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Smart TV characters whose brains we wish we had for finals

Fingers crossed one of these geniuses can make a brain swapping machine.
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I can't stand Phineas and Ferb, but I def want their brains for finals. lol

by carinaamina on 6/28/2012 11:09:15 PM


Don't forget Alex from Modern Family!!!

by RaceTiger7 on 5/26/2012 1:58:50 PM


The ones up there are al boys... But Hermione Granger from Harry Potter or Annabeth Chase from the Olympian Series would be awesome as far a girls go.

by irishdancerzrule on 5/19/2012 11:10:22 PM


Cody's just the cutest!

by AlwaysDreamer on 5/19/2012 1:48:16 PM


I totally want to pass finals but I don't know any good study techniques that will help me. HELP!

Hey girl,

Try setting up a study group with some other people from your classes, and talk to individual teachers about how to study for each of their subjects. They'll be happy to talk to you about study skills that will help you in those classes specifically! The most important thing to remember is to budget your time and not get stressed! Good luck!

Meghan D.

by transform2314 on 5/18/2012 9:45:25 PM


And my friend is always telling me what to do and like protecting me and stuff when I can handle stuff on my own...


hey! That would also be a great thing to bring up when you chat with her. But make sure you listen to what she has to say too. 

Helen S.

by megan1220 on 5/18/2012 6:24:29 PM


Well, me and my friend aren't really fighting she just says those stuff because she can't keep her mouth shut about anything and thinks all the stuff that she did/said to me is okay.


Hey! If she hurt your feelings, you should talk to her about it. let her know how you feel, then you guys can work past it together Smile 

Helen S.

by megan1220 on 5/18/2012 6:15:42 PM


this is about my job, that i sell little debbie brownies and cakes after school because this one girl sells candy (and i kinda copied her) yesterday i only made 4 dollors and today i made none, but she made like ten dollors. Hoe do i make that much money on MY job? (p.s that one girl really hates me for "steeling her job" but thats the economeys way, isnt it? her freind always comes over and critsizes me, i dont want to be mean, but i just want to tell her " suck it up, im not gonning anywhere"


hey! If you're not making as much money as her it's because your products aren't as much in demand. there's not a lot you can do about that unless you have a crazy ad campaign to make your products look more desirable. But they're not really your products, anyway. You bought them and now you're re-selling them to make a profit without the company's permission. That's actually illegal and both of you could get in trouble with your school if they find out. My advice is to stop.    

Helen S.

by adribear on 5/18/2012 5:42:35 PM


AHHH I'm soo annoyed by my friend right now. I'm so done with her because she called my fat, she doesn't like my writing, doesn't like how I walk sometimes, she says i wear too much makeup, she almost stole my yoga pants, no respect for others, talks about a lot of people a lot of times, she tells people what to do, when she's around certain people she ignores me, and TODAY she wanted me to pay for her lunch when she didn't have any lunch today she texted me and I didn't answer because it's on vibrate and i just want her to simply accept me for who i am and obvi she cant do that. Is it me or does that count of bullying and is she using me?


hey! calling you fat was definitely a bully move, but your friend might not be using you. You guys are just fighting right now. Maybe you should take a small break from each other, and later you'll miss each other more. 

Helen S.

by Megan1220 on 5/18/2012 5:30:28 PM


Olive from Ant Farm!!! Anything she reads it's implanted in her brain... wish i had that talent for my science tests (they're sooo hard!!!)

by music191 on 5/18/2012 4:10:07 PM

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