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What really happens during a pelvic exam?

Stop freaking out! Here are the facts…
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Mod mod mod
Ok so I was scheduled for a double date tonight at my friend's house but her head and stomach hurt so she cancelled. I really wanna go out with my BF still though. Where should I go because it's late and I don't think the actual theater is open any more Frown

Hey girl,

Can you and your bf watch a movie at your house or his? It will still be fun and you can make your own snacks!

Meghan D.

by fantastic8805 on 8/4/2012 12:42:49 AM


An awkward visit would be to have a male doctor who looks like Brad Pitt do the exam, I wonder how I would deal with that if it ever happened to me. I hope it doesnt.

by fashionqn on 8/4/2012 12:22:24 AM


Mod mod mod
Ok, I'll rest now, thanks for the advice and goodnight (since I'm going to sleep)

by Sarah_12 on 8/4/2012 12:19:55 AM


Hi again,
At first when I started using the heating pad My stomach felt better but my head didnt ( oh sorry If I confused u my friend and I are doing a double date tonight when my BF is coming over and my friend ,fantastic8805 came over with her mum (like I told u) and I told her to post for me because I was lying on my bed with the heating pad on but she didn't realize she was on her account ) anyways..... My head still hurts and I think I should cancel the date tonight but idk because what will I say to my BF if he asks why I cancelled? I can't tell him I have my period.... I'll be soo embarrassed! Frown

Hey girl,

If you tell your bf you're not feeling well, he'll understand! You can always reschedule for another time. Rest might help your head, so try to get some sleep!

Meghan D.

by Sarah_12 on 8/4/2012 12:12:46 AM


Mod mod mod....
Ok I asked cause my bff's mum just came because she had to drop of something for my mum I asked her and she said something hot. I am using a heating pad. It's working Smile I think I'll be better by like 11-ish so my BF and I can still watch the movie (at midnight). What should I wear and he might kiss me so how exactly do you use ur tounge cause it didn't say in the article. And how about the nibbling his lips thing? How do I do it gentle enough for it to not hurt? Thanks Smile

Hey girl,

Glad you're feeling better! You should wear whatever you want since you are in your own house, and your bf will like you for who you are! As for kissing, don't rush anything or do something uncomfortable just because you read that. It's different for everyone, and when you're ready you'll find out what's right for you. There's no set tip that can help, because each relationship is special!

Meghan D.

by fantastic8805 on 8/3/2012 11:22:30 PM


Mod mod mod
The ice just makes it hurt more! And the it's soo hot here so it melts really fast? Any other tips?
Thanks <3

Hey girl,

If you are in that much pain, try calling your parents or a friend to ask their parents what you should do. Ice is cold, but is does numb headaches and cramps!

Meghan D.

by Sarah_12 on 8/3/2012 11:02:13 PM


Mod mod mod mod
Is this unusual?
Okay so I got my first period um 3 years ago when I was 10 but then I didn't get it again till the day after I turned 11. Then I started getting it every month but only for like 3- 4 days each time. When I turned 13 i kept getting it every month but my cycle was never the same. First it was 29 days then it was like 20 then 17? What's happening should I see a doc? And is there any reason why periods get delayed for a couple of weeks cause that happens to me
Thanks Smile

Hey girl,

Irregular periods can be normal when you're starting out, but it never hurts to see a doc to be safe Smile

Meghan D.

by fantastic8805 on 8/3/2012 10:57:48 PM


I don't have any medicine here at my house and my rents don't get home till like 10:00 pm (they went to a concert because it's their anniversary) and my head and my lower stomach hurt so much! Help is there any way for them to hurt less without medicine? Thanks Smile

Hey girl,

You are smart to not take medicine without an adult around! Try putting something cold like ice or frozen vegetables to ease the pain.

Meghan D.

by Sarah_12 on 8/3/2012 9:44:26 PM


So is it normal to have bad cramps and a headache during your first period? Cause I got my first yesterday and I didn't have cramps then, but I do now.... Is that normal? Also how do you relieve cramps (I don't have midol in the house Foot) and headaches?

Hey girl,

Yes, that's normal! And ibuprofen or acetominophen should do the trick, but I would talk to an adult before taking any medicine!

Meghan D.

by Sarah_12 on 8/3/2012 8:45:09 PM


So, uh, i was kind of feeling pain kinda down there, and it felt like there was a bruise on the inside of my leg and that area. So i assumed it was from my pants because they were kind of tight. Then later, when I changed pants, i realized it was a red bump, almost like a pimple, so i kinda popped it and it was bleeding a little. Is this normal?


Hey girl, I'm not a doc so I can't say for sure.  However, it sounds like it could have been a pimple or razor burn - both of which are possible "down there" and are no big deal.  If it continues to be a prob or you get more bumps, check in with a doc.  And as much as you can, avoid picking at it!  xoxo

Marie H.

by pottergirl135 on 7/20/2012 5:40:06 PM

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