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My boobs hurt! Is this normal?

When I push down on them, they’re super sore…
70 Comments | Add Yours

My boobs hurt so much i cant even touch them without crying! At night they are the worst because i cant even sleep! I went to the doctors and she said that it was normal and that i should just put some ice on them .i tried once but the pain was so bad that i nearly fainted. I need someone to help me. I know that its not normal because the article says that it hurts to push down on them. I dont touch mine and i want to cry. I dont have big boobs either. Im 12 and 32a. Please help me.

by ivivvalover on 8/8/2013 3:25:00 PM


Hi mod Smile

A few days ago i was trying on dresses (I don't usually like dresses but a few caught my eye). Thats when she said she was gonna get me a bra. I had almost forgotten about that and was speechless Laughing



Hey! Hope you had fun shopping, I think it's good to plan these trips with your mom Smile have a great day!

Helen S.

by lauren1104 on 7/20/2013 2:38:13 AM


I've had brown discharge before and it turned out to just be brown discharge but this time it is darker then ever before i told my mom and she said it might be just for not taking a shower in a day she said we will see what do you think


Hey girlie, give it some time to see if it goes away on its own. If it doesn't after a week or so and you're concerned about it then talk to a doctor. 

Lauren T.

by momo567 on 6/10/2013 8:23:42 PM


Hi mod.

Thanks. I dont think Im ready or not. Last time I measured I was like a 32Aish but im no professional measurer Lol. What do you guys think?

by lauren1104 on 2/6/2013 10:25:00 PM


Hey Mod
I feel awkward asking this... I just signed up and this is my first comment. It seemed like a trustworthy sight. I've wanted to ask my mom for a bra for a few months now but I can't get anything out. Shes alone a lot but I feel really awkward. I'm afraid to because she's that "not yet" Kinda mom and I don't want to talk about it and have her say not yet because it's awkward and I always look really stupid. What do I say? I'm so confused and scared. I'm 12

Hey chica, sit down and have an honest conversation with your mom.  Tell her how you're feeling, what you want, and ask if she'll help you go bra shopping.  It shouldn't come as a huge surprise to your mom, after all, this is just part of growing up.  You can do it.  Good luck!  

Karin E.

by Lauren1104 on 2/4/2013 9:36:10 PM


Hey so every time i get experience PMS my breasts hurt and know that probably because they are growing, but i have a question...what is the best thing to wear when they do hurt. Everything i wear a bra they hurt and then then at night they hurt even more. What do i do?

Hey girlie,

Maybe you could wear a sports bra or one without underwire, and you don't have to wear a bra at night if it's not comfortable! If your breasts are hurting a lot, I would talk to your mom or a doc to make sure everything's ok!

Meghan D.

by imsuuchadreamer on 1/19/2013 10:30:51 PM


Ok I'm really scared. I'm 12 years old. I don't really have very big boobs but I measured as a 32A, so I wear a 32A. I have a little bit of pubic hair (really dark, curly, doesn't cover all over tho) I've had discharge since before I turned 11! I'm really nervous to get my period and in the last few days I've had really heavy discharge and it's felt weird down there. Not like cramps, but it just stung and felt like I needed to itch it but I didn't. It was just weird. Anyway, I've talked to my mom a lot and I know she's here for me but I'm just worried. She gave me pads to carry around so I'm prepared so that's good but I don't know. I just think it's weird that I haven't gotten my period yet because I've had discharge for so long. My mom also got her period around my age. If you could just tell me when you think I'm going to get my period that would be great. I know it's unpredictable, but if you could just give me some advice on what to do and what you think? Thanks!

Hey girl,

You are right, I can't really predict when you're going to get your period, just like you can't predict when, either. It's good to know when your mom first got hers though, because sometimes you can guess when you're will begin based on her past experience. Don't be afraid! Try to remember that every girl goes through what you're going through right at this moment. The best thing to do is be prepared (which from your ask it seems you already are) and don't stress so much! xoxo
Alexis G.

by thatsoccergirl11 on 1/7/2013 2:19:01 AM


Dear, MOD!!!
Just today I started to get itchy on my left boob and now it's night time and I have pain on my right boob its in the middle of my boob and I told my mom but she didn't really tell my anything I'm wondering what it is and what should I do !! (I'm 13 by the way )


Hey girl, I would talk to your mom again. And it it makes you uncomfy, I would go to the doctor just to make sure everything is okay. 

lauren r.

by Mrs.vides on 1/6/2013 1:04:53 AM


Mod mod mod mod mod
I have my period and my stomach and head hurt so much. Sometimes I can't wen move when they hurt. What do I do?



