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My boobs hurt! Is this normal?

When I push down on them, they’re super sore…
70 Comments | Add Yours

Half way through the day one of my boobs started to hurt now im home and its swollen around the nipple and REALLY hurts! Whats going on?!?!


Hey girlie, I really have no idea what to tell you other than to see a doctor. I think it's unlikely that it's anything really serious, but you probably want to get that checked out. 

Lauren T.

by Fruity8106 on 9/16/2012 7:28:11 PM


I'm almost 13 & I measured my bra size not too long ago & I was wondering is there a difference between my age & older women's bras? Like is a 32B the same size bra if that was my size weather I'm 10 or 35? Thanks!


Hey! Yes the size stays the same for all ages Smile 

Helen S.

by victoriabieberz on 8/13/2012 5:04:22 PM


ook so im 15 and my boobs hurt so so bad. im sexually active, ive gotten my period, its suposed to start tommorow.but i really dont think thats why they hurt so bad because ive had them hurt because of my period but not this bad. my back also hurts along with it! i take birth control everyday to keep the side affects from being so sevre. why do my boobs and back hurt so much. PLEASE HELP


My back and boobs always hurt when I get my period and you'll find that your period will change over time. So I think you feel these pains because your period is on your way. However if your period doesn't come right away, you might want to do a pregnancy test. That's only if your period doesnt come though. So don't be worried. Good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by woahitsm1013 on 8/4/2012 7:59:55 PM


I need your help! I'm 12 going into 7th grade and A LOT of my friends have already got their full blown periods! I'm just starting to bud and I'm so jealous! I know everybody says "it's the way you are" and "you can't change that" but I am VERY far behind the rest of the girls in my grade. I sometimes even cry over this, actually i cry over this subject a lot. Do you have any ideas that will make a noticeable change in my breast size? And not to be mean in any way, I really would not like an answer that in includes the words "you can't change the way you are." thank you in advance.

Hey Malia,

It's true, unfortunately - everyone's body is different and some move through puberty faster than others. We're not gonna lie for you - you can't change the way you are. You wouldn't be so sick of hearing that answer if it wasn't true. If you're worried that there's something wrong, feel free to talk to your doctor and ask him/her ALL the puberty questions you have. They've heard it all, so they are a great person to help make sure you're healthy and on the right track. But otherwise, you really have to be patient. You'll have your WHOLE LIFE to have your period, wear bras, and all that other good stuff. You're moving at your own speed, and there's nothing you can do to change that <3
Lauren C.

by Malia23 on 8/2/2012 5:21:40 PM


Whenever I press down on my boobs where the nipple is, it feels like there is a marble or something in my boob. Is this normal??

Hey girlie,

Totally normal! Check out this article: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/05/13/Body-Advice.aspx It's always good to do your own breast exams and keep your eye out for any abnormal lumps, but the "little lumps" you feel are most likely related to glands in your breast. Nothing to worry about Smile If you have any questions or just want to be sure, don't be afraid to talk to your doc! 
Lauren C.

by iloveonedirection! on 7/29/2012 10:54:32 PM


I had noticed a weird lump in my breast and today went to the doctor, who said it was a cyst. She said it was most likely harmless but said I should get it drained. I looked it up when i got home and some of it scared me. Like I read that even drained, they can come back alot and eventually they need to be removed. And that one woman's became cancerous. Is it true that cysts become cancerous? And that they come back alot? And if you know, does getting them drained hurt?? I'm terrified and freaking out and dont know what to do! Help/advice please!!!

Hey girlie,

It is true that SOME cysts have the possibility of becoming cancerous. But not all! There are plenty of "benign" (that means "good" and "cancer-free") cysts that aren't a big issue at all. Instead of looking everything up online and scaring yourself, try to write a list of questions and bring it to your doctor. Your doctor is there to help you and can answer everything you can think of - she's heard it all before. But if you look stuff up online, you'll only be hearing the "worst case scenario" - and that's not accurate because the people online don't know your unique situation <3 
Lauren C.

by ashw2014 on 7/26/2012 11:48:18 PM


What happens to you if you get breast cancer?

Hey girlie,

To give you a really simple answer, people who have cancer (whether it is in the breast or somewhere else) have a problem with the cells in their body. The cells start to grow and develop too fast for their bodies, which makes them sick. So, they work with their doctors to get treated and get rid of the cancer. This can be done through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. There's a lot more "science" behind it if you're really curious so, if you have any other questions about what cancer is, symptoms and treatment, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor. It can really help to get all the facts! <3
Lauren C.

by megacutie66 on 7/26/2012 5:17:29 PM


I got bit by a spider on both of my boobs. I'm pretty sure it was a spider (I was sleeping, so I wouldn't know).I woke up and my boobs were itchy, then I found two tiny little holes next to each other on both. It's been a couple of days and now I'm starting to get bumps around both of my boobs. Should I see a doctor. If not how should I treat this?

Hey girl!

I would recommend seeing a doctor. It definitely could be spider bites, but you should see a doctor so you can be sure. Plus, they can tell you the best way to treat it. 
Rachael A.

by jazzyrae on 7/23/2012 2:20:40 AM


Hi im almost 16 and well, my boobs arent ALL the way "matured" yet. One looks really formed while the other is a lot smaller and not as formed. Im not worried about that (should I?) but I am quesioning that both have like a hardish mass in the middle of them and is that a developmental thing? Im not too worried but I dont really know what they are, and I havnt asked mom yet and the internet is no help at ALL. Could you try to help explain? Thanks!!


Hey! No I wouldn't worry about one being slightly more developed than the other, that can definitely happen. I can't really give good advice for the second issue though; they tell us to avoid giving any medical advice since we aren't trained, and also don't know your history. Yeah what you're doing sounds fine, no need to panic, just maybe ask your mom about it, or your doctor at your next physical? Sorry i couldn't be more helpful! 

Helen S.

by KaylieGurl663 on 7/16/2012 5:16:43 PM


Hi im almost 16 and well, my boobs arent ALL the way "matured" yet. One looks really formed while the other is a lot smaller and not as formed. Im not worried about that (should I?) but I am quesioning that both have like a hardish mass in the middle of them and is that a developmental thing? Im not too worried but I dont really know what they are, and I havnt asked mom yet and the internet is no help at ALL. Could you try to help explain? Thanks.

by KaylieGurl663 on 7/16/2012 12:33:13 AM

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