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Get the best beauty sleep--ever

The simple secrets for a dreamy complexion.
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Where could one get good satin bedding? Plus, what color would go well with an orange room?
Thanks a bunches.Smile


Hey girlie!  Bed, Bath, & Beyond should have the bedding you want, but if not, as your mom to help you find it.  Try blue bedding for a super strong contrast!  xoxo 

Kate G.

by potterandthedoctor on 7/2/2012 11:21:35 PM


I just found a super easy way to help acne online!
1.cut of a leaf of an aloe plant, slice it in half; set aside
2.wash face; pat dry
3.rub the GOEY side of the aloe on ur face
4.leave on over night (u might prefer 2 use right befor bed, and the aloe tastes bitter!)
Also before using any new face product, I try it on my wrist and wait 24hours before using it on my face
5.rinse off in mor.
Enjoy! (if ur like me, u might want to do some reach on the computer before trying! ) ;) xoxo

by Krisskatt on 6/7/2012 2:29:27 AM


gunna try these

by cutiepie14231 on 5/11/2012 10:09:49 PM


No wonder my skin has been so dry lately! Lol.

Join my Book Recommendation club if your looking for a new book to read or found a book that others will love!

by olivia192000 on 4/25/2012 5:11:54 AM


Wow, I officially learned something new today! Time to lay off the heavy creams!
-Claire ♥

by clairebear694 on 4/24/2012 6:21:36 PM


Okay, this is awkward, but I have to go somewhere about it. So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months... He is not a virgin, I am. I haven't "done" anything. I mean, yea, you get the idea. At times, I want to, not only for him, but for me too. At other times, I am almost scared, maybe Im worried that I will somehow get into trouble. But apparently, people have been asking him/pressuring him to do stuff with me. I dont know what to do. Help?!?!

Hey girlie,

You might have heard this advice before, but I think it's a great rule to keep in mind: if you feel ready but you're still not sure whether you should go through with it.. that means you're not ready. When you're fully prepared, you might feel nervous but you'll still know in your heart that it's the right time to take the relationship to the next level. You'll feel 100% safe and respected with your partner. You'll be totally comfortable talking to him about protection and how you're feeling. And you'll know you won't regret making him the "one" you share this with. You might be feeling a little bit of pressure since he's done this before, but you are in no rush! It's a personal decision so we can't make it for you, but remember to take this slow and be honest with yourself. If you're not sure, it's COMPLETELY ok to wait. Get to know your BF even more and let things happen naturally! If it's right, you'll know it. 
Lauren C.

by indigogirl1 on 4/14/2012 11:43:22 PM


i wish i could just wake up beautiful, so all i would have to do to get ready is throw on some clothes and eat. and u know pee and brush my teeth lol.

by Alykat18 on 4/14/2012 12:21:32 PM


Hey there, im usually a very good student in school but lately im getting really tired of school and caring about my school work and getting some bad grades. what are some ways i can get motivated again to start doing my homework on time and not procrastinating? i always procrastinate and want to stop but i cant. advice please!!! thanks xoxo

Hey girl,

Try rewarding yourself with something fun after you do your schoolwork -- if you're distracted by Facebook or TV, tell yourself that you can log on or watch if you finish that assignment. You'll still get to enjoy whatever's making you procrastinate, and you'll be motivated to finish! You can also enlist the help of a parent or pal to keep you on track.

Meghan D.

by kkkahy on 4/13/2012 11:22:22 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! I've been really alone and I don't get much attention anywhere. I sit on my couch 24/7 and no one really cares or does anything about it, and since my parents both have full time jobs it's just my sister, brother and I, and we walk around town on no school days but on other days like after school they both sometimes goes to their friends house and they leave me all alone with ABSOLUTLY nothing to do and since schools almost over all the clubs and sports are taken and I don't Want to go to my brother and sisters practices because I hate the outdoors and I'm still really alone there do could you please help me?


hey! I'm really sorry you're feeling lonely. I know it can be hard to make new friends but there is no reason that an articulate and valuable person like you can't buck up and meet some new people! Here's some fun things to do as well:

I really hope this helps! 

Helen S.

by Megan1220 on 4/13/2012 6:11:59 PM


Mod mod mod I have been feeling extremely depressed lately. People are bullying me a lot in school, and I'm starting to believe a lot of things they say! In addition, my sister is so mean to me, and not even in the sisterly way, just in the flat out hurtful way! I've been feeling so insecure, and really stressed about huge state tests and finals! Summer cannot come soon enough! I'm just so upset, but what can I do to make these last months of school better?