Hey Chica, Talk to your Mom or Dad about going to the Doctor. Your Period should not interfere with daily life, and the doctor may be able to prescribe something to help. 


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by kat_13 on 11/20/2012 2:50:59 PM


Mod mod mod my boobs been hurting for like a month now is that normal???


Hey! the only way to really feel reassured is to talk to your doctor about all of these questions Smile To be honest, that's what we mods just have to tell you guys when you come to us with any health concerns. You may very well be fine, but since we're not doctors and we can't even see you face to face, it's not for us to tell you what's fine and what isn't. You know your body. Trust your instincts and talk to your doc! 

Helen S.

by musicgurl111 on 9/29/2012 4:53:32 PM


Half way through the day one of my boobs started to hurt now im home and its swollen around the nipple and REALLY hurts! Whats going on?!?!


Hey girlie, I really have no idea what to tell you other than to see a doctor. I think it's unlikely that it's anything really serious, but you probably want to get that checked out. 

Lauren T.

by Fruity8106 on 9/16/2012 7:28:11 PM


I'm almost 13 & I measured my bra size not too long ago & I was wondering is there a difference between my age & older women's bras? Like is a 32B the same size bra if that was my size weather I'm 10 or 35? Thanks!


Hey! Yes the size stays the same for all ages Smile 

Helen S.

by victoriabieberz on 8/13/2012 5:04:22 PM


ook so im 15 and my boobs hurt so so bad. im sexually active, ive gotten my period, its suposed to start tommorow.but i really dont think thats why they hurt so bad because ive had them hurt because of my period but not this bad. my back also hurts along with it! i take birth control everyday to keep the side affects from being so sevre. why do my boobs and back hurt so much. PLEASE HELP


My back and boobs always hurt when I get my period and you'll find that your period will change over time. So I think you feel these pains because your period is on your way. However if your period doesn't come right away, you might want to do a pregnancy test. That's only if your period doesnt come though. So don't be worried. Good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by woahitsm1013 on 8/4/2012 7:59:55 PM


I need your help! I'm 12 going into 7th grade and A LOT of my friends have already got their full blown periods! I'm just starting to bud and I'm so jealous! I know everybody says "it's the way you are" and "you can't change that" but I am VERY far behind the rest of the girls in my grade. I sometimes even cry over this, actually i cry over this subject a lot. Do you have any ideas that will make a noticeable change in my breast size? And not to be mean in any way, I really would not like an answer that in includes the words "you can't change the way you are." thank you in advance.

Hey Malia,

It's true, unfortunately - everyone's body is different and some move through puberty faster than others. We're not gonna lie for you - you can't change the way you are. You wouldn't be so sick of hearing that answer if it wasn't true. If you're worried that there's something wrong, feel free to talk to your doctor and ask him/her ALL the puberty questions you have. They've heard it all, so they are a great person to help make sure you're healthy and on the right track. But otherwise, you really have to be patient. You'll have your WHOLE LIFE to have your period, wear bras, and all that other good stuff. You're moving at your own speed, and there's nothing you can do to change that <3
Lauren C.

by Malia23 on 8/2/2012 5:21:40 PM


Whenever I press down on my boobs where the nipple is, it feels like there is a marble or something in my boob. Is this normal??

Hey girlie,

Totally normal! Check out this article: It's always good to do your own breast exams and keep your eye out for any abnormal lumps, but the "little lumps" you feel are most likely related to glands in your breast. Nothing to worry about Smile If you have any questions or just want to be sure, don't be afraid to talk to your doc! 
Lauren C.

by iloveonedirection! on 7/29/2012 10:54:32 PM


I had noticed a weird lump in my breast and today went to the doctor, who said it was a cyst. She said it was most likely harmless but said I should get it drained. I looked it up when i got home and some of it scared me. Like I read that even drained, they can come back alot and eventually they need to be removed. And that one woman's became cancerous. Is it true that cysts become cancerous? And that they come back alot? And if you know, does getting them drained hurt?? I'm terrified and freaking out and dont know what to do! Help/advice please!!!

