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10 tips for texting your crush

Amp up your text time with our no-fail flirt guide.
64 Comments | Add Yours

1. Think of your crush
2. Make a heart with your hands
3. Kiss your hand heart
4. Put your hand where you real heart is
5. This only works if you post this on your favorite GL article

by Jamietwin on 6/25/2013 8:34:41 PM


1. Think of your crush
2. Make a heart with your hands
3. Kiss your hand heart
4. Put your hand where you real heart is
5. This only works if you post this on your favorite GL article

by Cowsrule11 on 4/17/2013 6:32:31 PM


I am literally dying here! Just kidding but I do have a problem. I have had a crush on this guy since the moment I saw him (like 6 months ago) and I haven't said anything. I'm not the sort of person you would expect to be shy but on the inside I am. Anyways, he was in my class, and we sat beside each other. I got to know him pretty well and started to really like him. But then he transferred into another class( English ) and I haven't seen him for a while. Suddenly (when i had basicaly given up on him) he comes up with my number, and texts me. I answered but he hasn't replied.i donno what 2 do!!!!

by KeepCalmPlaySoccer on 2/3/2013 9:18:34 PM


1. Think of your crush
2. Make a heart with your hands
3. Kiss your hand heart
4. Put your hand where you real heart is
5. This only works if you post this on your favorite GL article

by KeepCalmPlaySoccer on 2/3/2013 9:09:11 PM


1. Think of your crush
2. Make a heart with your hands
3. Kiss your hand heart
4. Put your hand where you real heart is
5. This only works if you post this on your favorite GL article

by Little_Chatterbox97 on 1/7/2013 1:57:06 PM


Okay so this boy asked me out, and he hasn't given me his phone number in person. He got a new phone today and put his number on instagram. He doesn't have my phone number. Should I text him or should I wait until he texts me because my number is on instagram or until he gives me his number in person?

Hey girl,

I would text him if he's already asked you out and you know each other, but if you think it's too awkward I would just ask him for his number in person!

Meghan D.

by basketballislife21 on 12/1/2012 9:22:32 PM


hi! Smile
So recently I met this guy via instagram. I've seen him around at school and found him very attractive.
He gave me his number and we began to text! We didn't talk at school but we finally decided to hang out one night.
It was a group thing, he picked my sister and me up and we went to his friends' apartment! It was chill, we didn't really talk much privately considering we were all just sitting around talking as a group haha
Anyways, he sat next to me on the couch and his whole body was turned facing me and the whole night he was just looking at me Smile
When he dropped me off that night, he texted me something and called me babe!
We began texting more and he talked about hanging out with me frequently but he never complimented me, just "qt"
Recently the conversations have been dull; sometimes he doesn't reply but when he DOES reply ,he'd call me baby?Would seeing him again privately help spice things up again? Should I play hard to get or initiate hanging out?

by halikitty on 12/1/2012 8:32:39 PM


Mod! I was out all day and my phone was off. I only checked my phone until a few hours later and found out that the guy that I liked texted me, and asked me if I wanted to go to the festival with him. I am worried that he will think I don't like him. Was this okay? Plus, should I text him back saying, "Sorry about yesterday, but my phone was off and I didn't turn it back on until late last night." Thanks! Smile


Hey Music__4_Life, yeah girl just tell him the truth. I'm sure this has happened to him before. No worries! Smile 

Lynae P.

by Music_4_Life on 10/7/2012 1:17:46 AM


Hey girlies!
I have a little problem here....
I have a crush on the most popular guy in school. Sounds cheesy-i know, but he is....
We have only one class together twards the end of the day, and in that class, he sits
right in front of me. He does this weird thing where he stretches a lot in class and
one time he knocked over my stuff and picked it up for me with a flip of his amazing
hockey old Bieber mix hair....we don't talk hardly at all- but he is kinda shy around
some people-and not others.....he also lives in the neighborhood by mine and our
parents were friends in high school I guess so its kinda weird...haha um so ya...
Basically, I'm just wondering, just from you think he might like me?
( I have more stories and info if need be Smile just comment on my profile)

