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10 ways to brighten your bud's day

Put a smile on anyone’s face with these easy ideas that don’t cost a thing…
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The girl on the left looks like Carly Rae Jepson...

by Cartoon Kit-Kat on 4/26/2012 9:45:45 PM


my bff kept telling me today that she hated me and stuff because i have a boyfriend and me and him kissed the other day. she also said everyone except for me thinks she's the devil's spawn. the thing is she is mean to people, and not very understanding, whereas i actually listen to people and am nice to them. and she's all confused about if she likes this one guy on. like she led him on to thinking that she liked him but then broke his heart. now she fusses about not having a guy but she doesn't seem to realize she had a chance with the one guy. i'm starting to get really frustrated but i dont know what to do, any advice? thanks!

Hey girlie,

I think you should talk to her about it.  Let her know that you don't mean it in any rude way, and that you love her very much, but that this is the vibe that she gives off to people.  We need our best friends to tell us like it is when we want the truth, right?
Jordan S.

by pinkguitar98 on 4/23/2012 8:27:44 PM


I always try to make my friends smile by reminding them of funny things from the past.

by supersingershannon on 4/23/2012 8:11:06 PM


MOd No guys like me! Am I ugly???? I think I am but My friends think I'm pretty. I dont think guys are intimidated by me... I barely talk that much, only at lunch and with my freinds and stuff. I dont really have a crush now but there a couple guys i think are cute that i like a little bit. But i never talked to them i freak out when i talk to guys. what should I do???? also I want a date for my 8th grade dance how do i get one? thanks MOD!


Hey girl, you are NOT ugly! You are beautiful! Your friends would never lie to you. I think you should start making some guy friends in your classes. You don't necessarily have to flirt and put yourself out there right away, but just talk to them, maybe try and get some help on homework from a cutie. I know it sounds cheesy, but practice makes perfect. The more you talk to a guy, the easier it gets! Talk to your friends see if they'll help you find a date. I always had my girlfriends help me pick out a date for our dances, it was a lot of fun. You'll find one, no worries! =] 

lauren r.

by teampeetapercy on 4/21/2012 9:06:50 PM


ok please don't tell us to give flowers to our best friends, unless u say they are a guy. that can b taken the wrong way.

by k8luvscake on 4/21/2012 6:45:49 PM


Those are really good ideas! I love them! I am so trying those out tomorrow! YAY!

by gummybeargrl5 on 4/21/2012 4:58:10 PM


Mod Mod MOd
I sent into questions but one showed up with out a response and the other one isnt posted.....


Lynae P.

by hypershrimp on 4/21/2012 3:59:47 PM


That's cool.

by potterandthedoctor on 4/21/2012 3:26:19 PM


im somewhat plus size...and really self conscious (im probable not really as fat as i think i am) but i really need a new swim suit! i would loveeeeeee to rock a bikini!!!! it is my goal and would make me very happy if i could look good in one!!! im trying to lose wieght but idk if i will look good in one? Do you have any suggestions for a style/brand/pattern or any thing that is good when buying a bikini for a curvy girl like me? also i have small boobs so any suggestions for that? I would really love to rock a bikini but what are some other styles that could look good on me???? i wouldn't mind a one piece as long as it's super cute. Can u please help me find some styles that could look good one me? THANKS Mod!! Smile


Lynae P.

by HaNnAh BaNaNa! on 4/21/2012 3:19:51 PM


Mod mod mod
Ok so my BFF is running for class president! And I'm her campaign manager! As sophomores we are going to need a tremendous amount of Publicity since the last 2 years we have had a terrible president. Last year I wasn't really popular but this year I feel that I'm finnally in the more popular group so I guess that can help us. How can I get a lot of people to vote for her? She is new this year but already made loads of friends! We are planning to make a Napoleon dynamite video with the help of the drama club! Any more ideas? Like what to put on posters? We are running. Against a popular guy who is hillarious. A popular girl who is alike mean. And another girl who is possibly running is the captain of the cheerleaders! Thanks!


Lynae P.

by Hypershrimp on 4/21/2012 2:25:58 PM

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