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4 cute ways to grow out your bangs

Bid buh-bye to your bangs with, well, a bang.
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I cut my hair to my shoulders, and it came out so puffy! My hair is naturally curly and really hard to straighten. How can I style it so that it looks good? Are there any ways to make it grow faster?

Hey girl!

I hate when I end up cutting my hair shorter than i wanted :/ Look for smoothing serums that will help tame your hair. You can also experiment with fun hair clips to keep everything in place. Next time you're at the mall, stop my a hair care store and ask a stylist there for her pro advice. 

best of luck!  
simone s.

by kris1205 on 8/14/2012 1:23:59 PM


my mom won't let me thin my hair! i mean i have really thick hair even though when i was younger it was not too thick but thin enough where i could tolerate it. ever since my bro cut my hair (made it shorter/cut bangs) it became SO thick! before it was straight and average thickness, now it's really wavy and thick. i don't like it cuz i can never put it in a bun without it falling and it looks really weird when i put it in a side/regular ponytail. it also makes me really hot in the summer. I HATE IT! my mom says i'll like it thick when i'm older cuz i'll get thinner hair but i don't care!! how can i convince her to let me thin my hair?? THANKS! Smile


Hey girl!

I think your mom has a point. Thick hair is so great. Trust me, people who have thin hair wish for hair like yours. The key is to figure out how to style it in a way that you like. Maybe you need to try some new products like wave spray or cream for wavy/curly hair. Make sure you keep it super moisturized and conditioned. My advice? Don't thin it! 

Rachael A.

by sugar7410 on 8/3/2012 2:58:04 PM


These are some really cute tips, but they'd look awful on me.

by cheetah#1 on 8/2/2012 5:33:15 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
Two things:
1. I really want highlights,but im not allowed to get them done professionally,how can i get natraul highlights? My hair is a black/brown color.
2. I want to get an awesome BTS wardrobe. The only thing is I dont have enough money for a totally new wardrobe. I want to ditch everything in my closet, but as i said earlier, i dont have the money. Any ideas for a cheap, but amazing wardrobe?


Hey girl!  For highlights, time in the sun helps naturally lighten your hair, but be careful and wear sunscreen (on your scalp, too!).  For your BTS wardrobe, an easy way to get an amazing wardrobe is to get a few statement pieces and lots of piece that you can wear in different ways.  Try getting a solid colored maxi dress that you can wear with lots of different prints, accessories, and in a lot of ways.  If you get a few pieces you can wear in various ways, you'll be able to look like you got a whole new wardrobe. xoxo

Kate G.

by PandaLover0330 on 7/17/2012 1:49:18 PM


(Or anybody who has an answer, PLEASE comment on my profile!!!)
What is the best brand of shampoo/conditioner to keep my hair soft and my ends from splitting? (my hair is dry if it helps)

Hey girlie,

Try using a leave-in conditioner on the ends of your hair. When you're done your shower, comb your hair to get out all the water drops. While it's still damp, apply the conditioner and comb it through. My fave is Garnier Fructis' Sleek & Shine Leave In Conditioner Cream Smile There are also plenty of dry hair shampoos/conditioners out there, so take a look at the labels the next time you're at a drugstore and pick one that you think will work for you! Your hair is unique so what works for us might not work for you - the best way to find your "best" products is by trying a few Smile
Lauren C.

by christi11 on 7/9/2012 10:39:25 PM


mod mod
i am a 9 year old going into 4th grade and all my friends are shaving getting cup bras getting highlights and all that stuff and my mom says no to any thing because i cant get highlights because it is to much money and i really want a phone witch everyone has now i have been asking my mom for everything what should i do?

Hey babe,

You have to have a talk with your mom about this.  Ask her what you can do to prove that you're responsible enough to handle those things.  And whatever you do, don't talk back or have attitude when you're talking to her about this.
Jordan S.

by girlbeauty on 6/16/2012 9:42:11 AM


ok so I'm 15 and going into 10th grade next year. I have a boyfriend and have since 7th grade, and I'm absolutely crazy about him Smile I'd really like to start dating, but my parents are really against it. I was asked to a picnic with his family once and my dad said absolutely not, so chaperones aren't the problem. Any ideas on how to get them to be ok with it?

Hey girl!

It's understandable that your parents have been against you dating. After all, you two were pretty young when you started dating. Your parents just want to protect you, but that can be hard for you to understand. But at this point you're 15--and growing up faster than your parents probably want to believe! I think you should ask your parents to talk about the situation. Explain to them that you've never done anything to break their trust. Ask them for the chance to prove that you can have a responsible relationship with your boyfriend and that you'd like to be able to do activities together (like the picnic.) And remember to stay calm and collected while you talk to them. Flipping out or yelling won't help get you what you want. Good luck! 
Rachael A.

by yoquieronacho on 6/4/2012 2:01:51 PM


Mod mod mod mod!!!!!
I really love my blunt bangs, but a lot of my friends got them at the same time as me. Next year, I'm going into high school and I will be doing tons of sports and bangs aren't really ideal. I want to keep them, but I think I should grow them out. I also want to look different from my friends. I don't like to pull my bangs back in a headband because I have a really weird flat forehead. I have an oval shaped face, so do u know what bangs I should try?
Ps: my mom hates it when I have my bangs in my eyes. So growing them out is hard


Hey Girl!

If you want your bangs to look different, you can sweep them to one side, then if you decide to grow them out then won't be in your face. If you still want bangs, but you want them to not be the same as your friends, you can try side bangs. Also, for sports, clip them back on top of your head or braid them into a french braid. Hope this helps!


by Shellstheturtle on 5/29/2012 10:12:11 AM


MOD MOD MOD help me out!
I really want to get rid of my bangs, but I don't look good without them. I've tried side bangs, but I'm not a huge fan of them. Do you have any other tips for hairstyles that might look good on me?


Hey girl, well its hard to tell without knowing what you look like, but maybe just let your bangs grow out and have a side part. Try wavy, thats always cute! 

lauren r.

by gleeful96 on 5/23/2012 7:39:20 PM


For some reason i cant change my profile picture! I can take off the one im using now but when i try to put up a different one it goes back to my panda! Is it the website or is it just my computer!? Thanks x100,000,000 <3 :-D

Hey girl,

I would give it a try on another computer.  If that doesn't work either, then either the file doesn't work, or it just needs some time to register on the website.

Jordan S.

by CupcakePanda on 5/12/2012 7:04:39 PM

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