Hey girl,

He might like you, or he might just want to be friends. Either way, there's no harm in joking around with him and getting to know him better! Once you know him as friends, you'll have a better idea of whether he likes you and where to go from there. Smile

Meghan D.

by broadwayismine on 9/8/2012 12:32:31 AM


1. Think of your crush
2. Make a heart with your hands
3. Kiss your hand heart
4. Put your hand where you real heart is
5. This only works if you post this on your favorite GL article

by icecream8975 on 8/14/2012 11:27:38 AM


1. Think of your crush
2. Make a heart with your hands
3. Kiss your hand heart
4. Put your hand where you real heart is
5. This only works if you post this on your favorite GL article

by divasa on 6/14/2012 2:09:43 PM


I like this one guy and we'll call him x. We were sitting in English(the one class that I don't have with him AND his girlfriend) and he turns to his friend and goes "I like talking to Jamie, she's not girly girl and she acts like one of the guys." Is he into me? There were many other situations that made me think he liked but I'm not sure. Help!

Hey chica,

I really don't think you should even worry about it while he has a girlfriend.  If he has a girlfriend, he's not interested in anyone else.  I'd take this chance to get closer to him as a friend.  So when he and his girlfriend break up, you can swoop on in there as the first girl he might like.

Jordan S.

by jamieelee on 6/11/2012 11:46:58 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so last week i got a bf and i appperantly i flirt ALOT even when i dont mean too.. is tht cheatin??

Hey girlie,

That is dependent on personal opinion.  But, the way I think of it, is that flirting isn't cheating unless it has intentions of taking that flirting further into physical interaction, dating, etc.
Jordan S.

by txterluver77! on 5/28/2012 7:58:38 PM


how can i flirt with my bgf, who is also my crush? I really like him and im pretty sure he likes me too. I don't think i quite know what flirting is? i smile a lot when he looks at me and he smiles back? What are some flirting techniques?

by daisie5 on 5/19/2012 8:03:53 PM


Hey ckemp, you could just send a simple text saying "hey wassup". Wait for him to text back and take the convo slow and easy. Hope this helps! Xoxo

my crush doesn't even have my number but i have can i start a conversation with him in this dilemma? o and we rarely EVER talk in real life! thanks! Lynae P.

by ckemp on 5/19/2012 4:27:30 PM


how do you flirt a little? like small flirting? cause my crush posted online what he would want in a girl, and he said smart but its good as long as shes smart enough to have a convo with. I meet those standards but how do i show him subtly? i dont want him to quickly find out i like him. i want it to be gradual. thanks!

Hey girl,

If you want it to be gradual, why not become friends first? Being friends is an easy way to get to know a crush in a casual setting. Invite him to hang out with your friends, and leave hints every once in a while that you're into him -- it won't be too obvious, and you'll also get to know him better!

Meghan D.

by sweetari95 on 5/18/2012 11:20:50 PM


i waS texting my crush and since im always myself and never awkward around him, he asked me who i liked. so i was all FREAKING OUT and stuff and told him no one. well now i feel guilty for not telling him because he told me who he likes. (who sadly isnt me XD) but i just CANT tell him. i mean i have experience with telling my crush i like him-it didnt end well. i don't know what to do!

Hey girlie,

It's ok you didn't tell him! If you weren't ready to spill your guts about your crush, you don't have to force it. But if you do want to tell him, try having another text convo in a couple days. Say something like, "So remember when you asked me who I liked? Well... I kinda didn't tell the full truth." Then let him respond, and you can spill the beans then. Deciding to tell your crush is a super personal decision though, so you have to weigh the pros and cons and make sure it'll be the best choice for you <3333 
Lauren C.

by lilmissamazing on 5/17/2012 5:18:35 PM


MOD MoD mOd!!!!So a while ago i got my crush's number from a friend. I actually made him guess who it was and he totally failed Smile we'd been texting for a month almost everyday even though he had gf. Then a couple of weeks after that, he broke things off with her. I didn't know and so i texted him like i did everyday and when he didn't respond i didn't mind because it's not like i was with him or anything. And my friend told me what happend so i gave him a few days. It's been two months and he still hasn't teted mr though he flirts with me at school. Should i be worried or not?

