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5 ways to bloom your confidence

Makin’ a speech in front of your grade? No prob! Talkin’ to that cutie in your math class? Psh, naturally!
15 Comments | Add Yours

Help me! I use every tip out there, and all the advice people give me, but I have no self confidence. I always feel inferior and today was a terrible day. I don't have suicidal thoughts, but I wish I had a better life or I was someone else. This is my last year in my private school, then I go to high school, so I want to get better by then. I've already talked to a psychologist, but it didn't help. I talk to people I trust, but it doesn't help. I think I'm ugly, fat, and stupid, only when it comes to WW2 am I smart. What can I do to finally be happy with myself? This has been going on for almost 5 years.


I think you need to see the psychologist regularly, once or twice a week because it sounds like you do need help. Also you need to stop thinking of yourself as all those negative things. Who cares? Be proud of yourself for the things you are good at. This is what I want you to do and you better do it missy: Everyday look in the mirror and say one thing you like about yourself and you can't repeat and you can't leave the mirror until you have said something. Trust me you will start to notice a change, it will be very slow, but eventually you will start appreciating the things that make you different.

Amanda P.

by Noellastarr0206 on 4/11/2012 3:48:40 PM


Just what I needed! Thanks so much, GL!

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by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 4/10/2012 7:57:35 PM


I love these tips! I'm soo gonna use these! I NEED more confidence badly!

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by honeycakes on 4/10/2012 7:27:15 PM


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by Girlygirl0906 on 4/10/2012 6:25:09 PM


Nice to know! Laughing

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by future_artist on 4/10/2012 4:38:23 PM

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