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Crush confession: The whole school knows who I like!

Should I embrace it or hide it to spare myself from humiliation?
46 Comments | Add Yours

@abigail11 heyyy yeah guys can be hard to read but from what it sounds like your guy likes you Laughing so try to get further than just IMing and stuff and talk to him face to face because it is alot easier to tell in person or when a friend can observe. GOOD LUCK!! Smile

by Lauren3 on 6/20/2012 3:50:50 AM


Same thing happened to me except it was worse. A couple of days after my 14th bday party i was with him (We will call him bob), and i told my friends and they all thought he liked me but then a few days later a friend (we will call her cara) told me that he liked a girl (her other friend we will call her suzy)so Bob asked Suzy out then friends told me and kind of actually made fun of me like they joked around meanly and i cried for a long time but pulled myself together so nobody would know. Then all of mine and Suzy's mutual friends ran up to me saying how they would hate to be me and i cried again and they all told Suzy and she told Bob and then Bob knew and they told everyone. He WAS like my best friend now our friendship is ruined and it is so stupid because they hate eachother now and i think he likes me. Stupid kid. Oh well now i have moved on and i just try to avoid situations like that (oh and Suzy did this three times before this is just the first time everyone heard about it)

by Lauren3 on 6/20/2012 3:45:42 AM


Is it possible to suddenly fall out of love with someone you had a crush on? There was this guy, and I thought about him today, and I just didn't get excited like I always do. I mean, I still think he's a cool guy and all, but I just don't think I'm in love with him. I haven't seen him since Thursday. Is it possible to forget how much you like someone?

Hey girlie,

Yes, sometimes you just lose the attraction.  It's likely that if it happened so easily that it wasn't anything close to love though, more like a crush or infatuation.
Jordan S.

by celLOL2000 on 5/28/2012 8:49:41 PM


MODMODMOD okay so i've been crushin on this guy since my schools winter dance and it's gotten stronger the closer it is to the end of the school year. i wanna tell him how i feel but i'm afraid that if he doesn't feel the same way the next 3 years to come (because i know he's gonna be in most of my classes) are going to be kind of awkward for a little while. And even though i want to tell him i'm so self conscience that i don't think i could do it and if i did i wouldn't know when or how to say it, i'm not a very forward person. Any Advice ????


Hey! It sounds to me like you really like this guy Smile congrats, it can be fun to have a crush. The best way to deal with this is to be his friend and see if something more happens naturally. I have seen so many girls get hurt and ruin friendships because they "had to know" if someone liked them, and they asked the guy about it and made the whole situation awkward. I even did that myself when I was younger. It's better to have a secret crush on your friend than to have a public crush on your ex-friend. good luck!   

Helen S.

by oneoftheodd on 5/25/2012 8:50:10 PM


MOD MOD MOD Next week I'm going on a field trip to with my chorus and my crush is going to be there, too. We sign up for groups tommorrow.Should i wait to see what group he signs up for, then sign up for that group myself, or just ask him? And what if my section in chorus is required to sign up first, do u think he'll want to be in the same group as me (we're friends, too, btw.)
also, on the day of the trip i want to sit next to him on the bus. Do i ask him if he wants to sit together, just do it, or talk to him and whoever he's talking to beforehand, and when we get on sit next to him? Help!


Hey girl, I think it would show more of a sign if you ask him what group he's in. Show him that you're interested. I think he'll want to be in the same group as well! I think you should just sit with him on the bus. You don't want to ask him too much it might overwhelm him at first. Try and get behind him in the line for the bus so you can see where he's sitting and either sit next to him or near him. 

lauren r.

by iheartglee12 on 5/23/2012 6:07:49 PM


my sis told my crush i like him and i go over 2 his house alot and he dosen't even care and i just had a concert 4 band the lil kids concert and our concert and during the little kids concert he kept singing and i think he is showing off his b-ball skills 2 me!!! <3

by bailtr on 5/18/2012 6:51:54 AM


My friends told my BGF/crush that I liked him I thought he was going to tell the whole school he only told two of his friends (ALSo my friends) that I like him they didn't tell anybody else. The only thing he does sometimes is joke about "us" and count how many kids we are going to have. He is super nice and I like him alot but he does have a girlfriend who I don't get along with at all!

by Farmer16 on 5/14/2012 8:15:39 AM


My BGF/crush was told by my fr

by Farmer16 on 5/14/2012 8:09:57 AM


Mod MOd MoD. Ok so there is this guy I've had a crush on since second grade. I know that he knows I like him but we're just friends. He broke up with his gf a few weeks ago and my friends keep telling me to make a move but I'm scared of rejection. I really don't know what to do because I don't want to ruin our friendship I could really use some advise!