Hey Girl!

I think your guy might be a little confused. It sounds like he may have liked you during his relationship with his GF. Even if he has feelings for you, he might simply want some more time before he jumps into another relationship. Give him a little break, and he'll decide what he wants. In a few weeks, try texting him again. If he responds, great! If not, he just isn't looking for someone right now.

Marisa D.

by Monglo99 on 5/17/2012 2:28:22 PM


Haha if u see my comment below I used to be a complete FAILURE at this, but now the only one I'm failing at is #4! (I'm REALLLY talkative) thanks girlslife people! I tink my crush has fun texting me as much as I do him.

by lilmissamazing on 5/10/2012 10:29:25 PM


So ive liked this guy since January. A few weeks ago I told him I like him. He was SUPER nice about it, but told me he had a girlfriend. Well, little over a week ago they broke up and he told me he liked me. We went on a date last Sunday..It was awkward. I was so nervous. He talked about it and he said I just need to be myself around him. But since Sunday he went from texting me NONSTOP and saying nice things like hey beautiful. To not texting me unless I text him first. He doesn't say anything sweet anymore and there are far less smileys. When I asked him if he wanted to go on one more date, to try to work things out, he said sure but was VERY unenthusiastic. Where we go is my choice. But since going to the mall on our first date after we saw a movie was bad.I dont know what to do? Any suggestions other than bowling? Also...If he doesnt bring the date up.Should I even remind him? And just see if he brings it up. If he doesnt, should I accept the fact that its over?


Hey girl, maybe go out to eat to a nice place or go to a concert. Maybe doing something with more interaction between each other. Lazer tag could be fun too! Try your best to go on this second date, then see what happens. Just play it cool and have fun. See if he'll text you first, but definitely go out on the second date. 

lauren r.

by saphirebud on 5/9/2012 5:39:34 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!! I,m getting my first phone tomorrow, and my mom says i should have a limt for calling she thought i should ask you guys because you guys are the best what are some good limts for calling?

Hey babe,

It depends on the phone plan.  Is it a calling or a texting limit?  You really have to judge it based on how often you tend to be texting or on the phone, while keeping in mind that you have to be really careful about going over.
Jordan S.

by emma2112 on 5/7/2012 7:04:49 PM


i text my crush all the time and people say he likes me hopefully we can go somewhere Smile and if you're having trouble not sure if you should text him first, just send him "heyy"

by harley6671 on 5/4/2012 9:04:34 PM


lol i just started texting my crush yesterday and i have already failed at 1, 2, 3, 7, and 9!!! wow im bad at this....i should study this thing!

by lilmissamazing on 5/4/2012 7:15:09 PM


mod mod mod mod
I have been going to this dance studio for the past 11 years... i just joined a cometitive dance team there last year (so this is my second season). My problem is that all the competitive girls r friendly to me in a polite way, but not a genuine friend way. I go to school with a lot of them but we dont run in the same social circles (i hang out with "nerds" while they hang out with their friends on the schools dance team). I'm semi-shy bcuz i usually dont really make really good friends w/ everyone, but i always make an effort to be friendly to everyone at the studio bcuz ive been dancing with these girls for such a long time. Any tips on how to make true frends with them? thanks Laughing p.s. im in hs if that helps


Lynae P.

by jewels96 on 4/21/2012 3:22:08 PM


So, I've liked this gut for a while now and he just posted on Facebook that he got a new phone and asked for people to message him their number. Should I send a message saying "hey I just met you and this is crazy but here's my number call me maybe" or should I hold off for a little? P.S. I don't have a cell so we never exchanged #'s and he flirts back when I flirt.


