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I stuffed my bra and people found out!

Before school each day, I would put just a little bit more tissue in my bra. When it looked like I was truly developed, some...
53 Comments | Add Yours

That really stinks! But u don't need to be embaresed about how developed or undeveloped u are. just be who u are. IF ANYONE NEEDS ADVICE IM HERE TO TALK!

by the cupcake queen:) on 5/14/2012 2:18:20 PM


Don't worry,

Theese kinda things happen sometimes. The effect wears off fairly quickly. So dont freak out.

by silver_wolf on 5/10/2012 9:59:03 PM


OMG that really sucks i am SO sorry to hear that! Things will get better, and people will quit bugging you about it because im sure they have something better to do.

by hotpink6 on 5/10/2012 7:38:02 PM


Ok, so one of my guyfriends/crushes was really sad today! He overheard his "best friend" say that no one likes him! I feel so bad for him! I want to do something but I don't know what to do/say to him.... Help?! (Although a funny thing is we both have the same last name. No relation at all..) But please help??!!!
Thank you!!
<3 Mypeeps112


Just talk to him! Make him laugh. If you are there for him to listen or distract him he'll be ok Smile xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by mypeeps112 on 5/9/2012 9:30:13 PM


I'm not saying what you did was wrong, but I'm 13 and i have a 34C bra size. I get made fun of for 'stuffing' my bra, but I don't. Appreciate your body, I would love to have it! It's embarrassing having bigger boobs than everyone else so enjoy being normal! And when people make fun of you, just smile and say "I don't know, why don't you check your own bra/pants. I got the idea from you after all!" (But only if it is really bad...dont be a bully!)
<33 Hope this helped cheer you up!

by enhorselover101 on 5/9/2012 7:45:19 PM


Hay i dont think it is bad that udid that and they will get over it .i mean thats not that bad my grandma when she was in high school had fake boob thing in her bra the make them look biger and one fell out in to the punch bolw at a party and after a week or so somthing else happend to some one else and they got over it

by Danceismylife123 on 5/9/2012 5:42:32 PM


I am 13 years old and i do not belive in santa or any of that . When i told my mom she told me that she dis not kno what i was talking about that they are real i have a littell brother but i would never tell him that . I dont know why but it bothers me that she just wount tell me the truth even though i already kno it

by Danceismylife123 on 5/9/2012 5:28:02 PM


I personally dont think it is right that some people are judging this girl hard for what she did in almost a rude way through comments. Sure it may seem a bit weird, but, hey everyone has somewhere weird they do. Just stuffing your bra may not be one of them. Plus, this is the ONLY thing we know about this girl, there are probably wayyy better things about her than this. Those things were just clouded over by this ONE incident.

by cloverr on 5/5/2012 10:11:12 PM


Hi, I am only 13 years old but I have kind of an embarrassing question...are most girls supposed to shave...down there? I really dont know because I think some of my friends do it already.

Hey mile spark, yes a majority of women do shave down there. No worries about awkward questions, we’re all girls here. Xoxo

Lynae P.

by mileyspark on 5/5/2012 2:58:44 PM


Hey, look. If the person who posted this is reading my comment, take it from me. Kids at school will get over it, and you don't need to feel insecure about yourself. I'm sure your beautiful, and there is no need to rush growing up. Please don't don anything to change yourself, because we were all made to be who we are. (not who others want us to be)

by Secrets101 on 5/4/2012 9:48:11 PM

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