Hey girl,

If you want to make a move, you should go for it! Even if he does say no, at least you won't wonder what could have happened. But if he was in a relationship and is still getting over his other girlfriend, there's no harm in waiting a bit longer and staying friends until then.

Meghan D.

by Monglo99 on 5/12/2012 2:34:35 AM


Ok,so,my crush doesn't go to my school.But,my friend goes to the same school as him,and they are good friends and they talk a lot.So,all I can do is text him.But,I went a little over board and started texting him WAY to much.So,the outcome was that he stopped texting me.I got really mad at him,so I started calling him a jerk and all that kinda stuff.My friend told him all about it,but in return,he showed her all of the texts I sent I him.Some of them were even private.I couldn't believe he did that,but now I just wanna try to be friends and text him every once in a while,but apparently he disapproves.How could I get him to text me back just to start a conversation?


Hey! Just send him one more text apologizing and saying you'd like to be friends and DON'T text him anymore, so that he can see that you mean what you said. good luck! 

Helen S.

by mathgeek221 on 5/11/2012 5:37:12 PM


MOd!MoD!Mod! Lauren C!
Hey! So I'm going to be playing in kne of my soccer games and my crush and his team are playin against us. He is the goalie Smile after the game my dad who is the coach gives a little talk to the players on my team so I won't have a lot of time to talk to my crush after the game ( if I even see him after the game) but if I do talk to him what should I say?!


hey! I'm not Lauren, but maybe I can help you out Smile Tell him he played really well, and you guys can talk about the game together, or maybe soccer in general and which teams you're into! 

Helen S.

by augie on 5/11/2012 12:41:27 PM


Thanks Lauren C. ! <3 I think I'll try to get to know him better Smile

You're welcome! Smile I think that's a great idea, good luck girl! 
Lauren C.

by augie on 5/10/2012 11:01:08 PM


My boyfriend broke up with me a couple months ago. If he was to ask me out again, do you think I should say yes? My friends and fam say no but I still really like him. We still talk and stuff...

Hey girlie,

This is a super personal decision that only you can make. Consider your feelings for him now - you say you still really like him, so that's step one. But why didn't things work out before? Has he grown or changed since you broke up last time? Are you willing to go through all this hurt again, if things don't work out a second time too? Will you always wonder how things would've gone if you don't give him a chance? You have to weigh the options and go with whichever one makes you the happiest. Just learn from the breakup last time so you don't feel SO upset if it happens again <3
Lauren C.

by TheMentalistgurl on 5/10/2012 7:23:27 PM


ahhaa yeah that's happened to me. several times. and it's really embarrassing when he's a popular guy in the grade above you. but i might end up dating him Laughing

by purplefroyoaintpink on 5/10/2012 6:54:50 PM


I have been thinking about telling my crush I like him. Is it okay for a girl to tell a guy she likes him? Some people say that it's totally acceptable. While some others say that it isn't. What do you think?


Hey girlie,

Check out this Ask Bill & Dave article. Basically... it depends. I know, totally lame answer! But it depends on the guy. Just like you might prefer blonds while your bestie prefers brown haired guys, some guys like confident "make-the-first-move" girls while others prefer to do it themselves. Try to get to know your crush better as friends first and see which type he might be!