Lynae P.

by prissytail97 on 4/21/2012 1:42:44 PM


There is this guy that I like, and hes one of my sort-of friends. I don't know if he likes me but there are some signs that say he probably does. We've been talking and goofing lately, but once we went to the movies with two other friends, and ever since then we haven't been talking a lot. I'm very shy and quiet and he knows that, but how do I talk to him more AND flirt just a little? Thanks!


hey! well since you guys are friends just make sure you say hi in the hall and at lunch and be on the look out for chances to hang out and talk. laughter and smiles and eye contact can go a long way in the flirting department.  

Helen S.

by sweetari95 on 4/20/2012 7:03:27 PM


I have an issue. There's this guy I like and I get to see him maybe once or twice a month. He's really sweet and funny, but both of our families agree that we shouldn't date anyone until we are ready to get married (which I'm totally fine with btw.) But how can I get to know him better without going on a "date" and without making it too obvious that I have a thing for him? Any ideas? I thought about just texting him but I don't have his number and I'm worried to ask for it since I don't know how and how he will react. Please help, I want to branch out but not come off too strong...
Oh and also I have thin, curly hair in layers, so what sort of style would suit me. Been thinking about dip-dye or getting a fringe (bangs) but I don't really know :-S

Hey girlie,

Could you add him on Facebook and chat with him on there? If not, texting is totally fine! (Next time you see him, say something like "We should swap numbers to stay in touch!" in a light-hearted, friendly way.) You could always meet up and do friendly things (even merge friend groups and do group hangouts) without flirting/complimenting/flirty teasing getting involved. As long as you're both on the same page and agree that you don't want to date right now, you can 100% be friends! It doesn't have to be complicated Smile
Lauren C.

by WOWcow on 4/19/2012 11:43:58 PM


My crush is amazing and we txt so hopefully these will be helpful! Wish me luck!!! Join my club boy probs 101 too please!!

by novalesko on 4/17/2012 5:54:44 PM


Help!!! I don't have a cell phone yet- all of my friends do!!!I can't text them, I ( can) call them but on my home phone... I am very responisble, save all my money - right now I have about 5,000 dollars in my bank account, do chores without getting allowance, help around the house, get straight A -s ...... the list goes on and on. My point? How can I convince my parents to let me have a cell phone? Limited texting and calling? Paying for half of it ( I already tried paying for the whole thing, they refused)help!!! What should I do.

by Sarah510 on 4/15/2012 11:51:05 AM


I'm totally going 2 try this out on my crush today. And I do have a funny side. This makes me feel good

by darien5 on 4/15/2012 10:33:30 AM


So my crush is in 8th grade and I'm in 7th. He is dating the new girl but before that he was dating her he put his number in my cell but it was not real. Do you think he was being a Jerk or flirting? He was also looking at me at lunch (when we had a mix it up lunch) and my best friend could see him and when we got called down to the main office we where walking back and he was saying why do I not hang out with Jim and his friends. J ask if his friends like me and he said yes I asked why because om kinds loser and he was busy saying like we should hang out but then he started going out with the new girl. Whay do uoh think??! Fliryy or friedly?!?! PLZ HELP!!¡!!!

Hey babe,

It's impossible to know for sure, but this sounds just friendly right now. He could have been breaking the ice because he wanted to flirt more, or he could've just wanted to branch out and be friendly with more people. Since he's with someone now, try getting to know him better as a friend! When he's single again, you'll be able to figure out if he does want to flirt with ya or if he just wants to be friends Smile
Lauren C.

by hello143 on 4/15/2012 9:47:40 AM


I have a strange problem. I become super confident at times or I'm either not confident at all. I want to have enough confidence that's positive, but the last thing I want is to be over confident, ignorant, stuck up or snotty. How do I find a balance?

