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How to call it quits with a cool girl

One of my friends is super popular, but she treats me badly. I want to end our friendship…
45 Comments | Add Yours

i think that if they don't treat you like a friend they are no considered as a friend. I have been through what your going through before its not easy. they talk about you behind your back, call you names etc. Try to get over them and find other friends you have common with. Thats the easy way!

by aNiTasmiles on 9/3/2012 3:22:49 PM


My crush and I have hardly anything in common....does that mean a relationship could never work?


hey! not at all. Many people feel like it's good to have less in common because you tend to challenge eachother more. just as long as you don't bicker all the time Smile 

Helen S.

by maggie183 on 7/30/2012 8:16:26 PM


I need help. THe public middle school in my town has grades 5,6,7,and 8. When my older sister was there they didn't have the 5th only 6, 7, and 8. She completed the 6th grade there then my mom pulled her out and put her in a private school for 7th and 8th. After that year they added the 5th grade on and i went to school there. I have been at this middle school for 2 years now going on 3. I loved in 5th grade and i feel like i like it less every year. My older sister is going into high school now. But when she went to her private school she met a bunch of girls. They are all really pretty, nice, smart and have a huge social life. When my sister hung out with the girls and the public middle school they weren't as social and now they all drink and smoke. (Not all though) My grade is better than my older sisters. But i feel like the girls aren't as social as my older sisters. And their not... It's getting on my nerves. Should i go to private school for 8th grade?


Hey chica! Where you go to school is a decision you have to make with your parents.  Your mom might have pulled your sister out for a reason you don't know about.  If you're given the option, talk about the pros and cons (not just social, but academic, athletic, and convenience, too). I can't tell you where you should go to school, only you and your fam will know what's right for you. 

Kate G.

by bridget.murphy134 on 7/12/2012 11:30:45 AM


~ Jess D.
Thanks so much!!!

by Sarah510 on 5/4/2012 5:17:10 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
No you think this sounds to fashionable for a sleepover party ( for PJ's???) Teal shorts with glittery letters that say ''Swim'' on the back, and a purple lace cami with purple sequins on the top???


Sounds adorable! I love matching teal and purple. xx

Jess D.

by Sarah510 on 5/4/2012 12:35:03 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
I'm going to a friend's sleepover party tonight, and she has invited 10 people. Beside's her, I only know about one or two other people who are going. Also, um... normally I'm excited for parties but I'm dreading this one. What should I do??? I don't want to seem stuck up because I only talk to one other person or something. Help!!!


Hey girl, I know it can be tough to go to a party where you don't know a lot of the girls, but think of it as a way to meet new friends! Hopefully there will be games where you can interact with the other girls and get to know them a bit better. But just be friendly and put yourself out there a little bit. A quick "I love your pajamas, they're so cute!" always works to break the ice. Or, talk about how much you both love the hostess! You def have that in common. Have fun! xx

Jess D.

by Sarah510 on 5/4/2012 11:54:03 AM


I might get admitted to an inpatient facility for an eating disorder. I'm really scared, and I don't think I need it. I don't need to gain a zillion pounds and I only cut myself sometimes and I'm eating now! How can I convince my pscyciatrist that I'm fine? I go to therapy, I eat, I'm at a healthy weight. None of it's nessicary! I've been there before and it sucks. I still have nightmares about it. Please help.

Hey girl,

Your doctors will know what's best for you, and as an outsider I can't really offer you advice on this. I can only imagine how tough things are for you. Because we wish you only the best, it’s extremely important that you speak to a trusted adult, such as a family member, doctor, guidance counselor, teacher, etc.


Also, for additional help, check out:!2.aspx


Meghan D.

by ickiemickie3 on 4/27/2012 11:04:40 PM


I know right so stupid just call it quits girl!! Ya

by summerfishburn on 4/22/2012 8:51:10 PM


i know right so stupid just call a quits girl

by summerfishburn on 4/22/2012 8:51:00 PM


okay so I usually hang out with a large group of friends but suddenly one of THE most popular girls wanted to be MY friend and she invited me oner with her other COOL friends. but when I got there all the girls were whispering and telling secrets that I wasnt a part of and started gossiping about my other friends I told them to stop but they wouldn't and at school they kept asking me to join them but I want to hang with my BFFs NOT them but she threatens to ruin my life if I leave I'm afraid of what will happen to me or my other buds help me

by llamaglitz on 4/22/2012 5:17:20 PM


I'm so sorry! I know the pain. I suggest saying exuse me, I really don't like you calling me names, I hope you can forgive me if I hurt your feelings saying this, so please stop. Then just walk away. Maybe staying away would work to.Then she will get the sign and apoligize. Maybe you two can be friends again!