Hey girlie,

It is true that SOME cysts have the possibility of becoming cancerous. But not all! There are plenty of "benign" (that means "good" and "cancer-free") cysts that aren't a big issue at all. Instead of looking everything up online and scaring yourself, try to write a list of questions and bring it to your doctor. Your doctor is there to help you and can answer everything you can think of - she's heard it all before. But if you look stuff up online, you'll only be hearing the "worst case scenario" - and that's not accurate because the people online don't know your unique situation <3 
Lauren C.

by ashw2014 on 7/26/2012 11:48:18 PM


What happens to you if you get breast cancer?

Hey girlie,

To give you a really simple answer, people who have cancer (whether it is in the breast or somewhere else) have a problem with the cells in their body. The cells start to grow and develop too fast for their bodies, which makes them sick. So, they work with their doctors to get treated and get rid of the cancer. This can be done through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. There's a lot more "science" behind it if you're really curious so, if you have any other questions about what cancer is, symptoms and treatment, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor. It can really help to get all the facts! <3
Lauren C.

by megacutie66 on 7/26/2012 5:17:29 PM


I got bit by a spider on both of my boobs. I'm pretty sure it was a spider (I was sleeping, so I wouldn't know).I woke up and my boobs were itchy, then I found two tiny little holes next to each other on both. It's been a couple of days and now I'm starting to get bumps around both of my boobs. Should I see a doctor. If not how should I treat this?

Hey girl!

I would recommend seeing a doctor. It definitely could be spider bites, but you should see a doctor so you can be sure. Plus, they can tell you the best way to treat it. 
Rachael A.

by jazzyrae on 7/23/2012 2:20:40 AM


Hi im almost 16 and well, my boobs arent ALL the way "matured" yet. One looks really formed while the other is a lot smaller and not as formed. Im not worried about that (should I?) but I am quesioning that both have like a hardish mass in the middle of them and is that a developmental thing? Im not too worried but I dont really know what they are, and I havnt asked mom yet and the internet is no help at ALL. Could you try to help explain? Thanks!!


Hey! No I wouldn't worry about one being slightly more developed than the other, that can definitely happen. I can't really give good advice for the second issue though; they tell us to avoid giving any medical advice since we aren't trained, and also don't know your history. Yeah what you're doing sounds fine, no need to panic, just maybe ask your mom about it, or your doctor at your next physical? Sorry i couldn't be more helpful! 

Helen S.

by KaylieGurl663 on 7/16/2012 5:16:43 PM


Hi im almost 16 and well, my boobs arent ALL the way "matured" yet. One looks really formed while the other is a lot smaller and not as formed. Im not worried about that (should I?) but I am quesioning that both have like a hardish mass in the middle of them and is that a developmental thing? Im not too worried but I dont really know what they are, and I havnt asked mom yet and the internet is no help at ALL. Could you try to help explain? Thanks.

by KaylieGurl663 on 7/16/2012 12:33:13 AM


one is bigger then the other does this mean breast cancer?

by popgirl79 on 7/15/2012 10:13:21 PM


Dear mod ?
I have justice under wear and sometimes they have like blue lines where my parts go and kinda makes me wonder what it means and how do u kno what is an isn't discharge?

Hey babe,

It's probably just the underwear - does the pattern or coloring of the underwear have blue? It might just have gotten a little messed up in the wash or something and have stained. You'll know if it's discharge if it's wet, or if you see it on your toilet paper when you go to the bathroom. If it's dry and a set in stain, it's probably just from the undies.
Kelly G.

by Kshay on 7/13/2012 1:39:25 PM


I realize sore boobs during puberty is perfectly normal, but my have been hurting so bad lately. Is there any way to relieve the pain, quick and simple?
Thank you!

Hey girlie,

Take a dose of Tylenol or Advil! I know it sounds simple, but it'll really help get rid of that soreness Smile And sometimes a hot water bottle (or one of those little bean bags that you heat up) will soothe the pain too! 
Lauren C.

by Graciegang on 7/13/2012 12:07:42 AM


I'm 12 years old and i'm already wearing a Bcup bra. is this normal for a girl my age?

Hey girlie,

It's totally normal! Everyone's body matures differently during puberty so you can't compare yourself to your friends' bods - it's normal for you! Even if you feel like you're growing super fast and aren't slowing down, it's actually totally natural Smile 
Lauren C.

by liv22 on 7/12/2012 10:44:12 PM


So about two months ago I needed a some new bras, so my mom got me two sports bras. that's fine when I'm out horseback riding, but for school and summer, the straps show from my clothes and I can't wear them with most of my tops. I really want some cup bras, but I'm scared to ask my mom for them. What should I do? Thanks so much!