Hey girlie,

The best thing to do is remember that old advice: think before you act. Always be confident in yourself, but don't let the confidence give you a "buzz" that makes you forget what you're doing! Think about what you're going to say/do and consider what that will make you look like. What would someone who doesn't know you think about you? What does it reflect about your personality? Is it the best way to express yourself? You can totally be confident while also being smart with your words/actions. Over time, you'll get the balance down perfectly! Smile
Lauren C.

by Icecreamluver on 4/15/2012 12:19:45 AM


I love txting my bf and what goes on back and forth. Yes, it has gotten kind of routine and old so these are great suggestions. I will say that texting your bf is not the same as texting your crush because with your bf there should be more trust so you can kind of say and do different things. But I loved when things got flirty when I didnt have a bf and it was all texting to crushes or guys I liked.

by luckykel on 4/15/2012 12:15:18 AM


I like this guy a lot, and he likes me too. Except I've heard from other people that he's not allowed to date yet. What should I do?

Hey girlie,

Try talking to him more! Whether it's in person or online or through text or a combo of all 3, get to know him better as friends. That way, you can swap interests, flirt, and grow closer. Over time, if he does like you he'll open up about home, family, and their rules on dating (and whether he's allowed) Smile
Lauren C.

by PrincessLOL on 4/14/2012 11:21:30 PM


MOD MOD MOD i am not very good at speaking up in class. no matter what, my teachers ask me to read my papers out loud, but when i stumble on a word, it feels really embarrassing, especially in front of the class. is there any way i can somehow overcome my stuttering? i'd hate to continue looking stupid.

Hey girlie,

I loooove the advice in this article - read it over and keep that stuff in mind the next time you get up in front of the class! Smile You can do this!! 
Lauren C.

by PuppyCT on 4/14/2012 10:01:22 PM


MODMODMODMOD Jordan s. Ok I will try but how can I start a convo with him to become better pals?

Find some common ground that you both share interest in.  A tv show, sports, a class that you both have, mutual friends, etc. Jordan S.

by Starfan1 on 4/14/2012 6:56:11 PM


MODMODMODMOD. Before I start I just wanna thank all the mods for such great advice all the time! Ok so here is my issue. I like a guy that I barely know personally but he's "popular" so a LOT of girls are constantly flirting with him in real life and all over his Facebook. I like him because he's funny and adorable lol. I wanna get to know him but it's really discouraging when a ton of gorgeous girls are always trying to date him. Is he even worth it? How do I come off as not some groupie girl?

Hey babe,

As long as you're not falling all over him, there's no reason he would consider you a "groupie girl."  In fact, your best bet for standing out amongst those girls is to be different, such as by not being a groupie girl.  There's no reason he wouldn't find you equally as pretty as those girls, so don't let yourself be intimidated by them.

Like I said, try to stand apart from them.  Tease him, get to know him in ways that they probably don't, actually take the time to befriend him and not just treat him as a "boyfriend potential" piece of meat, you know?
Jordan S.

by Starfan1 on 4/14/2012 6:37:55 PM


This was so helpful! It would take me forever to think of wat to say to my crush! Now I know

by Skippsy on 4/14/2012 5:54:05 PM


please help!
okay so last night i had a school dance... I really wanted to dance with this guy and people told me he liked me.. but he already was dancing with this other girl.. so for the first slow song, he was dancing with her.. then for the second slow song.. he tapped me on the shoulder in the most romantic way and he asked me to dance.. i said yes.! so we were dancing.. and then after the dance whatever.. i went home and we were texting...but everyone told me he still sorta likes that other girl but he also likes me... so how do i win him over her??

Hey babe,

Give him a reason to like you more! Show him how much of a great gal you are by continuing to get close with him.  He obviously is interested in you, so try to return the flirtation and hints to see where it goes from there.

But if he seems like he may be two-timing you, and it begins to hurt you, don't stand for it.  Make him choose.  But only if it gets to the point where it hurts you, or where he's trying to date you both.
Jordan S.

by Sing4life3 on 4/14/2012 5:30:22 PM


I've known my crush for like 3 years because he went to my school but, he just graduated last year. The thing is when I text him he texts me back a couple times but, then he kinda just drops off without an explanation. I'm just confused and I don't know why he does it. Sometimes he answers back a few hours later but, most of the time he just stops. Also I usually have to start the conversation when we text and it's getting annoying. What should I do about all of this?