by stylish873 on 4/17/2012 8:32:47 PM


I feel you. I really do. I suggest you nicely pull her aside and tell her exactly what's wrong. If she dosen't understand, you have other friends, and the reason she has a group like that is because she is scared of having no friends. Trust me, I would know. According to the "Queen Bee" of our school, I have no friends and that the whole fifth grade is against me. I don't believe her. If you're really worried about it, and it gets really bad, bring it to a trusted adult, or try to ignore them. Because that takes away their power. Try it! I wish you good luck!!!!!

by Drea148 on 4/14/2012 8:44:42 PM


Mod mod mod!!!
In class I am really talkative and I can't help it(especially if I'm bored). It really bugs the teachers and sometimes other people. My teacher threatens to mark my grade down. Other times they love it and I get them to laugh and we have a good time. I don't know when the right time is or when to just shut up or how to just shut up!!! Plz help!


If the teacher is talking you need to be quite, but if you are having a class discussion it is ok to talk. Its not hard t be quite. just keep your lips together and don't open them. You wouldn't want your grade lowered for something as silly as talking. 

Amanda P.

by skibunny1123 on 4/9/2012 4:51:24 PM


I think you should have Arianna Grande as a future cover girl! Smile


Colleen K.

by lexi874 on 4/9/2012 12:12:08 PM


mod mod mod mod mod
i used to like going to school but noe i hate it because it feels like i have no friends that undersyand me. everyone else likes to act like their gangster and i am more of a country/cali girl. they dont get why i dont act like them anymore and why i hate cussing. i want to be around people who understand me and what i like and belive in. the only prroblem? i live and the coast of california so its not very country here and my middle school ant very big but i will go to high school next year. how do i find friends that get me who live near me?


Colleen K.

by gymbrat on 4/9/2012 11:16:25 AM


Hey I know what you mean girl!!!

by coolgirl30 on 4/9/2012 11:04:57 AM


Girl dont let the popular peps get you! at my school they all act nice but gossip like crazy about u behind your back! good luck and stay strong!

by hjr811 on 4/8/2012 7:04:32 PM


OK so my BGF flirts with me alot, and I like him. And now all of my friends tell him we should go out, and I agree with them. He says that he doesn't like me, but he still flirts with me. He held my hand once, messes with mine, hugs me ALL the time. WHat should I do?

Hey girlie,

Is he a flirty guy? Does he act like this around other girls too or only you? If he acts kinda flirty around other girls, he might just be super friendly and this is the way he expresses it. It's possible he does like you, but you gotta trust what he says - if he says he doesn't want to go out because he wants to be friends, then that's how he feels. Just be a good friend, flirt if it feels right, and see what happens. He might just be nervous/not ready to date yet, or he could be confused. But if things don't change, it's possible he's just naturally flirty and just wants to stay friends! Smile
Lauren C.

by wrockmyworld on 4/8/2012 11:21:52 AM


MOD Mod !! I need some help I accedently called this guy in my contacts who used to flirt with me, my phone is a touchscreen . So he called me back twice and I didn't answer so I texted him and said sorry I didn't mean to call ya and he says" Why didn't u answer?" and I said sorry I thought you were trying to figure out why I called you. , and I said I'm up getting ready for work call me back if ya want so he called and talked for 15 minutes and I had to go to work so he said "call me if You get a chance" so I called him tonight and we talked for a few seconds and he said "call you back later" he was busy doing something... So do you think he doesn't want to talk to me? Do you think he likes me? If he didn't would he call and talk to me for that Long? Do you think it looks like I'm chasing after him to much ? I don't want that because I had a bad breakup with my bf , I know I'm overthinking this but just wanted an expert opinion Thanks! Smile

Hey girlie,

I don't think it sounds like he's dodging you! He called you twice after all, then called later and asked you to call him back once the convo was over. It sounds like he's pretty interested... or at least enjoys talking to you! Smile If you like him and want to get to know him better, enjoy it and take it day-by-day. It's not healthy to chat constantly with him (especially since you just went through a tough breakup), but it's ok to get to know another guy and see where it takes ya!
Lauren C.

