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Spring clean your attitude

5 ways to feel fab this season
30 Comments | Add Yours

so me and my sister fight but everytime we do "it's always my fault" thats what my mom dad and sister say. but its not! like 20 minutes ago i asked her if i could have my computer because she had it but she was using her ipod. and she said "well if your going to be a _____ about it then take it so she reached over and hit me. and i still have marks. and even if a show my parents what she did like the marks on my arm they say "are you just trying to get attention again." and i dont know what to say any more. what should i do? please help

Hey babe,

Yikes! That's totally wrong that she is physically abusing you. If your parents refuse to believe you, talk to another trusted adult (family member, friend's parents, even a school counselor if it's still going on when you head back to school). I know it can be difficult to deal with an annoying sib, but maybe instead of going to tattle on her, you can have a convo with her. Sit her down and tell her how you've been feeling lately. Express how it hurts you when she acts like that and it makes you feel like she doesn't love you. Hopefully she will get the hint and ease off. Also try bonding with her more - maybe if you guys interact on a friendly basis, it'll make the fights less frequent. Or, try the opposite and go and hang out with some friends for a few days - maybe you just need a break from each other!
Kelly G.

by jazmine ann on 7/25/2012 11:25:23 AM


idk why, but since I was young Ive kept things that have no use or for no reason. It's like everything has a big sentimental meaning to me, even things like paper or a wrapper, and I don't know why. This summer I've been trying to get rid of things like old papers and things like that, but it's still hard. Is it just the way I am, or is it an issue that can be fixed? Do u have any ideas of ways I could cope with it and make it easier? I'd really appreciate the advice. Thanks a bunch!!

Hey girl,

I used to have the same problem! People are different, and some people are more sentimental than others. I would suggest that you enlist the help of someone else...sometimes it can be a lot easier to deal with something when you have others supporting you. Tell a parent or a close friend about your troubles, and ask if they can help you sort through some things in your room and guide you in deciding which things to keep and what to get rid of. 
Kelly G.

by British-IrishBoybands<3 on 7/4/2012 2:25:49 PM


I just logged on and relized my account has been hacked
my facebook and email were too and they wrote creepy messages to all my friends and on here! What can i do to prevent it! ( password has been changed!)

Hey girl!

Make sure you log out every time you leave our site, as well as your Facebook and email. Also, be sure to change your password every few months. And don't share your passwords with anyone! 
Rachael A.

by lostinbattle3 on 6/29/2012 3:27:47 PM


MO MOD MOD!!!!!!
What does MOD stand for?

Hey girl!

MOD stands for Moderator. We just check the website to answer your questions and make sure the comments are appropriate! 
Rachael A.

by lostinbattle3 on 6/29/2012 3:17:43 PM


Hey girl!

While we
encourage an open environment on, some gals might find
your comment inappropriate. It's totally OK to be confused about your feelings, so you should talk to a trusted friend, adult, parent or guidance counselor to help answer your question. Thanks!

Rachael A.

by lostinbattle3 on 6/29/2012 3:11:20 PM


how do you become a moderator?

Hey blueseastars13, I got my moderator position through an internship with Girls Life. Click this link to find out how to become an intern! Hope this helps! Xoxo



Lynae P.

by blueseastars13 on 5/5/2012 4:38:10 PM


okay i wanted help. so i want to join facebook but my mom she really really hates facebook n thinks dat i may get spoilt.i am 14 now so i m eligible to be on facebook plz help! i badly want to join it. i hav tried evrything to convince her, i evn talked to her about it but she doesnt agree.plz plz pplz help me i badly want to join it.

Hey girly! If she feels so strongly against it then you really should push her anymore. If it is the only thing that you want then try and make a deal with her. Ask if you can make one and have her make one two and become friends with her. That way she knows what you are doing and wont be nervous about it.  
Ana D.

by rprincess98 on 4/13/2012 3:10:38 PM


I am super boy crazy and I can't help but look for cute boys when I am at the mall or some place local, is that weird? Is that not normal?

Hey girl,

It is totally normal to be a little boy crazy when you're young, so don't be afraid to scope out those cuties as long as it doesn't distract you from what you're doing Smile

Meghan D.

by ljbdaisy on 4/7/2012 9:57:44 AM


My friend and I have to do this project for school that is a community service project. We want to go to this low-income nursing home, but we have no idea what to do with the elderly. Got any ideas?
Also I am super boy crazy and I can't help but look for cute boys when I am at the mall or some place local, is that wierd? Is that not normal?


