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Is your formal date crushing on you?

Or does he just need a date? Bill and Dave have the answer...
10 Comments | Add Yours

Sooo... I'm confused. There's this guy that was in the school musical with me and a bunch of friends. He's pretty funny, and seems nice, and he's a guy friend of my BFF, but I've never really had a crush on him. Just last week, he came up to me at my locker and asked me to the 8th grade formal! I said yes. Anyways, we're all going as a group, so its cool. But does this mean that he has a crush on me? Like, is that an equivalent of asking me out? And is it OK for me to be his date if I don't really have a crush on him? Like, do you think I should just spend time with him and then I'll maybe "like" him more...? D:

Hey babe,

I can't really tell you if he has a crush on you or not. It's likely that he's at the very least interested in you.  But it also could be that he wants to be closer with you as a friend.  Considering that, it's fine for you to be his date to the dance without liking him.  Just be careful not to lead him on.

I wouldn't try to force yourself to like him, but what you're thinking is a good idea.  Maybe you will end up liking him as time goes on.
Jordan S.

by rini rae on 5/28/2012 5:39:22 PM


okay so my boyfriend dumped me out of nowhere a couple weeks ago, but I'm getting over him. The thing is, 8th grade formal is coming up soon, and I'm a little sad about the fact that I'm not going to have a date. No guy I know of likes me even the tiniest bit, so I don't think I'll have a date to formal. Most of my friends have boyfriends or dates, and I don't want to ruin their special night. How can I rock being single? (if I still am by the time formal comes) I don't want to be sitting depressed in a corner because I don't have a date.

Hey girlie,

You could totally ask a guy friend, a single girl friend, a friend from another school... just so you have someone to tackle formal with! Or you could go alone, which is 100% fine to do - and can actually be even more fun than having a date because you can dance when you feel like it, hit the bathroom when you feel like it, sip some punch or chat with friends when you feel like it. The only time going stag can feel a lil awkward is during photos or slow dances. But there are ways around that - take a "girls only" photo right after the couples photo, go out for fresh air during the slow dances, and never forget to walk with confidence the whole night. Give up that whole "depressed in a corner" look - instead, if you look confident and sure of yourself all night, you WILL rock it!
Lauren C.

by otter727 on 5/3/2012 10:00:20 PM


so I like this one guy and he kind of figured out that I like him. the thing is, that hasn't seemed to change anything. he still acts the same around me. he still talks to me and follows me and my friends around (while trying to act natrural and failing) and records our conversations (he's a little weird) does this mean he likes me?


hey! maybe, but the best thing to do is wait and see what happens. then things don't get awkward and you can stay friends Smile 

Helen S.

by kaitlin177 on 4/27/2012 5:53:15 PM


so theres this guy that i like. For the past 3 weeks we've been around eachother a lot (only at our job, we dont go to the same school) and so we're talking more. Since we've been talking more i've been catching him staring at me then quickly looking away, or when theres people closer to him, he'll talk accross the room to me, and when he sees me he just gets the biggest smile on his face then we start chatting, oh and he has a nickname for me. Well he got my number (not quite sure how tho) which is awesome! but our texting conversations only last at the longest a half hour. its like at work we talk more, but thats only on the weekends IF we have the same shift. How can i make our texting conversations longer but not boring? Do you think he even likes me??


Hey girl!

Sometimes texting can get slow and less engaging. Try asking more questions on things he texts or telling more on the topic; you could also try open ended questions or random ones such as what his hobbies are and what he likes about it and so on. Talking on the phone instead is another option. While staring could be a sign of flirting, a lot of times people absentmindedly look at people, which can come across as staring. The only you could know if he likes you is if he tells you or asks you out. You could also suggest hanging out, too, if you enjoy spending time with him. Smile

Krupali D.

by Cherries51 on 4/25/2012 3:52:10 PM


ok so I'm in 6th grade and have had one bf but he dumped me last july. Now I like this guy. But he's a little weird. He somtimes barks, and says innapropiate things. But he is so funny!!! He is also really cute. He is in my Reading class and he says he hates me. But in band I always catch him staring at me. Should I have a


Hey girl!

Guys you like that make you laugh make great boyfriends. But since he said he hates you, it definitely sends a sign of him not wanting any sort of relationship with you. If you think he said it jokingly, I'd say talk to him about it and try to become friends as long as he doesn't say anymore mean things. <3

Krupali D.

by quahaugs on 4/24/2012 6:50:09 AM


Ok, so I'm crushing on this one guy T but aLOT of people in my grade dont like him. He makes snarky comments and isn't the nicest of guys sometimes to other people, so he doesnt have alot of friends. But hes in all of my classes and weve been sat near eachother alot because Im a goody-two-shoes and I get real good grades. Ive found that once you actually get to know T hes really nice and sweet. The thing is I know that peopole are already talking because were getting close, but my school's spring formal is coming up. Even if he asks me, Im going with my friends but Id go with him if Im not. I know hes gonna be there and we might slow dance together. I guess Im just worried that if we do people will talk and it will ruin my good-girl rep. I asked my BFF what he would think if she was just a bystander and she said that she would be like "She's a good girl and he's a bad guy!" But I really wanna dance w/T and be something more. But even my BFF does't like him. What to do?

Hey babe,

If you think you might have feelings for or be interested in this boy, then what other people think shouldn't matter.  When it comes down to it, we all want to be happy, and if he makes you happy, then by all means, go for it!
Jordan S.

by uni301 on 4/23/2012 8:35:01 PM


I have a twin brother and i can't be as flirty as i want to be.I like this guy and i think he likes me back and i walk to 2nd period with him but i'm afraid my brother will see me and tell my parents. how do i be flirty even with my brother around? and How can make my crush see that i like him?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hey chica,

What reason would he have to tell them?  Even if he did, it's not as if you're doing anything wrong.  Your parents understand that you're going to like boys and want to flirt with them.  Just act as you normally would without your brother around.
Jordan S.

by juliacar on 4/23/2012 8:23:55 PM


Loving the title. Smile

by AlwaysDreamer on 4/23/2012 8:10:07 PM


ok i got dumped last week. and i vowed that i would stay away from guys for awhile. but this REALLY CUTE guy got put in my math group and i think i have a crush on him...the thing is, is that he's popular. i'm sorta popular i just don't know if he would date anyone besides one of the "popular girls". he's really nice to me and we r friends. i just don't know what to do i really like him. how do i get him to like me? thanks!!Smile

Hey babe,

You gotta' be yourself.  Even if you act like somebody else to make him fall for you, your act will wear off at some point.  And don't forget that he's lucky to get to know you.  It doesn't matted if he's so-called popular.  In the end, you're both people.  Once you find common interests, it shouldn't be hard at all.
Jordan S.

by Alykat18 on 4/23/2012 6:11:07 PM


The title has nothing to do with the article...LOL Tong

by fungirl123 on 4/23/2012 4:06:35 PM

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