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Why are guys so hot and cold?

I’ll be talking to one of my guy friends about his GF, and he’ll tell me how much he likes her, how cool she is, blah blah...
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Mod mod mod
So I want to approach the guy I like, but I don't want to come off too strong. He's shy, and I'm shy, so we don't talk to each other in person. Only text, and it's driving me crazy. I was thinking of "losing" my bracelet, and asking him if he's seen it. The last time I lost something, he helped me look for it without me asking for his help. Or, should I bump into him and say sorry? The thing is, I'm terrible at acting things out, and my cheeks get all red, my heart starts pounding, and I get sweaty when I'm near him. How do I break that habit? Anything else I should know about shy guys? Thanks GL!!! Smile


Hey girl,

Faking a scenario or pretending to bump into him isn't the smoothest move. If you just want to strike up a conversation in person, then do just that!

Here's  GL guide to flirting:

And 6 Tips to Chat Up Your Shy Guy:

 Hope these articles help!


Caroline C.

by Isabellec on 7/29/2013 1:48:36 PM


Don't know what to wear for back to school? Have trouble talking to your crush? Just want some fun? Join the club "Guide To A Fabulous YOU!"

by Ralinia on 7/29/2013 12:17:11 PM


Lol'd at the "Arrrgh, if I have to see that Harry Style dude’s face one more time!" It doesn't only drive guys mad! But I don't nessicarily agree with Dave. Male insight isn't always useful, unfortunately.

by LittleUsagiTewi on 7/29/2013 12:15:51 PM


I am in love with my BGF and he knows I like him, not that I love him. A couple weeks ago he told me he liked me and broke up with his girlfriend for me. He said he really liked me, but then at my party, he was just about to hold my hand and then suddenly he just got up and sat somewhere else. I asked him about it and he told me that being best friends to becoming something more is something he's not ready for. So he asked out this other girl the next day. Then she dumped him and I was there for him and he asked out ANOTHER girl the next day. He told my friend that this girl was the real deal and he was in love with her. He just keeps hurting me and I can't bear it anymore. HELP!!


Hey! You have to move on from this guy. I know it's hard, but just try to concentrate on other things for a while, like your friends or an activity you love. It's tough now but every day your life will bring you something new to learn about or help with or share with someone, and when you make the most of your days, the hurt will go away even sooner than you think. I hope this helps girl! Smile  


Helen S.

by iheartboyz815 on 4/6/2013 2:53:34 PM



by aikostar12 on 6/7/2012 7:52:02 PM


Hey kitkatgurl44, if you have his number text him. You could say "hey wassup if you still wanna come to my game it's on Tuesday! Hope I see u" hope this helps!! Xoxo

Dear Mod,
Ok so all my (girl and guy)friends have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Except my crush. Hes practically the same way. I'm getting really depressed because I'm alone. My friends have "Movie Nights", were the first saturday of every month they go to the movies with their bf or gf in a big group. I feel really alone because I can't go to Movie Nights because I don't have a bf. My crush knows that I like him (he knew before I could even tell him!).
A couple of issues ago, your magazine posted an article about the secret signs a guys is into you. He shows almost all of the clues! He uses my name a lot and pairs off with me, and we talk about every thing(etc..)! When I told him he never said if he likes me back or not. I NEED HELP!
Also, a few weeks ago he said he was going to come to my championship softball game at my school. He told me to tell him when it was a few days before! Well its on Tuesday. How do i tell him!
Please Help! (:
~KitKatGurl44 Lynae P.

by Kitkatgurl44 on 5/12/2012 2:36:45 PM


Mods Mods Mods
okay, so... i have a bit of a problem... im in 8th grade and my bf is in 7th. well the 8th grade dance is coming up and we were talking about it and he said he had to go to his school's 8th grade graduation... as i was talking to my best friend about it the 2 kids (both 8th graders as well) that like me have both asked me to the dance... the thing is i like them both... and i worry that if i goof off or whatever with them, someone will tell my bf about it and it will start some kind of argument and i don't want that happening (my boyfriend is really protective and possessive when it comes to me but i'm perfectly fine with that) i just don't want to mess with our relationship. what should i do?
thanks for reading all this (sorry its so long),
thanks again,

Hey Kellie,

I think you should talk to your BF about this first! Say something like, "Hey, so you know that dance I invited you to? Since you can't go, would you mind if I went with one of my guy friends so I still have a date? I'd go with him JUST as friends, nothing more! But I still wanted to check with you first to make sure you wouldn't feel weird about it." That way, you're being totally honest about it before it even happens - no risk of any "secrets" getting back to him because you've already put it all out in the open Smile 
Lauren C.

by klbugg97 on 5/10/2012 7:27:49 PM


I recently started going out with this guy, and it turns out he's asked out one of my friends a while back. When she turned him down he told her "its cool, i guess i wanted to be single for the summer anyway" He's going out of town for the summer and I kind of feel like he's going to cheat during the summer. What should I do?


Hey girlie,

Since you're dating him, it's ok to have a convo about what you both expect from the relationship. Be playful or laid-back about it, but ask him straight out - "So, we're exclusive right? Like we'll be with each other this summer, not anyone else?" It's ok to clarify because he's technically your BF, so make sure he knows how you feel. Then you just gotta trust him and try not to stress about it. If he DOES cheat, you weren't meant to be together anyway - so try not to freak out! Instead, enjoy the time you have with him, trust him the best you can, and know that you were totally honest and straight-forward - that's what matters <3

Lauren C.

by atisa7 on 5/10/2012 1:10:14 PM


"You're hot and your cold, you're yes and you're no, you're in an you're out, you're up and you're down...."
Hehehehe Katy Perry

by LittleRockstar on 5/9/2012 5:11:18 PM



by §♥greyson_chance♥§ on 5/8/2012 10:47:06 AM

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