by Colorful1 on 4/7/2012 9:08:53 PM


And thanks! I just had a popular friend who was really mean to me!

by Lilylunapotter13 on 4/7/2012 7:24:54 PM


well , the music isn't BAD , to me . He just cusses a lot in his songs & they hate cussing . & the lead singer smokes weed , but I don't think they know or will find that out . you don't even know how bad i wanna goo . :L
oh , & this is a response to the comment below .

by baconstripsbro on 4/7/2012 6:22:18 PM


how can i convince my parents to let me go to a concert they don't approve of ? they're hard core christian & the band is never shout never , sooo yeah . -.-

Hey babe,

It would all depend on what they aren't comfortable with about the concert.  If it's you going alone or with friends, ask who they would like to join you in order for them to be okay with it.  If it's the music, show them that the lyrics aren't anything against their beliefs.
Jordan S.

by baconstripsbro on 4/7/2012 5:59:51 PM


Hey imblonde5678, glad we could help! Xoxo

didnt have further space to write

by imblonde5678 on 4/7/2012 3:34:33 PM


Hey sunnybubbles, I'm sorry things aren't going so good for you right now. But the thing to remember is it will get better, maybe not overnight but eventually. You just have to start doing things now to get to a happier place. The first thing is to gain some confidence. When you feel good about yourself nothing can get you down. One thing I've found that helps is making a list of all the things you like about yourself, include at least 10 things. This list can include anything from how good you are at cleaning your room to how cool your girlslife profile is. Every morning read this list to yourself. You'll start to feel better and will find more things you like about you. Sit down with your parents and let them know how they make you feel. Tell them that yelling at you all the time makes you sad. Scheldue a sleepover or get together with our friends to bring you guys close together. Hope this helps! Xoxo

I am depressed. My mom is always yellin at me, as well as my dad, and my parents love the girl I hate more then me, and I just cut myself with a shaving cap like serouisly 5 mins ago. I cant smile, and none of my friends want to hang out with me anymore. I need help, I feel like no one wants me, and I am useless. Please HELP Lynae P.

by sunnybubbles on 4/7/2012 2:39:55 PM


you should all join my club friends all around it is super fun we can talk about anything from music to book to school and we would love to answer any of your Qs and we are looking for officers so if you are interested just let me know

by Esparkle on 4/7/2012 2:13:46 PM


Hey Sarah510, log into your account and you should be able to see your info. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Mod Mod Mod!!!
How do you check your advice queen page? Lynae P.

by Sarah510 on 4/7/2012 2:00:47 PM


Hey amanda16, ask the teachers and girls at your school for sport bra recommendations. Since they're dancers too they will know about the best ones. Hope this helps!!! Xoxo

i Need help now!i,m 11 and i have been in a professional dance school and my boobs/nipples are showing threw i need a sports bra any good brands you know of? Thank you so much! FWI i take a 32a so its hard to find my size! Lynae P.

by amanda16 on 4/7/2012 1:42:07 PM


so this is really gross, but when I'm w/ my friends and we do a lot of laughing I pee my pants. Last night this happened at my friends house, 15 min before we had to leave, we were all cracking up about stuff and then I peed, and no I did not tell anyone but I'm in 8 grade idk what to do! I used the bathroom earlier too! I am 14 I am sick of this, its disgusting and tough to cover up!
I don't know what to do? Why does laughing make you want to pee? What should I do to stop this (i have tried going to the bathroom more)?

Hey girl,

It's natural for that to happen once in a while, but if this is a regular thing you should probably talk to a doc to see what's up! Doctors will be able to get you taken care of, so don't worry and talk to your parents about making an appointment!

Meghan D.

by LLL328 on 4/7/2012 12:56:54 PM


Same thing happened to me!! I used to be part of the so called "popular group"...but they were being so mean to other girls that I just couldn't take being friends with them anymore. Ever since I ditched them I've been BEST FRIENDS with one of the girls we always targeted.
Popular people and cliques can be so we made fun of her because why?? I don't even know, she is SO pretty, nice, and fun...we were probably just jealous of her.
That's how it always goes: Hurt People, hurt people (my 8th grade language arts teacher would always say that..totally true)

by maggie183 on 4/7/2012 11:23:00 AM


The some thing happened to me..... if you are afraid of not being cool,then it might be hard to tell her down ...even ez

by Laylycrazyhumor on 4/7/2012 10:25:04 AM


I won a giveaway yesterday. Will I get an email or will my prize just be mailed to me?

