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LOL! 7 cool comedians

We’re saluting National Humor Month with seven of our favorite funny people…
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My favorite comedian is Jenna Marbles. She's hilarious.

by supersingershannon on 4/9/2012 7:34:51 PM


Hahaha Jerry Trainor ROX!! XP But theres other godd people too... Seth Myers, Ellen Degeneres, Steve Caral, Will Ferrel, and the guy who plays Sheldon on the Big Bang Theroy...

by ktbug120 on 4/8/2012 9:52:56 AM


Jerry trainor is so funny!

by JessieH on 4/8/2012 2:49:13 AM


Where is Ryan Higa? Aka nigahiga

by JessieH on 4/8/2012 2:48:27 AM


Seth Meyers! Jimmy Fallon! Emma Stone!!! Andy Samberg!!! I could go on and on!!!

by macca21 on 4/7/2012 9:40:48 PM


Aww... I was hopin for Ellen DeGeneres, my humor icon!

by THawesome! on 4/7/2012 3:39:02 PM


There's this guy I lyke and he obvisiously lykes me. I mean, he smiles whenever he sees me and he is always flirting with me. I can talk and be calm but when I think of asking him out, I get extremely nervous. Do you think he lykes me and how can I ask him out without being so nervous?

Hey girl,

If he likes talking to you, that's a good sign -- there's nothing wrong with asking guys out, so if you go for it, the worst that can happen is he says no! It's okay to be nervous, so just be yourself and it will be fine!

Meghan D.

by claya13 on 4/6/2012 11:09:30 PM


Okay so I have a crush on this guy at my school. He is so nice and funny. I think he likes me too. Here are some reasons I think he likes me. He loves saying my name and we always look each other in the eye when we pass in the hall. During class when I ask my friends a question, he answers it for them. On Valentines day he pointed out that he did not have a Valentine. He gets out of his seat so I can sit down. When we sat together in math, he asked to borrow a pencil and he always looks me in the eye when he is talking to me. We have three classes together and today in English, he sat next to me. I was so happy because I did not have the guts to sit next to him. He was so cute and the whole class, we kept staring at each other from the corner of our eyes, and we were both fidgeting with our pens from nerves. Do you think he likes me? If he does, what do I do?

Hey girl,

It sounds like there's a good chance he likes you, although being distracted in class isn't a good thing. If you have three classes together, why not study or do homework together? You'll be way more motivated to do your work, and you'll have an excuse to talk to him where you can flirt without actually asking whether or not he likes you!

Meghan D.

by carinaamina on 4/6/2012 9:59:32 PM


They should have that matthew guy from so random he doesnt even say anything and he's still funny. They should also have the mom from good luck charlie. They should also have china anne mcclain and the girl who plays paisley from ant farm.

by zania on 4/6/2012 9:51:27 PM


Jerry is so funny! I watched iCarly when I was younger and Spencer was my favorite character!

by music_lvr on 4/6/2012 9:21:08 PM

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