with her (with a little help from GL, THANK YOU!!! Smile even though i liked him. But now they broke up. he sends me really cute texts and it hasnt been even a week since they broke up. The other day he sent me this really long text and it was the definiton of my name and was really sweet, and when i lost my soccer game i told him and he said he was thinking about my game the whole day. And he sent me a text "dont take this the wrong way... but u have a cute voice Smile" umm. i just want to know if it sounds like he could like me and if it would work out.

Hey babe,

He DEFINITELY sounds like he might be into you.  Step up the flirting, girlie.  Maybe even ask to hang out one-on-one sometime soon.
Jordan S.

by bunnehz on 3/24/2012 4:54:29 PM


Hey kkahy, click the links below for tips on flirting, dating and relationships. Hope these help! Xoxo

hey, i really want a boyfriend over the summer or next year (ill be a freshman next year) but im kinda shy and i dont know a lot of guys. I really want to have fun and have a boyfriend to hang out with and like. so do you have any tips for me to be able to have a happy relationship? Thannks so muchSmile Lynae P.

by kkkahy on 3/24/2012 2:55:25 PM


@jennntheswimmer- Hahahaha ;D Your sooo right! That's exactly what I was thinking Laughing

by lollipop68 on 3/24/2012 1:13:18 PM


yeah; pallet is 'a bed or mattress of straw' or 'a small or makeshift bed'

by soccerlover99 on 3/24/2012 12:47:01 PM


OMG puffinlover99 you are so right actually they have a lot of typos on here if you haven't noticed

by Payton K on 3/24/2012 10:34:00 AM


Good tips! Smile
Please join my new club, Live Life, Happy! We have tips on how to stay optimistic through life and tricks on how to have a positive outlook. Please join!! It's on my profile. Laughing

by future_artist on 3/24/2012 9:34:41 AM


Um, they totally misspelled palate. It's like so wrong it isn't funny...

by puffinlover99 on 3/24/2012 8:05:34 AM


So last year me and my crush talked and he'd tease me and stuff and he'd always smile at me. Now this year we arent in the same class anymore and we havent talked since the beginninh of the school year. But sometimes I'd catch him staring at me or he and his bff would be whispering and looking at me, then once I saw his bff with one of his friends talking and looking at me...
And every time he's near me with his friends or with his class he'd be grinning the whole time.
But he doesn't talk to me, I mean he could at least say hey but he just stands there and grins.
And I'd like to start a convo with him but he's always with his friends! he doent have a cellphone.
Oh and sometimes when I'm just chatting with one of my guy friends he'd stand there and frown.
He obviously doen't know my guy friend and that he has a gf!
so i dont know what to do, any suggestions???
Thank u SOOOOO much!
I <3 you guys!!!

Hey girl,

If you want to start a conversation with him, go for it! If you don't know his friends, just introduce yourself and join their conversation -- it will be less awkward if there are other people there anyway! As for the signs, it's hard to tell, but it sounds like he might be interested, so start talking to him!

Meghan D.

by imblonde5678 on 3/24/2012 4:30:23 AM


Personally I wouldnt start a conversation about another girls dress, it will put your date in an awkward situation. Like what is he supposed to say? "Oh yeah she looks totally hot!" Haha

by jennntheswimmer on 3/24/2012 2:44:28 AM

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