Hey girl!

You might be scared at first, but remember...your mom was in this exact same position once. Tell her that you can't wear sports bras with your cute tops, and you want to know if she'd take you to get some cuter, normal bras. I'm sure she'll be happy to help you out. Check out this link for tips on picking the right bra:  She was once a teenager too!!

Catherine C.

by Sadie594 on 7/6/2012 12:06:34 PM


Almost all my shirts require me to wear a white tank top under them. Mine are the ones from Aeropostale with the built in bra, but that doesn't offer me enough support, it is more like a training bra. If I wear a real bra you can see the straps. Now I don't wear most of my shirts because of this! What should I do? Thanks(:

Hey girlie,

Definitely keep wearing those white tank tops, but try going for a bra with detachable straps! I got mine from Forever 21 - they come in all sizes/colors and have detachable straps so you can go strapless, wear them in a criss-cross, only use one side, etc. They're really affordable (like $10!) and I think they'll help ya be prepared for any shirt situation you've got Smile 
Lauren C.

by kelaboo on 7/5/2012 11:02:09 PM


theres this weird clear stuff coming out of my boobs , and one is waaaay bigger then the other! plus i dont want to tell my mom because she's really stressed with her devorce! Cry PLEASE HELP I FEEL LOST.


Hey girl, Discharge is something your doctor definitely needs to hear about.  Your mom might be stressed, but your health matters to her.  Have her make an appointment, it might be nothing or something small, but it should still be checked out by a professional.  Don't worry about your boobs being different sizes, though, thats a pretty common thing, lots of girls have the same thing!  xoox 

Kate G.

by chewcharm on 7/5/2012 3:40:52 PM


There are tiny bumps ALL OVER my boobs and I don't know how they got there! It's kinda like acne.. But i've never had acne anywhere. What do i do?

Hey girl,

This could help answer your Q! Smile 
Lauren C.

by throwaway246 on 6/28/2012 11:28:17 PM


Im 11 years old and i wear a size 32D in bras . It feels so uncomfortable to have boobs this big because of my age and because it sometimes attracts the wrong attention. I was wondering if you have any exercises that would help me burn off alot of fat and maybe they would shrink a little ? If not thats fine i just need something that will help me grow into my body . Also , most of my friends are very skinny i feel left out when their in their bikinis because im thicker then they are . My mom dosent allow me to wear shorts above the knees because of my booty . I feel like shes calling me fat when she says that even though i know its not true . I just feel insecure around my riends because i want a body like theirs . Any Advice or workouts ?

Hey girlie,

Unfortunately, unless you lost a HUGE amount of weight there's no guarantee you'll lose any fat from your chest area. The best way to feel better about yourself is to eat right, do something physical that gets you feeling fit (love dance, basketball, softball, jogging, biking, swimming? Whatever it is, it can help release endorphins and make you feel awesome!), and focus on the hobbies/passions that are the strongest for you. Doing what you love and realizing that you're good at a lot of things does wonders for your self-esteem! It makes you realize it's not just about our bodies - it's about what we set our minds to, what we can achieve, and how great we really are Smile And don't forget to check out this article, which can really help ya think about this sitch in the best and healthiest way <3
Lauren C.

by Killer_Beauty00 on 6/28/2012 4:35:17 PM


Okay, I really don't know is this is normal, but my boobs itch, ALL the time. My sister told me that is a sign they're growing, but I'm not sure. Is that true?


hey! I'm not sure if that's true, I don't think I've ever heard that before. If it gets worse talk to a doctor but otherwise maybe a moisturizer would help.  

Helen S.

by Mustache_Obsessed on 6/25/2012 7:38:55 PM


i dont get it one is bigger then the other and the the bigger one is the one that is hurts and the other one does! im scared what does this mean

by popgirl79 on 6/24/2012 5:52:38 PM


I'm flat! Ha!

by Christiangal345 on 6/21/2012 6:18:24 PM


I have a weird question... do I have to wear a bra under a cami? I've heard people say something about camis having "hidden support", so does that just mean the ones with the little elastic band in them? I'm a bit confused.