Hey girl! I am so sorry that you have been feeling this way and are having such a hard time in school. Eventually things do get better though, you just have to start thinking more positively. Rather than get upset about the things that people are saying, you just have to tell yourself that they are not true and that you are a good person. Hang out with only the people that make you feel good about yourself and ignore what everyone else says, they do not know who you really are. If you are stressing out so much find a way to let it out like running or an activity that can let you release you emotions. Also, talking to a therapist can really help with all of that and give you someone to confide in. Best of luck with the rest of the school year! 
Ana D.

by MusicIsLove123 on 4/13/2012 2:51:44 PM


Here's another tip: to keep from waking up with dry, tight lips, lather on chapstick or some natural lip balm all over your lips right before you go to bed. Wake up to soft, moist lips in the morning! Smile

by Jada423 on 4/12/2012 11:56:49 PM


I honestly hate my life! My parents talk to me like I'm stupid all the time, my friends are always leaving me for eachother, summer is gonna be boring once again, and I can't seem to do anything right! For a long time now I just feel empty all the time, like my emotions are just not there anymore. My whole 3 friends, soon to be 2 cuz my really mean so called bestfriend is moving at the end of the school year, are continuosly ditching me, I took them to see Titanic with me thinking it would make them like me more, but it didn't, they just started ignoring me again! I was really hoping that this summer would be special, and something fun might actually happen, guess I believed in miracles for a second! Even church can't make me happy like it used too, I dread going now, it seems like a false hope here lately, a fairytale, like santa claus for grown ups...I'm so tired, and I miss being happy, what can I do? I just wish I would die

Hey girl,

First off, click this link NOW.

Seriously, click it! There, we list hotlines and other resources for girls who are going through serious situations. If you're feeling overwhelmed by emotions like this, it will NOT help keeping it inside. Talk to someone you trust (like a counselor, priest, advisor, teacher, or family member). If you don't have someone like that in person, use that link and call a number. Open up to them - they're trained to help, won't judge you at ALL, and will help you get all your negative feelings out so they don't eat away at you. Once you get that out, you'll have a clearer head. Write down the things you're unhappy about in a journal. Then take each area and try to brainstorm ways to make it better. Nothing you described is SO bad that you can't fix it. Take your friends, for example. You might be trying to patch up these friendships but you know they're treating you mean. So try joining a new club, sitting at a new lunch table, getting a part time job, joining a town sport, or a new youth group. All these things are GREAT ways to meet new people your own age that have similar interests as you. School isn't the only place to find friends! And you'll probably click with these people wayyyy better because you bonded over something you share <3 You don't have to look forward to the new year, or summer, or the start of a new month to make changes. Make changes NOW and get optimistic NOW. Work towards what you want, whether it's a small goal or a big goal. Confide in people - even if it's not your parents or your friends. We're all here to help and listen to your problems - you're not alone <3 
Lauren C.

by selgomez1997 on 4/12/2012 10:44:29 PM


MODMODMODMOD hi, so I have the choice to get braces for my crooked teeth lol. I want them really bad but I'm afraid of novacane needles(when I get teeth pulled first). I fear roof of the mouth needles cause they hurt way more than the other gums shots. Im scared but I want braces so what do I do?

Hey girlie,

Oh man, I've been there. The needles can be way scary at first, but think about it - the anticipation is the worst part! The pain you're scared of? That lasts literally a second or two, then the medicine works and you're totally numb. So take a deep breath and remind yourself of the goal: gorgeous, straight teeth! You're beautiful with any teeth you have but, if you have the luxury to get braces, take advantage of it! You are strong enough to make it through any teeth pulling/dental work that has to be done - and it's all worth it in the end <3333 Close your eyes, think of somewhere beautiful and relaxing (like a beach or a calm lake), and it'll be over before ya know it.
Lauren C.

by Starfan1 on 4/12/2012 10:32:34 PM


Great advice! I'm def going to use this!! Smile

by future_artist on 4/12/2012 8:53:33 PM


Oh i thought this was gonna be about helping you sleep PLZ Do an article on helping you sleep i have trouble SLEEPING all the time...

by 12allie on 4/12/2012 8:13:23 PM


I want silk sheets but I don't think its very comfy, doesn't it feel like sleeping on wet slime?

by rapunzul on 4/12/2012 7:03:00 PM


Thanks!! I needed this Smile Yeah usually what I like to do is make my room cold and snuggle up under the covers!

by Sheyenne on 4/12/2012 6:16:35 PM


i should show this to my mom to convince her to get me silk sheets he he he

by Payton K on 4/12/2012 5:35:24 PM


Thanks for putting this up!

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by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 4/12/2012 2:50:29 PM


Very helpful! Thanks!

by susper on 4/12/2012 1:23:44 PM


Hey, this was a really good article!

by spencer9800 on 4/12/2012 8:37:31 AM


Hello! Having a hard time right now with drama or somthing? Here we can help you through it and talk girl!! PLEASE join my club Girls World <3

by EGJplay on 4/12/2012 8:17:00 AM


MOD!! can u suggest some haircuts? i have a diamond shaped face.. n m short... n wat kinda dresses can i wear??

by manya_s96 on 4/12/2012 2:39:11 AM


Helpful tips!

by stylecrazy503 on 4/12/2012 12:52:40 AM


Haha im glad i know this now!!Smile Thanks GL!

by LAS625 on 4/12/2012 12:43:07 AM

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