Lauren C.

by Gabriella123 on 5/10/2012 4:39:32 PM


Ok so I play soccer and my crush was on my team last spring. He was pretty nice to me and is cool. My parents won't let me date and I'm ok with that.But I kind of wanted to get to know him better and be friends. I'm playing again this spring but he is on another team. I'm homeschooled so I don't go to school with these kids in the league. Anyway some of my teammates this spring who go to school with my crush say he is a total jerk! Whenever I ask why they hate him they avoid the question. Do you have any idea why they might hate him? I thought he was really nice! Thanks in advance Smile this is kind of a silly question!


Hey girlie,

It's not a silly question! It's good to do research on your crush to make sure he's actually as cool as he seems, but sometimes the answers aren't very good. The truth is, people can act one way around one group of people and TOTALLY different around another group. It's possible that he never showed you how he really behaves since you didn't see him every day in school, while it's also possible that the kids in school don't know the "real" him. It's tough to say. The best thing to do would be getting to know him better on your own. Keep in mind what your teammates have said about him, but at the same time try to judge for yourself <3 While sometimes a person's reputation lets you know you should stay away from him, you can't let someone's reputation cloud your opinion of them ALL the time!

Lauren C.

by augie on 5/10/2012 1:07:19 AM


Okay me and my BFG like each other. I told him I liked him. But we decided to just stay friends because we are in the same social circle and it would be awkward to treat each other differently then the other people. Now all my friends expect me to be depressed, their saying stuff like, "Oh, Hermione, it's okay! I'm here for you if you need to talk blah blah blah..." And this is not the first time I have told a guy I liked him. Why is it such a big deal now? Please help

Hey babe,

Ignore them.  If you're feeling okay, there's no reason to feel the way they think you should.  They probably just think that because they know the whole situation and because he's in your circle, that they're involved more, when they really shouldn't be.
Jordan S.

by hermionegirl12 on 5/7/2012 8:07:32 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
so there's this guy that I think may like me but I'm not exactly sure. We were in this play together and backstage he would talk to me and my friends, but there was this scene that mostly all the characters were on stage and then we would come out later. at that time he would always talk to me, make me laugh and stuff. on the second night of our play I started to freak out a lil bit and he came over and started to calm me down and helped me with me lines. I catch him starting at me sometimes too. But the play is over and I don't get to see him much cuz we dont have classes together and it's like somedays he doesn't talk to me and then others he does. I'm not sure if I like him either, it's like wen he doesn't talk to me I sorta like him and wen he does talk to me I want to be friends. I'm so confused sorry this was long. Thanks!!

Hey girlie,

Try being a little more out-going and getting to know him better as friends! That's the best way to decide between "just friends" and "crush status" - getting closer to him, figuring out if you have chemistry or if you have enough in common, and spending more time talking to him. Add him on Facebook so you can chat, or smile at him in the halls. Make small talk in the lunch line or get your crew to sit next to his at lunch sometime. Ask for his help with homework for a class you've both taken (maybe he did it last year or is in another period) or ask him a question about a club/sports event that he's involved with. Get creative and think of ways you can start short convos with him. This will help you grow closer to him, figure out your feelings, and will also keep you on his mind - which is great if you end up liking him for sure Smile
Lauren C.

by forevercolors on 5/5/2012 10:59:13 PM


thank you so much...i'm going to go for it! <3

You're welcome, babe! We're here for ya anytime! Smile 
Lauren C.

by Alykat18 on 5/5/2012 10:50:58 PM


ok this is really something i need to talk about. ok there is this boy. i use to hate him. untill last year we became friends actlly. i talk to him everyday and well sometime we will admit to eachother that we like eachother but then i freak out and say no we r just friends. mainly cause he isn't cute and i'm afraid of what people will think(mainly my mom) but then i'll start thinking about what a great guy he is and i really think that i should give it a shot but i'm just afraid i will make things awkard and i'm afraid of what my mom will say just pleaasee help!! thanks...