Hey girlie,

Not a weird question at all! It depends on your chest and the shirt. Some shirts are "bra tops" (where they'll have that elastic band or maybe even cups for support) and you should be just fine without a bra, but sometimes you'll need one because the elastic band isn't enough. The best thing to do is try on the cami before you buy it! That way, you can tell what type of coverage it offers and if you'll need a bra to go with it Smile
Lauren C.

by xforevereternal on 6/7/2012 11:33:45 PM


Ok, I also did that last 1. I've asked her b4 but that was like 2 years ago so I sent her an email...I'm nervous what her response will b can u tell me something close to what she'll say. And if she says no , when do I ask again? Thanks!😄😊

Hey girl, what was her response when you first asked? If she just didn't answer, then you definitely wanna ask in person so that she can't ignore the question. And if you're really worried and feeling uncomfortable about not having a bra, just tell her that.  
Carrie R.

by girlychic on 6/6/2012 1:33:32 PM


Okay, i think my breasts are starting to grow. They're tender, like when it hits something im like OW! Do i need a bra? i think i do. But how do i tell my mom im thinking of emailing her but i have NO words.......PLEASE REPLY I NEED MAJOR HELP!!! :/

Hey there, chica! If ya think you're ready to start wearing bras, that's fine. There's no specific time when you have to get them. You probably wanna start off with a training bra, just to get used to how they feel. And if you're stressin' about telling your mom, don't worry - that's why she's there. It may be a little awkward to start off the convo, but the best way is just to talk to her whenever you two have a minute alone. Tell her that you think you're ready to start wearing bras, and ask her if she'd like to take you shopping. Be to-the-point and honest, and you should have no problems.
Carrie R.

by girlychic on 6/6/2012 1:07:30 PM


MOD MOD Why do my boobs hurt before my period? It is really bad and I can't run without pain, which is a problem for gym. Also, I have acne on my back and chest and it is embarrassing in a bathing suit. I use medication for it, but it doesn't help.


Hey! the only way to really feel reassured is to talk to your doctor about all of these questions Smile To be honest, that's what we mods just have to tell you guys when you come to us with any health concerns. You may very well be fine, but since we're not doctors and we can't even see you face to face, it's not for us to tell you what's fine and what isn't. You know your body. Trust your instincts and talk to your doc! 

Helen S.

by romanticbookworm13 on 6/4/2012 6:49:18 PM


ok so i know i just sent u one just recently but i just have there two questions do u think that since im only 11 i shouldn't be a 36c in bra size?all the other girls in my class don't really have a chest except for this one girl and i kind of makes mu unconfortable. also their also all really skinnier than i am but the same height and i'm probaly around (edited by mod). does that mean i'm overweight?

Hey girlie,

Every girl develops at a different speed! You should absolutely be a 36C bra size, if that's what you are right now. Your bod is going at its own speed and developing just fine Smile Plus, in a year or two, the girls are going to be so jealous of the fact that you have boobs - you'll probably get the attention of guys, and they'll wish they developed earlier too. Hang in there! As for your weight, the only person qualified to tell you if you're a normal weight is your doctor. If you have questions or concerns, talk to your doctor and he/she can tell you if you're in the healthy range! <3
Lauren C.

by cgirl109 on 5/27/2012 8:57:10 AM


ok so like i went over my friends house yesterday and i brought my sister with me cause their friends too and my sister and i are really to get to the point they started talking about all the boys they like and i couldnt say anything because i don't like anybody! and i also started to think that i hear all the other girls at my school talking about who they like or their dating someone and that i'm the only one who doesnt like anyone!do you think that's ok or should the next time someone brings up the convo of boys should i lie and say i like someone? p.s. i'm 11 years old if your wondering so i'm not to comfortable with having a boyfriend

Hey girlie,

It's totally ok if you're not crushing on someone right now! Don't lie and say you like someone just to be part of the convo - just shrug and say I don't like anyone right now. If there's no one who seems attractive/interesting in your class, of course you're not gonna develop a crush! Don't force it Smile When you go to middle/high school, you'll have a lot more options and your taste in guys will probably change - so you'll find one soon enough. And remember, you can totally have a crush without wanting a boyfriend! You can like a guy without actually dating him - it's not a commitment just to have a crush Smile But don't pressure yourself into finding a crush if one hasn't popped up naturally! Everyone has their own taste in guys, and everyone has their own "timeline" when they develop crushes. If you're not into that just yet, it's no big deal! 
Lauren C.

by cgirl109 on 5/27/2012 8:51:56 AM


I know what bra size I am, and sometimes I feel like I'm a lot larger than my friends, which I don't have a problem with ~ they wear bras too and everything, of course, but is there an average cup size for any age? For example, if I'm 12 (which I am), is there an average age, like most 12-year-olds have a 38B? Or is it totally randomized?