Hey girl,

You won't get an email, the prize will just be mailed to you in 4-6 weeks. Congrats on winning!

Meghan D.

by txtingirl on 4/7/2012 10:08:56 AM


Hello. so Im gonna try to keep it short, but basically, i have never been more depressed in my life than I am right now. I was recently accepted to college, but my progress report came in the mail the other day and there were two D's on it and now my thinks Im not ready for college and she is threating to not pay for it. she is also saying I cant go to prom, grad night, or any of the upcoming trips. also she said i wont be able to go to summer camp. these are the only things that have been making me happy in the past few months and she has taken them away from me. this is completely out of my control and i dont know what to do. Please give me any advice that you can

Hey girl,

There is something you can do -- it was only a progress report, not a final report card, so there's still time to meet with your teachers and see what you can do to get your grades up! Offer to do extra work and makeup assignments, and study more for tests than you've done in the past, especially if you've got extra time without going to certain events! Your mom can also meet with your teachers about your progress, and they'll likely tell her you should still go to college. Do you have friends in either of those classes? Set up a study date so you can still see your friends while studying! If you're feeling really depressed, though, you should speak with a teacher or guidance counselor for advice on how you're feeling. This link also has hotlines and resources you can explore for advice and help!!2.aspx

Meghan D.

by LissieLou on 4/7/2012 12:33:20 AM


all of the "popular" girls at my school are nice. but some of them just act nice and then try to embarrass/gossip about you, and some of them are genuinely nice and fun to hang out with.

by music_lvr on 4/6/2012 9:49:23 PM


the popular girls at my school are nice enough but they gossip way too much so I don't like to really hang out with them too much. But some of them are truly nice. Most are just understood.

by Glitterheart16 on 4/6/2012 9:03:35 PM


lately ive been feeling really alone in the world. I dont have too many friends. Some of them are reliable, but a lot of them arent. They tend to not really care about me all that much. And i want a bf. All i hear from my friends is "me and my bf...." or "i miss him" or something like that, and its tickin' me off.Its like all they care about. And then i try to ask my one friend advice on boys and she calls me "boy crazy". She even started ranting about me to my bgf 9who told me everything) because she was "having a bad day". i forgave her, but im still mad about it. I just dont want to keep feeling like im the only one. What do i do?


Hey! I felt the exact same way you did when I was younger and you know what? it got better. I'm actually really glad now that I didn't have a bunch of insignificant bfs in middle school and high school. You'll meet someone really substantial when you're older. Good guys are worth the wait. You don't need a boyfriend to validate you. Read books, have fun, and get to know who YOU are before you worry about boys. I promise you will meet someone one day.  

Helen S.

by puppydogs101 on 4/6/2012 8:52:06 PM


Carol's right! You shouldn't be "friends" with someone just because they are "popular". If they are a true friend and "popular" that's cool too! But, as long as they are your true friends, who cares if they are "popular" or not! What does it really mean to be "popular"? Does it mean that you are pretty and mean? WHO KNOWS!

by skyfashions123 on 4/6/2012 8:13:30 PM


y woul du TRY to be friends witha "popular girl"

by coly33 on 4/6/2012 6:55:54 PM


That just happened to me last week. The "popular" girl who was my so-called friends told me she doesn't think it is a good idea for me to be friends with my BGF, and I told her she can't choose my friends, and then this whole mess started. All of her "popular" friends called me names, and whne I confronted her, she denied everything. It's just best to slowly pull away and seperate yourself from her.

by soccerstar25 on 4/6/2012 4:58:04 PM


LOL, Who would want to be friends with a popular girl? This is hilarious omg

by jackieluvz on 4/6/2012 4:46:20 PM




Hey! what about some jeans and a cute top? 

Helen S.

by Esparkle on 4/6/2012 3:27:02 PM



by felisha2 on 4/6/2012 3:02:21 PM



by felisha2 on 4/6/2012 3:01:08 PM


If that happened to me I would just ask her what's up. If she's not being a good friend, end the friendship! It's her loss...

by marissa13_3 on 4/6/2012 1:38:42 PM


Great advice!

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by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 4/6/2012 12:49:22 PM


I hate that. Frown

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by future_artist on 4/6/2012 12:29:34 PM

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