Hey girlie,

I know this may not be what you want to hear, but it sounds like he's not quite feeling it anymore.  Chances are that when he graduated, he moved on and met new people

There's still always the chance that he doesn't mean to ignore you.  I do that all the time where I put down my phone and completely forget to respond.

If you want to try and see what you can salvage, I'd plan some kind of way to hang out with him.
Jordan S.

by SmittyVMI95 on 4/14/2012 5:27:53 PM


Haha...too bad I don't have and don't want a cell phone. Tong

by fungirl123 on 4/14/2012 5:22:27 PM


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by kayla9 on 4/14/2012 4:20:55 PM


If only I knew this when I was crushing on a guy and was texting him!

by hockeygirl1999 on 4/14/2012 3:52:58 PM


Plllleeeeeaaasssee look at this! I've already asked and havent gotten a reply...
I have a huge crush on this one guy, but I'm kinda shy and he goes for more forward, funny girls. Is there a way I can get the confidence to be like that?
P.S. I'm not really trying to change myself only for a guy, I also do want to be braver and funnier.
Thank You!!!

Hey girlie,

That kind of confidence comes from yourself.  You just have to believe that he is lucky to have you around and to get a chance to know you.  That you are funny and confident, you just have to show him.  As long as you convince yourself that you can do that, then you'll gradually become more like that.
Jordan S.

by cucu4cocopuffs2246 on 4/14/2012 3:30:43 PM


A boy in my class (he'll be K) told me that my guy friend (he'll be R) likes me! I don't like R like that, he's a great friend but not someone I'd consider going out with. I'm also worried about losing our friendship. What should I do? (P.S. K is a really honest guy and wouldn't start a rumor like that if it wasn't true.)

Hey girlie,

If he hasn't come to you himself about liking you, then there really isn't any reason for you to need to do anything.  You're perfectly fine just leaving things as they are and pushing the fact that you know how he feels into the corner of your mind.

You may want to be extra careful about giving him the wrong idea by flirting with him and such, though.
Jordan S.

by MusikRox1999 on 4/14/2012 3:10:41 PM


Hey everyone should join my club friends all around it is just for fun to talk about music books celebrities and anything else and if you have any Qs about boys middle school or anything ele we would love to give you an answer we are also looking for some officers so if you are interested let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Esparkle on 4/14/2012 3:03:40 PM


Good tips- at least they would be if i had a crush. *Cue song single ladies* Tong

by promqueen105 on 4/14/2012 1:37:31 PM


Ok,so,I like these 2 guys.I guy I sorta like,but he really likes me back.Then I like this other guy,but I don't think he likes me back.I really don't want to go out with the guy who who likes me,but he is my best friend,and so sweet to me.The other guy is sweet and kind,and he is also my best friend.We text some,,and the guy who likes me will always reply.We always play some in our text,but also get some seriousness in it.We write letters to each other,and he always writes sweet short letters.But,the other guy I like,we hardly ever text.I'll try to start a conversation,and he may say a few words in the whole conversation.He is really sweet to me,and my friend talks to him at school(since he doesn't go to school with me),and she had the feeling that he doesn't like.I'm really confused right now about who to pick...Please help!!

Hey babe,

It sounds to me like you already know the answer.  The boy you're closer to is obviously the one you get along with better and in turn care about more.  Maybe you just don't like him as much as you could because your attentions are focused on this other boy.
Jordan S.

by mathgeek221 on 4/14/2012 1:27:59 PM


I am 11 years old,but I have the maturity of a 40 year old,or maybe even older. But,because of my maturity,I tend to fall for guys much older than me,like,6-7 years older. I see myself getting married to someone 6-7 years older,and being happy that way. But is it wrong to like guys older than me? I'm smart and I know not to do anything I'm not ready for. And there ARE guys that would be willing to wait for me. But,is it wrong for me to fall so deeply in love with older guys?