Hey girl,

The size of your bra depends more on heredity and body shape than on your age, so embrace your body and encourage your friends to do the same! People are different for a reason, and all sizes are beautiful.

Meghan D.

by bubblesgirl on 5/26/2012 12:48:28 AM


OK, so I recently found out I'm a 38A (which is a really awkward size) and am planning to go shopping for bras soon, 'cause it feels like they're squeezing the life out of me (it's not easy fitting in a 34A =P). Anyway, I want to go to Victoria's Secret - the only problem is it's about an hour drive from my place. My mom wants me to go to The Bay, or Sears, but I don't like their styles. How do I convince my mom to go? Also, I'm not allowed to order online.
Please help =/


hey! since you're mom has the car, you're kind of at her mercy. Keep an eye on the VS website for sales and coupons so you can lure her there with savings Smile 

Helen S.

by SecretID on 5/25/2012 5:42:14 PM


okay so ive never had my period before but there was this tiny tiny reddish bit of discharge in my underwear!!! (i know its gross!!)

Hey girl,

It could be a sign that it's coming soon, but when it's here there will be no doubt that you've got it!
Jordan S.

by WhiteStripe3 on 5/21/2012 5:23:26 PM


i have the same thing , i'm 10 about to turn 11 and the padded bra REALLY helps.

by katie6781 on 5/19/2012 10:27:11 AM


Mod mod mod
i am 10 and more developed than any other girl in my class help!!!

Hey girlie,

This is TOTALLY normal! As this article says, there is no "right time" to develop - it's different for every girl and depends on lots of things, including genes. Embrace your growing bod and be confident with what you have. I'll bet lots of girls will end up being jealous of you because you got boobs/curves first! And you'll be able to answer their questions about it when their time comes. It's not a bad thing, babe Smile
Lauren C.

by peachy80802 on 5/13/2012 11:03:27 AM


MOD MOD MOD!! Ok so pretty much all of my friends are younger than me, but all of them have a bigger chest! 2 of them have already had their period and they're only 11 and 12. I flat. F-L-A-T! FLAT! I've looked online to see what makes your breasts grow faster. It said to try milk and the last week I have been drinking tall glasses of milk. Will anything else help me and make me chest grow faster? Thank you so much!

Hey girlie,

Honestly, most of those are myths.  There is no real way to make your breasts grow more quickly.  Believe me, I've tried too.  The reason they are more chest-endowed than you are is likely genetics.

Also, keep in mind that you're nowhere near fully grown.  Just because they haven't popped up yet doesn't mean you're doomed to be flat.  Most girls aren't completely filled out (hips, butt, and chest) until their early twenties.  I'm 18 and I'm still growing!

Your body has its timeline as to when it's ready to do what, just let it happen.  Otherwise, make sure you're getting all of the nutrients your body needs to grow (aka. try a daily multivitamin or make sure you're eating healthily)
Jordan S.

by Malia23 on 5/7/2012 7:02:44 PM


I get these ugly dimples on my legs sometimes when i sit. I hate them. Ive seenn them before on adults, but im only 13! How do i get rid of them?

by noodle&poodles on 5/7/2012 5:18:08 PM


If you feel like you're ready to start wear bras...just try them out! I wore my first ones in 4th grade when I was 10 and I felt ready. I did try to wear some the year before but they were uncomfortable. If they fit, and you feel ready, go ahead! Smile Do NOT wear bras just because other girls are. I am 12 now and would do ANYTHING to go back to not wearing bras...enjoy life without them while you can! Good luck gurls!! Smile

by abbeydoodles on 5/5/2012 3:57:59 PM


That used happen to me. Padded bras really help!!!!

by Gabbyw123 on 5/4/2012 9:34:58 PM


Mod mod mod
What if your mom actually says no?


hey! Says no to what, dear? 

Helen S.

by Sierra909 on 5/4/2012 6:57:24 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
I am 11 and in the 5th grade.In class we are doing the reproductive health unit, and there's this question box where you can write down qestions and the teacher
( Thankfully it's a woman) answers the questions out loud. My teacher was answering a question about shaving, like when you should start or when the average age is. She said in, like 6th or 7th grade. I'm only in the fifth grade and has almost asked my mom, like, 2222222 times.Should I start shaving??? If so what are some good razors and shaving gel??? I'm so desperate I had a dream about it. HOW CAN I ACTUALLY ASK MY MOM!!! HELP!!!


hey! Just casually ask your mom if it's ok if you start shaving, if she says no, it's only a year. I like venus razors and shave cream Smile 

Helen S.

by Sarah510 on 5/4/2012 8:48:51 AM


I almost asked my mom for a bra and it turned out I... I think....I .....need....need go to the bathroom. It's not that I'm afraid to ask her but I'm afraid of what my dad will think. He jokes around about stuff like boys and little things and now this? What should I do?