Hey girlie,

You can't make decisions about love based on what other people will think! You have to do what is right for YOU. If he's a great guy, who has lots in common with you, who treats you with respect, makes you laugh, makes you happy... go for it! It's normal to judge people a LITTLE bit based on appearances, but what's underneath matters so much more. Since you know him well and you really like him, the right thing to do is to admit that to yourself - and don't let the opinions of others get in the way of that Smile Plus, if you really like him, you can tell your mom all of his wonderful qualities and how he treats you well. She'll care so much more about that than his looks! 
Lauren C.

by Alykat18 on 5/5/2012 10:38:33 PM


The way i see it is that that's your friends problem not yours, you should consider where your friendship with her is. But as for the crush thing just admit it, all it is is a crush, it's not like it effects him really and if he thinks it does he is just shallow. Don't be embarassed for who you like "those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" Dr. Seuss

by Moone on 5/5/2012 9:48:26 PM


MOD MOD MOD i finally found my celebrity crush's address. i want to tell him i'm a big fan of him and even ask him questions, but i don't want to sound stupid. help!

Hey girlie,

Go for it! Speak from your heart and let him know how much he means from you, ask him questions, and write what feels "right" for you. There's no guarantee that he'll respond because I'm sure lots of people send mail to him every single day, but it's worth a shot Smile 
Lauren C.

by PuppyCT on 5/5/2012 9:39:37 PM


Wow. The exact same thing happened 2 me on friday! Except my BFF told everyone & then blamed it on someone else.

by natdtanner on 5/5/2012 9:21:00 PM


My BGF is planning to do that on the last day of school on a dare (but we'll be graduating to the middle school so fingers crossed, everybody will have forgotten by then or not even care). I mostly worried about what my crush will think. If I'm right, he'll never speak to me again.

by Copperfrost on 5/5/2012 9:19:33 PM


So this is way off-topic but...a couple weeks ago, I got a few pimples next 2 my nose so I put some spot treatment on them. But I had an allergic reaction 2 it! It burned my skin and a few times it bled! I tried 2 cover it w/ makeup (not smart) and it stung so much. I had 2 used makeup remover 2 get it off and it hurt so bad I cried. That was this afternoon and now I have neosporin on it b/c I read that will help it heal, but it is so dry and flaky and red! Is there anything I can do 2 make it better? It looks awful and is so painful! Plz help!

by Peace*Love*Converse on 5/5/2012 8:15:21 PM


That is super hard having people find out they like them!!!

by amileofroses on 5/5/2012 7:18:06 PM


i have a serious problem with jealousy. I feel inferior to my friends because I'm always second best. Every time something good happens to them, instead of being happy for them, i wind up wishing i could better than them. Than if i try to make myself feel better, i compare myself to them and think about all the stuff they've done that i haven't even if i try just as hard. I love my friends and i don't want to feel this way--i know it's incredibly selfish of me. Please, please Help!

Hey girl,

I tend to have the same problem.  I think trying to make yourself better is a great thing, but only if it's for yourself and not out of comparison to other people.  If you can, try to give yourself your own goals, so that when you look at the things they do, you can switch your focus to the good things you've accomplished that make you happy.
Jordan S.

by heytiger26 on 5/5/2012 6:16:32 PM


Thanks! Jordan S.

You're welcome, chica! Jordan S.

by carinaamina on 5/5/2012 5:29:47 PM


Thanks Lynae P.

by Icecreamluver on 5/5/2012 5:16:32 PM


This a bit awks, but I am trying to decide if I want to switch from shaving to waxing or wiping(with special hair removal wipes)my legs. I shave right now, but I am starting to not like it because the hair does not stay away for long and sometimes it leaves bumps and nicks. I really want to wax because it has a smoother and longer-lasting appearance. I know that it will hurt, but I know the pain from getting my eyebrows waxed. Also, If I wipe, I heard that the wipes give people a weird after-feeling which I do not want to experience. Do you have a suggestion for which one to do or any information about the different options? Last thing, do you have any hair-removal tips for bikini lines to get ready for summer? Thanks!

Hey babe,

I'm assuming that the wipes are a kind of depilatory?  If that's the case, it will take you several tries to achieve the smooth, longer-lasting thing that you're going for.  Depilatories may not get every hair the same way waxing and shaving would, and you have to leave them on for a few minutes.  That's not so bad except for the fact that they have a very strong scent.

Waxing is generally the same as getting your eyebrows done, but know that wider areas like your legs mean more pain, since the blood and adrenaline will rush quickly to the area.

