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Love your legs with one ace move

Fall head over heels for ooh la la-worthy legs. It’s easy!
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I'm sorry, I've read and reread this and I can't figure it out. I really need to trim my thigs for Easter and I thought this would be great but the directions aren't explanatory enough.

by Zbeth on 3/20/2013 7:54:36 PM


MOD MOD MOD - 3 Questions
1. So my eighth grade graduation is in about two months, I bought a cute dress that come just above my knees, I've been doing 20 reps of squats for three sets and 30 reps of calf rises also for 3 sets each day. Is this too much, too little?
2. What's a good way to get rid of scars on your legs from shaving?
3. My dress is strapless and the dress code requires something to be covering the shoulders of girls that is at least 1 inch wide, any suggestions? (It has to be white, too)
Thanks so much on advance!


Hey girl! Congrats on your 8th grade graduation! Sounds like you are doing some great exercises to tone those legs--way to go! You could also do some lunges for some extra definition. Just make sure you are doing the squats, calf rises, and lunges correctly to avoid injury. 


Scars can be a little tricky to get rid of if they are old, but you could try putting some cocoa butter on your legs every night. Scars from shaving usually aren't that noticeable, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. You could even put a little concealer on your legs on the day of graduation if you are worried about them.


I remember having the same dilemma for my 8th grade graduation. I wore a thin white cardigan on top (you can find one at Target, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hollister) and added some style to my outfit by wearing some fun jewelry. You could try  a colorful necklace or a wide bangle.  

Colleen K.

by bearliz on 4/30/2012 7:02:46 AM


I've done this before it really works!Oh and can you please join my club How to Get active, I don't have any members Frown

by rainyseattlegirl on 4/20/2012 2:57:18 PM


I really want to work out but I stop after a couple days. I try really hard to be committed but it doesn't help AT ALL! Please help, what should I do?!

Hey Girlie,

I know you can do it!!! It's tough to get motivated in the beginning but as soon as you see results, you're gonna love working out regularly, I promise! Also, try to find something that you enjoy doing (like running or playing tennis etc.) so that it doesn't feel like a work out!
alicia m.

by Cutiepatunie on 4/19/2012 12:18:35 AM


The Agency
A club for all you Middle School chicas who need advice on boys, beauty, friends, or just some peeps to help you keep your cool during tough times. Along with the newest trends and gossip, you'll be hot stuff. Calling all Agents: Officer positions open!

by ostar21 on 4/15/2012 5:51:28 PM


@import url(/admin/css/common.css);


I like a boy that likes my BFF what do I do should i let him go or what?

(BTW I need help now i have school in like 5 minuets!)

by gracelulu555 on 4/15/2012 5:06:09 PM


Hey girls! Do You need to lose weight or tone up? Well then join my club get fit NOW! today. We will give you tips, workouts, healthy recipes, motivation, and more! Join now!!!!

by bubbles3956 on 4/14/2012 10:11:22 PM


I just went to Hollister yesterday and I had my waist measured and it grew by 3 inches. I also tried on jeans and they were tight on my legs. What other exercises can I do for my legs and to help my waist.

Hey Girly! Just because your waist grew does not mean that you have gained weight, you may just be growing and since you are a girl, you may just be developing hips. If you want to work out and see if things change then leg lifts are a great way to work on your but and upper thighs, crunches and twists are a good way to work off your belly and sides and squats are also good for building muscle. 
Ana D.

by selenahayley on 4/13/2012 2:06:40 PM


ok i need help. i drink ALOT of soda, like one a day. i know i need to stop, aqnd i want to, but i cant!! i LOVE drinking soda. plus, my doctor says with my very sensitive stomach i need to watch the milk, and not drink orange juice. (i dont like orange juice anyway(: ) what can i do?


Water, water, water. Trust me it's delicious. Also tea is a great alternative if you still want flavor. 

Amanda P.

by red716 on 4/11/2012 4:12:19 PM


thx! im like DaNcInGQu33N9812. my knees down look great, but my thighs have pockets on them. ill try it!

by red716 on 4/11/2012 4:02:09 PM

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