Hey girlie,

Try to catch mom when she's got a free minute and is alone! That way, if Dad finds out, it's from Mom... and you can tell her ahead of time that teasing about boys is one thing, but teasing about bras would really make you uncomfy. That way, she can handle things with Dad and make sure she's got your back Smile But you gotta be honest and spit out those words! Just go up to her casually and go, "Hey Mom? I think I might be more comfortable if I got some kind of bra." A long time ago, she got her first bra too - she's been there, girl! <3 And she'll be really happy you came to her and trusted her to be a part of this with you Smile
Lauren C.

by Sierra909 on 5/3/2012 11:06:05 PM


~Jordan S.
Well then how do you become a ''mod.''

by Sarah510 on 5/1/2012 5:52:01 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
If you are an advice queen, how do you reply to comments???

Hey chica,

You advice queens can't reply to them the same way mods do, you have to just reply in another comment.
Jordan S.

by Sarah510 on 4/30/2012 4:25:45 PM


Hey Girlies!!!
I am not trying to '' police'' you, but several girls have commented on articles like this one, young girls - one said she was even seven, and felt uncomfortable that everybody uses the word '' boobs'' like it's a common used word - like internet. Example '' I love my boobs!!! My boobs are so big and are the greatest boobs in the world!!!'' I was wondering if you could use the word '' breasts'' or else I will have no choice but to report your comment. Have you noticed that in articles in this the writers aren't just like '' Love your boobs!!! Your boobs are the best things in the world!!! Boobs are your best feature!!!

by Sarah510 on 4/30/2012 4:25:03 PM


~ Peetoes7,
Hey Girly!!! You should probably not sleep with a bra on ; your precious breasts do need '' to breath'' and it is not healthy for your breasts. If you feel weird without a bra on when you're sleeping ; you can always try a cami with a built in bra. Many places have cami's - Justice, Target, Aeropostale, Hollister, and many other stores.
~ GL Advice Queen

by Sarah510 on 4/30/2012 4:10:31 PM


For the longest time I had always been the smallest when I was around friends and now I am not the smallest, so I am so happy. Also I recently found out that a few of my friends were very padded so when we were in the locker room I noticed my breasts were bigger when we werent wearing our bras I was kind of surprised.
I did feel weird because I was kind of comparing myself to them. I know guys compare their 'down there' areas when they are in the locker rooms, so I kind of thought strange when I was comparing my chest with my friends, but now I feel kind of better.

by luckykel on 4/30/2012 2:28:25 PM


Dear people that want to start wearing bras,
I had that exact same situation! It sounds really awkward, and, honestly, it is. The way I got to start wearing bras is: One day we were both at target. I was looking at clothes, and when we got through the bra section I pointed out a sale, and how I looked kind of silly without one. It sounds super awkward, but when the time comes it isn't NEARLY as awkward as it sounds. You could just point out something small like that. Or I got to get some sports bras too because I said that I needed some for sports. Just try it! You never know!

by georgetownroad on 4/28/2012 10:40:10 PM


I recently had a minor breakout and I can't cover it up! My face looks weird with concealer, and I have a REALLY greasy face and hair. I already clean my face everyday. Do you know any DIY coverups or good makeup concealers with out concealer itself?

Hey girlie,

For concealer, I actually use Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse foundation! I take a bit on my finger and dab around the breakout, then use a clean finger to smooth it in. On top, I use liquid foundation, followed by a powder. It sounds like a lot, but I put on really thin layers and it covers a lot! If you want to try this, you could totally leave off the foundation and powder - just smooth the mousse foundation onto the breakout and smooth in with a makeup sponge. You could try mineral makeup, which is a super light makeup powder that covers REALLY well! It also helps cut down on oily-looking skin and evens skin tone Smile It's also important to match your skin tone with your concealer and to NOT use too much!
Lauren C.

by georgetownroad on 4/28/2012 10:35:35 PM


Mod mod mod!
Sorry if this posted twice, it doesn't say so on my computer sooo yeah.
Okay, I want to start wearing a bra, but I don't know how to ask my mom in a non awkward way! Any tips?