 Hey MadMaddie911, we can't help who we like. I have a thing for older guys too. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, as long as they aren't too old. Right now, since you're only 11, 6-7 years may be too old. Once you're in your 20s I think it should be okay. Hope this helps!Xoxo

Lynae P.

by MadMaddie911 on 4/14/2012 1:00:34 PM


Great tips!!

by future_artist on 4/14/2012 12:12:11 PM


Purplecupcake411- the same thing happens to meFrown
we rarely even get to talk...

by Alykat18 on 4/14/2012 12:05:53 PM


i use my ipod with a passcode i trust my boyfriend to delete them and we just call each other sexy

by millia7 on 4/14/2012 11:37:49 AM


LOVE these tips!!

by j4zm09 on 4/14/2012 11:32:22 AM


I really think I need glasses. I literally can see nothing! I can't read, my eyes never 'focus' and I think I need them!

Hey New_York_City, scheldue an appointment with your school nurse, and see if they reccommend you get glasses.  If they say you do, let your parents know so they can take you to the doctors. Sounds like you really need them though. Xoxo

Lynae P.

by New_York_City on 4/14/2012 11:28:36 AM


This is really helpful!Smile
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by smiles48 on 4/14/2012 10:51:17 AM


I hate how it says not to swear. What if that's who you are? I'm not "girly and cute." I do swear, and I'm not saying you should use like 3 swear words in every text, but I'm not gonna hide that part of me from him. And I have a dirty mind, but I use it in funny ways. So.

by biffo on 4/14/2012 10:43:20 AM


Well i have a boyfriend but we r daating so to be serious with him wld it b bad??

by syeda123 on 4/14/2012 10:24:43 AM


If I had my crush's # (or ALL of my crushes' numbers) then I would totally use this.

by happyone123 on 4/14/2012 9:44:10 AM


I texted my crush yesterday and he didn't respond (maybe because it was 'hey, what's up?') Should I try texting him back today, or wait and see if he texts me? He is supposed to be going to a band/choir organizational contest today, so he might have his phone on. (I am in band also, but I could not go Frown) Thanks!

Hey Bridgge2010, I think you should wait for him to text you back, especially because he's going to a concert. It might be busy during the day so give him some time to contact you. Hope this helps! Xoxo


Lynae P.
Lynae P.

by Bridgge2010 on 4/14/2012 9:13:36 AM


Ok, so I have this HORIBBLE crick in my neck. Like I can't stretch it. And I've had since yesterday al like 1. Do u have any ways to get rid of it, or at least ease the pain? I'm using a heating pad and some icy hot stuff. And then I have a volleyball game later today and I'm doing some charity work in a couple of hours. So anything that is fast, and works, would be really helpful!!! Thanks!! Smile

Hey Maggie, yes applying heat or ice will help it go away. You could even try putting a few ice cubes into a sock and laying it on your neck. Even taking a hot shower might get rid of it. Taking ibuprofen could also work. Hope you feel better soon. Good luck on your volleyball game. Hope ya win! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by Foodiejr99 on 4/14/2012 8:08:23 AM


This really helps me a lot! Only one prob, i'll text my bf and he won't text back! is he not interested, or did his phone die? Help!

Hey girl,

His phone may have died, or he might be busy with something else and not able to text back right away. If this is a frequent thing, though, you should probably talk about it in person to sort things out.

Meghan D.

by purplecupcake411 on 4/14/2012 12:50:14 AM


wow this really helped but i hope everyone knows that the last one was a given!!! one girl at my school did that and her parents caught her. that was last year and she still has no phone!!

by Payton K on 4/14/2012 12:39:51 AM


This is perfect for me!💜

by eviegirl:) on 4/14/2012 12:38:16 AM


I could use this great advice if my 'rents would allow me a cell and if I had his number...Frown

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by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 4/14/2012 12:19:08 AM

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