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Why your guy is acting distant after your first kiss

He says he enjoyed it, but he doesn’t seem as into me. What should I do?
18 Comments | Add Yours

oh never mind

by hermionegirl12 on 5/19/2012 8:31:55 PM


Oh btw that mod down there that I wrote? my parents r divorced so my dad dont know she dosnt know

by hermionegirl12 on 5/19/2012 8:27:57 PM


MOD! So, I’m a little old to be using this, but I’m 15. I really like this guy who goes to my church youth group. He’s 17. We’re definitely only acquaintances, but there a certain things he does that makes me think he likes me. He’s very friendly, teases me all of the time, and is always kind. We text occasionally. We have so much in common. Unfortunately, he doesn’t go to my school, so I only see him Sundays. I guess what I am asking is, he’s going to be 18 soon. Next year, he’ll be leaving for college, and if I talked about my feelings, and we did end up dating, would it be worth it? I truly know he is the kind of guy I would marry, (I’m not stupid and he’d still be around since he goes to my church but should I speak up?

Hey babe,

I say give it a shot!  Who knows, maybe he'll end up going to college in state?  Or even if not, you'd still have a full year of time to spend being happy with him.
Jordan S.

by solosinger7 on 5/14/2012 3:49:37 PM


never mind i kissed him on last thursday

by teshla21 on 4/24/2012 10:33:53 PM


Okay my bffs boyfriend likes me and I don't know what to do!!! I sorta like him but I don't want to hurt her feelings. Like when we are all in a group talking and her bf comes over he ends up talking to me and we have this one class together and last week he made me a "birthday card" but my birthday isn't until October!! I have had his friends tell me he likes me and other girls in the grade have even told me he likes me! I sorta like him and they are still going out but I think he is going to break up with her and ask me out. What should I do!!!!!!!!

Hey girlie,

You KNOW the answer to this one - he is off limits, babe! First off, he's in a relationship. So even if he wasn't dating your BFF, he wouldn't be on the market. That means no flirting or crossing that line between friends and more-than-friends. You wouldn't want someone to do that to YOUR BF, so respect their relationship and try to just be friends. Now, the sticky part... he's dating your BFF. It's a personal choice, but you gotta decide whether your friendship is important or if you want to see what could happen with this guy. Personally, I would definitely NOT date him right after they break up. If he asked, I would tell him I was interested but that I wanted to wait until my bestie was totally over it and moved on so I didn't hurt her. Then, I'd focus on her and making sure she knew how supportive I was and that I was always there for her. Then, once time has passed and she has clearly moved on, if I still liked him, I'd start talking to him again and see where it led. But I would never do anything without talking to my bestie first about it, to make sure it didn't hurt her! Also, something to keep in mind... if he broke up with her for another girl, he could 100% do the same to you.
Lauren C.

by DanceLover1027 on 4/14/2012 10:54:27 PM


Okay well since I've turned 13 I've been getting..compliments and a ton of flirting from guys my age.I know it doesnt seem like a big deal but everytime it happens I get uncomfortable and my tummy turns into knots! I for sure am NOT ready for dating but is there anyway I can calm down,not make a big deal about it and accept it? I NEVER in my whole life have been flirted with or have been given compliments.It actually scaries me a bit when I think about having a boyfriend and dating and being alone with the guy!


Hey! when it happens just take a breath, smile and say thank you. That's the perfect way to deal without making yourself uncomfortable. You go girl! 

Helen S.

by Super8fangirl98 on 4/13/2012 6:22:40 PM


my friends bf and her hav been dating 4 at year on sat. and shes rly excited. a few nites ago, i asked him if he was thinking of breaking up w/ her and he said yes. his reason is tht he doesn't like her anymor and he doesnt wanna stay w/ her out of pity, but some1 else told me tht its cuz he wants 2 b single so he can flirt w/ girls (which hes already doing) and cuz he doesnt wanna date some1 4 a whole year. thing is, idk if i shud tell her about the flirting so tht she can possibly break up w/ him and save herself from humilition, or if i shud tell her about it after he breaks up w/ her so tht it helps her healing process. if i do the first option, some1 mite find out tht i told her and get mad. plus, she mite regret breaking up w/ him and feel bad if she still liked him. the 2nd option cud b bad cuz she mite get mad @ me 4 not telling her sooner, and some1 mite still get mad @ me. he's such a jerk and doesnt deserve her or any1- wut do i do???

Hey girlie,

This is tricky.  I think you should tell her that he said he was considering breaking up with her as well as that he didn't like her as much anymore.  No girl should have to stay in a relationship where the guy doesn't feel anything for her, you know?

You're her friend before anything else, it doesn't matter if anyone finds out that you told.
Jordan S.

by pinkninja64 on 4/9/2012 5:36:27 PM


ok so i went out with my bgf back in october, and after 3 weeks i broke up with him cuz i wasnt ready. now i like him again and he likes me. but he hasnt made a move, and its been a month. how do i subtley hint that?
and does this sound like a good idea? he's a great guy, and a good bf but im just wondering if my parents will be disappointed. i just need some advice on what to do.
i know this rly doesnt make sense but i appreciate the help.

Hey girlie,

Since you broke up with him last time, I think YOU should make the move this time. He might be afraid to ask you out again since he got rejected last time. Show him you want to try again by asking him to a movie or dinner sometime. Don't worry about what your parents or friends will think - if it feels right to give it another chance and he's a respectful/trustworthy guy, go with your heart <3
Lauren C.

by abby.luv16 on 4/5/2012 8:33:56 PM


hey!!!!! something similar is happening to me!!! so i have been dating this guy for like to months and we still haven't kissed! and the worst part is that he wants to kiss me and i want kiss him, but that has not even come close to happening! what should i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help me before i DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by teshla21 on 4/2/2012 8:15:07 PM


Me and my BGF(I am in love with himm), had our first kiss yesterday.<3

by Goldfish123 on 4/2/2012 7:41:21 PM

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