Hey gigglez77, don’t feel awkward talking to your mom about buying a bra. She has already gone through what your body is experiencing now, so she will have the best advice for you. If you’re nervous about asking her to take you shopping face to face, send her a text or write her a little note. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by gigglez77 on 4/28/2012 4:15:54 PM


Mod mod mod!!!!
Okay, so I am almost 14 but I don't wear a bra yet, but I would say I am probably a size C already! I want to ask my mom if I can wear bras, but it sounds SUPER awkward. How can I ask if I can get some in a way that isn't embarresing? Thanks!

Hey gigglez77, don’t feel awkward talking to your mom about buying a bra. She has already gone through what your body is experiencing now, so she will have the best advice for you. If you’re nervous about asking her to take you shopping face to face, send her a text or write her a little note. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by gigglez77 on 4/28/2012 4:08:57 PM


hey,yes i have the same feeling with my boobs but i asked my mom for bras and she agreeed to buy me soome. i was scared at first and then i got over my fear and just blurted it out. i havent gotten my period yet though...THANK GOSH!Smileim 10 and a half years old. just ask ur mom hon.Smile Meghan D.

by nattylovesu1234 on 4/28/2012 12:19:33 PM


Hi I just started my period and I need to tell my mom but what EXACTLY should I say?

Hey girl,

You don't have to worry too much about what you say, as long as you get the point across! Just tell your mom you have your period and need to buy pads. She's been there, so she'll understand!

Meghan D.

by peetoes7 on 4/28/2012 11:05:20 AM


I have had this problem too but i do not wear a bra. I am so scared to ask my mom because i am sure she will say no what do i do! is there any way i can do something other than get a bra? thanks!

Hey girl,

Unfortunately, every girl wears bras! Don't be embarrassed to ask your mom, she's a girl, too, so she knew this would come eventually! She'll be happy you were able to talk to her, and would love to help you find a great one Smile

Meghan D.

by lydcup on 4/28/2012 10:41:56 AM


I hate my boobs! They're big and EVERYONE notices :/ they are like "Ur boobs are big" yea uhm my eye are on my face ppl!! LOL

by TeamAlice33 on 4/27/2012 9:02:45 PM


Some of my friends said that when you sleep you should take of your bra so you can give your boobs room to grow. Is that true? Please answer ASAP! Thanks!

by peetoes7 on 4/27/2012 8:52:43 PM


Mod mod mod,
Hey, I'd just wanted to thank you guys. I've never been into websites and magazines before. And I don't ever ask questions on the computer. Then I found you guys and suddenly I am. I love how you answer are questions, put up interesting posts, and post girls writing. Thank you!!!!!!!!


hey! You are so welcome, we all love doing this, especially for girls as sweet as you are. we love hearing from you! 

Helen S.

by Rosie1 on 4/27/2012 8:27:02 PM


Hey everyone! I recently made a new club called "Quote of the Day". If you like reading quotes daily from inspirational to funny, this is the perfect club for you! Please join!! Thanks, have an awesome day Laughing

by paxetcaritas101 on 4/27/2012 7:16:18 PM


Hey! stand up agiant suicide & help prevent it in my club "Fears v.s. Dreams"! Together, we help end suicide!
"I Am Living A Story. I Will Not Give Up." =-)

by Sam Cool1038 on 4/27/2012 6:21:33 PM


Hey girls just wanted to let everyone know about my clubs!! PLEASE join them!

1. Queens of Hearts <3
advice for everyone on anything! from boys to sports and everything in between!

2. Let's Get Active!
anyone looking for workout buddies should join this club! A whole club full of them to cheer you on and get you to your fitness goals and give advice when needed!!

Join today!

by honeycakes on 4/27/2012 3:31:01 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you tell when your boobs stop growing? Mine have not grown for a year and 8 months,they don't hurt when I press on them,and they just seem like their done growing. And I'm only 12. Thanks Smile

by iluvmusic♥ on 4/27/2012 10:22:31 AM


Hi!Well,I rub lemon juice on my skin every day to remove tan and I've been doing this for 2 weeks now.But now my lips have turned a very very VERY pale pink!What should I do to get them back to pink?THANKS A LOT!



hey! I'm not sure, but I think you should stop using the lemon juice right away if it's having this effect on your skin. Talk to a doctor about what you should do next. good luck!  


Helen S.

by LilyBS123 on 4/27/2012 8:59:44 AM

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