Hey girl!

Some of the things you and your friends can do are bringing board games, story books to read to them, arts and crafts projects to decorate their rooms, teaching how to use social media websites to stay in touch with family, etc. This article has some great ideas for volunteering with the elderly as well. 

Krupali D.

by ljbdaisy on 4/6/2012 10:28:49 AM


im definitely going to spring clean my attitude by doing the things described under Take an Hour for Yourself, Soak up the Sun,Give Back, and Make an Effort. I really love to do my homework outside now! im also going to run and practice for my sports on my own instead of waiting until practice with the team. i heard sweat releases endorphins, which increases your mood, so cant wait to get out and running for track!

by parischick2 on 4/4/2012 6:29:24 PM


I totally agree about spending more time outside. I go out on my deck and do my homework in the spring and fall. Its not too cold or hot and you get more vitamin D. Remember to put sunscreen on in all seasons. Just because its cloudy doesn't mean that their isn't sun!

by abcrazykat on 4/1/2012 10:10:19 AM


Sorry i'm asking so many questions!this one's kinda related to my last one:if a guy teases you only & is sweet towards other girls,does it mean he likes you?

Hey girl,

Guys often tease girls they have crushes on, or else he's just being a jerk! If he seems playful, he might like you, but if he seems genuinely mean then stay away!

Meghan D.

by LilyBS123 on 3/31/2012 11:22:32 AM



Hey girl,

I'm sorry to hear your family is going through rough times. Because we wish only the best for you, it's important you speak to a trusted adult like a teacher, guidance counselor or doctor right away to get an expert opinion and advice for your situation. This post has resources and free hotlines where people will be more than happy to speak with you and answer your questions as well as give you advice.!2.aspx

Meghan D.

by Makeup Artist #1 on 3/30/2012 11:10:41 PM


There's this guy who teases me a lot.But the prob's that he's very sweet to my friends while he's very mean to me.He calls me 'witch' just cuz I played the role of a witch in a school play.But he does not call my friend's witch although they also played the role of witches(wizard of Oz,he was the narrator).I once asked him why does he call me only witch and he said cuz i'm ugly.I complained to my friends 'bout him and they started laughing so I asked why and they said that he teases me cuz he likes ME!I don't like him and I'm confused.
P.S.he recently changed his school and i kinda have started missing him even though I hate him!


Ahh, boys.  Can't live with them, can't live without them! I don't know this boy, so I wouldn't be able to confirm your friends' opinions.  However, it's possible that he likes you.  You probably miss him because somewhere deep down, you liked the attention he gave you, it's natural.  Boys have been teasing girls since the beginning of time, that's just their way of saying, "hey, I'm over here, and I like you!"  Not necessarily that they like, like you, but that they wanna be your friend.  And girls have always gotten annoyed with it, (but secretly liked it!)  Embrace it, hun!


Channa R.

by LilyBS123 on 3/30/2012 8:15:49 AM


Mod mod mod!
My friends and I are being bullied at school: this group of boys just embarrasses and picks on us every day since the beginning of the school year, they gave us a mean nickname, insult us, act super disgusted when they need to be near us, and we don't even know why! Almost everyone in the class does that. I feel so insecure Frown
How do I stand up for myself because I'm just so shy! Help?

Hey girlie,

We did a series of articles in October sharing real stories about bullying - check out our How to Deal With a Bully tag to read them all (and to see other articles about being bullied too). The truth is, bullying is NOT easy. And it happens to wayyyy too many tweens and teens these days. First off, remember that bullying always comes from an insecurity that the bully has about him/herself. Also remember you're not alone and you can always depend on your besties for support. They're going through it with you, so it could even make your friendship stronger! Don't be afraid to talk to your parents, teachers, or school counselor about this too. If you tell them specific examples, they can help you come up with ways to stand up for yourself, ideas to make ignoring them easier, and ways to connect to your classmates to show them you're not much different than them <3
Lauren C.

by Kayla9 on 3/29/2012 11:09:28 PM


Ok this is something that's been a problem for a few months but its been getting worse. it seems like every second i'm thinking about how ugly i am. all of my friends say i'm pretty but i just don't see it. and i keep comparing myself to other girls! i just can't stop! somedays i feel good about myself but most of the time i'm just sadFrown i have tried everything its just that everytime i look in the mirror i see alot of things wrong with me i can't pick out ONE GOOD THING!! please helpCry

