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Why do guys still crush if they're taken?

And does that mean he’ll ditch her for you? See what the guys have to say…
15 Comments | Add Yours

MOD!!!!!!! ok so i have this bgf and i like him and i think he might like me 2 but since its summer i don't get to see him Frown he doesn't have a phone either so there's no way we can talk Frown i didn't even get to talk to him on the last day of school i think he might of tried to talk to me but i was busy doing stuff so what he did then was slap me with a piece of paper and smile creepily. he's sending me all these signals and i'm so CONFUSED! help!


Hey Girl!

He may have tried to get your attention to be funny or he just wanted to say hey. He may like you, but it's kinda hard to tell. Why don't you see if he wants to hang out over the summer? You could hang out with a group of friends or it could just be you two. If he keeps sending you signals and you like him back then act on it!


by madolyn99 on 6/5/2012 12:50:09 PM


I have a problem... well a couple of them. I have 2 besties. So both of my ex s like her and she likes them. grr of course! And another i really like this guy he flirts a ton with me and hes totally sweet, BUT he has a gf and she is one of my friends who is bffs with one of my bffs that i tell everything to... but i cant tell her

i know this was kinda...confusing! but i need all the help i can get i dont know what to do!

by dancergirlwithstyle on 5/30/2012 11:42:30 PM


There is nothing wrong with having a small crush on someone when your dating. I mean, your BF sould be your biggest [obviously], but having another teensy crush on someone else is alright. It's not cheating unless you call two people your BF.

by hermionegirl12 on 5/3/2012 8:19:51 PM


My ex just broke up with me and he told me we could still be friends. But we never talk anymore, he just ignores me! Its so annoying. Why did he just stop talking to me?
Please answer any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks Smile

Hey babe,

It doesn't sound he's all too thrilled about the idea of being friends.  Maybe at the time he thought that would work, but now after being apart he realizes how difficult it would be.  Why not start not moving on?  Show him what he's missing!
Jordan S.

by trueloveneverdies on 4/30/2012 4:42:30 PM


MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I need help. My boyfriend's mom absolutely hates me and I don't know why!! She said she doesn't like my morals, which makes no sense. I want to be an actress or an author, I want to go to college in California or law school even. She mocks my voice every time I turn my back. She's even trying to get people to break us up. Can you help me understand??


Hey Girly!

I am so sorry to hear this! It’s terrible that an adult would act like this. I would try talking to your boyfriend and let him know how you feel about this to try to better understand his mother and why she does these things. I would also try talking to his mother. Try to be as nice as possible, even if she’s mean. Try to understand what her feelings are and also let her know that it hurts your feelings when she does these things to you and that it’s not okay to treat somebody the way she’s treating you. I think if you show your maturity about the situation, it will calm her down and maybe even impress her. If this still doesn’t work, I would just try to avoid her as much as possible and try to ignore he mean comments, as hard as that sounds! Try to surround your self with positive people. I hope this helps and I hope she is nicer to you! 

Lynae P.

by randomBubbles on 4/28/2012 6:17:41 PM


Hey! I'm in grade 11 and I'm starting to like this guy in grade 10. I don't know much about him, but his looks attracted me first. The thing is he's never had a girl friend, isn't very popular, and isn't doing the best in his classes (coming from my friend who knows him). I don't know if I should take a shot and get to know him better, or to just move on. Advice please and thank you!

Hey girl,

Popularity doesn't matter, and one grade apart doesn't sound like too much of a difference. If you're a grade ahead, why not offer to study together? That way, if he isn't doing well in his classes, you can help since you've already taken his grade level, and you'll have a chance to hang out! If that doesn't work, you could ask him to something casual like a group date. If you like him, you should try to get to know him better, regardless of his reputation!

Meghan D.

by sh16 on 4/27/2012 11:13:39 PM


I know this is off topic, but my feelings have changed about my boyfriend who is really nice and likes me a lot. I want to break up with him, but he hate his old girlfriend now that she's broken up with him. It's our last year together because I'm switching schools next year, and I want him to have a good impression of me next year and I want to be his friend until school is done. I don't know what I should do. Please help me!

Hey girl,

If you're not into your relationship, you need to talk to your boyfriend honestly -- he deserves to know how you feel! You can tell him you still want to be friends. He might need some time to think about it since he'll probably be hurt, but if you have a strong friendship he'll want to be friends again eventually!

Meghan D.

by Meglovesmusic on 4/27/2012 11:07:23 PM


So the boy I like is sweet, nice, etc. Buttt he just got out of a relationship with my bff. I think I know who the 'real him' is but my bff broke up with him because he was saying very rude things about her. There are a lot of people that have told me he is going to ask me out and I'm super excited but I don't want to go through what my bff went through.....what should I do?!?!?

Hey girl,

What does your bff think? If she's not okay with it, is it really worth sacrificing your relationship with her for a chance with a guy? If she's fine with it, let him know that you're not okay with what he said about her, but you're ready to put it in the past if he is. But if he does anything rude to you, don't put up with it!

Meghan D.

by DanceLover1027 on 4/27/2012 10:26:46 PM


My best guy friend really likes me. According to his sister and his best friend he's liked me for 2 years! I kinda like him but I don't think I'm ready to date him! I liked him ALOT in the beginning of the year but now not so much. We have our daily routine after school and we always hang out.
According to my and his friends he's gonna ask me out ln Sunday! We r going to Key West that day for school and we on the same bus but not in the same group.
I'm not sure what I should say!!!!

Hey girl,

It's always good to have a relationship based on truth, so why not tell him exactly what you've typed here? You can tell him that you like him but that you're not sure if you're ready for a relationship. Maybe you two could go on a casual or group date and see how you feel after that!

Meghan D.

by hockeygirl1999 on 4/27/2012 9:35:27 PM


Okay, so, I went to a school dance last night and a kid in my grade asked me to dance with him. I said, "not for this one." My bff walked over to him after and said that I would dance with him for the next slow song. He then said?!?!?! Ok!" and then we danced and he really seemed to enjoy it and while we were dancing my bff tried to push us closer and I tripped on him and he caught me and he seemed glad that I was in his arms. and after that I thought he really liked me. BUT at the end of the dance he danced with another girl and seemed happy too. But they're also really good friends. So does he really like me or not? By like I mean have a crush.

Hey girl,

It sounds like he might like you, or he might be trying to decide between you and the other girl. Or maybe he was just friends with her, and you're the one he wanted to dance with! Guys are so tricky, there's no way of knowing if he likes you just from that dance, so if you want to know if he likes you, keep hanging out as friends and having casual conversations and see how he acts around you!

Meghan D.

by lolapuppys on 4/27/2012 9:23:53 PM

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