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Massachusetts middle school wants to give kids contraceptives

Right on target or totally out of line? Weigh in!
58 Comments | Add Yours

A school in my state does this.

by HunterGirl1725 on 8/13/2013 6:16:05 PM


I heard over the break that schools in Philadelphia installed condom dispensers so you can just get condoms when you want. That takes the embarrassment out of having to go and buy them, and the pregnancy rates are so high I guess they had to do something. I just wonder if they will have different types and sizes because I have seen at the store there are just so many kinds. Oh well, maybe they will know in a year or two if its preventing teen pregnancy and helping teens make the right choices. But I am sure there will also be comments that its encouraging us to have sex too.

by fashionqn on 1/5/2013 11:40:24 PM


Hey girl! I would absolutely tell your dad what happened. There are ways to fix this kind of thing, but it would be best to own up to the accident. I'm sure your dad will understand and most importantly he will appreciate you were mature enough to be honest! 


Taeler L.

by Swift_lover123 on 12/7/2012 9:15:56 PM


high school isreasonable, but middle school?i don't know if that's apropriate.i'm in 7th grade,the grade in which life science is taught,which means i'm doin sex ed at the end of the year.i don't want to head into drama after science and have everyone see that i have a contraseptive.

by ashbabe567765 on 11/8/2012 2:33:30 AM


This means that kids are going to be sexually active at younger and younger ages. A year or two ago, the age of sixteen was the youngest age of pregnancy in many places. Now kids who are only twelve are sexually active, and this is just encouraging that. they get younger and younger, so what if it spread to elementary school, too? Honestly, at the rate it's going, i wouldn't be surprised if it happened over the course of the next few years. Is that what we want? To be handing out condoms to kids? Honestly, it sounds crazy. But if you think about it, it's not very far from where we are now.

by cityduck on 8/28/2012 10:31:37 AM


Does anyone know if you can get FREE contraceptives now, like the pill now?
Not from your middle or high school but free from the doctors. Didnt the rules just change where now they are free for people if you are on health insurance? Is there a way to get them without your parents finding out?

Hey girl,

It can be different based on your plan and insurance (it might not go into effect for months or even years depending), but if you are under 18 you will have to have your legal guardian find out since you are on their insurance and they are responsible for you! Talk to your parents before making any decisions about contraception.

Meghan D.

by fashionqn on 8/3/2012 8:57:32 PM


i think its a good idea, and its not going to encourage us to have sex. most kids know what it is before taking sex ed anyway! if they give them contraceptives and they decide to be dumb and have sex, at least they wont get pregnant, have to drop out of school, & not be able to get a good job.

by emroxlol on 7/17/2012 5:10:18 AM


I don't even wanna imagine sex until I'm like 22 bc I know WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more about sex and Pedro's and Peres and stuff like that than a 12 year old should.

THX ALOT MOM!! *heavy sarcasm*

by Firefox101 on 6/26/2012 2:42:35 AM


i think you should teach the kids how to use one before giveing them out

by iluvpiggles on 6/4/2012 4:15:13 PM


Condoms @ Prom,
Did anyone hear in the news about the school in New York that is giving away free condoms at the end of their school prom? Some people dont think it is a good idea but in reality it probably is a good idea. Then the news said New York city schools gave out almost One-Million Condoms this year to kids and the prom thing didnt sound like that big of a deal. Wow, a million condoms is a lot!

by luckykel on 5/29/2012 3:24:20 PM

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