Hey babes,

We've all been there - promise ya. When I'm feeling down or picking my appearance apart, I like reading this article about that bad word "ugly." It really helps put things into perspective! And I also like choosing something to do that makes me feel good about myself in a different way, like going for a jog, laughing with friends, or doing community service. Life is about SO much more than having the "wrong" hair color or one eye being bigger than the other, ya know? <3 
Lauren C.

by Alykat18 on 3/29/2012 10:36:39 PM


MOD thank lauren C. btw my dress is white with teal and black flowers SUPER CUTE and I am going to wear gold eye shadow and light pink lipstick!! sound good

Love it! You'll look so pretty, have a great time!!!!!! Smile 
Lauren C.

by Payton K on 3/29/2012 9:20:40 PM


Ok 2 things
1. do you think its better to tell people the truth or avoid drama and stay mum
2. I never get ANY sleep at slppeovers!! even when we decide to go to bed i can never fall asleep! what should I do? Thanks! Smile

Hey girlie,

1. I think it depends on the situation. Sometimes, you can delicately tell the truth and it's not a huge deal - like if you're trying on clothes at the mall and your friend asks if you like the dress she has on. You can be like, "It's ok, but I think something with a halter neck would make you look awesome!" And if it's a secret that could help someone stay healthy and safe, tell it. But if it's something big and could hurt feelings, it's best to keep it to yourself.

2. That's the point! Smile I rarely get sleep when I'm hanging out at sleepovers either, but it's kinda fun because we don't do it all the time. If you really want to get more shut-eye, try bringing an iPod with you. Make a playlist called "Sleep" with soothing, slow, happy songs that relax you. When you all decide it's finally time for bed, put it on and let yourself calm down. You still might wake up a lil groggy in the morning from playing Truth or Dare til super late, but this always helps me get more rest!
Lauren C.

by wxyz22 on 3/29/2012 9:06:17 PM


Want to get that bikini bod by the summer, but it seems impossible? Or do you just want to look good in neon skinny jeans that are SO in this season? Maybe you just need to eat healthier. Either way, you should join my club, Get Fit Fast! If you want more details about the club, go to my profile! And right now, we are looking for a Treasurer or Secretary. If you want one of those jobs, you can ask for the job on my profile in the COMMENTS. Please do not apply for any of the jobs in the club on a post. JUST on the COMMENTS.

by New_York_City on 3/29/2012 8:48:09 PM


Want to get that bikini bod by the summer, but it seems impossible? Or do you just want to look good in neon skinny jeans that are SO in this season? Maybe you just need to eat healthier. Either way, you should join my club, Get Fit Fast! If you want more details about the club, go to my profile! And right now, we are looking for a Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Eat healthy motivator, and a Exercise motivator! If you want one of those jobs, you can ask for the job on my profile in the COMMENTS. Please do not apply for any of the jobs in the club on a post. JUST on the COMMENTS.

by New_York_City on 3/29/2012 8:15:52 PM


I have a huge crush on this guy, let's call him R, but my friend has a crush on him too, let's call her A, and she told me that if she found out that another girl liked him, she would track them down and murder them (that's really what she said, but I know she wouldn't do that, but that's how she feels!)... But I really, really, really like R! And I want R to know that I like him before middle school because he's not going to the same one as me. But A always gets mad at me whenever I flirt with him, even a TINY bit. And I think R likes me, and everyone knows that R HATES A, and so I don't know why she gets so heated! How do I flirt with him or tell him I like him, without her getting mad? I mean, she doesn't OWN him and she doesn't get to choose who is allowed to like R! Help!

Hey girl,

Totally read this article (link below) about the same sticky best-friend sitch. You're gonna have to talk to her about this, no way around it Frown To be fair, remember that she did make her crush known a LOT earlier than you did. But also remember that you're both growing up, so both of you could change your mind and feel your feelings shift soon. It's nothing to stress about - and he's not the only fish in the sea. (I know it's a cliche, but it's true.) If you love your friend and want to keep your friendship no matter what, you might have to back off a little. It doesn't mean you won't have a chance in the future - or that you won't find a different crush who is even better than this one! <3 
Lauren C.

by New_York_City on 3/29/2012 8:14:34 PM


Today I found out that a girl lied and said that I called her ugly. She is one of my best friends. After play practice, I tried to apologize but she wouldn't accept my apology. She said that I only wanted to be her friend to hang out with her guy friends which is not true. The worst part is that all my friends sided with her, even my bff. I'm so sad. What do I do? I can't move away from her because I sit next to her during lunch and I don't know if we can move. How can I get her to forgive me? Thanks you guys. This really helps if you can answer it.

