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Marvelous maple popcorn

Gourmet has never been easier--or tastier!
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definitly going to try this for Memorail Day weekend!

by chocolateworld12 on 5/26/2012 7:25:24 AM


I'm going to surprise my parents this fall by saving up $700 this summer to pay for my dance tuition- something they've always said is quite a 'dent' in their wallet. This is pretty ambitious for a girl who isn't even old enough to comply with child labor laws to legally work. I'm 13. yet I'm 1/7 of the way there! What are some different things I can do to earn money? I know the usual babysit, odd chores for mom and dad, but anything else? Thanks Mod!!


Hey girl, you could make crafts and sell them, or make a bake sale or something in support of your tuition. That's a great surprise for your parents, trust me they will be so proud!

lauren r.

by svds on 5/23/2012 6:38:13 PM


1. I'm really picky, like really really pick. So on field trips when we at at a restaurant I don't have anything because of my pickines. I don;t know why but i hate trying new foods so that's one reason. How can I be less picky?
2. I have been shopping for bathing suits but all of them are to expensive. What are some inexpensive websites that i can get cute bathing suits on?

Hey babe,

The only way to cure your pickiness is to push yourself to try new things! You can make it a fun new adventure! Try going out with your girlies and have every girl try something they've never had before! That way all of you are being brave together. Who knows? You could find that you really like something you've always avoided!

I can't direct you to any websites, but I suggest trying them on in the store rather than buying online. It's so much easier to find what really fits you, PLUS you don't have to pay the extra money for shipping & handling! If you're not picky about sizes or fits, you can get cheap bathing suits at stores like Target. But if you're only looking for one or two suits that really fit you and your taste, sometimes it can be worth it to splurge on suits! 
Kelly G.

by dancing-for-my-life on 5/21/2012 4:14:22 PM


hey girlies!!! please join my club,The Agency!!!!
For all you Middle School chicas who need advice on boys, beauty, friends, fitness or just some peeps to help you keep your cool during tough times. Along with the newest trends and gossip, you'll be hot stuff!

by ostar21 on 5/20/2012 5:25:16 PM


Okay so I have 2 questions:
1.) So there's this boy...and he is my BGF/crush. I've been in love with him for 6 years. Well I'm 11,so that is the majority of my life. He never really liked me back and I never really like him a lot until this year. This year is when it became love. (Well I guess it became love in Kindergarden because if a crush lasts over 3 months it's actually love). Anywayyy,he has been flirting with me all year,and he's flirting more and more. I'm almost 100% sure he likes me. But summer is almost here,and I don't want to lose touch,what should I do!?
2.) I'm friends with this really cool firl who seems to really like me,but we've only hung out once at school. She gave me her phone number to hangout this summer,but she is 1 year older than me. I don't want to invite her to a BBQ and have it be a bunch of younger kids!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

Hey girlie,

1. It's crunch time! Take advantage of the time you still have to talk, get to know him better (even just swapping music you like - that'll help), and grow closer as friends. When summer is really close, try snagging his phone number or adding him as a friend on Facebook. That way, you can casually text or chat throughout the summer. And on the last day of school, tell him something friendly and flirty like - "We better not lose touch this summer!" Finish with a smile and it'll be perf Smile

2. Try hanging out one-on-one first for a bit! It's awesome she gave you her number - that means she actually wants to hang out with you and get to know you better. So try asking her to hang out by the pool, grab some lunch, see a movie, go shopping at the mall, etc. just with you. As you feel more comfy around her, you can invite her to group things (and maybe she can even bring some of her friends too). But for now, keep it just the 2 of ya Smile
Lauren C.

by MadMaddie911 on 5/19/2012 11:14:23 PM


This is the club you can brag about your achievements. What are you proud of? Tell us @ Teen Bragging Queens

by kpianoplayer on 5/19/2012 4:53:33 PM


can we skip the vanilla extract? we dont have it right now
and we can just use regular pancake maple syrup right?

Hey girl,

I haven't tried this recipe myself, but that sounds like it should be fine, it just might taste a little different!

Meghan D.

by DeniseRae123 on 5/19/2012 12:24:26 PM


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ATTENTION <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Do you love One direction? Is your greatest ambition in life to marry each and everyone of them? Than you are a directioner and therefore you should join my brand new club, One directioners unite! where we shall discuss our love for the band ^^ Only one position left. See you there!

by kayla9 on 5/19/2012 12:13:09 AM

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