But, overall, it is the best option as long as you're fine with the pain.

I'd say waxing, then shaving, then wipes as a ranking.

For your bikini line, look here:!.aspx?cp=all
Jordan S.

by carinaamina on 5/5/2012 5:08:22 PM


Mod!!! Mod!
I'm still trying to figure out who I am. So what does it mean when people tell you to just be yourself if i don't even know who I am?

Hey Icecreamluver, you’re soo young, you have your whole life to find yourself.  Try doing things that interest you. Are you an artsy person? Like sports? Into writing? Take classes or join clubs that do things you like. Start establishing your beliefs in certain things. Find out what religion you like, what politicians you admire, or decide if you aren’t religious or into politics. Just listen to what you like and dislike and you’ll find yourself. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by Icecreamluver on 5/5/2012 4:02:06 PM


Hi, so I really like this guy that I used to date...We dated for awhile and then we broke up and now we have been talking again and I really like him...but he has been asking me to do things with him. To do inappropriate things with him. I have always said no and told him I won't do that, but he still mentions it sometimes. What should I do?

Hey hawaiigirl624, you need to let him know that if he doesn’t stop asking you to do those things, then you will stop talking to him. This guy might like you, but it sounds like he’s just after one thing. So make it crystal clear that you are not going to do any of that stuff. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by hawaiigirl624 on 5/5/2012 3:29:08 PM


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by kayla9 on 5/5/2012 2:46:00 PM


I think it's ok I mean I told all the girls I like this guy I even told it to his face a lot of my friends have asked him out for me and he has not said anything literally he just giggles turns red and looks at the ground

by lanilulu on 5/5/2012 2:30:55 PM


emma2112 i saw your comment and i just wanted to say that i think Sarah510 was saying dump the girl cause she told everyone and i dont think you needed to call her a sick loser or anything if you had a friend that told everyone one of your secrets i dont think you would still want to friends with them

by sparklysharpie on 5/5/2012 1:45:36 PM


Sarah510, Wow ain't you self-centered i don't even know how you get friends if your always "dumping" them, your sick loser

by emma2112 on 5/5/2012 1:14:43 PM


this happened to me last year, i told a couple people then he found out because some ex-friend of mine told him... it wasn't fair. he didn't talk to me for months!!!!!!!!!

by coldplay12 on 5/5/2012 12:54:27 PM


wow that must suck last year my friend yelled out during recess who i like it was awful! he was my friend and i think he didnt want stuff to get weird so he just ignored it but i know people told him

by Payton K on 5/5/2012 10:20:48 AM


I'm glad im not that girl

by demski on 5/5/2012 10:14:10 AM


Dump your friend. Solution solved.

by Sarah510 on 5/5/2012 10:13:35 AM


Hey! I just started up a new club called Ask Taylor. You can ask me anything and i will answer you. Come check it out!

by taytay3299 on 5/5/2012 8:58:41 AM


It's the same thing with me, but people don't know for sure. They think me and my BGF like each other. We just ignore it.

by spunkygirl03 on 5/5/2012 8:29:02 AM


Hmmm...doesn't sound like a very good friend if she told everyone your secret...

by monkeygal22 on 5/5/2012 8:10:18 AM


Hey girly! I know how you feel that happened to me but in the end my crush asked me out. There is nothing you can do about it now. Embrace it this is all part of growing up and figuring out who you are...

Join my club Girls World <3 Here we will talk boys, drama, bullys or whatever else you want. Thanks

by EGJplay on 5/5/2012 7:15:43 AM


um, i would be less worried about ur crush then ur "friend." true friends keep secrets and girl, she did a really poor job of that.

unless ur guy is older, then i would b equally worried

by soccerlover99 on 5/5/2012 2:44:17 AM


i need some advice! so theres this guy that i've had a crush on for a couple weeks. he's really funny and we laugh alot 2gether. we txt and IM each other ALOT. some ppl say that he likes me. i did confess a little to him, but other than that he doesnt know about anything. he seems pretty guarded down, i dont know how to get to him. HELP! first comment yay!

by abigail11 on 5/5/2012 1:28:42 AM

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