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June / July 2012

PLL star Lucy Hale covers our summer fun issue...
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I'm goin to warped tour (on my birthday this yearr! Smile ) hehe, and I have some q's! 1.How many bands do you think we can cram in one day? We have quite a few that we wanna see! 2.My bestie plans on wearing her gladiator sandals! I tried to tell her her feet are gonna hurt, but she wouldn't listen! This is her first warped tour and her first concert, but she just thinks I'm exagerating about how much shes gonna get stepped on! I don't wanna leave early or stand at the back just cuz she made a stupid decision to wear sandals, what should I say to convince her to wear sneaks??? 3. What should I say when I meet bands?! It's always awkward for me! All I can ever say is hi! lol! I also wanna give Derek from Mayday Parade a bracelet, what should I say to him when I do??? Thanks soo much MOD!!! <3


hey! sooo fun! I'm about to head off to a music festival myself in a few days (bonnaroo ;)) 1) It depends on how committed you are to seeing every minute of every show. I would say prioritize your favorite artists, write down when they're playing, and go check out other bands, hopping from stage to stage when you get bored Smile 2) ohh that's rough, beg her to wear sneakers, and if she still doesn't listen, bring an extra pair for when she realizes you were right. 3) say "great show" or "you guys rocked" You can say to him that you're a huge fan and wanted to make him something to thank him for sharing his awesome music Smile have so so so much fun! 


Helen S.

by selgomez1997 on 6/4/2012 5:04:05 PM


I still haven't gotten my June/July issue, and I saw it in a nearby store last week. What should I do?

Hey girl!

You may need to check and see when your subscription expires! That could be why you haven't received it. If your subscription is still good and your issue doesn't come soon, you can go to this link:

Here, you can report your missing issue, renew your subscription, or find out when your subscription expires. Thanks for letting us know!
Rachael A.

by KatieKay on 6/4/2012 2:21:47 PM


I still haven't got my june/july issue yet

by Tweety624 on 6/3/2012 11:08:25 AM


Mod mod
On customer service, it said to wait for the 30th of each month before reporting a missing issue. I waited till the 30th but when I go to report a missing issue, it says that my subscription does not contain the last three current issues. I'm really confused because I got the last issue. Help!

Hey girl,

If your subscription report seems funky to ya, contact customer service directly using the info at the bottom of this page. We'll help you through it! Smile
Lauren C.

by AMERICANPIEKITTY on 6/1/2012 12:59:06 AM


Everytime i tell my twin bro that i love him he says "ok" Or "Whatever." Does my own brother hate me?

Hey babe,

Nope! That's just how boys are, unfortunately. They're usually not good at expressing their feelings - especially boys that are siblings! Don't worry, girlie. I'm sure he loves you just the same Smile 
Kelly G.

by AnnaB1234 on 5/28/2012 4:54:38 PM


Mod Smile
Has the June/July issue been mailed out yet? I haven't got mine and was just wondering. Thanks! Smile


Hey! I think so. Let me know in a few weeks if you still haven't gotten it! 

Helen S.

by Reutmkel on 5/25/2012 7:50:53 PM


my public pool opens soon and im goin with my two besties, one of which is bringin some supposedly hot guys with her! How can i be less nervous and get them to like me!? they're from a diff town so lucky fir us they aren't hicks like most of the guys where i live! this might be one of few chances for a long time of meeting a guy i have similar interests in and i don't wanna blow it! thanks so much!

Hey girlie,

Take a deep breath and don't even think about blowing it! Instead, look at it as a day by the pool with your besties. The hot guys are just a perk Smile Be yourself and don't put pressure on yourself by thinking, "Ok, I need to be cool and fun and pretty so they like me. I have to make them like me." Like I said, BE YOURSELF. They'll see right through any acts or phony behavior anyway! Ask them questions about themselves and casually get to know them. Play games in the pool and go grab a snack with one of them when you get hungry. Basically, just keep it relaxed and show them you're laid back and normal Smile It'll go just fine!!!! 
Lauren C.

by selgomez1997 on 5/24/2012 10:23:58 PM


I didn't get the June/July2012 issue yet. Did it come out yet? I also didn't get the febuary/March but I did get the April/may 2012 but the 3rd week may...?????? I'm confused.

by kolive99 on 5/22/2012 5:52:23 PM


I'm subscribed to Girl's Life, and I've already gotten the last issue. I've been checking the mail every day, and it still hasn't came. Is it normal for the magazine to come this late?? Thanks.

Hey girl,

I'm so sorry your GL issues hasn't come yet! You can contact the customer service team through this link about when your issues will arrive. If you got your other issues, this one should be one its way soon Smile

Meghan D.

by americanpiekitty on 5/18/2012 11:23:15 PM


I want to work in special effects when I get older! What classes should I take in my bext three years of high school to help me? And what should I do once I graduate high school? I'm kind of interested in being an apprentice for a special effects studio, but A. I'm not sure how to go about doing so, and B. I live in central Illinois, meaning I'd have to move, I wouldn't mind moving if it weren't for the cost! I'm not going to have much money roght out of high school! Thanks soooo much!

Hey girl,

I'm not too familiar with special effects programs, but if you go to your school's guidance counselor, they can help you with course planning as well as financial aid opportunities for college.

Meghan D.

by selgomez1997 on 5/18/2012 9:03:47 PM

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