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Who to believe: Your crush or his friends?

His friends say he digs ya, but he's standoffish. Here's how to figure out if your eye candy likes ya back...
40 Comments | Add Yours

So this has to do with my last question about my first kiss. Do I tell my mom? If so how?

by ljbdaisy on 5/16/2012 2:45:38 PM


I wish someone would help me

by PoohBear:) on 5/14/2012 1:00:14 PM


MODMODMOD i need some advice! so theres this guy that i've had a crush on for a couple weeks. he's really funny and we laugh alot 2gether. we txt and IM each other ALOT. some ppl say that he likes me. i did confess about my crush a little to him, but other than that he doesnt know about anything. he seems pretty guarded down, i dont know how to get to him. HELP!

Hey Girl! 

Sounds like you've had a fun couple weeks! That's great that you're talking so much. If you're itching to move your relationship forward, take your talks past IM and texting. Ask him if he's up for a movie on Friday night or if he wants to see the latest school play. Moves like that should get your point across. If he still seems oblivious then tell him how ya feel! Hopefully he feels the same, but if not, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Marisa D.

by abigail11 on 5/14/2012 7:31:25 AM


I've liked my crush for a while now. Maybe about a year. But I have no idea if he likes me. Three of his friends said that he likes me but my crush just denies it. Then my best friend said he likes another girl. I believed it because I heard people say it around our grade. Then one of his friends told me to give my crush my number but I didn't because I was so embarrassed! I'm really confused right now and never bother to talk to him because he might not feel the same way I feel. What do I do?

by fizzydee12 on 5/13/2012 8:24:56 PM


I'm not bullied or anything, but guys tease me. Pretty much every guy that I'm friends with and talk to on a regular basis tease me (it's not just you're so blonde or something, it's stuff I can't even say on here). I don't know why either. I know they're just teasing and poking fun and it normally doesn't hurt my feelings, but sometimes I wonder if they mean what they say (normally I'll say something back or just laugh). Especially on one of those bad days, it really doesn't help. But if I'm chatting them or just having one-on-one time, they'll be kind and open. Or sometimes one will tease me and another one will stand up for me. Sometimes they'll even say something and then they'll stop, laugh, and say "sorry, now I'm just being a jerk". I don't get it. Why do almost all of my guy friends tease me so much? Is it normal for guys to tease girls so much? They're all good friends, this just doesn't make sense to me. Sorry it's confusing and thanks.

Hey girlie,

It's totally normal for guys to tease girls, and they do it for a lot of reasons - because they actually are crushing on the girl, because they tease/make fun of their guy friends and think it'll be the same with girls, because they don't know what to say, etc. But that doesn't mean it's ok or that it doesn't hurt sometimes! Next time they tease you and go too far, be firm and say, "Can you knock it off?" or "Very funny. Can you stop saying that, please?" If it doesn't stop, pull him aside one-on-one after school and tell him that you consider him an amazing friend, but that the teasing really isn't funny - it can bring you down and kinda hurts, even though you know they're just joking around. Ask him if he could stop. Definitely be honest with him about it - it might not feel like bullying, but it really is because it makes you feel bad. And it doesn't have to go on forever! <3
Lauren C.

by ♫RockOn64♫ on 5/13/2012 11:54:44 AM


MOD MOD MOD there is this girl who wants to be my friend, and she is pretty desperate. she's nice and all, but the problem is that she follows me around and it's so annoying! i want to hang out with my other friends, but then she pulls me aside to tell me a story of her life. i listen but i get so bored of her. how can i nicely tell her i want to hang out with my other friends too?

Hey girlie,

It's smart to listen and make some time for her - you don't have any reason to hurt her feelings, so it's nice of you to give her some of the attention she wants. But you don't have to let her walk all over you. If you feel like you've made enough time for her recently and want to spend time with your other friends, when she tries to pull you aside be firm and say something like, "I can't right now, I promised my other friends I'd hang out with them. I'll catch up with you later!" Same with following you around. If she's following you somewhere and she doesn't need to be there, ask her in a polite way to give you a moment alone. There's a line between being nice and being a pushover - being a little assertive and making sure you have enough time for yourself and your other friends isn't a crime! <3
Lauren C.

by PuppyCT on 5/13/2012 10:18:10 AM


There is this guy in the grade below me and he flirts with many girls and tells them he loves them and stuff. I kind of think he is cute. last night I was at a party he was at and i was introduced to him and he then said he loved me. And we were all wet from the pool water and we were cold so we all got next got a fire. The boy was sitting in a chair, scooted over and asked me to sit next to him. I sat next to him and after a few minutes then he told me I was cute, I told him thanks. I then took his hand and held it sort of as a flirting technique. he held my hand back. Later that night he asked me if he could kiss me I said, "sure, but I was scared". he asked why and I said because i have never had my first kiss. He then leaned over put his arm around me and gave me a kiss on the lips, I didn't kiss back instead I turned my head down, Later when it was dark he tried again this time i gave a little kiss back. How do you kiss someone and when do you know the moment is right?

Hey girlie,

Congrats on your first kiss! Smile I love this kissing guide, which breaks down all the things you'll need to know:

As for the "right time" to kiss, it depends on your gut, the vibe you're getting from the guy, and if you feel comfy enough with the guy to do it at all! You just sort of feel it - and, if you don't feel anything holding you back (besides a little bit of nerves - that's normal), then it's probably the right time Smile
Lauren C.

by ljbdaisy on 5/13/2012 9:57:12 AM


Hey. My crush is shy, but I want him to open up to me so we can get to know each other better. But I am kind of nervous to talk to him. Do you have any advice on how I could start a conversation with him?

by helloiamapickle on 5/13/2012 9:01:41 AM


Hey! I have this problem where Im a little afraid of commitment. Like right now I'm okay with dating. But when this one guy asked me out I freaked out. I said no and felt sick for like two days. Is this normal?

Hey girlie,

It IS normal...but that doesn't mean it's healthy to continue on like this! Ask yourself why you're freaking out. What's so bad about dating someone? What is making you nervous about it? Is there something in your past that is making you put up a wall? Then, think about all the new experiences and fun times that could be had if you took a deep breath, smiled and said yes. Plus, check out this article: I think it really helps to keep that little tidbit in mind: the chances are, a relationship NOW is not gonna end up in marriage. You'll still have lots of experiences with other guys in the future. So look at dating as a way to have fun right now! Go with the flow and don't pressure yourself into thinking long term Smile
Lauren C.

by Gabriella123 on 5/13/2012 7:44:24 AM


I feel so awkward right now because I just met this guy tonight at my friend's party, and he was really funny and he talked with me and my friends a lot, and so I got his number from my friend afterwards and texted him. I was texting him for awhile, and I should've seen the signs of him wanting to end the convo... but I didn't and kept texting. Then my friend told me he said before he hates it when someone texts him too much. Now I feel sooo awkward and like he doesn't like me at all or anything... idk what to do, really.

Hey girlie,

Argh, I know the feeling! You can't go back in time or erase any of the texts you sent though, so take a deep breath and put it behind you. Learn a lesson from tonight - if you ever text him in the future, keep it short and sweet. Read his signals and don't push it if he's sending vibes that he wants to end the convo. You're still getting to know him, so you wouldn't have known his "texting preferences" before! It's ok if you kept the convo going longer than it should've. As long as you try to avoid double texting, being pushy ("Heyyy why haven't you texted me back yet?!" is a no-no), or writing long novels each time you reply back, you're just being you. And that's ok!! Smile 
Lauren C.

by squigglegiggle13 on 5/13/2012 1:56:15 AM

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