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How to get Lucy Hale's makeup from our JJ12 cover

Loved Lucy's latest look? Read on for the so-simple steps...
12 Comments | Add Yours

I have to skip steps 3(don't need brow liner) and 6(mom won't let me wear mascara. She lets me wear makeup, but she knows I don't)

by peppercyndaquil13 on 8/13/2012 6:44:14 PM


People! If you adore makeup like me, join my club miss makeup diva please!! Positions open!!! Also join my club in and out! Everything about fashion and shoes> Postions available

by mommy's girl on 7/26/2012 8:52:18 PM


This look is so cute! It really makes you look awake, plus it's like a mixture of a tropical look and a beach babe look! Love it!

by cheetah#1 on 7/25/2012 9:25:40 PM


Loooooooooooooove it!

by CountryCutie4 on 6/25/2012 3:12:50 PM


hey so theres this guy i was texting last night and he told me that he used to like me and i was all like: USED TO??? then he said: yes, my burning love for you ended when you left band then we just sort of went on like normal... how should i feel about this?? ALSO... i think i kind of like this guy who kind of likes to tease me a lot and bother me what should i do???
Thanks in advance!!!

Hey girlie,

You can feel however you want about this! Personally, I would just accept it as part of life. Sure, when you date someone you should probably like them...but they also have to like you back. The timing has to be right! So he liked you before, then it kinda died out, and now you can be really good friends. Since you're both at a place in your lives where friendship works for you, stick with that! Smile As for the other guy, tease him back. Use that as a way to flirt with him. Talk to him outside of school if possible and grow closer as friends over time. As time passes, compliment him and flirt in other ways. See where it goes and how he responds!!
Lauren C.

by Balletgirl1198 on 5/24/2012 9:05:41 PM


you guys smashed it! Love this look! I'm wearing this look to school on monday after I get the green eyeliner this weekend Smile

by whitecoconut on 5/17/2012 10:02:28 PM


Hi! I recently got this issue, but my friend who lives in my same city just got a different one! It was an April/May issue and it had some of the same headlines as the issue i got LAST month, but the cover picture and some of the stories are completely different! Whats up?

Hey girlie,

Check out the preview article for our April/May 2012 issue - since it was our Hunger Games issue and that movie was a pretty big deal, we had four special covers that you could've received in the mail! Your friend got a different one than you by chance Smile

Lauren C.

by InYourEyes on 5/17/2012 8:51:18 PM


if only i could wear makeup...

by colorqueen101 on 5/17/2012 8:32:50 PM


Please answer ASAP! So like the first week of june were talking a field trip to the beach i want to wear a tankini or a bikini. But before i can wear one of those i need to know some exercise that will help me lose weight in my thighs and upper arms? Thanks!

Hey girlie,

Check out these articles for the best tips Smile



Lauren C.

by CheerUrHeartOut on 5/17/2012 8:23:30 PM


OMG Thanks GL! I was wondering how ya do this super hot look!

by Fashion designer on 5/17/2012 5:41:33 PM



by Danerka on 5/17/2012 5:28:19 PM


Do you love music? Come check out my club WE <3 MUSIC !!!!!!! I have barely any members now so come join!

by awtechnofish on 5/17/2012 5:24:07 PM

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