Hey girl,

You already tried to apologize (and for WHAT? You didn't even do anything!), so she's clearly not going to budge unless she wants to. The best thing to do is talk one-on-one with your other friends to set the record straight. Don't sit back and let them walk away - tell them, calmly, exactly what happened and how none of this is true. Tell them you're committed to their friendship and you would never say something hurtful like that about a friend. Be honest, genuine, and your normal self. You can't force them to believe you, but if you're honest and truthful, they won't have any reason not to <3 
Lauren C.

by Jetdoggy24 on 3/29/2012 7:57:20 PM


how do i make someone an officer in my club?

Lauren C.

by sweettooth825 on 3/29/2012 7:50:18 PM


Good ideas!

hey girlies looking for some great advice? come and ask me on my advice queen page, username honeycakes! I will give you advice on every subject!

or if you would rather join a club, try pink zebra (I am the vice president) it is a newer club that will give you some great advice!! SmileSmile

by honeycakes on 3/29/2012 7:21:25 PM


I wonder if they got the idea for this post from the poem the one reader wrote. About spring cleaning your love life. I'm pretty sure that would improve my mood. Smile

by random_mockingjay25 on 3/29/2012 7:16:36 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going on a class trip to Chicago in like a week and its with 3 other girls from my class and 1 is my BFF the other i have only met a couple of times but she is really nice but the other one has been known to slap, kick, yell and punch other people and i am going to sleep in the same room with her with out an adult in the room!!!! And i have to sit next to her on a 5 hour bus ride!!!!!!!And to top it all off there is def. not enough time to switch people. Please give me some advice on how to deal with her! Thank you so much! You guys are the best!

Hey girlie,

Try not to cause any drama. Make small talk, be friendly and pleasant, and don't act awkward. As long as you act normal and show her you aren't afraid of her (or worse, that you think she's weird), she probably won't cause any trouble. Chances are she does ALL this stuff to get attention - so if you chat as you're getting ready for bed, talk about what you're excited to do that day while you're getting dressed in the morning, and overall just have a pleasant time, she'll feel ok. You don't have to become BFFs obviously, but don't let her reputation get in your way while you're trying to enjoy your trip! Treat her like a friend or friendly classmate and all will go ok Smile 
Lauren C.

by physicschick on 3/29/2012 5:50:35 PM


i like this i think this will totally help me with stuff.

by kittycute67 on 3/29/2012 5:01:17 PM


I aksed my crush if he liked me and he said maybe while he was smiling.Then i said if you do then why don't we go out.But he said i am not ready for a gf so ask me when we are 13 or 14.What should i do now?

Hey girl,

He told you the truth - that he's not ready to date - so you gotta respect that. Try not to wait around since he's not actually your BF right now (so you shouldn't miss out on great things, like new crushes, just because he's not ready yet), and instead just be a friend to him! Hang out, do homework together, chat about music and movies, etc. Get to know him better and don't feel pressure to turn it into a relationship yet Smile
Lauren C.

by kittycute67 on 3/29/2012 4:51:22 PM


MOD Our school dance is coming up and i dont know what kind of makeup to wear (no eyeliner or clear mascara) and suggestions and i have adorable white wedges that are like 3 inches but i never really thought about dancing in them!!! do you think they are okay to dance in or should i just ditch the wedges and wear flats

Hey girlie,

Wedges are pretty comfy, so I'd start off in those because they are super cute. But I'd probably stuff a pair of flats in my purse just in case Smile Or flip flops! As for makeup, go for some light eyeshadow in a color that complements your outfit (a navy blue, a shimmery gold) and a perfect pink lipstick! Super pretty for spring.
Lauren C.

by Payton K on 3/29/2012 4:39:37 PM


I am going to spring clean my attitude by not allowing myself to complain as much.

by supersingershannon on 3/29/2012 4:10:00 PM

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